Best Zippo Hand Warmers & Accessories Reviewed

Zippo is a well known and trusted brand world wide. They design and create many useful gadgets to a high standard. Hand warmers are a welcome source of instant heat when out and about in the winter, or even for cold spots indoors. It is important to check an item before purchase. Products cater for a wide range of different needs and it is always useful to get a heads up before any purchase. Zippo products are a trusted name, and the amount of products they offer is vast. The need to assess each for its personal suitability is well founded. This review will look at 10 of the best Zippo hand warmers to give a broader overview of each product; the aim – to assist in making the right choice for the right job.

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This recent update was performed to help interested consumers and readers make an informed decision before purchasing a Zippo hand warmer. In this, you will find our comprehensive and detailed process of researching and evaluating each product. This criterion helped highlight the best products. Additionally, consumers will find access to a list of commonly asked questions with answers.

Featured Recommendations

Zippo Standard Warmer
  • Zippo Standard Warmer
  • 4.9 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Sleek, thin design
  • Price: See Here
Zippo Chrome Gift Set
  • Zippo Chrome Gift Set
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • All-inclusive set
  • Price: See Here
Zippo Replacement Burner
  • Zippo Replacement Burner
  • 4.5 out of 5
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  • Metal construction
  • Price: See Here

The array of different Zippo hand warmers can blur any note-able differences in the product.This review sets out to pull positives and any negatives about 10 of the best. The three recommendations are all chosen for different practical reasons, and they are products that can be trusted.


5 Best Zippo Hand Warmers


1. Zippo Hand Warmer Standard

1. Zippo Hand Warmer Standard
This Zippo hand warmer is compact and comes in a variety of four colors, and has a quick lighting platinum-catalyzed glass fiber burner. It benefits from being able to create real heat without the use of a flame; this is a unique Zippo safety element that ensures hassle-free heat, and boosts confidence in use.
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This hand warmer is designed in a smart sleek body, which provides non-bulky heat for safe placements in pockets and gloves. It is also virtually odorless so is ideal for hunting season - warmth without the concern of excess odor.

This hand warmer offers up to 12 hours of heat so is convenient for longer trips out in the cold, it benefits from being easily refilled so reduces the chance of running out of heat. This can be an essential asset when out in winter temperatures.

Cost and Value
The overall cost and value of this product is well balanced, and for the confidence of buying a trusted product - it is very good value for the purchase price. And the refillable aspect of it; serves to increase the value even more.
  • Lengthy heat radiance
  • Stylish
  • Easy to use
  • Drawstring can adjust heat
  • Excellent value
  • Needs 'breaking in'
  • Can spill on filling

2. Zippo Chrome Gift Set

2. Zippo Chrome Gift Set
This useful Zippo hand warmer gift set comes complete with a lighter, hand warmer and a 4oz can of fuel. This set is a great gift and is offered with the confidence in the brand; the sleek design of the hand warmer makes it a safe, handy gift. The set is ready to use and this is a real selling point and will be a welcome present for anybody who loves the winter months.
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Low Odor
The Zippo hand warmer is low odor so is highly recommended for those trips when concealment is of paramount importance - i.e hunting and fishing. The low-odor it emits reduces the loss of hits by not polluting the area being used.

The environment is considered and boosted by the reusable metal hand warmer, less damage than disposable warmers and fully reusable over and over. This is of paramount importance both personally and for the environment.

Cost and Value
The hand warmers are overall an excellent purchase, and this gift set has the bonus lighter included ensuring very good value for money. The overall balance between cost and value is well justified and combines functionality and price.
  • Lighter, hand warmer and fuel included
  • Reusable
  • Low odor
  • Light design
  • Extremely good value
  • Prone to heat loss
  • Wicks burn quickly

3. Zippo Rechargeable

3. Zippo Rechargeable
This Zippo rechargeable hand warmer comes complete with a 1900 mah lithium polymer battery; this provides up to 2 hours of lasting reliable warmth. It benefits from being two-sided and heats up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit - making for cosy snug hands out in the cold. The two-sided heat also means it is useful for warming most areas of the body within a pouch.
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The battery also charges USB compatible devices and this is very convenient when out and about, meaning one less thing to pack in the kit bag. This is an invaluable asset when on longer trips and helps ensure a lighter load to carry.

The heat is adjustable from a low setting for milder temperatures and a high setting for when temperatures plummet. The adjustable heat setting is really useful to help prevent over-heating and sudden temperature drops.

Cost and Value
The Zippo rechargeable is an excellent purchase, the longevity of the charge life means out time is increased meaning good value for money. And the versatility of the pack gives it a value-added bonus that makes it well worth the cost.
  • Battery and heat indicator lights
  • Multi-use
  • Doubled sided heat
  • Stylish design
  • Great Value
  • Inconsistent heat
  • Lengthy charge time

4. Zippo Rechargeable 6 hour

4. Zippo Rechargeable 6 hour
This stylish green rechargeable Zippo hand warmer is capable of a 6 hour run time. It benefits a 5200 mah lithium-ion battery which provides a steady supply of cozy heat, to a temperature of 120 degrees farenhiet. A convenient source of warmth for cold winter activities that is also stylish and very practical.
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The Zippo rechargeable hand warmer has both battery and heat indicator lights so it's easy and convenient to stay in control and not lose the heat source. This is really useful when camping when electricity is in short supply.

Heat Settings
This device has no less than five heat settings for complete comfort, it can be adjusted to suit from hot through to luke warm for convenience. This is really useful for most activities when variation in overall temperature is liable to fluctuate.

Cost and Value
This rechargeable hand warmer is high middle end, but this is totally justified by the extra useful features it incorporates. The overall cost and value are excellent, and the adjustable heat settings give it even more value for money.
  • Rechargeable
  • Versatile USB use
  • 6 hr warmth time
  • Stylish
  • Adjustable heat
  • Lengthy warm up
  • Inconsistent warmth

5. Zippo Replacement Burner

5. Zippo Replacement Burner
This Zippo replacement burner is a must have for elongating the life in any hand warmer. It has a platinum-catalyzed glass fiber burner and is ideal to give hand warmers an extra boost; it is metal in its' construction and is durable. The fact that it is ideal to save on a complete re-purchase makes it a great addition to any outdoor kit.
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The replacement burner acts just as an original, and provides quick easy lighting when it's needed most. It is light and won't take up valuable space in any pack. The ease of changing the replacement burner means no need for long periods without heat.

This burner replacement will fit most existing Zippo hand warmers, making it a convenient way to boost any previously bought product. The versatility of this burner means it can be purchased in advance for any trip in the winter months.

Cost and Value
The low cost balanced with the exceptional value of this ensure it is a very good purchase and provides value by saving the requirement for purchasing a complete unit. This value is useful and gives even more overall for the price.
  • Improved design
  • Convenient
  • Good value
  • Heats well
  • High Quality
  • Inconsistent heat production
  • Tricky to stay lit

This review has looked at  Zippo hand warmers. They all seem to have something different to offer and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Whether it’s longevity of heat that is pursued or convenience – there is a type of Zippo for every requirement and taste. The review takes into consideration a number of practical uses each product has, hopefully improving an individual preferential choice.

Criteria Used in Evaluation


When people first hear about zippo hand warmers, they immediately think of the catalytic style of hand warmer. This is understandable since this is the kind of hand warmer that the company has made for years. However, there have been changes and now Zippo is also making battery powered hand warmers that use electricity to generate heat as opposed to burning lighter fluid. When you are picking out a Zippo brand hand warmer, you will want to decide on what kind of hand warmer that you will want to use. The different styles of hand warmers have advantages and disadvantages over the other style of hand warmer and they offer different features. In other words, one style of hand warmer is more suitable for some situations over the other kind of hand warmer.

The most common style of Zippo hand warmer is the gas-powered hand warmer. This style of hand warmer works by combusting fuel inside of the hand warmer. They are known to produce heat for hours at a time and can keep you warm even at extremely cold temperatures. This style of hand warmer can be refilled as many times as you need to fill it which makes it great when you use your hand warmer on a regular basis. The catalytic hand warmer is a great hand warmer to put into your hand or chest pockets. They are low cost so it’s not unheard of for people to purchase a pair of hand warmers for each pocket. This makes them great for activities such as fishing or hunting where you are not moving around a lot and need a source of heat to stay comfortable.

There are drawbacks to this style of hand warmer, however. One of the main drawbacks is that once you start the hand warmer, there is no way to stop it until it has run out of fuel. The hand warmer will produce heat until it has fully exhausted its source of fuel. Since you have to expose the hand warmer to a flame in order to light it, you may have trouble starting the hand warmer in windy conditions. Another drawback is that catalytic hand warmer requires access to oxygen in order for it to work properly. This means that you may need to allow the hand warmer to sit in open air for 10-15 minutes prior to putting it into your pocket. While it is inside of your pocket, you will need to make sure that it still has access to oxygen or it will burn out. This can mean that you may not be able to use the hand warmer in tight inner pockets, for example.

Battery powered hand warmers are the alternative style of Zippo hand warmer. Rather than using a chemical reaction to produce heat, this style of hand warmer uses electric resistance. As electricity passes through a serious of internal resistors, heat is generated and this will ultimately produce heat with which you can warm your hands. One of the main advantages of this style of hand warmer is that you can turn it on and off easily with just the push of a button. This allows you to conserve energy when you do not need the hand warmer, such as when you walk indoors for a cup of coffee or a meal. There is no odor when you are heating your hands with this kind of hand warmer either and it can be easily recharged by using the provided power adapter.

Since the hand warmer does not need a source of oxygen to function and does not burn liquid fuel, you are freer to put it into different pockets. This means that you can put the warmer in your boots and gloves assuming that you have enough room for it. You also do not need to worry about it leaking, which can be a concern for the gas-powered hand warmers. However, the major drawback of this style of hand warmer is that it costs a lot more than the traditional style Zippo hand warmer and it does not produce heat for as long as a gas powered warmer. This means that you need to bring backup hand warmer if you going to be away from a power source for a long time.

So in summary, catalytic zippo hand warmers and electric hand warmers have advantages and disadvantages. The catalytic hand warmers will run for a much longer time then the battery powered kind, but they cannot be turned off when you do not need them. They also required a source of oxygen to run and they can be more difficult to light. However, the catalytic hand warmer costs much less than a battery powered hand warmer. A battery powered hand warmer cannot run for as long as a catalytic hand warmer either. For these reasons, you will have to weight the advantages and disadvantages of each style of hand warmer and choose the one that works best for your needs.


The length for which a hand warmer will produce heat for you will make a difference as to which kind of Zippo hand warmer you purchase. Zippo hand warmers run for different amounts of time and sometimes you only need a hand warmer that will last for a morning or an afternoon while other times you may want a hand warmer that will last you all day. The type and model of hand warmer that you choose will make a difference as to how long the hand warmer will produce heat. You can also control to a certain degree for how long a hand warmer will run as well. You will plan ahead as to how you plan on using your Zippo hand warmer and then pick on that will produce enough heat for your situation.

The catalytic style hand warmers are sold in either six or twelve-hour models. The twelve-hour model has more room for you to store fuel in the hand warmer and for this reason, it will run longer than the six-hour model. These style of hand warmers cannot be stopped once they are started, but they will produce heat for most of the day and they can be refilled easily so it’s more of a matter of preference as to what size you end up choosing. While the six-hour style hand warmer will not run for as long as the twelve hours one, you only need to refill it and relight it should it run out of fuel. If you do not wish to do this as often, then you should go for the twelve-hour style of hand warmer.

You should keep in mind that while the hand warmers are either labeled as six hour or twelve-hour hand warmers, that does not mean that they have to be lit for that amount of time. You can’t turn the catalytic hand warmers off once you light them, but they are sold with a measuring cup that helps you fill them. The more fuel that you put into the hand warmer, the longer it will run for. So when a Zippo hand warmer says that it is a six-hour, that means it will produce heat for up to six hours when it has been filled to its capacity. If you only fill the hand warmer half full, then it will produce heat for around three hours instead. For this reason, you should try and plan ahead for how long you plan on using the hand warmer and fill it appropriately. Once again, if it goes out to early, then you only need to add more fuel to it and reignite it.

The battery-powered hand warmer is currently sold in two hours and six-hour models. This may change in the future as battery technology continues to improve. One of the main advantages that a battery powered hand warmer has over the catalytic style of hand warmer is that you can switch it on and off as needed. This allows you to conserve power and can be useful in situations where you are walking between heated and cold environments. If you plan on spending four or more hours in the cold weather, then you will want to go for the six-hour model because this will produce heat for at least four hours. The two-hour model is more suitable for people who are only going to spend a short amount of time outdoors, such as when someone is walking to work and is taking public transportation.

You will need to plan ahead when you are using the battery style Zippo hand warmer because this style of hand warmer can take several hours to fully recharge. That means that once the hand warmer has been drained of its power, you will not be able to immediately reuse it. One of the things that you can do if you are planning on spending hours outdoors is to purchase two battery powered hand warmers and charge one of them while you are using the other. Of course, this only will work if you are near a source of power so you will need to keep that in mind.

The duration for which a hand warmer produces heat will play an important role in your decision about a hand warmer. Some hand warmers last longer than other kinds of hand warmers so you will need to compare the different kinds of Zippo hand warmers and choose the one that is right for you. Catalytic style hand warmers have a much longer duration than the battery style of hand warmers and they can be refilled and relight when they are out of fuels. Battery powered hand warmers can be turned on and off as needed but will also need several hours to recharge when they have exhausted their power. You should always plan ahead and pick out the proper style of hand warmer for your needs.

Ease of Use

For many people, the ease with which they can use a hand warmer is an important consideration. Some people prefer a hand warmer that is much easier to use over a hand warmer that may last longer. Zippo makes two styles of hand warmers and they vary greatly as to how easy they are to use although neither style of hand warmer is difficult to use either. Overall, the battery style of hand warmer is easier to use than the gas-powered kind so if ease of use is a concern for you, then you will want to go with the battery style of hand warmer.

The battery style hand warmer is easy to use because it can be powered on and off with the click of a button. There is no filling it with fuel and then lighting it and you won’t need to accept that it will run until it is out of fuel. This offers a lot of convenience over the catalytic style hand warmer because you just simply turn the device on when you need heat and then turn it off when there is no longer a need for it to warm. When it has run out of battery power, you just need to plug it into the wall for a few hours and then let the battery recharge. At this point, you are free to use the device again.

The gas powered hand warmer has more steps to ignite because you have to fill the hand warmer and then light it. You need to start by figuring out long you need the hand warmer to run because you will be unable to stop it once it has started. Zippo hand warmers are sold with a measuring cup that will assist you with how much fuel you will need, but if it does not have a cup then you should figure that a six-hour hand warmer will run for about three hours when it has only been filled halfway. You can adjust the amount of fuel that you need at that point. Once you have determined how much fuel that you need, then you will need to pour the fuel into the hand warmer.

You will need to keep the hand warmer upright while you are doing this and remove the burner unit so that you can access the fill port. At this point, you should pour the fuel into the hand warmer. Once the fuel has been poured into the hand warmer, you will need to wait for a few minutes while the fuel distributes through the hand warmer. Once this is done, you will need to put the burner unit back on top of the hand warmer and light it with either a lighter or a match. If you have done it right, you will have an invisible burn and you will feel the heat when you put your hand on the device. It may take up to fifteen minutes for the hand warmer to reach its maximum amount of heat so you may need to be patient. Once it is warm enough, you are free to put the hand warmer in your pocket.

There are a few things to watch out for while you are doing this process. For example, if you dump the lighter fluid through the burner unit rather than removing it first, you might end up with a flame when you light the hand warmer. This can also happen if you fail to keep the hand warmer upright during the lighting process. You might also have trouble starting the hand warmer in the event that you do not allow the fuel to distribute it first or its windy out. Of course, if you forget a lighter or a match, then you will not be able to start the hand warmer at all, which means it will be useless. You will also need lighter fluid so that you can fill the hand warmer when you need to use it.

So while the catalytic style of hand warmers can produce heat for a longer amount of time than the battery powered hand warmers, you will need to keep in mind that there are more steps that are needed to light the hand warmer. Gas powered hand warmers need to be filled and lit properly in order for them to function properly. If you fail to follow the directions, then you might not be able to light the hand warmer or it might produce open flames meaning that you can’t put it into its pocket. Finally, you will need to bring a source of fuel with you as well as a flame source. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the hand warmer. This is much different than the battery style hand warmer which can be recharged when it is out of energy and then turned on and off with a button.

Heat Level

You should consider how much heat that you will need when you are purchasing a Zippo hand warmer. The reality is that some days are warmer than other days and on the colder days you will need more heat while you need less heat on warmer days. You will want to consider the amount of heat each kind of Zippo hand warmer is able to produce when you are looking at the different kinds of hand warmers. The catalytic hand warmers are capable of producing enough heat to burn your hands so you may need to be careful when you are using them. On the other hand, the battery style hand warmer has multiple heat settings that you can choose from depending on how warm you need the hand warmer to be.

There really is no practical way to control how warm the catalytic style Zippo hand warmer will get. This is due to the fact that the hand warmer combusts fuel as a way to produce heat. In theory, you can make this hand warmer cooler or warmer by restricting the flow of oxygen to the hand warmer. Without oxygen, the chemical reaction will slow down or it may stop completely. Practically speaking, this is almost impossible to do. You can try and put the hand warmer in a deep interior pocket that doesn’t have a lot of air to cool it down, or take it out of your pocket where it can get more air to warm it up, but neither option is a good way to control how warm the hand warmer will get.

The catalytic style hand warmer is normally sold with a fleece bag that is flameproof which you are supposed to put the hand warmer inside of while you are using it. The bag will act as an insulator for your hand and will also help prevent you from burning your hand while you are using the hand warmer. The bag’s other function is to distribute heat evenly rather than having it concentrated in a single place. This will help the hand warmer warm your hands more evenly than what the hand warmer could on its own. If you need the hand warmer to feel cooler when you touch it, you could wrap it inside of additional cloth provided that the cloth is also flame resistant. This will most likely be the best way to control the amount of heat that you feel when you are using the catalytic style of hand warmer.

Battery powered hand warmers are capable of heating up to 120F and have five different temperature settings. This provides you with an easy way of controlling the amount of heat that is outputted by the hand warmer and it will also help save on the battery. If you need less heat because it is a warmer day or you simply are not feeling cold, then you can just use the hand warmer on its lowest setting. If you feel that you need additional heat while you are using the hand warmer, then you can incrementally increase the amount of heat produced by the hand warmer at the expense of additional battery power. The adjustable heat settings are one of the major advantages of the battery powered hand warmer when compared to the catalytic style of hand warmer.

Having the ability to control the amount of heat that the hand warmer produces is important for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons is that temperature changes throughout the day and sometimes you need the hand warmer to produce more heat while at other times you need less heat. It will also matter where you are using the hand warmer on your body. You may want it to be warmer if you are holding it between your hands, but if you have the hand warmer placed in a shirt or chest pocket then you might not want as much heat as you would when it is outside of your clothing. In this case, it is nice to be able to keep the hand warmer on a lower setting so that it does not produce as much heat.

When you are purchasing a hand warmer, you will need to think about how much heat it can produce and if you can control the amount of heat. The catalytic style of hand warmer does not offer a way to readily control the heat due to the fact that it uses a chemical reaction. You can try and make it feel cooler by wrapping it in more clothing and restricting oxygen to the hand warmer, but otherwise, there really isn’t any way to change how warm it will get. The battery power hand warmer has up to five different heat settings that let you control the amount of heat it produces. If being able to control the amount of heat is important for you, then you might want to choose the battery powered hand warmer.

Affordability and Quality

In order to be happy with your choice of hand warmer, you should consider both the overall quality of the hand warmer as well its affordability. If you find that the hand warmer has a low quality, then you will most likely become frustrated with it and are less likely to be happy with your purchase. On the other hand, a high-quality hand warmer can be enjoyable to own and you are more likely to use it if it works well for you. The affordability of the hand warmer is also an important consideration and includes the upfront price of the hand warmer and the price of the fuel to use it.

Zippo has been well known for its quality but you should always look over the hand warmer in case there are any defects that could have been missed when the device was being made. The catalytic style of hand warmers should be made from a durable outer casing that is resistant to scratching, denting, and most importantly, leaking. The last thing that you want is for your hand warmer to leak flammable fluid in your pocket since that can make your clothes smell bad and puts you at risk for injury. You should look at any seals on the hand warmer and make sure that it doesn’t leak. The lid should also open and close easily and it should stay closed once it has been shut. Finally, you should be able to fill the hand warmer without too much difficulty.

The hand warmer should not produce a noticeable odor after you ignite it. If the hand warmer does smell bad while it is on, then it is a sign that there is something wrong with either the fluid or the hand warmer. When you notice a smell in the hand warmer, you should make sure that you are using the proper fuel for it and also check the age of the catalytic burner. The burner does need to be replaced on a regular basis and you should check the instructions for when you need to replace the burner. If the issue isn’t due to the fluid or the burner, then there could be something wrong with the hand warmer itself and you should consider following up with a warranty.

The catalytic hand warmers have a low upfront cost, which makes them great in terms of affordability. It is easy for you to purchase several of these hand warmers at a time in case you want to have hand warmers distributed throughout your clothing. The fuel that is used to power these hand warmers is inexpensive and the replacement burners do not cost much either. This makes the catalytic hand warmer excellent in terms of its affordability.

The battery style of hand warmer costs more up front. However, it doesn’t use any fuel so you will only need a little amount of electricity to recharge it. Most people do not even notice the cost of the electricity so the battery powered hand warmer has almost no cost of ownership once you purchase it. Since the battery powered hand warmer is an electric device that does not have any moving parts, it is unlikely you will be able to spot any quality control issues up front. This device will either work properly right away or it will not work at all. There are a number of things that you can check to make sure that the device is performing as intended.

One thing you should check is the on and off switch. If it fails to turn the hand warmer on or turn it off, then it is a sign that something is wrong. Once you have tested the power switch, you should try and test the different temperature settings. The device should get warmer as you increase the heat. After you check the temperature settings, you can check the USB port to see if it will charge your smartphone. The last thing to check is that the device charges properly when it is plugged into its own charger. If all of this is in working order, then you most likely have gotten a good device.

Zippo is a well-known brand thanks to the quality of its products. Nevertheless, you should take a few minutes to inspect the device to make sure that it functions properly. You should always be able to start the hand warmer by either lighting it or turning it one. The catalytic hand warmer should have almost no odor when you are using it and the battery powered one should not smell at all. You should check that the catalytic hand warmer does not leak any fluid either. Finally, all of the electronic functions on the battery powered hand warmer should work as expected. If all of these items pass, then you have a good hand warmer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a risk of fire when you using a hand warmer?

A: Using a Zippo hand warmer should have a minimal risk of fire when you use it according to the directions. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should not expose any flammable objects to the hand warmer since it is a heat producing device that could trigger a fire. If you are using the catalytic style hand warmer, then you should make sure it does not leak fluid as that could start a fire.

Q: Why doesn’t my hand warmer run as long as advertised?

A: There are a number of reasons that a hand warmer does not heat for as long as advertised. When you are using a catalytic hand warmer, then you should check how much oxygen it is exposed to since that will cause the combustion to speed up. Low-quality fuel can also cause the hand warmer to burn out faster than it normally should so you will want to make sure that this isn’t an issue either.

Q: What can happen if I don’t use the bag?

A: The purpose o the bag is to make sure that the hand warmer has the proper amount of oxygen and to distribute the heat properly. If you do not use the bag, your hand warmer might get too hot which could lead to fire or injury. You should always use the bag that Zippo provides with the hand warmer so that the hand warmer works properly and performance at its absolute best.

Q: I can’t get my hand warmer to light. What should I try?

A: The most important thing is to make sure that the burner is in good shape and that you are using the correct fluid. You should try tucking the hand warmer away from the wind as this could blow out the flame while you are lighting it. It is also important that it has enough oxygen to start the combustion process as well. Sometimes you can try putting a small amount of fluid on the burner to help it start.

Q: How do I know when the battery powered hand warmer is charged?

A: The battery-powered hand warmers have indicator lights on the front of the device. The two-hour model will have three lights to indicate that it has been fully charged. The six-hour model will light up five lights to let you know when it has charged. It is worth mentioning that these lights will also tell you the status of the battery while the hand warmer is not charging as well so you can tell how much battery you have left.


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