Best SureFire Flashlights Reviewed & Rated for Quality

This is an incredibly exciting time! We are jittering in our boots as we write this buying guide today. The summer season is coming and so is camping season. For us, we are already prepared. You might be wondering, how can you get prepared to go camping so far out in advance? Well, the best thing that any camper, hiker, or traveler can do today is to ensure all of their gear is in tip-top shape. Now, one piece of gear that we needed to brush-up on was our flashlight collection. We can all agree that a high-quality flashlight could mean the difference between safety and a dangerous situation. Now, whether you are in law-enforcement, an outdoors guru, or happen to be looking for a flashlight to help illuminate the darkness – it’s critical that you purchase from a brand that is reliable and known for manufacturing high-quality flashlights.

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This is where a brand like SureFire is a for sure consideration. After spending countless hours combing through the flashlight market, one of the best brands out there was SureFire. So, we thought, let’s share with our readers the best flashlights from this brand. After the first experience with our SureFire flashlight, we were sold and have not turned back. We know that no matter your need or circumstance, this brand can most certainly rise to your occasion. With that being said, today, we are going to share with you our in-depth and comprehensive insights on the best flashlights for your consideration. So, before you venture off in the dark, let one of these SureFire lights illuminate your pathway!

Let’s Begin!


10 Best SureFire Flashlights


1. SureFire G2X Series

1. SureFire G2X Series
When it comes to having a flashlight, they are important for virtually any situation. In fact, a flashlight is one of the essentials a person should have while traveling or in the case a natural disaster occurs. With that, we are eager to begin this list with one of the best flashlights an individual can buy today. This next flashlight is virtually indestructible and consumers will appreciate the high-quality build. Here are two very important points about the SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlight. Let’s begin!
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Two Output Levels
Different situations call for different moments of importance. With that, this builder did not just allow maximum light in one setting, but they gave the opportunity for users to be able to choose how much light they can use depending on the need. With two output levels, individuals can choose the high setting or the low setting for extended run time.

The Body
When it comes to a flashlight, especially one that is used for emergencies, manufacturers understand the importance of having a flashlight that is made from a really strong material. With that, this brand has made this flashlight out of a tough nitrolon polymer body material that is extremely durable. This durable design allows for individuals to use them even in the worst of moments. In the case that it drops, this powerful light is virtually indestructible.

Cost And Value
When we take cost and value into consideration for something as important and vital as a flashlight, we have to look at the quality design and the strength of the flashlight. With that, this flashlight may be one of the best flashlights in the industry, thanks to the extremely strong body design. With this, users will notice that the price may be a bit high compared to a standard flashlight. Well, that is because this is not a standard flashlight, this is a premiere Streamlight flashlight that users will appreciate thoroughly thanks to the extremely powerful design.
  • This brand is trusted and has plenty years of experience.
  • This flashlight is virtually waterproof with an O-ring and a sealed gasket.
  • The material of this flashlight is impact resistant.
  • The material is made for maximum durability.
  • There are numerous colors to choose from.
  • Users may consider this a more expensive flashlight.

2. SureFire X300 Ultra Series

2. SureFire X300 Ultra Series
Now, a SureFire flashlight is most commonly known for people in the law enforcement field or consumers that need a tactical style flashlight with an extremely high-powered light and A-grade durability. With that, we want to share a different kind of SureFire flashlight. This next flashlight is known as one of the best in the industry for professionals such as people in the tactical field, police officers, or other industry leaders. With that, we want to share two important points of the SureFire X300 Ultra and what users can expect from this high-powered flashlight.
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The Light Source
As we mentioned above, a user buys a Streamlight flashlight because they need the strength and power that comes with a Streamlight flashlight. With that, we can say that this flashlight may be one of the best in the industry due to the powerful light source. In fact, with this flashlight users can expect about 600 lumens of light that is practically blinding. This high-performance LED allows individuals an edge when out on the field and can potentially save an individual from harm. With that, we can say this is one of the strongest lights in the industry.

T-Slot Mounting
If you happen to be in the tactical field and you are looking for one of the best high-quality flashlights in the industry today, this is it! Not only is it extremely powerful, this manufacturer allowed for individuals to mount the flashlight onto any failed handgun and long guns. Simply use this manufacturer's MR adapter mounts and you are set to go. Consumers have mentioned that this design comes in handy easily and effortlessly and it is known as a rock-solid attachment.

Cost And Value
When we take cost and value into consideration we can say that this flashlight is one of the best in the industry due to the design elements of the flashlight. Now, users should take into consideration that this is not a typical flashlight, this is a tactical flashlight. Therefore, the price reflects the quality of the flashlight alongside the benefit of having such a powerful piece of craftsmanship. For a high-quality tactical flashlight with a Streamlight LED light, users will love this flashlight.
  • Tactical flashlight for industry professionals.
  • Able to be mounted on most handguns and long guns.
  • The construction includes a high-strength aluminum body with a tempered glass window.
  • The flashlight is weatherproof thanks to a gasket sealed and O-ring.
  • Powered by two specialty surefire batteries with a 10-year shelf life.
  • Users will take into account that the price is expensive for this flashlight.

3. SureFire Defender Series

3. SureFire Defender Series
Following the last SureFire flashlight on this list can be somewhat difficult considering that it is one of the best in the industry. However, for personal use, this is considered one of the best defender flashlights available today. For users that need an extra level of confidence to warn of aggressors or be ready for potentially harmful situations, this is the flashlight for you. We want to talk about the SureFire Defender Series LED Flashlight, one of the best flashlights for high-intensity situations and self-defense. Here are two important points.
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The Lens
It is safe to say that the quality construction of a flashlight is extremely important alongside the power of the LED light. However, the lens is also as equally important because the right construction quality of a lens can enhance the power of the flashlight. Well, that is exactly what this flashlight does. The lens is known as a TIR lens that is meant to produce a focused beam of light that has a significant reach. More so, the lens created a surrounding ring of light for peripheral vision.

The Body
Since flashlights such as these are used for high-intensity situations and different emergency moments, users can expect that the body will be made from some of the best and most durable materials in the industry. With that, users can expect that this flashlight will include an aluminum body for high impact resistance. More so, the body also includes a Mil-Spec hard-anodized construction for an added layer of durability and use. With this, users can feel confident that their flashlight can be used in virtually any situation.

Cost And Value
When we take cost and value into consideration, it is safe to say that this may be one of the best flashlights in the industry today for personal defense or emergency situations. Another aspect that makes this flashlight extremely great for daily use is the tiny frame that fits in the palm of the hand. Individuals can virtually carry this flashlight everywhere. Now, when it comes to the price, users can expect to pay a heavy penny. But, the real question is, can an individual really put a price on safety? We believe, the value and security this flashlight adds to our lives heavily surpasses the price.
  • High-quality light with plenty of power.
  • The body can withstand almost any situation.
  • The hard-strength material is made of an aluminum body design.
  • The light produces 600 lumens of light.
  • The light includes a pocket clip so individuals can take it anywhere.
  • This flashlight is known as an everyday carry flashlight.
  • Users have mentioned the clip is not as well built as the whole light.

4. SureFire Sidekick

4. SureFire Sidekick
Alright, now that we have talked about regular SureFire flashlights, tactical lights, and mini SureFire flashlights, it is time to change it up a bit. This next SureFire flashlight is known as one of the most compact flashlights available today. Key emphasis on the word ‘compact.’ Yes, this next light is known as a keychain light and individuals will love the tiny size and but extremely surprised by the powerful punch of the light. Let’s talk about the Surefire Sidekick Ultra-Compact Keychain Light. Here are two points why users should take this light into consideration.
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Easy Click
Now, one important point that users will love is that this flashlight has 3 output levels of light so individuals can adjust the output of the light. If an individual is wanting low, medium, or high amounts of light, this flashlight will emit that. Now, the way an individual can use this is with an easy click button at the top of the light. The same button clicker gives access to all three levels by simply repeating the click. With that said, this allows for easy use in any situation.

The Design
This particular manufacturer really knows how to create quality flashlights. As one of the best industry leaders in the field of Streamlight flashlights, they have covered all grounds and potential uses when it comes to flashlights. That was the purpose of the design of this flashlight. If a user is wanting a flashlight that is compact, easy to use, easy to store and carry, this is it. The compact and lightweight body design is due to the Polymer body that is also weather resistant. With that, users can expect a durable design that fits in the palm of their hand.

Cost And Value
Let’s talk about the cost and value for this flashlight, shall we? Well, it cannot be compared to other flashlights on this list, but what we can say is that compared to other pocket flashlights, this one is extremely high quality. In fact, this flashlight is one of the best ultra-compact flashlights an individual can get today. We highly recommend it, not only for the value but because the cost of it is pretty standard for high-quality compact flashlights.
  • For different utility issues including emergencies.
  • Three color choices include pink, black, and white.
  • Users appreciate the 300-lumen powerful max vision beam.
  • The easy click switch allows access to all 3 light levels.
  • This powerful light features a split ring for easy attachment.
  • Not as powerful as others

5. SureFire Titan

5. SureFire Titan
Once again, it is time to switch gears a bit. This next light is as compact as the last SureFire flashlight but with a completely different body design that resembles a tiny light, virtually the size of a person’s finger. Let’s talk about the SureFire Titan Plus Ultra-Compact Variable-Output Light and what makes it extremely powerful, special, and the perfect compact light for all individuals.
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Flawless Design Elements

This brand produces some of the best flashlights in the industry. Therefore, there years of design, construction, and material knowledge has made way for some of the best well-designed flashlights available today. This flashlight is made from some of the most powerful and strongest design elements. For example, the light is made from a Polymer high strength construction that includes an aluminum core. Meaning, individuals can drop, scratch and practically run over this light without anything happening to it. Not that we recommend that!

The Light Design

Now, this SureFire ultra-compact light is very different than the other ones on this list. The reason being is that this SureFire flashlight’s access design is used by a head switch design. Essentially, users will have to twist the head of the flashlight counterclockwise repeatedly to be able to activate the set output level for the flashlight to work. While being very effective, it is not as simple as a click button. Therefore, this flashlight is more recommended for daily use or emergency use , such as if the power goes out.

Cost And Value

It is time to talk about the value and the cost for this flashlight. What we can say about this particular light is that it is effective and the value really shines based on the power of the light and the construction. Therefore, it is considered on the pricier end of the scale.
  • Indestructible flashlight thanks to the powerful body materials.
  • This light includes a high-performance LED that maximizes output levels.
  • MaxVision Beam that allows for better situational awareness.
  • Head switch design that allows individuals to switch to their desired output easily.
  • This light includes a removable pocket clip that allows for a secure-carry.
  • Users have mentioned that this is one of the costliest ultra-compact flashlights in the industry.

6. SureFire P2X Fury

6. SureFire P2X Fury
Now that we have talked about different types of flashlights, we are eager to talk about a flashlight that has the more traditional flashlight look and appeal while also being made from more urban and modern materials that makes it one of the best flashlights available today. Let’s begin, we are eager to talk about the virtually indestructible SureFire P2X Fury Dual-Output LED Flashlight and the many benefits users can expect from this flashlight.
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Two Levels

When it comes to flashlights, it is common to have two different output levels. However, it is the strength of the output levels that make this one of the best flashlights available today. This flashlight itself has an extremely high output level of 1,000 lumens of LED light for maximum light and the low is 15 lumens. The benefit of the two levels is that individuals can use the lower level setting for an extended runtime which helps in the case of emergencies or extended use.

The Body

One of the coolest aspects of this traditional looking flashlight is that it is made from more urban and high-intensity materials. The common material for regular flashlights is either plastic or steel. However, this flashlight, due to the purpose and design, it is made from a high-strength aluminum body that can withstand even the hardest of falls or hits. With that, the body of this flashlight is meant for extreme durability.

Cost And Value

When we take cost and value into consideration, it is important for users to note that this is not a regular traditional flashlight. The cost only reflects how powerful the flashlight is, and with that, this brand is also one of the best in the industry. People have highly touted this brand for their ability to create and manufacture some of the best high-intensity products out there. We can say, this flashlight is totally worth it if you want a traditional flashlight look and appeal.
  • High-quality flashlight with two output levels.
  • This flashlight is indestructible and has an LED emitter.
  • This flashlight includes a precision micro-textured reflector that allows for precision and smooth lighting.
  • Users can expect that this flashlight can withstand the test of time.
  • A trusted brand with plenty years of experience in this field.
  • Users have mentioned that the price is a bit costly.

7. SureFire 6PX Pro-Dual

7. SureFire 6PX Pro-Dual
We are eager to share another traditional looking flashlight that is less costly than the last one and a bit less powerful. However, the strength and durability are there for individuals looking for a quality flashlight for everyday use or emergency situations. Let’s talk about the SureFire 6PX Pro-Dual Output LED Flashlight and what users can expect from this particular traditional looking flashlight.
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The Design

Now, the design of this flashlight is much like the last one. The design is made from some of the strongest materials in the industry and it is designed to withstand the test of time. With that in mind, the materials used are a high strength aluminum body that can withstand drops and hits for extreme durability. More so, the window is made from a high strength glass ad it includes a micro-textured reflector that creates a high-powered beam of light.

Dual-Output Click Tailcap Switch

Now, the above description may be somewhat confusing, but it is actually quite easy. The way to turn on the flashlight is in the tail cap of the flashlight. This is how it works. With a constant press, individuals can use it momentarily on low, with one click users can expect a constant low beam, then an individual can return the flashlight to off. However, for high, simply turn it back on!

Cost And Value

When we take cost and value into consideration, we can say that this particular flashlight is one of the best in the industry for the small design and tight frame. With that, this flashlight is considered a more moderately strong flashlight because it only has about 320 lumens of power. However, users can expect the same quality that they have come to expect from this particular flashlight manufacturer. What we can say is that the price of this flashlight is well-priced for the durability and the strength that one can expect.
  • A traditional design that users have come to expect from a quality flashlight.
  • Perfect for emergency use and light use.
  • Different output abilities so an individual can choose.
  • The materials used to create this flashlight make it one of the most powerful.
  • Dual-output tailcap design makes it easy to use.
  • A trusted brand known for high-intensity and strong flashlights.
  • Users can expect that this flashlight is not strong as other ones by this manufacturer.

8. SureFire 6P Original

8. SureFire 6P Original
We are eager to talk about another flashlight that is simpler than the many we have talked about while also producing high amounts of power. With that, this next flashlight is going back to the basics and is known as one of the “originally designed” flashlights by this manufacturer. The reason being that this flashlight includes the original single output design. With that, let’s take a look at what makes this flashlight a great contender for any individuals. This is the SureFire 6P Original Single-Output Incandescent flashlight.
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The Window

One of the most important aspects and design elements of a flashlight is the window. The right window design ensures that the flashlight will be bright, easy to use, and can produce a lot of power. More so, the best windows designed are created to withstand the test of time and be impact resistant. That is exactly what this light is designed and created to do. This window is made from a tempered window glass that is coated and can withstand potential falls and hits.

Tactical Runtime

Now, this flashlight may surprise individuals because it is actually only 65 lumens of intensity, which is still pretty powerful. However, the runtime is only an hour. This comes in handy because the flashlight is primarily used for temporary and small-time use. Therefore, a one hour run time is perfect for individuals that see themselves using this flashlight minimally. With that, the batteries are easy to replace.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for this flashlight, what brings the price up is that this flashlight is made from some of the strongest materials in the industry, materials that have made this brand synonymous with quality and peace of mind. With that, users can expect to pay a fair price for this flashlight, which to some, can be seen as slightly expensive considering the small runtime.
  • Quality flashlight with plenty of grip.
  • This flashlight is made to withstand the test of time.
  • A traditional design that is easy and simple to use.
  • Users trust and appreciate this brand.
  • Batteries are not included in this light.
  • This flashlight is considered expensive when users take into account that it only has one output.

9. SureFire 6PX Tactical

9. SureFire 6PX Tactical
We want to talk about another high-quality single output flashlight that individuals will appreciate. This next flashlight may be considered one of the best in the industry today and it offers plenty of use. With that, let’s talk about the SureFire 6PX Tactical Single-Output LED Flashlight and two important notes worth taking into consideration.
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Tactical SureFire

Now, what makes this one of the best tactical flashlights in the industry? Well, for its compact size it is made for tactical purposes because it includes the high powered LED light that people have come to love from other intensity flashlights with a compact design that is perfect for individuals in law enforcement or the tactical field. More so, the materials of the flashlight make it perfect for high endurance situations where the flashlight may fall or potentially be harmed. Which brings us to the next point!

The Materials

The materials of this flashlight are known as some of the strongest in the industry. In fact, this brand is known for producing some of the best flashlights with high-quality materials that can withstand the test of time. The materials used include an aluminum body for easy use and a high-strength precision reflector that allows for a smooth and optimized beam of light.

Cost And Value

As we take cost and value into consideration for this particular flashlight, we can say that this is one of the best tactical lights with a single-output. This flashlight has 320 lumens of power and people can expect it to be very powerful in any case that they need it. With that, the price is standard in comparison to other tactical flashlights and users will not be shocked. The price reflects the materials, design, and purpose well, which users have come to trust from this brand.
  • High-quality tactical flashlight known to be one of the best in the industry.
  • Single output design makes it easy to use.
  • The aluminum body of this flashlight makes it one of the best.
  • This flashlight includes an LED emitter that maximizes light.
  • The body is designed for easy use and great grip.
  • Trusted brand.
  • Users have mentioned that they wish this flashlight had a dual output.

10. SureFire Peacekeeper

10. SureFire Peacekeeper
As the last flashlight on this list, we are eager to share with you a flashlight from this brand that comes in both pro dual-output and single-output for tactical use. In this case, we are going to cover the ultra-high pro dual-output design that makes this one of the best. Let’s talk about the SureFire P1R Peacekeeper Ultra-High Output LED Flashlight and why people should take it into consideration.
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The Center Design

The design of this flashlight is meant to produce an incredibly blinding beam of light. It includes a reflector shape that is far reaching. However, the most important aspect is that it also has a powerful design that produces significant surround light for peripheral vision. With this, individuals can expect that this flashlight is very powerful and will produce really great and powerful beams of light.

The Design

The design of this flashlight is synonymous with the design elements that have put this brand on the map. The design includes a two-output design so individuals can pick whether they want a high light or low light. With that, individuals can expect to have a powerful 600 lumen light on high intensity. With that, individuals have come to appreciate the LED strength of this power flashlight.

Cost And Value

When we take cost and value into consideration for this flashlight, users have come to know this brand as one of the best in the industry thanks to their expert craftsmanship and attention to design and detail. With that, users tout this flashlight as one of the best flashlights for a high power output LED beam alongside a traditional design. With that, users can expect to pay a hefty price for this flashlight, but we can attest that it is completely worth it!
  • High powered flashlight with multiple uses.
  • The design includes an impact resistant body for everyday use.
  • Includes two modes of use: high and low.
  • This flashlight includes a rechargeable battery, an AC charger, and a DC car charger.
  • Low output setting for minimal light use and extended run time.
  • Users can expect that this flashlight will be a bit more pricey than others considering the strength of the beam and quality materials.

Did you think before starting to read this buying guide that there were so many high-quality options for you to pick from? Originally, neither did we! What we truly enjoyed about the SureFire brand was the quality embedded into every single one of their flashlights. Whether you are looking for a more compact flashlight, ultra-light tactical flashlight, or perhaps a standard flashlight, this brand utilizes the same precision, quality, and durable build in every product. What does that mean for you, the consumer? You are guaranteed to receive the quality and value you need. Again, whether you are a camper, hunter, or perhaps in law-enforcement, as many consumers have said, these flashlights are bound to become your favorite piece of gear.

In truth, that was our exact goal with this article. We wanted to share with you a wealth of information regarding our experiences and research of the best flashlights from this brand in hopes of inspiring you to see the opportunity and value. Additionally, we know that it’s tough sometimes as a consumer to find the time to research and evaluate the lengths and extremes that we did, which is why we are here for you. Now, with that being said, before you are quick to head off into the on your next camping experience, we want to ask you one last question:

What SureFire flashlight will help illuminate your night?

Criteria Used to Evaluate SureFire Flashlights

When it comes to buying guides, one of our favorite types to share with readers are the ones where we focus on a specific brand. Today, we shared with you the very best of SureFire and their flashlight collection. Now, if you are new or might not have a wealth of knowledge about this brand – we can tell you that SureFire is easily one of the best and leading producers of high-quality flashlights. Whether for tactical purposes, security, or safety, these flashlights can do wonders. However, picking out the best SureFire flashlights is not as easy as one might think. In truth, this brand has dozens of options, all which are incredibly powerful and useful. So, how were we able to pick out 10 products that are the absolute best?

Well, we realized that we needed to create some type of structure or system to be able to eliminate and highlight different flashlights. So, we started off by brainstorming some of the most important features or aspects of a flashlight, in accordances to consumer’s needs and desires. With more thought, this became known as our criteria for evaluation. For a product to be approved for our list, they needed to be evaluated based on the list of criteria, which you will find below. Should you want to learn more about the product selection process, keep on reading!

Quality of Build

As we started off this article, the first thing that felt the most important to us was the quality of the build. Now, SureFire made this incredibly easy for us. Reason being, every single one of their products are carefully constructed from only the best materials. Many of their products feature the strongest and toughest materials for the exterior body of the flashlight and utilize resistance materials to avoid wear and tear and other damage. With that being said, even though the manufacturer is known for their quality, we still carefully analyzed each flashlight. We started off by reading product descriptions, studying the images provided by the company, and we even looked at previous customer reviews. If we found any flashlights with frequent, negative reviews regarding the quality of the build or the fragility of it – we eliminated it from our list. What you will find today is only the very best in quality and construction from SureFire.

Unique Features

After consulting with the quality of the build and construction of the flashlight, what seemed important was the unique features that SureFire is infamously known for. What you might have learned from this article was that flashlights can do some incredibly cool things. For example, did you ever think that a flashlight could have an adjustment or different levels of output at such a high quality? The first product on our list today can push out over 400 lumens at its peak performance and tone down to nearly 15 lumens. This is just one of the many unique features that we found during our research and evaluation. With that in mind, anytime that we came across a product that offered a unique feature from SureFire, we noted the product and spend some extra time evaluating it, based on the other criteria found in this section.


Evidently, no one wants to purchase a flashlight from a manufacturer that breaks after a few uses in tactical environments, or even camping and simpler situations. With this in mind, even though we know that SureFire is known for the durable products, we wanted to ensure that, whatever product we shared with you today could withstand whatever adventure or job you need. So, for this purpose, we looked at how the brand talked about the durability of their flashlights. We wanted to know what measures they took and whether or not they had any special durability-focused features. Additionally, we always reviewed customer reviews to see what their experiences might highlight regarding the piece of criteria. In truth, every product on our list has been positively praised to withstand different environments, cold or warm, and last for many, many years.

Cost and Value

In our opinion – the most important aspect of the evaluation process, aside from the properties and features of the product, is something known as the cost and value ratio. Now, sadly, most consumers don’t really take the time to assess either of these two aspects the way they should be. For SureFire Flashlights, we are here for you. What we did was start off by analyzing the entire market as far as what the average price was for tactical-based flashlights. Once we had a better idea of the competition, we started to focus just on SureFire Flashlights. Now, by focusing on just one brand, it’s very easy to notice why certain products are priced higher than others. Typically, it may be a kit or comes with added benefits. This is where the ideology of value comes into the picture. By having an idea of the price range of products – you can start to look at the value of each flashlight and figure out what products offer consumers to best value for the price tag. Again, this is precisely what we did to ensure that, no matter the type of flashlight you buy from SureFire you are investing in quality and value at the best possible price tag from this brand.

Weight and Design

If you are looking for a high-quality tactical flashlight – you know that a heavyweight or bulky flashlight is incredibly counterproductive to the need. With that being said, when we were evaluating each SureFire Flashlight for this guide, we carefully analyzed each product based on its weight and design. What you will find in this guide are not only the best in quality but also the best in size. To verify the size and weight of the design, we took the type to check in with previous customers to see what they were saying about their experience. Should you be looking for a flashlight for professional use, tactical use, combat, or perhaps law – this product can most certainly help.

Light Source

Another incredibly important feature that all consumers should be taking into consideration before purchasing a SureFire flashlight is the light source. This is the part of the flashlight that produces the ability to see in the dark – and the quality of that light. Now, again, SureFire is known to build some of the strongest flashlights in the industry, as far as light sources and lumens are considered. With that being said, as we scanned many different flashlights from this brand, we carefully noted what products were built for high-performance and need – as these tend to require a stronger and more powerful light source. What you see today in our guide is the products from this brand that can handle any use – camping, hiking, fishing, tactical use, law-enforcement – you name it!

Batteries/Power Source

Since this is a battery, one of the last aspects that we wanted to carefully look at was the batteries needed and the power source. In other words, are consumers having to go out of their way to purchase a pair of batteries – and, if not, how good are the batteries that the manufacturer is providing. What we learned was the SureFire is known to offer customized batteries, produced from them. For example, the first flashlight that we shared with you today comes with 2 SureFire batteries. To our surprise, these batteries have received amazing feedback from consumers, given their quality, use, and functionality.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should someone consider a SureFire flashlight?
A: Before you purchase a product from any company, no matter the type of product, you should always ask yourself, “Why?” Now, SureFire is probably one of the most advanced companies when it comes to flashlights and other outdoor gear, ranging from magazines, law-enforcement gear and products, and even gun attachments. With over 18 years in the industry, this brand has built a reputation as one of the most trustworthy producers in this industry. When an individual invests in a SureFire product, they are investing in quality, innovation, and a long-lasting product.

Q: How important are Lumens?
A: Lumens are incredibly important! Chances are, you have heard of lumens before, whether when buying a light bulb or perhaps when buying other types of flashlights, whether a traditional AA flashlight or perhaps an LED colored flashlight. However, most consumers don’t realize how important lumens are when making a purchase. What ends up happening is that a consumer will purchase just any flashlight without any consideration to the power of the flashlight. Lumens are essentially the part of the light bulb that will dictate how strong, bright, and powerful the flashlight will be. The rule of thumb is: the higher the lumens the brighter and more capable the flashlight is. So, if you are looking for a SureFire flashlight for tactical purposes at night, you may want to pick a product from our list that offers higher lumens.

Q: Is a SureFire flashlight waterproof?
A: If you are planning on hiking, camping, or doing many outdoor activities, you should be concerned as to whether or not a flashlight is waterproof, water-resistant- or weatherproof. Now, with that being said, it’s really hard for us to say whether a SureFire Flashlight is waterproof because it’s a general statement. Typically, SureFire does take the time to put a lot of innovation into the quality of their build. With that, if you are looking for a waterproof flashlight from this brand – they most certainly offer it!

Q: Do SureFire flashlights come with batteries?
A: This is a great question, especially if you are looking for a better deal and to save some money. Now, typically, when you purchase a SureFire Flashlight, you will receive a pair of batteries for first use and the trial period. However, you should always verify what comes in the package before placing an order. If you are unaware of where to look, read the product description carefully as there should be a section regarding what comes in the box upon order. Furthermore, there is one last thing we would like to say about this topic. IF the product does come with a pair of batteries, you should note the quality and power of the batteries. As you might note, there are many different types and quality of batteries. This could have a direct impact on your initial reaction to the performance of the flashlight.


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