Best Leather Dog Collars Reviewed & Rated for Quality

Hunting with a friend is something to talk about. Hunting with man’s best friend is memories created. Everyday hunters use dogs to help them achieve their hunting goals. Hunting dogs are trained, fed, and cared for in special ways. When you have a companion like a hunting dog, you tend to look out for their best interest and what is good for them. A good quality comfortable collar is exactly, what your hunting companion needs.

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Featured Recommendations

Leather Padded by Viosi
  • Leather Padded by Viosi
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Durable stitching
  • Price: See Here
Soft Touch Collars Luxury
  • Soft Touch Collars Luxury
  • 4.7 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Padded inner
  • Price: See Here
SportDOG Brand 3/4 Inch
  • SportDOG Brand 3/4 Inch
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Waterproof material
  • Price: See Here

With as hard as your dog is working, you will want to find a durable, flexible collar that offers comfort in the most active situations. Many dogs will undergo situations where they are put to the test in snow, rain, heat, and bodies of water.

A dog collar is known to shrink, rub, and cause hotspots or matting around a dogs neck. All of these issues cause discomfort for your canine and can potentially lead to health issues. Not only that, low-quality collars can lead to terrible smells, dyed fur from color bleeds, and much more.

Here are several collars that have been reviewed to help you put these problems in the past. The dogs need constant comfort to maintain their ability to perform. Performance is key to your sports dog. Dogs play an important role in the sporting process. They need to maintain proper care in order to contribute to any sporting situation or event. Shop for durability and comfort, not price.


10 Best Leather Dog Collars


1. Leather Padded by Viosi

1. Leather Padded by Viosi
This collar is everything you could want and more for your beloved poochie. The Leather Padded Dog Collar by Viosi is an excellent, minimal stretch, tanned buffalo hide collar. With soft leather and padding, this collar is also known for extreme comfort for your working dog.
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Extra Cushion

The Leather Padded Dog Collar by Viosi is made with an inner layer of leather that is designed to keep the comfort all day long. The idea behind this extra cushion is to support the area around the neck from becoming bothered or inflamed while the dog is out working.

Added Stitching

The Leather Padded Dog Collar by Viosi is made with several stitches of extra durable thread. The extra durable thread is designed to hold the collar together and help with prevention of shrinkage in the collars leather material.

Cost and Value

The features and benefits of the Leather Padded Dog Collar by Viosi are endless. The tanned buffalo hide leather collar is an eco-friendly collar that offers strength for any conditions, extreme or not. An overly active dog will remain at ease and pain-free with this flexible padded collar. Put your dog first when considering the Leather Padded Dog Collar by Viosi.
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Extra Durable Stitching
  • Padded Inner
  • Tanned Buffalo Hide Leather
  • Brass Ring and Buckle
  • Easily Stained

2. Soft Touch Collars Luxury

2. Soft Touch Collars Luxury
The Soft Touch Collars - Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar is the best-rated dog collar because of it’s quality and value all packed into one leather collar. Made with soft and durable materials, this dog collar is the one to stay dry, smell free, and offer a genuine leather style. While no harsh chemicals are used, this collar is made with a fully tanned, natural sheepskin leather, designed for durability and comfort.
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The Soft Touch Collars Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar has been designed with some of the best materials for hardware. The D-ring and buckle have been made with non-corrosive materials, allowing the metal to get wet time and time again, and remain solid and rust free.

Sheep Skin Leather

The Soft Touch Collars - Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar is made with real sheepskin leather. What does that mean for you and your hound? That this leather is tanned with the sheepskin and wool, making this collar exceptionally comfortable for all activities.

Cost and Value

With no other collars to compare, the Soft Touch Collars - Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar offers genuine comfort and durability in any hunting situation. The soft leather material will get your dog through any day, pain-free! The smell free leather collar also offers non-corrosive hardware to keep long-lasting durability to the buckle and leash ring, making this collar, a top pick.
  • Tanned, Full Grain Sheepskin
  • Padded Inner
  • Non-Corrosive Material
  • Extra Ring For Dog Tag
  • Waterproof
  • Known To Stain Fur

3. SportDOG Brand 3/4 Inch

3. SportDOG Brand 3/4 Inch
The SportDOG Brand 3/4 Inch Collar Strap has a lot to offer you and your pooch. With 41 different holes, the collar is designed to fit any dog and any breed. Plus, it's designed to go on and off easy, with the roller clasp. Both waterproof and rustproof. Its also designed for any climate.
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Safety Strap

This SportDOG Brand 3/4 Inch Collar Strap has a safety strap designed into the collar. What that does is gather and hold any part of the collar that is hanging out after fastened around the dog's neck, preventing from catching.


The SportDOG Brand 3/4 Inch Collar Strap offers a full grain leather material that prevents water from destroying the material. Along with that, the metal on this collar is also rust proof coated.

Cost and Value

The SportDOG Brand 3/4 Inch Collar Strap is overall a safe and secure collar for overly active dogs. With the 41 placement holes, this collar is likely to fit all sizes and breeds. Being that the SportDOG Brand 3/4 Inch Collar Strap is a full grain leather, it is water resistant, standing up to almost any climate.
  • 41 Placement Holes
  • Roller Clasps
  • Waterproof Material
  • Rust Proof Hardware
  • Leather Creases
  • Thin Material

4. Weaver Leather Sundance

4. Weaver Leather Sundance
If you are looking for a high-quality leather dog collar, the Weave Leather Sundance dog collar may just be for you. This is a premium dog product that is built from one of the highest grades of leather. When you partner this with a beautiful and stunning design, this collar is the perfect match for any active dog. The best part is that the high-grade leather is fade-proof and rip-proof. This is the perfect collar for owners that are tired of nylon dog collars that either rip, shred, or end up fading after a few months use.
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High Grade Leather

The biggest selling factor of this collar is the high-grade leather used to construct it. This premium leather is meant to last for many years. Additionally, the leather is built to avoid irritation, which can be attributed to the unique smooth design and edge.

Fade-Proof and Rip-Proof

With traditional nylon and plastic collars, the materials can only last a couple of months prior to fading, ripping, or tearing. If this sounds familiar to you, this collar was created specifically for you. This leather collar is not only fade-proof, it is also rip-proof. No matter how active a dog may be, this product was designed to last.

Cost and Value

In comparison to other products that we have reviewed, this collar is one of the most costlier ones. This can be directly attributed to the high-grade brown skirting leather, stunning antique appearance, and fade-proof and rip-proof features. With that in mind, the value that this collar brings is second to none, making it most certainly worth consideration.
  • Collar is constructed from high-grade leather, which is meant to last.
  • Unique design and aesthetic appeal.
  • Great four-hole design to help match any size dog, small, medium, and large.
  • Leather is fade and rip-proof
  • Non-irritation collar design
  • Not a suitable product for a young puppy.

5. Signature K9 2-Inch Heavy

5. Signature K9 2-Inch Heavy
The Signature K9 2-Inch Heavy Agitation Collar is full of surprises. Made to last, this collar’s material is suitable for both military and law enforcement use, promising super strength and durability. This collar is designed to keep that constant pressure off of your pup’s neck, making it one of the safest and comfortable collars on the market.
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Collar’s Function

The Signature K9 2-Inch Heavy Agitation Collar has been designed for safety purposes while working with your dog. The Signature K9 2-Inch Heavy Agitation Collar has been designed to spread the stress weight evenly around the dog's neck, to keep that constant pressure off of the parts that count, the throat.


The Signature K9 2-Inch Heavy Agitation Collar is a handcrafted, Amish made collar, using only high-quality materials. The leather is a full grain double leather material that is designed to become more attractive with everyday use, resulting in a durable collar.

Cost and Value

The high quality, double layered leather, with safety features and an attractive price should be all the mention you need while shopping for a good, quality leather dog collar. Keeping your canine safe in the field should be a priority and a promise with the Signature K9 2-Inch Heavy Agitation Collar.
  • Waterproof Durable Leather
  • Handcrafted, Amish Made
  • Double Layered Leather
  • Police and Military Grade Materials
  • Creasing in Leather

6. Magnus Leather

6. Magnus Leather
There are not many dog collars on the market that are like the Magnus Leather Dog Collar. Measuring at nearly one-inch thick, this high-quality, 100% leather collar provides dogs with the comfort nylon, plastic, and other leather collars may not be able to provide. Owners have the privilege to customize the collar with the dog’s name, phone number, and even color. If you are looking for a personable leather dog collar, this may be the perfect choice!
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100% Real Leather

When it comes to picking out a leather dog collar, it’s important to find one that is built and constructed with 100% real leather. Otherwise, you might find yourself replacing the collar within a couple of weeks or months. This product is made from strong, high-quality leather, that is aesthetically appealing and durable.

Customization Options

A unique feature of this product is the customization options that dog owners have. First, you will have the option to select the type of hole measurement that matches your dog’s sizing. Following, you can select from four different beautiful color designs for the leather. In addition, instead of purchasing a name tag, this brand allows owners to brand the color with the dog’s name and phone number.

Cost and Value

Today, this product is one of the most expensive dog collars on the market. However, when you consider the customization options, high-quality leather, and security the brand offers, the price is not as relevant. Partner this with a brass hardware guarantee for life and you have a great product, great features, and an offer that you can’t let slide.
  • Unique customization options for the collar, including color, sizing, and name tag.
  • Built from 100% full grain leather.
  • Stunning and aesthetically appealing design.
  • Collar can last for many years, if taken care of properly.
  • Easy-to-attach, easy-to-remove, and easy-to-clean!
  • No additional loop to keep the collar stable.
  • Collar will stretch to dog’s neck overtime.

7. Aolove Basic Classic Padded

7. Aolove Basic Classic Padded
The Aolove Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collars hits value right on the head with its attractive pricing and unique benefits that it has to offer both the buyer and the canine. This collar is an attractive, comfortable fit, built to last. Made with genuine leather, nickel hardware, and a padded inside, comfort and quality are on your side.
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Alloy Leather Material

The Aolove Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collars offers an alloy leather material. What that means is this leather dog collar is made to last. With added alloy materials, the leather has been designed to have extra strength, making this collar a no-brainer.

Quality Hardware

Featuring a quality hardware, the Aolove Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collars offers nickel buckles and d-rings, making it strong, durable, and safe to be around your sports dog's neck. Safety is key while protecting a man's best friend.

Cost and Value

If you are looking for a durable, all-purpose dog collar, you found it with the Aolove Basic Classic Padded Leather Pet Collars. Made to last, this alloy infused leather is both durable and packed full of strength, controlling even the most active dogs. Made with a nickel buckle, this collar is both safe and strong. At an attractive price, you can't go wrong.
  • Extra Padding
  • Nickel Hardware
  • Waterproof
  • Sized to Fit
  • Bleeds
  • Stains Fur

8. Perri's Padded Leather

8. Perri's Padded Leather
Amish made, the Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collar is a soft, lambskin collar that is made for your hound’s comfort for every day on the go use. Made in several colors, you can choose the type of metal material that will combine with this soft collar, for style and durability. This handcrafted collar has a padding to ensure extra comfort packed with super strength, making any day's work, a success.
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The Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collar is a handmade collar made out of padded lambskin material. The benefit is that lambskin is used mainly for comfort when worn, close to the skin, keeping your dog comfortable, all day long.


Protection and extra cushion around the neck isn't the only thing that this collar has to offer. The Amish made Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collar is made with extra stitching in its lambskin material, guaranteeing a super strength feature for your excited canines. This collar is built to last.

Cost and Value

At an attractive price, the Perri's Padded Leather Dog Collar offers so many benefits to both the dog and the buyer. As an Amish made, handcrafted dog collar, you are sure to see the comfort last all day long. With padded lambskin that has extra stitching, this collar is made to last in any situation as it is both tough and durable. Why wait any longer for quality when it is already at your fingertips.
  • Padded Lambskin Material
  • Handcrafted, Amish Made
  • Extra Support Stitching
  • Durable Buckle and D-Ring
  • Color Does Not Bleed
  • No Catch For Long Ends

9. Coastal Pet Latigo Leather

9. Coastal Pet Latigo Leather
Looking for a dog collar that offers safety and ultimate control? Look no further! The Coastal Pet Latigo Leather Round Collar is one of the safest collars on the market. Offering a soft, rolled leather style, this collar is flexible and allows easy control. This handcrafted, durable collar is made for long hair dogs and dogs with sensitive skin, specifically.
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Leather Material

The Coastal Pet Latigo Leather Round Collar is made with english bridle leather, making this a tough leather. Ideal for training, the hot-stuffing oil and allows the collar to have the upper hand.


The Coastal Pet Latigo Leather Round Collar is made of high quality, full grain leather. The full-grain weather makes this collar water resistant, stain resistant, and weather resistant, making this one stable dog collar.

Cost and Value

The Coastal Pet Latigo Leather Round Collar is an all around great value for the purchase price. There is no doubt that this collar is one of the best. Offering an english bridle leather style, this collar is great for dogs with long fur to help prevent mats or dogs with skin allergies. Made safe for your pooch, this collar is a one of a kind, durable value.
  • Hot-Stuffing Oil and Tallow
  • Round Style to Prevent Matting
  • Water Resistant
  • Smell Resistant
  • Thin Style
  • Leather Cracks

10. Blueberry Pet Multi-Colored

10. Blueberry Pet Multi-Colored
The Blueberry Pet Multi-colored Stripe Collection offers unique qualities with their collars that they offer. The collar is made with a mix of materials that offer different benefits to the way that the collar fits. The eco-friendly brass coating allows a clean finish to the hardware on the collar and will remain rust free for years to come. Get in line! These collars are wanted, by popular demand.
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Collar Material

The Blueberry Pet Multi-colored Stripe Collection is made with a unique mixture material to offer superb flexibility and comfort to your hounds. The special webbing polyester and leather combination makes this collar pure comfort, all day long.


This collar has prime support in keeping put, around your pup's neck. The Blueberry Pet Multi-colored Stripe Collection is made with a durable, genuine leather material in the buckle area. With the leather located in the buckle area, the buckle has a secured fit, with no future errors of coming undone.

Cost and Value

As a favorite, the Blueberry Pet Multi-colored Stripe Collection loudly speaks of durability and comfort. The webbed polyester design will help maintain your hound's comfort all day long and remain flexible in any situation. As a dog's best friend, we stand to make our canines comfortable and protected, so why not start with the valuable Blueberry Pet Multi-colored Stripe Collection collar?
  • Flexible Design
  • Lightweight
  • Added Leather To Buckle Construction
  • No Smell
  • Can Not Wash Collar
  • Not Waterproof

Having a dog as a hunting partner is one of the best experiences and bonds that you could ever have. These dogs depend on us to know their duties and to feel safe. When you have that responsibility, why not make your dog comfortable at the same time, making the experience great and memories last a lifetime for you and your pooch.

Dog collars are a significant piece in a dog’s life. As much as you love your dog, sometimes you need to have control of him. Control of your dog not only sets safe boundaries but this also puts a simple structure in your dog’s life, which they need.

Dogs need to know the pack leader, you. With a good, quality collar, you have the upper hand in certain situations. Although there are many good collars out there, here, you will find some of the best collars listed. The collars reviewed will give you a sense of control, while maintaining the safety and comfort of your canine.

A lot of the collars offer safety features that will distribute pressure evenly, even for the most active canines. Latches and buckles play an important role too, keeping the collar in a constant, secured state. Aside from the general safety features, you will find collars that withstand any extreme climates, collars that prevent smell, collars that don’t mat the dog’s hair, and much more. Finding a safe, functioning collar has never been more critical.


Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Leather Dog Collars


Out of all the components that we utilized to evaluate different leather dog collars, the one that means the most is comfortability. Reason being, while it’s important to evaluate the type of leather, the durability, the style, and design, or the sizing, what’s more, important is your dog’s comfort and happiness.

In the leather collar industry, there are ample products that are designed to look beautiful but are rough on the edges, irritating a dog’s neck. With that being said, it’s essential to select a leather collar that is built with a soft, insulated, or padded leather interior. If you can place yourself in the paws of a dog, a padded collar would feel much gentler on your neck than cold leather and metal loopholes.

Additionally, for dog owners that keep collars on their dog throughout the entire day, a padded leather collar is of utter importance. When you consider that a dog enjoys sleeping during the day or rolling around on the floor, a collar with no padding can be irritating and frustrating for the dog.

Type of Leather

Leather is, without question, the most traditional and classic material utilized to manufacture dog collars. Like leather for humans, a leather collar possesses such a unique element that is otherwise not captured by nylon or plastic collars. In light of this, while many companies may say that their collar is made of leather, it’s important to evaluate the type of leather a company utilizes to produce a product.

In the industry, there are a wide variety of leathers that a company may choose to use. For example, there is:

  • English Bridle Leather
  • Padded Leather
  • Italian Leather
  • Full Grain Leather
  • Faux Leather

Understanding the type of leather that a company uses to make a product can help provide insight as to the type of collar it is, the quality, and the size of dog best suited for the collar. For example, a traditional bridle leather collar would be most beneficial for a large dog, like a Great Dane, American Bulldog, or a Husky. However, a collar made from Italian leather is best suited for a smaller dog given their lightweight nature. Additionally, it’s important to know if you are paying for a faux leather collar or a real leather collar, as real leather is naturally more expensive than fake.


One aspect that all dog owners must take into consideration before purchasing any dog product is the amount of maintenance that is required. When it comes to a dog collar, unless you are planning on purchasing multiple collars throughout the year, it’s important to take care of the first one. With that in mind, typically, brands will share information on how to take care of a leather collar.

For example, if you are planning on utilizing a leather dog collar all year round, it’s highly advised to rinse a collar each time it gets wet or dirty to preserve it. Additionally, since leather is prone to cracking when wet, it’s imperative to allow the collar to dry, which is typically best under the sun.

In evaluating different leather dog collars, it’s important to highlight products that do not require too much manual labor from the dog owner. Understanding what is expected of you can be a direct motivator or deterrent, especially if you are busy and do not want the responsibility of caring for leather.


We all know that leather is one tough material, which is why many of us are in the market to purchase a leather dog collar. The rule of thumb in this industry has always been, the cheaper a product, the lower the quality of the product will be. In other words, the more you spend, the better the durability. With that in mind, in evaluating different leather collars, it’s important to judge the quality of the leather.

To do so, one can smell the leather or pull on the ends. A high-quality leather collar will smell more like a traditional leather couch. If the collar ends up stretching, chances are, it’s poor quality and not durable at all. In evaluating different collars, it’s important to consider what would happen to the collar after use with your dog. For an active dog that loves to run or pull, that can quickly break or stretch the leather and harm a dog’s neck.

Style and Design

If you are going to spend money on a leather collar, it’s important to purchase one that not only is stylish but the design is high-quality and classy. For this market, brands and companies have capitalized on the opportunity of making leather more fashionable than ever before.

For example, depending on the company, dog owners can purchase a leather dog collar in a variety of colors, designs, shapes, and even customize different aspects of it. Did you know that you can engrave your dog’s name or make the entire collar a name-tag for your dog?

The options are endless as far as style and design for leather collars. However, it’s imperative to make sure that when picking one out, the style and the design do not compromise the quality of the product, leather, or irritate the dog. While it may be nice to have a stylish collar with studs or flowers, if it makes the dog uncomfortable the style and the design are not relevant.

In evaluating different products, it’s worth measuring what type of options companies offer consumers. The more professional and prestigious companies will only offer one type of leather collar – the standard brown, white, or black leather. Once you start getting into the multi-color leather, you start risking the quality and grade of leather.

Adjustable Sizing

Like that of comfortability, it’s essential to purchase a collar that matches your dog’s size, shape, and provides the feature of adjustable sizing. The truth is, leather will stretch and grow to match your dog.

In looking at an assortment of different products and brands, it should be anticipated that the product will expand. Therefore, it’s important to find a collar that fits properly, given this fact.

A rule of thumb from the experts is that, when the dog is wearing it, the owner can fit a minimum of two fingers between the collar and his/her neck. If you are purchasing a product for a puppy, the collar should come with adjustable sizing so that the collar can be used while the puppy is growing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I purchase a leather collar?

A: In truth, out of the many different materials utilized to create dog collars today, leather is the most natural product on the market for a dog. Given the material and its chemical composition, as the dog continues to wear the leather collar, it will actually support the dog’s fur around the neck area. In fact, unlike a nylon collar, a dog should not break out when wearing a 100% leather collar. Additionally, leather is a great option for dog owners that are attempting to go green.

Q: Can leather dog collars get wet?

A: Many dog owners seem to believe that if a leather dog collar gets wet, the product will be ruined, crack, and break down. The only reason why a leather collar would break or crack after getting wet is if the owner did not take care of it after. It is highly recommended that if you can avoid getting the leather collar wet, do so.

Q: How to clean leather dog collar?

A: While a leather collar may be the perfect complement to match your dog’s coat, it’s imperative that you take the time to clean it frequently. Prior to learning how to clean a collar, it’s important to establish what type of leather the company utilized in building the product.

  • Finished – to discover whether a collar is finished leather or not, take a minute is gently use a fingernail to mark an area of the collar. If the mark appears as the same color as the leather itself, it’s considered finished.

TO CLEAN: It’s recommended to clean finished leather with only water and a small drop of mild soap. Use a damp cloth ensuring it’s not dripping and clean the collar as normal. Professionals recommend cleaning finished leather in a circular motion. After you are done, it’s essential to dry the entire collar.

  • Unfinished – this type of leather is more prone to revealing wear and tear. When performing the fingernail test, if the mark reveals a different color, the company used unfinished leather. What this means is that the product was not formally treated with any pigmentation.

TO CLEAN: To clean this collar, you will need saddle soap or safe soap that will not deter the colors of unfinished leather. Use saddle soap with a damp cloth to clean the surface of the collar. Instead of self-drying the collar, let it air dry; however, do not place it in the sun.

Q: How strong is leather?

A: Leather is naturally a strong material. In efforts to understand how strong the leather used in a dog collar, it’s important to understand what type of leather the company utilized. Before placing a leather collar on your dog, it’s important to test the strength of it with your own hands. If by simply pulling on the ends of the collar it stretches, it may not be a good fit for your dog. When leather stretches easily, the product was built from cheap leather. High-quality leather can handle any dog, any size.

Q: Will the leather stretch?

A: Yes. Any brand or company that will tell you the leather collar will not stretch is not telling the 100% truth. Like any other leather product, in due time, it will stretch and mold to your dog’s neck. With that being said, it’s important to differentiate when the product is extensively stretching, or if it’s simply breaking in.

Q: How do I know what size to buy for my dog?

A: Rather than simply guessing and purchasing a small, medium, or large, use a tape measure or a simple string to measure how wide the neck is. If you used a string, be sure to keep track of the measurement and use a simple ruler to track the metrics. Now, before placing an order, it’s important to add an additional 2 inches to the initial measurement. This is to help account for any minor adjustments that the belt might have, including the dog’s comfort.

Q: How do I know if a collar is too big or too small?

A: A collar should fit a dog and be snug. However, it should not be too snug where the dog is evidently upset or aggravated. There is a rule of thumb that, a dog owner should be able to put 2 fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck. If there is a larger gap than this, the collar is too big. If the contrary is true, the collar is too small.


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