Adidas Terrex Two Boa

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Adidas Terrex Two Boa Review Facts

One of the top brands on the market when it comes to anything athletic is Adidas. It is popular all around the world and among many groups of people. Not only are its clothes, shoes, and other gear high quality, but people all around the world and of all interests like them, too. Even people who do not participate in sports or outdoor activities prefer Adidas for their lounge clothes and for their sneakers/running shoes. Adidas is especially known for providing fashion-forward sportswear that has a slim fit and that can easily be worn anywhere- whether it be on the hiking trail or grocery shopping.

Adidas shoes are also very popular both for everyday wear and for people who enjoy participating in sports or outdoor activities. The brand has also released trail running shoes, which unsurprisingly have received mostly positive reviews from people who purchased them. One of the higher-rated trail running shoes created by Adidas was the Terrex Two Boa. The most interesting feature of these shoes is the Boa lacing system, which basically a dial right next to the lacing system that allows you to adjust how tight or loose you want the laces to be. This means that you will have control over how comfortable you want the shoes to be, and this feature aids in the overall comfort of the shoes.

Overall, most people were pleased with how these shoes performed. Many agree that the upper is made out of a breathable material, the shoes are durable, and they have great midsoles and outsoles. As with a lot of Adidas products, these shoes are also available in several different colors and look great on many different people.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The Boa lacing system allows you to adjust how loose or tight you want the shoes to be
  • The upper of the shoes are made with a highly breathable material
  • These shoes are meant to handle many different types of trails, making them versatile for different types of terrain
  • The outsole of these shoes provides a great grip
  • The midsole has great cushioning and responsiveness
  • Some people complained that the shoes are not too comfortable when they initially purchased them, and the shoes needed to be broken in

  • Some people also complained that the tongue of the shoes slides around quite a lot



The way that Adidas designed the outsole of this shoe is said to be rather similar to how Salomon designs theirs. First, the shoe has Continental rubber as well as lugs to provide extra traction for your feet as you run. There are also cutouts on the rubber of the outsole, which help to increase the overall flexibility of the shoe.

One thing that some people noted, however, is that these cutouts cause the shoe to not offer as much protection as others. They do not provide as much protection for your feet when running or hiking on rocky surfaces, which is essential so that you can avoid possible injury. So, some people said that these shoes are not the best to wear if you intend to be going out on rocky terrain.

However, the shoes provide great traction thanks to the rubber outsole and the lugs, and people said that these shoes are perfect to wear on virtually any type of terrain, including wet and dry surfaces. You won’t have to worry about slippage whatsoever. Lots of people who tried the shoe said it has one of the best outsoles out of all the different running shoes they tried.


The midsole of these shoes is made with the comfortable EVA foam that is typical of many different types of running shoes. The midsole is comfortable enough that these shoes feel like regular running shoes instead of trail running shoes. It also provides a responsive ride. However, the foam in the midsole is the only way that your feet will be protected in these shoes, so the shoes might not be the best to wear if you choose to hike on very rocky paths.


The upper part of the shoe is probably where a lot of the action in this shoe takes place.

First, the upper is made out of a breathable mesh material that allows your feet to be kept cool and dry throughout the course of your run. Many people praised the upper for the amount of breathability and comfort that it allows.

The other interesting part of the upper is the Boa lacing system. This is not a common feature in many running shoes. It is essentially a dial that is hooked to the shoe’s laces and you adjust the dial in accordance with how loose or tight you want the shoes to be. People did not notice problems with this technology itself, but some agreed that this might not be the best way for the lacing system to work in a pair of trail shoes since the laces won’t allow for the same level of adjustment as regular shoe laces would.


The shoes are said to be rather heavy for a pair of running shoes, weighing approximately 13.3 ounces. However, many people said that this did not deter them from purchasing the shoes and they did not notice this extra weight while they used the shoes.


Many were pleased with the breathability that these shoes provided. Thanks to the mesh material that the upper part of the shoe is made out of, your feet will be kept cool while out on the trail and any sweat that you produce will dry quickly.


One place where some people’s opinions of the shoes differed was when it came to their comfort. The shoes overall had a comfortable fit, and no one reported that the shoes were scratchy or particularly uncomfortable.

However, some people did say that the shoes needed to be broken into before they took the shoes out onto the trail due to the fact that they were uncomfortable the first time they were worn. Also, the shoes are particularly wide- which is great for people who have wider feet, but not for people with standard-sized feet.

The toe box of the shoe is also very wide due to the fact that the Boa lacing system does not go down far enough to allow that area of the shoes to be adjusted.

So, if you have wider feet, these shoes are likely to be perfect for you. But if you have narrow feet, you might find that your toes especially will be swimming inside the shoes.


Something that lots of people look for in a pair of running shoes, including ones that they will be using on the trail, is a fashionable look. That certainly is not a make or break feature of a pair of shoes since it doesn’t particularly aid in the overall performance of the shoe, but regardless, more and more people are looking for a pair of shoes that they can take out with them and that will not look too bulky on their feet. We find more people gravitating towards running shoes, trail running shoes, and other outdoor equipment that doesn’t really look all that much like outdoor equipment at all.

That goes for these Adidas shoes as well. Most people agreed that these shoes have a great look and that they were able to wear these shoes almost anywhere they pleased. Most people don’t want to have to shell out money for several different pairs of shoes; they like to have shoes that will be versatile enough, both in looks and in performance abilities, that they can essentially wear wherever they’d like. And these Adidas shoes provide just that.

The shoes have a sleek design with the Boa lacing system dial on the side next to the laces. The word “terrex” is written right above the heel. There are several different colored accents on the shoes, which depend ultimately on which color you choose to purchase, such as the three lines on the side next to the word “terrex” and stripes on the midfoot.

As far as colors go, you do have several different color options to choose from, so you will be bound to find something that you like. Some of these choices including white with black and gray accents, black, light blue with green, white, and black accents, pink, blue, light blue with orange accents, and more. While the color range is not as extensive as with other brands, you still have several options to choose from other than the standard black color.


These shoes can be worn on almost any type of terrain. Some people said that these shoes might not be the best for rocky or muddy terrain, but otherwise, you can wear them almost anywhere you’d like. Plenty of people used these shoes for regular hiking, and others used them for their daily running activities. The lugs on the outsole of the shoe provide lots of grip for many different types of terrain, including dirt roads, gravel, and more. And, the grip is good enough for you to be able to wear them in wet and dry conditions. There is not much regarding whether or not these shoes are waterproof; however, most agree that the shoes will work in wet conditions too thanks to the good grip they provide. So, you will be able to get a lot of use out of these shoes and you will be able to use them almost anywhere you’d like.


These Adidas trail running shoes officially retail at $120, which might seem like a steep price for some people. However, these are actually priced fairly reasonably, especially compared to many other running shoes that are available on the market. And, it is important to take into consideration the fact that these shoes come with a technology that isn’t offered in too many other shoes- the Boa lacing system- and the fact that these shoes are versatile enough to be worn on many different types of terrain, including roads and trails. It is unlikely that you would be able to find a pair of running shoes that have as much to offer for the same price. And, to top it off, you are bound to find these shoes for a lot cheaper than the official retail price on several different websites, including Amazon, where the shoes are available for less than $100.


Another great feature of these shoes is the amount of traction that they provide. Thanks to the rubber mixed with the lugs on the outsole of the shoes, they will grip any surface very well. You will be able to use these shoes on almost any type of terrain you please and you will also be able to use them in wet and dry conditions. The only places where these shoes might not work the best is on rocky terrain, due to the lack of proper protection, and on muddy terrain, since these shoes have the typical outsole of a trail running shoe, which aren’t designed for too much mud.


If you are someone who is looking for a lower drop than average, these shoes might be a good option for you. This is because the shoes have a 5mm drop, where running shoes typically have a drop of about 10mm. The heels are 24.5mm and the front of the shoe is 19.5mm, therefore making the drop 5mm.

Key Features

-The biggest feature of these shoes is the Boa lacing system, which is a dial that allows you to adjust the tightness as you please
-The outsole of the shoe provides great grip on the ground
-The midsole is made with EVA foam that provides adequate cushioning while remaining firm at the same time
-The shoes come in many different color options and look great on the feet
-The upper of the shoe is made with a highly breathable mesh material

Bottom Line

Was everyone totally pleased with the Adidas Terrex Two Boa? No. But, most people did agree that there were many positive features that the shoes offered. For one, they have an innovative technology- the Boa lacing system- which is not offered in too many other running shoes. However, this wasn’t ideal for everyone to use, and some people said that they prefer regular laces, so at the end of the day it seems to be up to personal preference. But, most people agreed that the midsole provides great cushioning, the rubber material on the outsole allows the runner to get a good grip on the ground, and the upper part of the shoe has a comfortable, breathable material. Also, lots of wearers agree that these shoes are attractive and pleasing. So, if you want a pair of shoes that are versatile enough to be worn on the roads and on the trails and that aren’t too expensive, you may want to check out the Terrex Two Boa trail running shoes.