Nike Air Zoom Structure 22

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Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 Review Facts

More and more people want to have a pair of attractive running shoes. While most people once accepted that exercise and outdoor gear generally is not going to be as appealing as regular, everyday wear, that is now not so much the case. Brands are starting to take this into consideration as they create gear that is meant to be used outdoors, whether it be for running, hiking, or anything else in between. People are starting to move away from the clunkier, less attractive gear and towards gear that they can wear on a number of occasions- even in places where they are not participating in outdoor activities at all.

People are starting to gravitate towards more attractive running shoes as well. Lots of people like the idea of wearing shoes that will not only feel good but look good in the process too.

Nike is a brand that is known for its athletic gear, and while running might not be the first thing that some people think about when it comes to the products created by Nike, they do have a wide variety of running shoes. The Nike Zoom Structure 22 running shoes were commended for their attractive looks and the many color schemes that they were available in.

However, not all people were as pleased with the shoes’ performance as they were with the way that the shoes looked, which, arguably, is just as important, if not more important, than the way the shoes look. Some people said that the shoes were not too comfortable to run in, and others said that the shoes frequently slipped off their feet as they ran. However, most agreed that the outsole provided a lot of traction, the upper had a lot of breathability, and, perhaps one of the key features in the shoes- the heels help to prevent overpronation, which helps to prevent possible injuries.

Keeping in mind both the positive and negative aspects of these shoes, let’s get into more of what these shoes have to offer in detail.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • These shoes have an attractive design that many people were pleased with
  • The rubber on the outsole allows for the runner to get enough traction on the road
  • There is protection in the heel of the shoe which helps to prevent overpronation in the runner, which many found to be effective
  • The mesh material in the upper part of the shoe provides both comfort and breathability
  • Many agreed that the midsole of the shoe was very durable and long-lasting
  • Some people said that the heel of the shoe did not fit their feet properly and the shoe sometimes slipped off their feet as they performed activities
  • Others said that the sole of the shoe was too stiff to feel comfortable


The outsole of the shoe is one of the areas in which this shoe performed very well. The outsole is made out of a rubber material referred to as Duralon, which helps to give the shoe a better grip on the ground and to prevent any abrasion that could affect the shoe while an individual is running. There is also some cushioning in this material and it adds flexibility to the shoe. Overall, the outsole of the shoe is made to be able to withstand consistent wear and it will definitely last you for a long time.


People had varying things to say about the midsole of the shoe. It is made with a technology referred to as Dynamic Support, meaning that it has cushioning all throughout the length of the shoe and provides the shoe with a firm feel. Some people felt as though the midsole was too firm to the point where it made running uncomfortable. However, the midsole also helps to prevent overpronation while running, which is a great feature that not all shoes offer.

Some people said that the midsole lacked responsiveness, but others said that the transition from heel to toe during the run felt smoother thanks to the midsole, so it seems to depend on the individual.


The upper is another part of the shoe that people appreciated. It is made out of a mesh material that provides the shoe with ample breathability and comfort, and many people said that the upper allowed them to stretch their feet as necessary. The lacing system of the upper also helps to give the wearer a customized fit since one can easily tighten and loosen the laces as they please.


The Nike Air Zoom shoes were a bit heavier than other running shoes on the market, coming in at approximately 11.5 ounces. However, despite this heaviness, no one seemed to notice it and they did not complain about feeling as though there was an extra weight on their feet.


The upper part of the shoe provided a lot of breathability, which was appreciated by many users. Thanks to the mesh material that the upper is made out of, many reported that their feet felt dry and cool after having had worn the shoes for a longer period of time. Not only is the upper part of the shoe breathable, but it provides the wearer with added flexibility and comfort. Overall, there were no complaints about the breathability that the shoes had to offer.


Generally, with Nike shoes, it is recommended that you purchase a half size to a full size larger than what you normally would due to the fact that they tend to run small. We did not find much information about this regarding these shoes, but since this is a consistent review that many people leave with other Nike shoes, it is worth mentioning.

The sizing of the shoes was based on a standard system. The men’s version of the shoe offers more variety for people with different shoe widths, however; men can choose between D (Medium), 2E (Wide), and 4E (Extra Wide), whereas women can only choose B (Medium). So, if you are a woman who has wider feet, these shoes might not be the best option for you.

When it came down to the overall comfort of the shoe, reviews tended to be mixed. First, the shoes were not the most comfortable ones out there when they first came out of the box, so many users recommended breaking them in a little bit before taking the shoes out on the road. But even when the shoes were used for running, they never truly felt broken in, according to some. Others believed that the midsole was too firm to actually feel comfortable while running. And the shoes did not provide much responsiveness at all, which did not contribute at all to their comfort.

The heel is rather high off the ground, which did not allow some people to feel as though they were stable and supported. And, some people reported that the shoes frequently slid off their feet because the heel was not very supportive. So, this is something to take into consideration should you choose to purchase the shoes.


The one area where these shoes shined was in their design and style. In fact, the design of the shoes seems to be their main selling point. While arguably design is not as important as performance, many people prefer to purchase running shoes that will look more attractive on their feet. People also do not want to be forced to shell out hundreds of dollars on many different pairs of shoes when they can purchase a pair that can be used for multiple purposes. These shoes are attractive enough to be worn on an everyday basis, regardless of if you will be running every day or not.

The shoes have a sleek design that will allow anyone to wear them wherever they please. Although the design is rather simple, it is one that many people were impressed with upon first sight. The iconic Nike symbol is on the side of the shoe, and the word “Nike” is written across the tongue of the shoe.

These shoes are also available in a variety of colors and color schemes. Men can choose between blue, white with blue accents, gray with black and white accents, black, gray with green and black accents, an off-white with gray and black accents, gray with pink accents, and blue with bright green accents. Women can also choose from a variety of colors, including black with pink accents, orange with black accents, black, white with gray accents, gray with pink accents, and light blue with pink accents.


These shoes are best to be worn on mild terrain, such as roads and sidewalks. They can also be used indoors for indoor running. However, the shoes are not meant to be used on rough terrain such as hiking trails, or in places that are too muddy and wet since they do not have waterproof abilities.


The official retail price for these Nike shoes is $120, which is pretty standard when it comes to running shoes. Many other running shoes on the market are offered for around $120 as well. However, as with most products, you may be able to find them for varying prices on different websites or in store. For example, there are offers for these shoes on Amazon for as low as $100.


Traction is another area where people were pleased with the performance of these shoes. While these shoes are certainly not meant to be used on the hiking trail or in other places where a more stable and durable shoe is necessary, you can easily use these shoes for running on the road or indoors without experiencing any problems.

The outsole of the shoes is made with a rubber material that allows the runner to get a good grip on the ground, whether that be the road, pavement, or gravel. It is very important for a pair of running shoes to get a good grip on the ground because even though they might not be used in tougher conditions, great traction will help to prevent the possibility of injury due to slippage.


These shoes have a moderate drop of 10mm. If you are someone who prefers to have a pair of shoes with a zero drop, then these are not for you. However, most running shoes have a drop of around 10mm, as that is standard, so these shoes fall in line with what is common on the market.

Key Features

-The Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 shoes have a sleek and stylish design that is appealing for many runners
-The shoes are available in many different colors to suit different tastes
-The outsole of the shoe is made with Duralon rubber to provide traction and protection against abrasion
-The upper of the shoes are made with a mesh material that is both comfortable and breathable for the wearer
-The midsole has Dynamic Support technology which provides a firm feel and protects against overpronation

Bottom Line

While the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 shoes did have quite a lot to offer, many people agreed that these shoes are probably not the best to be used for everyday running, especially if you are someone who prefers to run shorter distances. This is due to the fact that the shoes tend to be more comfortable after running for a mile or two as opposed to when just starting out. The shoes also have a very firm midsole, which might not be too comfortable for some people, and the heel also is rather loose on the foot. According to some people, the shoes did not provide much responsiveness, either.

However, these shoes have an outsole that provides great traction, which is important in running shoes, and most people who bought the shoes agreed that the material of the upper is both very breathable and flexible. And the fact that the shoes protect against overpronation is a huge plus. Besides that, of course, the shoes come in a very attractive design that was appealing to many.

These shoes have both their positive and negative aspects, and many people agreed that these probably were not the best shoes to choose for running every day.