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.338 Lapua Review Facts

Anyone who is into hunting knows how difficult it can be to be able to find a high-quality long-range hunting rifle. There are so many available on the market that it can be nearly impossible to choose the right one. And besides that, you never want to compromise in terms of quality and durability when it comes to a rifle. This is because you don’t want to ever potentially put yourself in danger and you don’t want to be putting any animals through unnecessary suffering with fake rifles or ones that are not made out of the highest quality materials.

A long-range rifle that a lot of people were pleased with was the Savage 111 Lapua .338 rifle. The attractive and sleek design of the rifle is pleasing to look at, and the simple fact that the rifle allows you to use the extremely powerful .338 Lapua bullets means that you’re going to get a lot of action when you go hunting. Another feature that a lot of people were pleased with when it came to this rifle was that the price, while not too cheap, is very good in comparison to a lot of other similar rifles in the market; meaning, this rifle was several thousands of dollars cheaper than its counterparts. With that being said, there is no way that the rifle is lacking in quality or inaccuracy.

Overall, plenty of people recommended this rifle for those who are into long-range hunting, saying that it is a top-quality piece of equipment and that you certainly won’t be able to find something similar for the same price. Now, let’s get into the different features that this rifle offers, as well as all the pros and cons that people had to say about it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • The rifle is able to accommodate the extremely powerful .338 Lapua Magnum bullets, meaning that you’re going to get a lot of bang for your buck

  • The rifle is a lot cheaper than many of its counterparts, and even though it isn’t too cheap, you’re going to be saving thousands

  • You can shoot distances longer than a mile with this rifle

  • Interestingly enough, a lot of hunters said that this rifle is lightweight

  • The 338 Lapua will allow you to shoot a lot of shots, getting more use out of your hunting trip


  • Some people did not like how expensive the Lapua bullets are, so they are less tempted to go shooting too often

  • Some people were not fans of the AccuTrigger


Primary Use

It is obvious what the primary use of any gun is, and one should be cautious and exert ethical principles when they choose to operate such a rifle. It is also important to be able to understand the proper situations in which a rifle should be used. The main purpose of this rifle is for hunting, which is also the main purpose of the Lapua bullets as well. One of the key ethical codes of hunting is that animals should only be killed in such a way that the death would be sudden so they do not have to suffer for a long time. When using this rifle along with the bullets, that will most certainly be the case. Before purchasing any rifle, be sure to check out what the laws are where you live so that you do not get into any trouble.


It is generally expected that a rifle is going to be heavy. This is surprising for people who are just getting into shooting because they don’t typically assume that rifles will be as heavy as they are in reality. And while a lot of people can agree that the Savage is a heavy rifle, it is nowhere near as heavy as some of its counterparts. With a weight of 9.25 pounds, a lot of more professional hunters have agreed that this weapon is light and easy to use in comparison to a lot of other rifles on the market. It is also important to mention that the length of the entire rifle is 50 inches.


While the rifle itself does not come with any accessories, there are certainly plenty that you can find online that are compatible with the rifle. You may also be able to find bags that will store your Lapua cartridges. For one, if you ever need to get an extra magazine, you can purchase one from Accuracy International for $100. Below, we will list some of the accessories that many websites have listed as being compatible with the Savage 111.

You are able to get a MARC Chassis, additional triggers, scope mounts, bases, and more. It is good to scope out some of the options for accessories that are out there, as well as what people thought of them. Keep in mind that most of these accessories will also come at a pretty price.

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The absolute best bullets to use with this rifle are the Lapua .338 Magnum bullets. These were originally meant to be very high-powered bullets that were able to be shot for long distances. While they were initially meant to be used in war by snipers, that is certainly not what they will be used for here. The cartridges are available on a large scale, so you aren’t going to have problems trying to find them. A lot of people who used the rifle with these bullets agreed that they were a lot more successful with this rifle. Since these bullets are so powerful, you can almost be assured that you will have a clean kill while hunting. Another great thing about these is that you will be able to shoot them long distances, so if your target animal is quite a distance away from you, you don’t have to worry about there being a missed opportunity.


You will be able to hold five rounds of ammunition at a time within this rifle. And since the Lapua cartridges are so powerful, it is expected that they will be quite expensive, so that is something you may want to consider when you go to purchase this rifle; not only will you be making quite the investment with the rifle itself, you will also be making an investment with the bullets. And the company decided that it would use a magazine from the company Accuracy International, which is one of the best ones out there. However, you really want to be careful not to lose this magazine, because it will be quite expensive to replace; a second one will cost you $100.


One of the greatest features of this rifle is its finish. While the most important aspect of any weapon is not necessarily the way it looks, there is no denying that this rifle has one of the sleekest finishes out there. And there is no denying that matte black is one of the most attractive color schemes for virtually anything on the market. The Savage 111 rifle is completely matte black with a long rail and a silver trigger. The .338 Lapua Magnum bullets are large and golden, with a rose gold color at the tip. They are some of the largest bullets out there and you definitely will be able to get some of the most accurate shots with these. All in all, the Savage rifle is one that is completely pleasing to be able to look at.


Safety is without question the most important feature of a rifle, other than, of course, how well the rifle operates, to begin with. You want to make sure that you or anyone else whom you will be with will be safe when the rifle is not in use and you want to avoid accidents at all costs. It is important to know how to disassemble a rifle and how to put it away safely. Besides that, you want to make sure that you are safe when you use the rifle as well and that it won’t malfunction while in use. This was taken into consideration by the company when they manufactured this rifle. One of its nicest features is the fact that it has a three-position safety. When you put the rifle into its forward position, you will be able to fire it. When the rifle is put into the central position, the trigger becomes locked, preventing it from accidentally being fired. And when you put the gun into the rear position, the bolt and the trigger are locked. The safety is easy to use and to operate, so you will find that you won’t have any difficulty with this.


One thing that a lot of people were pleased with when it came to this rifle was the fact that it is so cheap in comparison to many other hunting rifles that are on the market. This is also while taking into consideration the fact that you are getting one of the best-quality rifles and best-quality bullets that are available, that will also let you shoot for more than a mile. The retail price of this rifle is $1340, but you will likely be able to find it for $1000 or even less. And considering the fact that there are plenty of rifles that have the same quality or even similar rifles are thousands of dollars more (a rifle that many people consider to be a good competitor is $12,000), you’re definitely getting a good deal. This is certainly something that would be considered an investment, and you may find that you will have to save up for it. The price might be a dealbreaker for some people, but it is important to take into consideration all the features that come with the rifle, the incredible quality of the bullets, and how cheap it is in comparison to a lot of other long-range rifles on the market.

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Key Features

-The rifle is fairly lightweight for a long-range hunting rifle at 9.25 pounds
-The length of the barrel is 26 inches
-The rifle comes in a sleek, matte black design
-You will be able to shoot for distances longer than a mile at a time
-The caliber is .338 Lapua Magnum, which is one of the most powerful and high-quality bullets on the market
-The rifle has a three-position safety, which makes it even safer to use
-You will be able to hold five rounds of ammunition in the rifle

Bottom Line

This is most certainly not a budget rifle, but if you are looking for something that will allow you to go shooting on the hunting range for long distances, it is worth considering the Savage 111 with .338 Lapua. There are claims that you will be able to shoot distances longer than a mile, which is certainly not something that a lot of rifles will offer. And considering the fact that a lot of people commend the abilities of the .338 Lapua bullets, you will definitely be getting something that is worth every penny you spend on it. Plenty of people also agree that part of what makes this rifle so great is the round because the Lapua allows you to shoot longer distances than many other rounds that are available. Make sure that you don’t lose the magazine because replacing the magazine costs $100. The rifle is certainly not light, but it is extremely lightweight in comparison to a lot of other rifles on the market, which thus makes it easier to use. Another important thing to note is that it also has a three-position safety, which makes it safer to store.

There are a lot of good things about this rifle, and a lot of people recommend it if you’re looking for something that will provide you with great long-distance hunting. People were genuinely pleased with its performance and accuracy, and while some said that the rail was too long, they also enjoyed the matte black design. It’s a great rifle if you are looking for one of the more high-quality, professional hunting rifles.