Panasonic Lumix GH5

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Panasonic Lumix GH5 Review Facts

Panasonic has always been a great electronics company, and more importantly, a top-of-the-mountain camera company. When you buy a Panasonic camera, you know that it’s going to be one of, if not THE best camera for whatever you spent on it. Sure, there are low-priced cameras out there, but what is the quality to them? Do the pictures look as amazing as they could? Probably not, and that’s why if you’re looking for the best quality to your photography, you need a high-end camera that is considered, even today, as one of the best there is on the market. So, we’re going to investigate the Panasonic Lumix GH5 with its mirrorless body. Is the bundle packs worth spending the money on?

Well, why wouldn’t it be? Panasonic has had the time and ability to keep perfecting its art and the fact that they aren’t just a camera company means they know what to look for in this digital age just as much as they did when all you had was a roll of film in a plastic camera casing. From old school one-shots to polaroids, and now digitally enhanced pictures and photography, this company has kept quality as one of its number one drives. Now they offer you a camera that does it all, from professional still shots to the ultimate in HD quality video in your hands. This camera comes with everything you could need in professional work, and it comes bundled with the extra tools that only add to your experience. So, what are you looking for in a camera? Is this the one for you? Keep reading to find out if this camera fits your framework for the perfect carry along to your adventures wherever they might go!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Mirrorless body
  • 4K Resolution video
  • 20.3MP Photograph
  • Venus engine
  • Dual memory card ports
  • USB Charger
  • HDMI Port
  • IB stabilization
  • Lower quality hard case


The Panasonic Lumix GH5 bundle that is the main focus for this article has quite a few accessories that come with it. This bundle comes with the main camera, a 64GB SONY memory card, a Monoprice weatherproof hard-shell carrying case, two batteries, a USB dual charger, an eye cup, a hot shoe cover, a flash synchro socket cap, a cover for the battery grip connector, a USB cable, a shoulder strap and a cable holder. That’s quite a bit of stuff to get in one purchase, no matter who you are.
So why would you want everything listed in a single shot? Well, a lot of cameras have all of the above accessories available for additional purchase, and this tag is rather heavy in one go, but buying it separately will likely cost you more. On top of the already mentioned cost, you have to consider that you might not actually think to get everything it comes with if you are purchasing them separately. The question for the aspiring photographer then is- what is all this gear for? And of course, why do I need it?
Well, every digital camera requires a memory card, and that is a given. How much memory do you need though? 64 gigs are actually quite a bit to start with, and the much lesser priced camera sets only hand you about 32, so you are already getting double that. Also the memory card type and how much it has decided how high of a quality image you can get, how many you can take or how long of a recording you can handle before you run out of the room. If you are just starting out, 64 gigs should cover you.
The carrying case is likely to be a given as to why you would want it. While a hard shell may not be ideal for traveling or taking pictures on the go, it is great for storing things safely so that when you go to put your camera away for the day, you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged or any of the equipment it comes with getting lost or damaged. Since it comes with this set, you are also guaranteed that it will fit everything safely and won’t have to worry that the case itself might lead to damaged or lost parts.
Getting batteries may seem redundant when you consider the camera can be charged via USB, but any photographer will tell you, it is always best to have a back-up plan in case you might miss something because you suddenly ran out of juice! The fact that Panasonic thought of this ahead of time is truly awesome.
While you may not ever end up getting to be a huge photographer, a hot shoe is a neat little device on this camera where you can tag on additional devices like an extra flash or special light. Keeping this from getting damaged or harmed by the elements means that if you do decide to use it, you will not have to wonder if you can or not. Having a camera come with it is a great thing since this is definitely not something you would think of on your own if this is your first professional level camera. Not only that, but this camera already comes with other covers for additional accessories that you may think about getting later, and plugs you most assuredly do not want anything getting into.
Why would you need a shoulder strap if you are getting the case? Well, maybe you don’t need everything, and so you don’t want to carry all that extra weight. Your first pictures and videos are likely just being done to test out your camera and learn about it so that you can decide what you will end up using it for, Not to mention, you may want to see if 64 gigs is all you really need in memory, or if you might benefit from an upgrade in memory. Having that extra shoulder strap to carry your camera can prove very good for making sure nothing accidental happens- and it means you aren’t sticking this rather expensive tool into a pocket where it could very easily get damaged just by natural or accidental occurrences.


The design of the Lumix GH5 is rather simple, it looks like your average camera. Trust in us, though, it’s not average in any way. All the controls are comfortably placed for easy usage. We would like to point out the fact that the Panasonic Lumix GH5 is lightweight, weighing in at about 1.6 pounds. Also, keep in mind that the standard lens is not the only way to take pictures or video, this bad boy was designed to use interchangeable lenses. This camera, while it seems to be focused on being a still-shot camera, has been designed to be both a still-shot camera and a video camera. The lines between the two are blurred to the point of nonexistence. Its shape and the layout of controls is reminiscent of the DSLR cameras. This is a camera that has been made to be used by either amateurs or professionals. Not something to overlook when looking to get a highly designed camera.


This amazing camera comes with an HDMI port, to connect to any product that carries such a port for viewing the pictures and videos you have captured. It also has a USB port for transferring files. And if that’s not enough, the memory card is, of course, removable so that you can slip the card into other devices for moving the same pictures and/or videos to make room for even more of the same. Not a bad set of options, really.


So in light of all, we have said, how does the Lumix GH5 perform? This is a question that’s worth talking about. The 4K video capture allows a photographer to capture even the smallest details, and did we mention that this camera has no limit to how many videos can be captured? No limits, save for memory and battery! This means that if you’re going to a wedding and want to record the whole thing, as long as your battery is fully charged and your memory card is sufficiently cleared, you can record the whole thing, uninterrupted! Having a family reunion and want to record the whole thing? Go for it, the Lumix GH5 won’t stop you. Next to focus on is the fact that this camera takes 20.3MP shots, which means sharp and vibrant pictures. It performs as advertised, which is ALWAYS good. Add in the stabilizer, and you get less blurry pictures or video from movement.

Image Quality

Quality of your pictures? Again, you’re talking about pictures that are being taken at 20.3MP, and they show it with every picture you snap of. Beautiful does not even begin to describe what you see when you look at the pictures this camera takes. What’s to complain about when each and every picture makes it look like you could just step into the picture and be there?


We are going to take this time to focus on the various features that come with the Panasonic Lumix GH5, both internal and external. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to this particular bundle. Why don’t we start with the Monoprice hard case? While the exterior is a hard case, we don’t recommend that you allow the case to be roughly handled, since it could crack or break. This is definitely a drawback, honestly, but the interior is fully customizable and still offers more protection than a soft bag would give. Add in the fact that this case IS weatherproof and will keep the Lumix GH5 nice and dry. Another point to look at is the dual SD card slots that are in the camera. The fact that this bundle comes with a 64GB SONY SD card is great. You also get two batteries and a charger that can house both at the same time. This means you can have both batteries ready to go before you even start snapping off pictures or shooting video. And with two batteries, you have twice the amount of time to work with. The included shoulder strap will help you keep from dropping the camera, to an extent. There is SO much to talk about, and we can not write about everything in the space we have, but we wanted to mention the fact that there are multiple shooting modes that the Lumix GH5 gives you. As aforementioned, there is a 4K video, allowing for crystal-clear picture and great sound quality. For pictures, they are 20.3MP which is gorgeous on the eye. Even an amateur photographer’s work will look like it was shot by a professional. But there are more modes for still-shot photos. You get 6K 30FPS (Frames Per Second) and 4K 60FPS Photo Burst, and it even has DFD Ultra Fast Motion Detection and Focus! This means you can take pictures of just about anything and have all the detail of a picture that was taken with everything holding completely still!


The efficiency of the Panasonic Lumix GH5 is not something a person should even begin to question. Once you know how everything works, the Lumix is considered to be one of, if not THE, best on the market. When you consider how you have to hold a camera, everything is right there for your thumbs to flip between. Whether you are looking for video, burst shot, or any of the other options that this wonderful camera offers, it’s all easily accessible. It should not take much more than a few moments to set this baby up and get to work taking pictures or shooting video. We have even heard of people wearing this camera in a harness to capture video of their vacation, using it almost like a GoPro, and having everything still only take no more than 30 seconds to set up. Of course, this was probably set up before they even began to travel about, but that really shouldn’t matter, in the long run.

Key Features

-Quick access to menu
-Easy to use
-Beautiful pictures
-Great video and sound quality
-Comes with all a beginning professional needs
-64 gig memory automatically
-Rechargeable battery (comes with extra batteries)

Bottom Line

Really, this camera and the particular bundle we’ve discussed is amazing. Sure, when you see the price tag of $1,499.99 on Amazon, you’ll probably flinch. Who wouldn’t, really? But we want you to stop and think about all that you’re getting with this bundle. If you were to buy each piece separately, you would definitely end up spending more money than that. Sure it’s expensive, but every penny is worth the quality and quantity of this bundle. Of course, the other bundles are even more expensive, sitting at $2,219.99 for one and $2,395.98 respectively. Of course, they each offer other things than the one we’ve discussed here, and no matter what, they all are worth spending that kind of money for. Truth be told, we would recommend this camera to anyone and everyone we know. It’s absolutely worth the cost, as it will probably be the last camera you’ll ever need. Take care of it and it’ll take care of you! Why have blurry memories when you can have them crystal-clear with the help of the Panasonic Lumix GH5.