Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Trekking Pole

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z has a specific design purpose. These poles work for Alpine climbers and mountain runners. They are also a good option for backpackers on long trips and day hikers. These are exceptionally light and impressively sturdy. When it comes to cutting down on weight, the Carbon Z is the steadfast choice of many users.

Being simply super-light yet durable but versatility moderate because of the design purpose. The specific range of design purposes and super-lightness also means that this pole is not adjustable. It is a robust, strong three joinable shafts pole made from carbon.

If you're looking for a specific design for use in mountainous conditions and seriously light at 10 ounces. This is certainly worth a closer look.
Editor's Pros & Cons

10 Ounces - very light

Good durability



Design for specific purpose, not very versatile


Key Features


The Distance Carbon Z is a well-performing pole with a nice range of versatility. The snow baskets are compatible with BD-made baskets. With purchase price, you do get carbide and rubber tip options. This pole has moderate versatility and can be used for fast hikes and long mountain runs.

Also good on glaciers or summer mountain environments. Durable enough for moderate but not heavy back-packing and nice for long-distance trekking. Great for overnight hiking expeditions and day hiking trips. Popular among Alpine climbers for technical terrains.


You get durability when the pole is used within the design context, and user feedback is positive about the longevity.

You cannot expect an overly heavy-duty use, and versatility is limited; user feedback suggests this pole is fine for trail hiking in various terrains. If you aim to carry heavyweight packs and move through rough environments, it would be prudent to go for a pole with a less specific Alpine design purpose.


This pole set folds down to a minimal and compact size and easily stows away inside a pack or strapped outside a backpack.

You can choose from lengths of 13, 14, 16, and 17 inches when packing down, and the pack-ability makes this pole a good option for air travelers going on overseas trekking trips.

Adjustability + Locking

To cut back on weight, this does not have an adjustment mechanism.

The lack of adjustability has little impact on lightweight backpacking or mountain runs while the weight is super-light. To counter the lack of adjustability. BD offers this model in 4 length models at 100 cm, 110 cm, 120 cm, and 130 cm. the locking mechanism is housed at the top of the pole, and it is a push-button mechanism.

The push-button makes pole extension quick and results in a secure lock. A drawback is that the Velcro strap will FIT most wrists, but it is limited with regard to adjustability.


The design's purpose is all about cutting down weight while retaining performance and durability. A pair of Distance z poles weigh a very light 10.4 ounces. The shafts are a thin carbon fiber design, which means less weight. the pole features narrow straps for the wrists and small baskets. With a streamlined grip and the absence of a length adjustment system, the poles are durable and light.


The Carbon Z has ribbed foam handles, and the grip is firm and comfortable. The ribbed foam surface on the hand-grips means airflow while and evaporation when doing running or long treks in warm weather.

Shock absorption is good due to the characteristics of carbon fiber used for the shafts. A slight drawback is that the wrist straps are thin and offer less padding than thicker straps.

In terms of support, the comfort is good, and the performance is reliable.


The Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Pole costs more due to design purpose, durability, and exceptional lightness.

If you're not overly bothered about weight, there are lower and higher cost options from Black Diamond, which give more versatility.

The Black Diamond Trail Back has carbon fiber shafts. This is also a super-light option at 10.05 Ounces. This is a z-pole version that is collapsible but cannot be adjusted. This is a strong, durable carbon pole with outstanding versatility. The price tag is low and buyer-friendly—excellent value for money.

Another heavier weight option 1 lb 1.1 oz and a higher price tag is the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork. Designed with carbon fiber shafts, FlickLock Pro adjustment system, cork grips, and a lot of versatility. It is designed for use in all 4 seasons in Alpine terrains, with lasting durability.

If price means higher quality and versatile durable performance, check out the The Alpine FLZ. This pole is a very popular option. It packs down much smaller than many other models and weighs in at only 18 ounces. The three shafts are tough aluminum, and the hand-grips are cork.

Outside of the Black Diamond range there are a good range of comparative trekking poles which are all well worth checking out.


This pole is for those who go on technical climbs or move a lot faster in mountainous environments. Though this limits versatile use, this pole has a following who use it for long overnight hikes.

The positives are that a 10-ounce pole is pretty lightweight, and the pole gives good performance and durability within its purpose of design.

Not available at a budget price and a higher middle-range price tag, this is a good addition to the trekking kit and value for money.