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Vitamix 6300 Review Facts

Whether you are looking to quickly chop vegetables to make a salsa, or ready to start that first smoothie for the summer, you want to know that the blender you have is up to the task. With so many out there, you are likely unsure just what you need and how many options are really required to get what you are after. So, whether your old blender finally bit the dust, or you are looking to purchase the first one for your resolution to eat better, you are here and want to know if this product is the one you need.

Vitamix should know what you need - after all, the company has been around since 1921, and has had quality blenders on the market ever since. With nearly 100 years of experience, you are almost guaranteed to be satisfied with what you get from them. Of course, when you see just how many blenders they have on the market, you wonder which one the best is even among theirs. As with any product, the question isn’t always completely on their shoulders, but also on what you are looking for. Do you just need single serving, or do you make for a party? Are you planning smoothies? Milkshakes? Pureed Veggies or do you need something else entirely? We will be supplying you the information you need to make sure that whatever it is you want, this is the best option for you. If you don’t see what you need here, feel free to look over our other articles- you are bound to find one amongst the many that meet your demands! So, without further delay, let us see what this particular model has to bring to your table!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent size for single meals
  • Three setting types (timing already pre-programmed)
  • Comes with a cookbook
  • Easy to use
  • 7-year warranty
  • Color selection
  • Difficult to clean
  • Tall instead of wide


Right away this is your classic blender choice in a world where making everything technically savvy has become commonplace. While some of the other more modernized blenders might seem a better option, sometimes simplicity overrides the actual necessity of what the object is used for. With this blender, it already has the three main settings that most would need out of a blender. It can be set for soup, smoothies or frozen foods, and each one has the timing already programmed into place. The complication of needing to know how long you should blend something for, and at what speed is taken out of the mix (no pun intended). The simplicity is not enough to take the enjoyment out of its use either since it comes with a cookbook as well to guide you along with some of the uses it has. The last feature we will mention is its cup size- 64 oz. This is plenty for most uses, and lets you plan for smaller sizes as well as for a couple of people at a time. Rather impressive for a blender that doesn’t make you have to guess at what setting you need!


If you do dislike the overly tall cup that comes with the 6300 at default, Vitamix does offer different cups for purchase as additional accessories. Of course, most are likely to take a look at the additional cup offers and the price alone will make them back off. If you just do not have the room for this tall of a blender though, you may end up needing to take the bite and go for a different one. There are also adapter cups, tamper holders and other utensils used to measure and make blending all around easier for smaller amounts. When looking for your accessories though, always make sure that they are compatible with the classic blender types, as that is what this blender falls under on the Vitamix line.


What can we say? Blenders are not exactly what most of us think of when we are looking for something stylish to set up on our homes, but when you consider how often this particular device is left set up for use, it probably should be. If you are planning to put your blender away after every use, then it won’t likely matter how it looks or how big it is, since you will probably only have it out when you are actually using it. However, if you are going to use it daily, or you just don’t feel a kitchen looks right without one in view (especially if you want to keep reminding yourself to go for healthy and yummy instead of just tasty!) you will be excited to know that this blender actually does have more than one color offered. Not only can you enjoy the classic appearance of your new blender, but you can even assure that it matches the rest of your kitchen décor instead of clashing with it. While black tends to blend right in (yes, we did it again with the puns) maybe that is not what you want, after all, if you want to be reminded to stick to your new healthy start you want it to catch your eye without beating you into a wall. This blender comes in black, cream, platinum, red and white! So, pick your perfect match and enjoy that feeling of a ‘complete’ kitchen.


This blender is made to last, and it does everything you could want it to do. The blades stay sharp and don’t require a whole lot of work other than to keep them clean. Using stainless steel for the blades that are often used in aircraft means they hold their sharpness and strength for longer than many others with very little work. Ass to that, the motor they use is also one of the stronger ones out their power wise for a blender, which means it can cut through tougher materials without worrying about it easily burning out. The only downside to having such powerful motors and metals means that you can expect it to be loud. The fact is that this machine may outlast most of your kitchen tools, and that means the noise is probably worth it. Should you, of course, run into any unexpected issues with your new blender, the good news is that Vitamix tacks on a great 7-year warranty so that you can get things replaced or repaired through the company. Knowing that the chances you will need to use the warranty are small is an awesome feeling, but knowing you still have it might just be considered a perfect move on the company’s part.


This particular blender has a 64 oz cup that comes with it, and that cup is what has it under scrutiny. Instead of being wider to allow for the blender to more easily fit into shelves and cupboards, all of its volumes is in its height. Of course, they do offer other sizes as additional accessories that you can purchase on their site. These extra sizes allow for you to plan for your next make and also give you a chance to rearrange if needed. If you do want something smaller in size for your blender, you will have to check and make sure the additional cups are designed for the classic versions of blenders that the company has. This line is considered in that particular classification and so anything you buy for it will have to be under that label.
In case you aren’t sure exactly how much 64 oz really is, though, we decided to look for comparisons to let you know what you are getting with this blender. 64 oz is almost 2 liters, so as an idea, this blender can nearly fill a 2-liter coke bottle with whatever ingredients you are putting into it. That is enough to easily make soup for 2-3 people or shakes for the same number in a single use. As additional sizes go, they offer a 32 or a 48 oz blender cup each, one for dry, and one for wet grinding. So if your 64-ounce cup is too much, or what you are grinding doesn’t require a full 64 every time, you can find additional cups to match your needs.


The cup this one comes with is good for all three settings, so you can work with dry, wet or frozen goods without worry. Of course, you may not always need something larger to do your blending in, so check out the different accessories if you want to get something that is more specific to your needs. So what settings does the blender have?
The soup option allows you to chop veggies and other products up perfectly for adding to your own home-made soup. Putting the blender to this setting the product will spin at just the right speed and for just the right amount of time to get your perfect size for it. No more guesswork and standing there watching to make sure or holding down a button till everything looks right. Just put the ingredients in, set it, and press before walking away to see to the rest of the prep.
The smoothies setting will blend your ingredients into a drinkable mixture, and its speed and timer work to make sure that everything will go down smoothly, while the frozen deserts setting is best for thicker deserts like ice cream and butter style ingredients (or icing!). These to settings, like the first are set to a preprogrammed timer so there isn’t a need to hover over your blender while it works.
There ate other settings, like a pulse button (for those stubborn pieces that may need to be pushed back down to the blades, and the non-timed setting where you may just want to make sure everything gets to the right consistency. This means you aren’t always stuck relying on the design to measure up both speed and timing, and if the timing was off, you can give it those extra few spins to finish the job.


For the classic design, this product simply performs at the top of its class. All of those who have chosen this particular blender feel they chose well and don’t need to go and find another one to fill its spot. It is durable, and the capacity means you won’t have to spend most of your meal or dessert filling up everyone else’s dinnerware while you only get to sit back and watch them enjoy. After all, we know that often times it is the chef who enjoys everything last and therefore doesn’t get to have the company to enjoy it with. Now you can prep faster and easier so that everything just comes together smoothly. If you are ready for high performance and don’t mind that it comes with noise, then this blender will definitely be the very thing you need to finish off your kitchen supply list.

Key Features

-Presets for the most common uses
-Multiple color choices
-Extra settings that aren’t preset
-Larger capacity

Bottom Line

If you want a healthier and more organic lifestyle where you have more control over what goes into your body, you will likely need a blender to accomplish this task. From vitamin fueled smoothies to kill the sweet tooth, to freshly chopped vegetables for your next soup, a blender is a great addition to anyone’s kitchen and lifestyle. With a company that has had nearly one hundred years to learn how to bring you the best product poss9ible for your needs, you can’t really go wrong when it comes to a Vitamix product. If you want more and have the space for it, this blender will make a great addition. Knowing you can expect it to last, and that there are other sizes to the cup means you have an awesome way of keeping or getting fit without the complication of the more tech-savvy equipment. This is simplicity at its best. Who said you needed to have a thousand settings to work within the first place? You get everything you need and the ease of use everyone wants in their everyday items all wrapped into one- and a 7-year warranty just in case! Of course, its price will seem daunting, but a little saving and waiting are worth it when you know your blender will do what you need when you need and not blow up with its first use!