Philips Airfryer HD9220

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Philips Airfryer HD9220 Review Facts

Fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks all have something in common besides the fact we probably have you considering what restaurant you want to go pick up from right now. They all are usually deep fried and not easy to make ‘the right way’ in your kitchen without an extra tool for cooking most people don’t have and/or, can’t afford to put in their kitchen. With many choices out there though, you may find one that isn’t as out of reach as you think. One thing we know for certain is that this air fryer will likely be on your list for both affordability and quality. Phillips has a reputation for assuring quality products and is well known for their kitchen appliances.

So, if you are wanting to make your summer bar-b-que the most memorable one of the summer, this might make a very real answer to doing so. Why go out to eat, or even order from anywhere else to get fries, onion rings, and other goodies? And why fry them up in fatty oils when you can get the same deep fry results from this lovely little device? While it may not hold much, you can make sure nothing gets wasted while at the same time serving up summertime goodies most only think of when heading out for fast food or to a fair.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Healthier alternative to deep frying
  • Built in timer
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Small capacity
  • Colors change the price


This little fryer has a lot of smaller but very convenient features. One of the biggest for many of us is the fact that it is so compact, which means you won’t have it taking up every ounce of counter space you have available. Of course, we also want to know just how easy it can be taken apart to clean as well because often this is what will catch any happy cook off guard and make a multi-use item into a single use one.

No one we know likes to wash dishes, so when all your awesome specialty cookers take that much more time to pull apart and clean, it can be a deal breaker as to how worth it the item will actually be. Not to mention, it only uses one tablespoon of oil to do its deep-frying- which means you won’t have to figure out where to dump all that extra oil out. The last feature we want to make sure we cover is the fact that it has an auto timer, which means you don’t have to guess how long you are cooking it for- or use the microwave to keep track. It’s all right there.


You wouldn’t think that an air fryer would have a lot of accessories to talk about or point out, we didn’t. But there are actually quite a few. You can get a nonstick version of the basket, for instance, so that getting your finished food out isn’t as difficult. There is also a double rack available with skewers for those who want homemade kabobs. A food separator, a grill pan, and more! You literally have a small oven for all the extra side dishes, and if your family is made up of picky eaters like some of the rest of us, the smaller serving sizes are perfect for making it faster to get things ready for dinner. If you get the food separator, you can even make 2 different types of fried foods at once and not have to worry about getting things mixed up together! And just think, with that baking dish there are undoubtedly a dozen or more different recipes to look through for desert, and nothing beats an awesome snack after the main course!


One might ask why we would think style is something important for a piece of cookware. After all, if it works and is easy to use and put away, style is just something you would have to be ultra-picky on for it to even come close to a reason why you would or would not get something. We feel that it is at least important enough to mention for two reasons: there are customers who want to have their kitchen match or more like have to or they will just skip it, and two the style isn’t always just the look, its also about functionality. This air fryer has both.

It has a classy yet contemporary look that will fit into just about any kitchen, so you won’t be left feeling cluttered up. The product also has a style in the way it comes with the ability to accessorize to your needs. Some fryers will only serve you in a single fashion, but this one has you covered in so many ways that it doesn’t just come as a fry or mozzarella stick factory, you can make a variety of things in it and even more than one thing at a time- which for a busy mom can be a lifesaver.


This is both given through the way it is built and comes naturally, as well as through its many accessories. When we thought of a fryer before writing this, a baking pan or kabobs were not exactly what came to mind, nor was the thought of cooking multiple things at once. With all of the available accessories however, we now know that this is more than a one type cooker.

It also has a built-in timer which means if you know how long something is going to take to cook, you can set it and just listen for the timer to go off which makes using it that much more hassle-free. If you aren’t sure how long something should be set for, or what temp it needs to be at to cook correctly, don’t worry! Most of the things you can easily cook in the fryer are listed on the manual or are easy enough to find online. While some might find the manual input to be frustrating or ‘not as simple as it should be’ the truth is, having an auto-button has proven to cause both under and overcooking in all of our kitchen appliances. If it’s health over speed (which I hope for most of us at least it is) a manual input means if it didn’t seem to go exactly with the last effort, you can adjust it till your specific fryer is cooking everything perfect every time. Even the same model and make of a cooking tool won’t be exactly the same and it has a lot to do with just the tiniest fraction of influence on both build and even how much wattage flows through your house versus your neighbor’s house. So, manual is really the way to go.


Like most kitchen appliances, the durability comes into play between the main part of the fryer and all of its parts. If all we consider is what you get when you buy the fryer itself, the main body of it seems to be as durable as one can expect- if you take care of it properly and understand that electronics can’t be put into water, then this central piece isn’t very likely to break. The rest of it is easily taken care of like any other kitchen cookware. If you keep everything clean and dry it all off before replacing it into the main body, it is likely to last you several years. Of course, given that it is electronic, and it does have a smaller capacity, you will want to make sure you follow all the instructions on what you can and cannot make as well as keeping it away from accident-prone areas, like next to the sink or near the edge of a counter.


This is a small capacity fryer, it holds up to 2 pounds depending on the type of food you are making, which is enough for maybe 2 to 3 servings. That is great for a small family, or even just for picky eaters. Imagine being able to settle the debate and not have to take extra time to prepare four separate side dishes. (Crispy veggie fries, colorful fun for the kids, while making you and your significant other something more delectable for adult taste buds!) This product could separate those who like fries from those who prefer onion rings without using up all that excess oil in the process, so its smaller capacity also means less spending in the long run too. You can have everyone covered and not have to do it all at separate times because it doesn’t take up the extra room in the stove or oven that may already have other things going.


Of course, this particular device's use is probably evident in the general idea, however, with the extra accessories you can purchase, its use becomes much more expansive. Beyond the typical fried items of fries and other well-known deep-fried side dishes. If you haven’t heard of it, there is also the possibility of fried ice cream, and also, as we mentioned earlier, kabobs. But how about chicken? Fish? Even doughnuts! If you can’t have the breading, there are a lot of other options out there available online to create something that can replace the goodies with gluten- and since it is your fryer, you can be assured that what you can’t or won’t eat will never see your machine. It’s well worth it to both eat healthier and have a delicious meal or snack that makes fast food and restaurants not quite as appealing.


You might be thinking that this device would be hell to clean, but in reality, it is actually very easy to clean and take care of. You just make sure it has at least 30 minutes to cool down before you start to do so. Once it is done cooling off, you simply need a sponge and make sure it is only damp and not dripping with hot water. Gently wipe out the inside and the heating element with the sponge and just in case anything stuck, use up to a medium bristle brush- just don’t ever go with anything that would be a harsh material, like a steel sponge or brush. Then if needed, run it with a cleaned basket and no food to loosen up what’s left so it can be wiped away. The rest of it can be quickly and easily be cleaned and dried by hand. In the end, it’s no more difficult to clean than a mixer, and, truthfully, easier to clean than most blenders and coffee makers because of its size and simplicity.


As mentioned in its use, this little fryer performs very well when you keep in mind its capacity. If you are someone who finds themselves with multiple items needed for dinner, or who only need to serve a few for dinner. While it is a manual set item, this is a plus when you consider just how bad things can turn out even with the preset buttons on a microwave. The wattage you get varies both from one fryer to the next, and from one house to the next. Not by a lot in most cases, but enough to make cooking times and temps vary from one user to the next. Because of this, the manual input for the timer and temp allows you to set everything according to your particular machine and setting. So if your fries take an extra 10 seconds or require 30 seconds less so they don’t burn, you have that control.

Key Features

Manual input for timer and temp
3 serving size
Easy cleaning
Easy use
Awesome accessories
Decent price

Bottom Line

If you want to have fun when you head into the kitchen, this is definitely worth looking into. It not only brings back that excitement for dinner time, but it can also make things easier for the busy mom as well as for the mom who likes peace and even for that person who enjoys trying new things. This fryer offers you the opportunity to make good treats that we usually leave to fatty fast foods and make things just a bit healthier. While it may not be cost effective for some in the short run, or maybe not so great for larger groups, it will save money in the long term, and who said you can't make an appetizer tray?