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Osprey Sirrus 50 Review Facts

Luggage can be both expensive and hard to shop for depending on its purpose. With some new airline rules, it can also be expensive. This is why the carry-on has become so much more popular. With carry-on's, the fear of losing your luggage is no longer an issue, it's also cheaper and no more waiting upwards of an hour for your bag after your flight has landed. Though traveling with one small carry on and limited liquids may be a downfall. This is why really considering what type of travel gear required is important. This includes size, weight capacity, and durability.

We take a look at popular products and search through countless reviews in order to provide a detailed product review for consumers. We look at the highlights and lowlights of each product and provide a more in-depth analysis of each product. This review is on the Osprey Sirrus 50, a travel backpack built for durability. We looked at what consumers liked and disliked about it. We also did a cost value comparison to determine if it is worth buying. This is our review of the Osprey Sirrus 50, we hope that it helps you with your next travel gear purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Offers rain protection

Adjustable and comfortable design

Optional size options

Made of quality materials


No side pockets for easy access

Organizational features need some work


The Osprey Sirrus 50 offers dual side compression straps for comfort and contouring to the back. This helps with the overall comfort and support but also the weight distribution to the wearer. It also offers a stow-on-the-go trekking pole attachment which reviewers really appreciated, leaving your hands free when the pole is not in use and making the trip easier. It offers dual side stretch mesh pockets as well in order to offer some flexibility to the pack while also offering some breathability to those wearing it.

Reviewers really appreciated its additional rain cover which protects both the bag and the items within the bag from the water incurred when hiking. It is also made of high-quality materials (discussed in more detail below) which helps with its overall quality and durability. This pack was designed for the avid hiker specifically due to its strong build and strap system. Those who purchased it found it to be reliable, easy to use and functional.


The main compartment is made of a 210D Nylon Crosshatch where the accent areas of the bag are made of a 420 HD Nylon Packcloth, same with the bottom of the bag which is also made of a 420 HD Nylon Packcloth. The 'D' following the numbers listed here stand for denier.

Denier is a measure for the strength bu essentially determining the measure of the yard used for the material. The number stands for its weight. Ultimately, when looking at materials used for a pack its important to pay attention to the number. The HD stands for high density which as the name states, indicates its overall density.

Ripstop is another important material to pay attention to. Ripstop does as the name implies and it is supposed to stop the material from ripping when faced with abrasion. When considering the durability of a bag, its important that the materials used are ones that can handle abrasion. It does appear that this bag is quite abrasion-resistant.

Reviewers really appreciated the materials used and longevity as a result of its materials and overall construction. They liked that the price is reasonable and yet the bag offers a long shelf life making the cost value comparison quite attractive overall.


The Osprey Sirrus 50 offers dual side compression straps for comfort and support. It also offers ventilated tensioned mesh back panels with some adjustability feature for different sized torsos. It offers both adjustabilities depending on size and ventilation for hotter days. It also offers padded shoulder straps and hip belt in order to avoid pressure points and add comfort. It is shaped to fit the back which also increases its comfort while also offering a better weight distribution of the load (protecting the load and the hiker).

Reviewers appreciated the sizing of this bag noting that it's ergonomically designed to put the weight of the load on the hip bones (which are a little more load-bearing than the lower back). Reviewers also noted that this pack is also great in regards to fitting both taller and shorter people.

Many reviewers on the taller side said that they struggle with the fitting of these types of packs (ones that are specially designed for weight distribution). Luckily this one fits the back very well on both tall and small people.


As mentioned earlier, Osprey used very specific materials when constructing this pack including high-density nylons and ripstop technology. This helps keep the backpack looking and functioning better longer. This also helps in areas where abrasion can happen like rocky paths or on-path stray branches. Osprey also added "no-seam" stitching for the comfort of the hiker but it also helps with its durability as hidden seams can't breakdown due to exposure.

The Sirrus 50 also comes with an integrated rain cover in order to keep the rain out of the pack which protects the assets but also protects the bag itself (specifically its zippers). Reviewers appreciated both the materials used to construct it as well as the overall construction and durability of it.

They were impressed with how well it holds together and appreciated its weatherproofing features. They felt that its longevity and design were inline with the cost value equation which helped with the overall customer satisfaction of it.


There are two size options available for this bag. One can hold about 47 L and runs at 24 inches high, 12 inches wide and 13 inches deep. While the larger version holds about 50 L and measures in at 27 inches high, 12 inches wide and 13 inches deep. The smaller bag weighs in at 3.457 pounds while the larger bag weighs in at about 3.582 pounds. Both the capacity and weight of these bags are quite impressive and very competitive with alternatives products on the market.

One thing that the reviewers mentioned is that the main compartment of this bag is a little awkward in size. It uses a lot of room and yet when there is a full bladder in there, it uses up a lot of that room making it really hard to carry anything else. The pack size is impressive and though its capacity is quite large, reviewers felt that it was not utilized to its full potential which ended up hurting the capacity rating of it.


The Osprey Sirrus 50 offers features like a magnet to attach the mouthpiece of a water reservoir on the strap, it also includes an adjustable strap system in order to support the wearer and to offer weight distribution. These features are all that of a hiking backpack. It also offers water protecting in order to keep the items in the pack dry when the weather turns a little ugly. The airspeed suspension system offers a customized fit in order to keep the bag tight to the back and to protect the back from any injuries along the trail.

Reviewers noted that though this is a hiking product, it is weird that it doesn't offer any side hooks to hold gear outside the pack. This is a very common feature with this style of backpack and it seemed to be overlooked when designing this one. Reviewers were not able to use this bag for things like skiing and snowshoeing because there is nowhere to attach these items to and they are too big to fit in the bag.


This Sirrus 50 was designed to be a little on the minimalist side. It is offered in less color and a sleeker design. It also is seamless which helps with its comfort and durability but interestingly it also works in regards to its appearance. Less is more with the style of this product. It is offered in a couple of different color options, all a little toned down when compared to other bags on the market. It is obviously made of high-quality materials and it shows. It looks like a quality bag made with care.

Reviewers did note that there is a little discrepancy between the actual color of the product and what it looks like online- especially the purple color which reviewers noted was more of a wine color than an actual purple color (though this was the case, it was more of a note than a complaint).

Outside of this minor issue reviewers really appreciated the look of this bag. Something this attractive is typically double the price so after looking at it and seeing its price tag reviewers were pleasantly surprised.


The support system is definitely via its suspension system. It runs over the shoulders, across the sternum, and at the waist. Another massive benefit of this bag is its length which allows for the weight distribution to sit more on the hips than the lower back. Another benefit is the fact that the waist strap is quite thick and padded in order to really help with the support and weight distribution of the load and the hiker.

Though this bag is made for both men and women, women genuinely appreciate the hip strap and its length. They noted that most bags are meant so unisex and they don't accommodate women's hips. This bag, though, is specifically designed to adjust the distribution in a way to relieve back pressure and change the pressure of the load to areas that are actually wear bearing which is really interesting and unique.


Another feature reviewers really liked is that this bag has a pocket specifically designed for an optional (and therefore purchased separately) 3-liter water reservoir. In addition to the pocket provided, it has an opening on the pack for a feeding tube in order to easily access the water. It is important to note that the tube needs to be disconnected from the bladder and run through the opening and reconnected rather than the other way around. Reviewers really liked this additional feature offered.

The side pockets have different capacities but one that stuck out for reviewers is the phone pocket which is easy to access and reviewers found it very convenient. Though they appreciated the side pockets, some reviewers did note the lack of zippered side pockets for both holding smaller items and for access to the pack from the side. Reviewers felt that offering these types of pockets would have offered some safety of their valuables and convenience to the pack as a whole.

Another note that reviewers mentioned is that though there are specialized side pockets for phones, they don't hold anything above a thinner phone (ie. the iPhone 7), it doesn't hold anything larger (ie. the plus series from Apple) which was very frustrating for many reviewers and felt like something that was seriously overlooked by the designers.


- Dual compression side straps for support and stability of the load
- Stow-on-the-go trekking pole attachments for free hands when not in use
- Dual side stretch mesh pockets for both comfort and ventilation
- Integrated rain cover for protection of the elements and durability
- Zippered hip belt pocket for convenience and protection of valuables
- Internal hydration reservoir sleeve for optional use
- Front panel pleated fabric shove-it pocket for easy access to smaller items
- Attractive, durable design


Overall the Osprey Sirrus 50 is pretty highly regarded by reviewers. Though there are several features offered some took issue with the capacity and organizational features clashing a bit but outside of this issue it offers enough support, stability and sizing options to make reviewers happy.

It is also reasonably priced, durable and attractive in design. The Sirrus 50 is a pretty decent bag that should be considered for your next hiking backpack purchase. We hope that this article helped you with your next purchase. Happy travels.