Osprey Aura AG 65

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Osprey Aura AG 65 Review Facts

Everyone knows that when you are looking for a good hiking or camping backpack your first choice is likely going to be a brand name. This isn’t a bad thing, and in fact, when looking at Osprey you are likely going to get your money’s worth and don’t even have to question what you are putting your dime into. However, big names mean you have a lot to choose from with just one source and you want to be sure the one you are looking at meets your needs.

So, what is the Aura AG’s line meant for? It’s a women’s line intended for weekend backpacking rather than long trip backpacking. This means it is built to carry you through for one to three or four days rather than over several weeks.

Let’s look into the more specifics with this article about the AG 65 and see what it has to offer. After all, it is always best to know what exactly you are getting in any particular line as there may be minor changes from one to the next.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Great support system

Versatile adjustment options

Removable top lid

Easy access


Great ventilation



Rigid hip belt


This backpack has a lot of features that are definitely worth mentioning from start to finish. They utilize a special anti-gravity style of carrying support system, one of the best ventilation styles on the market, and are tough to boot. With this model, you get all of what you would expect and probably even a little more with it intended to be a weekend backpack.

The AG gives you an anti-gravity feature that most of this company’s backpacks offer that gives credence to its comfort and capability to let you go the distance even over just a couple of days with ease. This is created via the mesh which connects all of the straps from top to bottom allowing the weight of the pack to be spread evenly rather than placing most of it on the upper or lower back like many other bags do. The other side of this set up for the pack is that it has quite a few places for straps from top to bottom so that you can snap them where you need them as well as adjust them easily to suit your body build.

The only downside appears to be that the hip belt is a little stiff on some of these which can cause discomfort. Thanks to the great amount of adjustability though, you can set it, so it fits better without digging in. The versatility of this pack will likely amaze you in the long run, which is what many of the owners have been praising in most of their comments.

With the extra padding on several of the straps, you also know you can adjust any of them to assure that you have the best comfort and least amount of pressure possible for any hiking pack. Its top lid can even be removed to remove some of the weight if you feel the need, though many felt it was worth it to keep on.


The Osprey Aura AG 65 is designed mostly of nylon or nylon-based materials, which are lightweight but definitely durable when it comes to backpacks and other products that need to withstand weather and endurance-based activities. So, what area of the backpack is made of what?

The main pack is made of 100D x 630D Nylon dobby material. Nylon Dobby is technically both a process of treatment and a pattern of weave that is used to strengthen the cloth and make it effectively durable in the long run. It has a specific polyurethane coating that makes it liquid-resistant, fire-resistant and helps to prevent the cloth from microbial issues as well as to prevent premature breakdown of the treated fibers.

The outer trim and materials such as the straps are made of high tenacity nylon. What high tenacity nylon refers to is the fact that if your backpack does somehow get a tear in it, that tear is not likely to get bigger without a lot of effort. It is a ‘high impact/ high endurance’ version of nylon that resists breakdown and tearing- the higher the tenacity number, the more durable it is.

The bottom of the pack is made from 420 counts high-density nylon pack cloth which is basically a high strength, high endurance and semi water-resistant cloth for both backpacks and even medical equipment. This particular pack is not stated as being treated with waterproofing, however, so it is only water-resistant.


One of the biggest essential qualities that were being applied in the making of this particular model was to afford the user the best comfort possible from a two to four-day backpacking venture. Just the pack itself proves to have the right qualities to do precisely that. The anti-gravity mesh along the back assures that weight is evenly dispersed, and nothing is left pulling on a single group of your muscles.

Add to the anti-gravity mesh, the fact that all the straps and belts are adjustable and padded to add even more comfort as you travel and allow you to adjust as needed, so it's suited specifically to you. That same mesh is also touted to create one of the best-ventilated backpacks so that you don’t end up overheated due to carrying it for several hours.

If that wasn’t enough, the pack comes equipped with a walking stick to aid in keeping you comfortable as you go. It also comes with a removable lid to lose a little weight if you want, and an area to store your water bladder as well as extra pockets for water bottles.

It even sports hip pockets along with the straps, so if you need a snack while on the go, they can be readily available to you without having to stop and remove your pack to get to them. They even thought to place a safety whistle onto this pack for the comfort of knowing you have a way to call for aid when you need it right there.


Durability is key whenever you are talking about any backpacking equipment, and Osprey holds to its reputation with this highly durable and sustainable model. The high density and high tenacity nylons used for this pack are great quality and no one has any complaints of the pack not holding up. The best part of the strength of this pack is that it doesn’t weigh that much more than others in its competition range.

If you want a backpack that is going to resist tears, break downs and is water-resistant, this one will have you easily covered. For a two to four day trip, you can count on the Aura AG to get you through it.


This particular model boasts of having a 62-liter capacity carrying weight, which is definitely adequate for the shorter trips it was designed to handle. With the proper material utilizing it hold up to the test and easily handles the weight while keeping it off of you in a way that gives it a solid reputation as being one of the best short trip packs you can purchase.

Those who have owned or tested it claim that they felt a definite difference in just how it carries and no one complained that it couldn’t hold what they needed it to.

Some have stated that when filled to capacity it may actually be better to remove the lid as it is a 6.7-ounce weight in itself. Just the one piece being removed makes it even lighter on the back and shoulder- though even with it most said they were still quite comfortable.


Designed to be one of the best on the market for weekend adventures, the Osprey Aura AG 65 is both easy to use and set up to carry everything you would need for such a trip. Some say that they feel it could be used for longer trips, but that wasn’t the intention for this one. As a lightweight but durable pack, it can be used to carry clothes, rain gear, food, water, and hiking equipment all in an organized fashion without much of an issue.

With the added extras you can either take it hiking or camping and you’ll find yourself more than a little satisfied about how well it can hold up to the elements and your journey.


The way this pack looks is definitely one of the better appearance-wise, and its design makes a dent in the competition. Why is this? Well, for one the style used for adjustability and flexibility in how it can be carried and how much makes this pack stand up to the distance where other short trip packs simply don’t.

There have been a few who tested this pack to more than its intended worth and found that due to its durability, and due to the support system in the straps and mesh, this backpack not only lets them keep balance in more rugged terrain- but also for much longer. Instead of the suggested length of time, they took it out for a week or more. They have stated that it continued to be more than feasible for the trip, and unlike other weekender packs, it didn’t leave them feeling exhausted. Worth the extra pennies? We think so!


This is where it gets the A grade from customers, with its versatility and adjustability few have found any unfixable complaint. The few who tested this pack and found the hip straps a little stiff admitted later that with a little extra adjustment they were able to find a more than the comfortable range for the belts to be set at. Once you have it put on for your perfect fit, you won’t have an easy time locating another pack that allows you to go as far as this one does without feeling the burn in your muscles.

The mesh, which is what gives you the zero-gravity weight suspension, isn’t just good for keeping weight dispersed either. It doubles also to assure your back gets the ventilation it needs so your muscles don’t overheat- which is another cause of aches that come from lack of full support.


Well, we gave you the low down on the weight capacity, durability and the craziness on the level of support. We have to give you the second major selling point and needed area for any backpack you are looking to take out on a trip- organization level. While just having room seems great, when you are out on the trail, easy and reliable access to just what you need is extremely important.

With this bag, you definitely won’t have an issue finding what you need without having to dig into the abyss of the main pocket and sift around for what may feel like hours. This pack has a place for your water bladder, your water bottles, and areas for quick snacking or food access which can become the most important parts of any trip out.

Staying hydrated and fueled up is excessively important especially when in more rugged or remote terrains. On top of that, it has a place for a walking stick that it comes with and a safety whistle in case you need it.

All-together this bag has 11 exterior pockets plus the main compartment, plenty to offer you the area space needed for your gear.

Key Features

- Organization
- Durability
- Flexibility
- Support
- Reputation

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a versatile weekend pack that won’t let you down, the Osprey Aura AG is definitely the one for you. If you need the male version of this pack, check out the Atmos AG which is designed better for a masculine build over an effeminate one. These packs are well worth every penny being asked and will carry you not just through one journey, but likely for the years to come as well.

Comfort and support are the main goals here, and they certainly supply in both!