Osprey Sirrus 24 Hiking Backpack

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Editor’s Conclusion
For lady hikers looking for a backpack that hits all needed requirements, this product is well on target.

The built in panel systems makes arranged and organizing packing very easy - choose how and where you pack items which you want to be able to get to quickly. The clam-shell top panel gives very easy access to the main compartment.

The gear you pack is safely protected whatever the weather comes up with, simply pull out and cover the pack with the rain cover.

The features are seriously user-friendly - adjustability for a secure torso FIT, a nice number of extra pockets to allow organized packing, padded shoulder straps, the comfortable hip belt is seam-free and integrated into the back panel structure.

When fully loaded, this pack can easily be adjusted to suit your torso, The load-carrying shoulder straps bring the pack close to your body to ensure comfortable weight-bearing while walking.
Osprey Sirrus 24 Hiking Backpack Review Facts

Key Features

The Main Compartment

The main compartment is large, all big items can easily be stowed away securely and access to the compartment is via a large clam design cover. The zip system is protected from rain by an extended nylon fabric lip. When the top is open, the compartment is fully exposed. This makes packing very easy and retrieving items packed away is equally easy.

The structure of the compartment is thick durable high-quality nylon which has some flexible stretch to allow stuffing in extra kit if needed. As with most packs, the main compartment offers lots of space into which clothing can be stored along with all types of other useful camping gear.

Useful Pockets and Ease of Access

The main volume of this ladies' pack is 24 liters; this carrying capacity sits slightly above mid-range and is enough for packing a broad range of needed kit. You should not find yourself in a situation where you have to forgo bringing something you need due to not enough space.

The Osprey Sirrus 24 gives good ventilation when the pack is fully loaded. The top closure is a clam-style lid which when open, allows full access for packing. Built into the sides of the pack are two mesh pockets that allow for carrying a total of two liters of water. There is also an internal built-in space which is for a hydration pocket, the feed tube exits between the center of the padded shoulder straps for easy accessibility.

Built on to the front of the pack is a good sized front pocket with a sturdy zipper; in here, all types of quick access kit can be stored securely. At the top is a convenient slash pocket; it can hold a smartphone, sunglasses or other small gear which might be wanted while on the move.

The hip belt has two very useful pockets - another place to carry a phone, GPD, snacks, and other essential kit items.

Fit, Suspension and Frame

This daypack carries comfortably, even when fully loaded up. The hip area is padded to a high functionality, being right on target as not to thick and not too thin. It contours and sits without slipping on the hips and does not shift around while you move.

When adjusted to your own torso, the load lifting/bearing straps and the hip belt system ensure that the pack sits close and contoured to the body while maintaining a stable weight balance.

Adjusting for fit is easy; the pack is designed so that the overall distance between the hips and shoulders can be adjusted via raising up or lowering down the shoulder yoke, which itself is adjustable and secured to the pack by a Velcro pad.

This feature is not new and is usually seen in large heavy duty packs. To see this built into a 24 liter pack is impressive and really useful.


Suspended across the back and attached to the wireframe is a mesh area which allows a constant flow of air between a person's back and the pack's frame. All backpacks are going towards this feature because it has proven to be successful. Even if you work up a sweat, the flow of air will lift/wick away moisture.

Built up sweat between the body and a pack is very uncomfortable and can result in rubbing and friction. This ventilation design goes far in preventing this type of inconvenience. The mesh is tight woven enough to noticeably feel that a ventilation system is giving a double result - cool air and support.

Hip Belt and Support

The hip belt has inner mesh with seamless integration into the mesh ventilation system for the back area. The belt wraps supportively around the torso; the design cuts out any slipping around the waist and hip areas.

The mesh designed into the belt keeps a channel open which is enough to allow pockets of air while not impacting on a secure hold around the hips and waist.

S-Curved Shoulder Straps

With a clever s-curved shoulder strap system, this design is such that it shapes around the chest without pinching or bunching. This feature works in combination with the design of the hip belt which has been flared out to sit comfortable on hips.

These two design features are very much aimed at ensuring that the torso gains maximum support and an appropriate fit.

Another nice feature is for those moments when you want to take off the pack. The corners of the pack which hold the weight are reinforced with thick nylon as this is a known area where packs are vulnerable to wearing out.

All straps, belting and the main body of the pack are made from a heavy duty tough nylon which ups the durability to a very high level.

Attachment Points

The Osprey Sirrus 24 can carry trekking poles safely. The unique Osprey stow system also includes a loop fitting to carry other items both technical and non-technical, for example, for hikers who want to carry an icepick, the loop fitting will hold it securely.

The two built-in compression straps are useful for threading under or over the side pockets, and good for securing water bottles.

Larger packs often come with a lot of attachment points for carrying gear outside the pack. For this mid-range model, the number of attachment areas is a great feature and useful during a day long hike.

This option is designed for ladies out on day-hikes who want to carry a good range of essential gear and with this need in mind, this pack, is clearly up to task.

Comparison to Similar Backpacks

The design work put into this backpack has focused on working well for ladies in terms of functional use combined with reliable comfort.

There are other good backpacks on the market such as the ZOMAKE backpack; however, it cannot match the carrying capacity or the useful specific features of the Sirrus 24.

For comparison purposes, other models such as the Gregory Mountain Jade 38 are comparable but built for longer, challenging hikes in which more gear needs to be carried. More carrying capacity is covered by the larger Osprey Kyte 36 backpack.

The comparison to other models with a mid-range carrying capability leans favorably towards the Osprey 24 which has specific lady-friendly design work and a range of great features to increase the carry load while maintaining comfort, stability and functionality.


Osprey has targeted a niche market that produces a range of backpacks which are very specifically user-friendly for ladies.

These backpacks have been designed with four key aims. The first is fit and this has worked very well. The second one is comfort and Osprey backpacks are packed with design features that promote consistent comfort. The fourth is functionality and there are features to ensure top-performing practical functionality.

No hiker will accept a pack which looks good, feels comfortable, has nice features and fails for durability. Packs are a long term investment to be used again and again in all types of weather and the Sirrus 24 certainly scores very high for durability.

When looking at the price tag, the positive feedback from users and the thoughtful design and array of useful features, this option easily qualifies as a very useful piece of hiking gear for lady hikers. It is very good.