Kelty Coyote 65 Backpack

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Kelty Coyote 65 backpack has been updated since 2020, not because of problems, but to add in more features. Now you can adjust the pack to fit your personal torso size. This is the new Fit-Pro-system which gives you full control over adjusting for stability and a comfortable fit.

Kelty has also added the AMP-Flow ventilation panel into the rear of the pack. If you work up a sweat while hiking, the new ventilation system will enable sweat to evaporate and keep you dry.

The Coyote 65 is packed with functional features all built-in to ensure maximum ease of use, performance, stability, comfort and of course, carrying capacity..

Specific for carrying a lot of gear, this is the go-for-it pack which should meet all long-distance hiking needs. Factor in the very affordable price tag for a high-quality product!
Kelty Coyote 65 Backpack Review Facts

Key Features


The pack dimensions are 38 by 22 by 14 and the design allows very good pack compression; this means it could be used as a daypack/overnighter as well as for long hauls. The fit and compression capability allow flexibility for how you choose to use the pack.

Adjustability is easy, just adjust the height suspension system until you feel the pack is stable and giving good weight distribution. Adjustability for the torso fit ranges from 15.5 up to 21 inches. This is a lot of adjustability and particularly good for those over 6ft.

The same ease of adjustment is designed into the hip belt. When you have adjusted it, you will notice the hip belt holds and does not slip; the pack moves with your body and not against your movement.

Impressive Range of Pockets

The main compartment offers lots of space; this is where the large bulky items of kit can be packed. Access through the main top cover is easy and is secured with a J-zip system. An interesting extra is that the top compartment cover can also be used as a sling pack.

Pack your gear the traditional way through the main top opening. The gear least likely to be needed close at hand can be stowed deep. This is layer packing with high-priority items stowed at the top of the pack.

There are two zipper systems on each side; the one mid-way down on the front of the pack gives access into two pockets, which allow a lot of flexibility for carrying kit needed close at hand.

A separate compartment built into the base of the pack will store a sleeping bag and is secured with a zipper. An internal adjustable divider keeps the sleeping bag separated from all other gear.

On either side of the pack there are two large pockets that can easily carry large water bottles. Behind these two pockets is a pass-through pocket system. This option means you could choose to carry larger/longer gear, such as a fishing rod or tent poles.

The hip belt has two designed-in pockets, one has a zipper and the other is mesh. These are good for maps, a phone, a GPS, a flashlight, snacks or any hand-sized kit which you need access to quickly.

The pack does not have an intergraded rain cover but it is constructed from high-quality, tightly woven fabric which offers a good level of protection from the rain.


The Hesh-Mesh panel designed into the back area does give very good ventilating air flow. The design also allows for enough air flow to wick away sweat.

The backpack is hydration compatible and the pocket for it is inside the main compartment at the rear. It is large enough to hold a hydration camel pack.

The addition of an upgraded perimeter frame ensures good load support. This means better weight-bearing and the frame is made from aluminum spring steel which is strong and durable.

The main body of the pack is made from Poly 420D; this type of fabric is tight weave and very durable. The fabric gives some protection against the rain but a good tip is to spray it with a waterproofing spray.

Two tool loop attachments at the rear base allow hikers to attach trekking poles or anything else similar in shape and size.

When empty, the Kelty Coyote 65 weighs just 4 pounds and 10 ounces. This is a 65-liter model and can easily carry around 55 pounds.

Comparison to Similar Backpacks

When comparing this backpack's price to that of similar backpacks, it is definitely much lower. However, in comparison to other large long-haul packs, the lower price tag has not resulted in lower-quality materials or less performance.

The Kelty Coyote 65 does not have a built-in integrated rain cover. Many other large packs do include such feature. Therefore, the Coyote 65 does require a periodic waterproofing spray treatment.

The most similar backpack to this one is the Osprey Atmos AG 65 which has a unique anti-gravity suspension system.

Overall, in comparison against other heavy-duty packs, the Coyote 65 is way ahead in value for money.


For hikers looking for a backpack which is fine for long trips and can be compressed and used for shorter hauls, this model is absolutely good. The carrying capacity is up there with the majority of other packs available on the market.

With upgraded features, this pack does perform better than a good number of other similar models. It comes with the right number of pockets, a great design that allows easy access to the pack and you can even re-adjust the torso fit while on the go.

You win on quality, durability, stability, comfort, support and most importantly, you get all this at a very buyer-friendly cost.