Gregory Mountain Baltoro 65 Backpack Review

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Editor’s Conclusion
Put simply, Gregory's Baltoro 65 is a large backpack designed to carry a lot of gear effectively over various distances. It's basically a ruck that looks more like a daypack. We could tell there was some real thought put into this series, as we grew more and more amazed at just how much gear it can hold.

The top cover has three pockets, the front of the pack has three built-in large pockets, two very useful pockets for the hips, a big mesh pocket on the side, and a pocket for carrying a large water bottle.

It's actually difficult to really picture just how much storage there is inside by simply looking at the pack from the outside. Perhaps not perfect for super long hauls, this one is great for multi-day hikes and overnight treks.
Gregory Mountain Baltoro 65 Backpack Review Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Custom fit suspension

Includes a detachable daypack

Rotating hip-belt

Multiple attachment loops

Rain cover included

Multiple useful pockets (zippered)

Water bottle holster

Large main compartment

Internal frame



A little heavy

Key Features

Main Compartment

You aren't limited to accessing the pack through the top; this model is so user-friendly and has extra access areas designed. This means when you organize packing your gear, you can get at that gear through different ways, not just through the top.

The front of the Gregory Baltoro 65 has a large panel which is U-shaped and opens with a zip system. The zipper is robust and durable. This gives you instant access to any kit packed deep inside the backpack.

At the base of this model is a designed-in hatch area where campers can stow sleeping bags. If you want to carry two sleeping bags there is a built-in shelf made from strong fabric which can be used to set-up a second pocket for carrying another sleeping bag.

Hydration Pocket

The main compartment has a detachable hydration pocket which can also double up as a none frame pack. The design of this extra pack cancels out the need for a hip belt.

When using this extra pack, there is a built-in webbing pocket to carry a hydration reservoir and the pack has designed in hydration tubes.

Access Through The Top

The top has two pockets which are opened by a zip; this where you can store your sunglasses, a hat, binoculars, phone, GPS or camera with other useful gear.

On the inner side of the cover is a handy internal pocket for safely carrying a key, this pocket can also hold the rai-fly which is part of the deal when buying this backpack.

This makes the top cover of the pack very functional with three built-in pockets.

Access Through The Front Panel Pocket

You will find another three pockets built into the front panel access area. There is a mesh pocket which lets you carry large gear, this is especially nice for carrying wet gear.

Under the cover are two large pockets; the carrying power here is impressive - shoes, a small rolled-up tent or a tarp-cover can be easily stored.

And More Pockets On The Side

One of the side pockets has a design which offers capability for carrying tent poles or long objects which you can pack away from the main compartment. The other pocket is a holster style for carrying water bottles. This pocket will carry one liter and for those who carry more water, they can stash bottles in the pack or use a hydration-reservoir.

Two more pockets are available on the hip belt; one of the pockets closes securely with a zipper and it is waterproof which is good for safely carrying a phone.

Loops for Attaching Extra Gear

The Gregory Baltoro 65 has 12 loops designed into various areas on the pack. With creative thought and a sense of reason, you can attach all types of gear to the exterior of the Baltoro. 4 of these loops are positioned to be sleeping pads strapping at the bottom of the pack. The extra choice of loops means this pack can be loaded to carry a lot.


The frame is built inside the pack; this helps the backpack shape itself to your body shape. The frame is tough aluminum in a wish-bone design and this means that weight is directed downwards to the center area of the hip belt, giving you comfortable control and good weight stability.

More Impressive Features

At the corners of the pack, built-in webbing loops allow for carrying useful items such as trekking poles. The shafts are elasticated so that they can accommodate gear which is long.

The back of the pack has a sewn-in TPOU sheet that gives consistent horizontal weight stability. This also means that things you pack inside won't be causing discomfort through pressing into the back.

The hip-belt and shoulder pads are detachable. The S-shaped design for the shoulder pads is fine for both ladies and men in terms of fit and comfort. There is room to adjust the straps to more comfortably fit your torso style.

The design of the pack allows it to move and pivot in harmony with your body movements. This hug style fit is really useful when climbing or scrambling up slopes. The hip belt has a designed-in limber pad that is in place to take the focus off the weight which is being carried. The lumber pad is coated with durable silicone which stops the bag from slipping and moving.

The back panel has mesh which means that if you sweat, the moisture will wick away and not cause discomfort. The belt and shoulder straps also include a lining of mesh to ensure no build-up of sweat.

For campers or hikers who like to take along as much gear as they can possibly carry, the Baltoro 65 is a very good option.

Comparison to Similar Backpacks

Other backpacks on the market need to go far to equal or better the features in the Baltoro 65 backpack since the design for so many extra pockets for organized packing is absent in many other similar options.

Offering three ways to get the kit out of the bag instead of only through the top is a great idea and very useful. This is a feature not available in most similar-sized backpacks.

Everything about the Gregory Baltoro 65 is made for carrying a lot of gear and then even more if you use the many attachment loops available. Giving access to the main pocket from both the top and the front is a design many other models simply do not offer as a user-friendly feature.

Where the Baltoro 65 is also ahead is the comfortable design for fit, especially the contouring designed into the hip belt and shoulder straps.

For those looking for a large capacity option, this backpack scores highly for comfort and performance.


The Baltoro 65 is a heavy-duty pack that enables you to take a lot of gear with you comfortably for long distances in all types of weather.

It's designed to let you be selective and organized and to pack away kit but still have easy access to everything, even items stowed in the bottom of the pack.

For those that find they can never get all the gear they want inside a pack, this is a great option and allows you to attach more gear outside to it. Comfort and performance are a result of a custom-fit-suspension design which ensures a great fit.

You will find that this is not a low-budget backpack. It is durable and designed to last for many years in all types of environments, to invest in this pack is a commitment to durability, great features, quality, functionality, carrying power, performance and fit.