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Nike Juvenate Review Facts

Nike is an American multinational organization that was founded in 1964, originally under the Blue Ribbon Sports label. The companies founders Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight officially changed the companies name to Nike Inc in 1971. They named the company after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike. They are no one of the most recognized sports apparel companies in the world, offering jobs to over 74,000 employees.  Their slogan 'Just do it' is recognized by nearly everyone and their apparel can be found in almost every home. Trading on the New York Stock Exchange as well as having a revenue stream of over 34.35 billion dollars in 2017, Nike is a highly recognized company and offers high quality, fashionable sports apparel for everyone from toddlers to the elderly.

This article is a review on the Nike Juvenate. This shoe is a highly fashionable running shoe that is offered in numerous colors. Its design resembles what many of the current styles of Nike shoes offer which is a more retro, minimalist design. Unlike comparable options that Nike offers with this design, they aren't overly expensive. They are highly rated by consumers and are made of a durable construction. We looked at consumer reviews to get an idea of what consumers liked and didn't like about this style. We also looked at the construction of the shoe as well as the materials used to gauge how well it is made and what it can be used for. Finally, we looked for specific features of the Juvenate including breathability, comfort, and style in order to provide a real, comprehensive review of  this particular style. This is our in-depth review of the Nike Junvenate. We hope that this review helps you in your next running shoe purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Very comfortable 
  • Offered in many different colors 
  • True-to-size 
  • Versatile 
  • Some durability concerns 
  • May not be ideal for aggressive training (but better as a workout shoe or fashion accessory) 


This shoe has a very light upper on it. It is fully collapsible for the purpose of easy travel but this would also indicate that the upper isn't entirely supportive. This does, however, offer a better chance of breathability due to the lightweight fabrics. The upper is made of a mesh material with honeycomb-shaped foam pads for breathability and comfort. Having a lightweight, mesh upper would offer the best ventilation as the air would have better flow through than it would without. Offering a fully meshed upper would mean that with each step the wearer would find the hot air flowing out of the shoe while simultaneously allowing cool air into it which would keep the wearer's foot cool and dry throughout their workout. This runner is regularly reviewed as being a light run or workout shoe. It isn't necessarily a trainer. For those who run a little hot even when doing lighter workouts, this offers very good breathability and is lightweight in design which will increase comfort times and therefore workout times. This aided in our overall rating of this product.


The Nike Juvenate is widely considered to be on of the most comfortable options made by Nike. It offers the fully collapsible upper which may not provide adequate upper support but does offer a much more versatile and natural movement feel to the shoe. It is also true to size which would mean that there is no sizing up or down requirements like comparable products on the market. It is lightweight which would decrease drag and foot/leg fatigue. It has a full-length midsole which would offer better support to the heel, arch, and ball of the foot. It has a rubber outsole which would provide better impact reduction and cushion for longer wear times. Overall, this is a very supportive and comfortable running shoe option. Those who wore this wore it for the gym, out and about, or at work. Reviewers stated that they could wear the Juvenate while on their feet all day on concrete and cement floors. They also found that their ankles, knees, and joints did not hurt after long wear due to the high level of impact absorption. This is both supportive and comfortable, which also aided in our overall rating of the product.


The durability of the Juvenate seems to be the biggest concern of most reviewers. The collapsible nature of the upper of this not only does not provide the same level of support that a shoe with overlays or stronger materials would, but it would also mean that the materials used are weaker in nature. Reviewers found that the upper wore out easier than they expected. They found that the mesh ripped in the front of the shoe at the same place on both shoes which would mean that this is not just a one-off manufacturer defect. The issues with the Juvenate come not only with heavy wear or aggressive training. Those who wore this shoe and found that they wore out easily were wearing it for everyday use (at work or out at the mall). That is a bit of a concern. The outsole of is made of a durable rubber material that didn't seem to have too many issues with reviewers. The glue holding the upper and the outsole together seems to be a regular concern with shoes that are not durable. With the Juvenate that was not brought up. The weak mesh, though, should be considered before buying this product.


The heel is also collapsible for easier packing. This would allow for a tighter fit (easier tightening abilities) however may not be ideal for support. Those who wore the Juvenate found that they did require no-show socks in order to wear this because they found that their heels hurt without them (probably due to the lack of support). The heel is also reviewed as being quite low which, again, would cause some stability breakdown. There also seems to be some durability issues with the heel. Those who wore this product found that there were holes/rips around the heel of them within a fairly short period of time. Though this did not stop the shoe from being usable, it did require matching socks in order to wear it without looking silly. The heel, though fitted is not entirely supportive or durable unfortunately and may require an additional purchase of no-show socks. This should be considered before purchasing this style.


This shoe has a full, heel to toe midsole. This would provide better support along the line of the shoe. It helps the product fit better around the underside of the individual's foot. The longer design of the midsole makes it durable enough to be an outsole. It is form fitted to the individual's foot in order to offer a more natural step which would decrease drag and fatigue during long walks or light runs. Though the Nike Juvenate does offer a supportive midsole, those who wore it found a lack of support in the heel and upper which would affect the overall support of the shoe. This shoe is probably a better gym or light run option than it is is a trainer. It is more stylish in design and as a result, some of the primary trainer features are lost. There were some reviewers that found that they had to size up but for the most part those who purchased this product did say that it was true to size (those who are regular Nike runner wearers). Though the support is there for the bottom areas of the foot, the upper seems to be lacking and this should be considered before buying this product.


The outsole is made of a rubber material that has a waffle-inspired design which is a classic design offered in running shoes. This pattern offers better traction to comparable models. It also offers superior durability. Those who wore this did not have an issue with the overall durability of the rubber used or the construction (glue) between the upper and the outsole which is positive. Though this is not a trainer, many have actively participated in shorter runs (one reviewer mentioned training for the army in this particular model and it serving her very well). The shoe offers a good traction and good durability in its outsole. This is intended for city streets, though, and not necessarily trails. They offer good traction but are not waterproof and are not intended for areas with high levels of moisture or sharper rocks. That should be considered if wanting to take these runners on trails even within a city. They also get dirty fairly easily and the dirt seems to stick to them. Luckily they are easy to clean but they are just not meant for rougher terrains. In conclusion, the outsole is durable but is meant for more urban environments.


This option isn't overly expensive in price. There are models of this product that offer similar design and durability that are far higher in price. Considering the style of this product, which is highly fashionable. Along with how comfortable this shoe is due to its support system throughout the midsole, as well as the impact reduction, the Nike Juvenate is worth a try. This is also quite fashionable (discussed more below) which would make it even more versatile. This is not just a gym shoe. It is also a runner and can be worn around the mall or out at night. It is quite fashionable in design, eliminating the need for multiple pairs of shoes. This would save the consumer money. Additionally, the customer service team at Nike has a very good reputation for help as well as returns. The only item to consider is that the upper is quite weak and has numerous complaints about the toes and heels wearing out surprisingly quickly. This is obviously an issue because this would mean if this product is being purchased for their style, the condition of the runner is going to be important and would, therefore, require more frequent purchases. Overall, the price is good with this shoe, they are fashionable and are offered in numerous colors, they are praised as being insanely comfortable too but the durability is not there. That should all be considered before buying this series.


The Juvenate is quite stylish in design. Nike has gone back to a more retro sneaker which is a little more narrow in design, offers less stability in the upper, offering a tighter fit, fewer bells and whistles, etc. Because of this, there seem to be some stability and support issues throughout the upper however does look nicer. That is why this product is probably a better gym shoe than a marathon trainer. It should be used for less aggressive activity. This is probably the most ideal for fashion purposes. Nike has become a bit of a fashion accessory with celebrities. This shoe, especially with the price tag, would be ideal as an everyday walking shoe or warn while out on the town. The price is right too, being offered lower in comparison to other runners with Nike specifically and with this body design. Overall, the Juvenate is highly fashionable, comfortable and would look great paired with a dark skinny jean, however, would probably not work as well as an intensive running shoe. Also, as mentioned above, wear and tear seems to be common quickly with this shoe and may end up making it look older faster. It also gets dirty easier and stays dirty longer according to reviewers. This should be considered before buying this product.


The bottom line is this is a nice sneaker. It is attractive in design, it does wear down a bit faster than comparable products but it is also quite inexpensive in price. If you are a person who likes to keep the shoes they are wearing new and clean then this might be an option for you. Comparable stylish Nike sneakers seem to sit much higher in price so this might be a better option for you. It may also be ideal for growing feet (like in young adults). Outside of some durability issues, the Juvenate is very comfortable and offers good impact reduction. The issue with the upper is that it doesn't offer stability and structure that typical trainers would (with overlays) due to its collapsible upper and heel. This feature, however, is ideal for those who travel often. It is a nuisance to have to also fit in a pair of runners into luggage due to how bulky they typically are so this feature allows for easier transport. This shoe also offers exceptional breathability and ventilation which will keep the runner's feet cool and dry. Overall, the Juvenate is a good investment and should be considered when looking at your next running shoe purchase.