Logitech G433

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Logitech G433 Review Facts

When planning your next team run, or getting ready to immerse yourself in a vast and unexplored world for gaming, you will want to pick up a great headset at a surprisingly low cost for what you get. Logitech has something you will want to look for when you go playing and want the experience the bank-breaking headsets offer, but not at that cringeworthy tag.

The Logitech G433 is a multipurpose headset that you should take some time to learn about. The G433 can be used for gaming, for your mobile device, for your PC. Basically, if you can use a headset on it, the G433 can be used for it. Want stereo sound? The G433 has that, as any headset would, but do you want surround sound? Again, the G433 has got you covered. Need a lightweight headset? The G433 is lightweight in construction and can be worn for hours without giving you the typical gaming headset skull-splitting headache. With its padding, it offers you comfort, where others in its range might not.

But what, you might ask, makes it worth spending what they do ask? Well read on and find out what the pros and cons are for this set and decide for yourself whether its what you want for your next session of game binging.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Strong Audio
  • Lots of Accessories
  • Easy to use
  • Decent price
  • Mesh Material is a bit rough
  • Software only works on PCs
  • Not good for exercising or a lot of movement


The hardware on this headset is a step in a different direction. Like any good lightweight headset, the Logitech G433 has a plastic adjustment band that is pretty quiet when you adjust it. From there, the entire ear cup is covered in a mesh material that is breathable and fairly comfortable in how they sit. The fact that this pair has the design it does that covers your entire ear, rather than sitting on top of them, only makes them even better. But you don’t have to settle for the mesh cloth for your pair. The set actually comes with a softer sued ear covering as well so that you can wear them in comfort.

Some might consider it a downside that this pair is so lightweight if they are planning to wear them to listen to music while jogging, commuting or exercising. They were intentionally designed to be used for gaming, and because of this, the materials were built to be lightweight and comfortable to wear when sitting in front of a computer or TV for hours of play. They aren’t fitted for more active use when moving around, which, in truth, these days you can recognize right away in the fact they are corded and not earbuds.

Fact is when you are looking for gaming sets, you need the mic and the set should better cut out the world around you at the same time. You need your headset to be able to sit comfortably for hours of play if you are a professional player, and earbuds wouldn’t cut it. Most wireless sets also do not work well either due to battery life and the risk of losing connection with the computer in the middle of an important part of the game. Having a corded set means you can rely on the connection and you don’t need to worry about battery life. On the flip side, often this means you have a lot of weight because both ears need to be connected and thus that center headpiece. What is good for one activity, simply is not good in another in this case.


With headsets, it is always about the design. And it should be that way, to be honest. The design of this product, while quirky, is still in an above-average range. As was said before, the adjustment band is made out of plastic and is fairly quiet in motion. And again, the ear cups are completely covered in a mesh material. Most people will find this material to be uncomfortable and will cause scratchy sounds as it moves against a person’s hair. Of course, this would be a problem for anyone, if Logitech hadn’t made their headset with the option to replace the ear pads. The Velour pads are much more comfortable than the mesh pads. Take note, faithful reader, that the padding to the adjustment band is made from the same mesh material that covers the ear cups and pads. This shouldn’t cause too much of a problem. The speakers within the headset are well designed and constructed. The ear cups have a pretty good rotation range and can flatten to your shoulders if you take the headset off to hang around your neck. The jack-in cord is interchangeable so that a person can either be on a mobile device or something a little more stationary, such as a PC or game console. The PC/Console cord also has a volume control and microphone mute set-up, and on the same place is a shirt clip to easily find those particular controls. Every inch of this headset is made for quality and ease-of-use. The Logitech G433 is a plug-and-play headset that can be used on just about anything that you can think of.

Like most headsets for PCs that are built very well these days, this set has the usual “Y” style connection where the cord splits between headset and mic where it plugs in. This allows you to use the set with or without a USB connector. This is important for Mac users because for some reason the Mac doesn’t read the USB style hookup for gaming sets. There are some losses however as well which is explained further down when you can’t use the USB connector.


The G433 performs as one would expect from Logitech. The stereo sound is beautiful. The microphone is fairly muted, but your voice will be clear to understand, as long as you do not use the surround sound function while using the microphone. The microphone will try to pick up every little sound in your vicinity. While this can be viewed as a big con, a company can’t get everything right.

Other than this one real weakness, the G433 works very well, delivering quality sound right to your ears, and with you sitting in comfort. No, really, these have that perfect balance most headsets seem to lack today for gaming. Most offer better this or better that, on the spectrum, overbalancing to one side or the other. This can make some sounds completely drown out others which in today's games is not good. You need to be able to hear your gun, the adversaries behind you, that hidden object softly humming in the room and whatever your teammates are saying as well as, if you enjoy it, the music. If one type of sound cancels out all others, your very likely to either get killed or miss something important. The fact the headset cancels out most background noise in the room around you on top of offering balance just makes this headset “glow” all the more.

Then you add a bit extra here when it comes to performance when using it on a PC. Most expect the headsets that are in the upper range of price to come with rare bonuses, but the price of this pair makes it stand out. It comes with a full software package that allows you to modify the sound quality to match high-level surround sound quality. While it already performs awesomely with its Y-splitter and volume controls that are directly on it, this gives the set that extra boost to go from good to great. The downside here in the eyes of most is that it requires the use of its USB adapter and therefore it can only be used via a PC. It simply doesn’t work on a Mac nor on a gaming system that you hook up to the TV. Don’t let this downplay things for the PC user though. This feature allows you to pre-set up your settings according to what game you are playing! We all know that what is good in a game like DCU may be awful for a game like Skyrim, so knowing you won’t have to sit there and mess around between games with all the dials in the software, and only have to switch from one game setting to another is just plain awesome.


The Logitech G433 is extremely easy to use, as it uses plug-and-play technology. The main cable jacks into the headset and is then used either as a headset with a microphone or as a simple music headset. The microphone is also a jack-in item, making it easy to keep the microphone safe from getting broken. The mobile cord also jacks into the headset but jacks straight into a device with a standard headset jack on it. But this isn’t all that the mobile cord has, it also has a built-in microphone to make it easy to use as a Bluetooth headset. So, whether you need a USB port or just need to plug into your phone or tablet, the G433 is always ready for quick and easy use.

The problem with the connectivity is in exactly what it best connects to. In order to use all that it has available, you really can only use a PC. This pair was very strict in its make when you consider the fact that you can only use a specific type of computer in order to get to the settings it has built in via USB. It lets you modify your sounds to a degree, both with your mic and the audio, that make it an incredible buy as long as you are using a PC. If you can’t use this feature, however, the price begins to look a little over the top since this feature is what makes it stand out.


Logitech gives the beautifully made headset at nearly what you’d expect. In checking Amazon.com, we’ve found that they carry the Logitech G433 for the decent price of $77.98. Is this headset worth that price? Well, consider the facts, certain aspects of the G433 do not work as well as they could, but overall, it works wonders in every other way. Logitech had a lot in mind when they made this headset, and it shows, whether they hit the mark perfectly every time or not.

This price is great if you have every feature available on every platform they are usable on, however it fails to meet that necessity when it comes down to things. Logitech normally delivers very well with its product, and this one kind of leaves an ambivalence with the pocket. We think that for a good gaming set, it works price wise much better if you have a PC. We just can also see that in using it with consoles, Macs, and any other device it doesn’t meet the usual standard. We want to make sure those still considering it, despite the lack of software availability, this isn’t a ‘bad’ pair because of that lack. They are still quality in sound, build and appearance when it comes to gaming headsets. We just question if there might be a better set at the same price or lower if you are looking for something outside PC use.

Key Features

Carrying pouch included (For Accessories & Headset)
Attachable bendable microphone
Velour ear pads included
Different cords for different jobs

Bottom Line

The Logitech G433 is a standard quality headset for its price range. It works exactly as one would expect, with notable sound quality and options to allow the G433 to be used as more than just a gaming headset. When a person continues to think about the G433, they could easily see that the money is worth every little thing you get with it. You get two separate cables, one for computers or consoles and one for everything else. You also get different attachments for the end of the cords to change up how each cord is able to be used. There is also the removable microphone for gaming and other voice operated programs. On top of all of this, you get a small cloth bag that fits everything you get when you buy the Logitech G433. So again, is the G433 worth the near 80 dollars? We’re pretty sure you can agree, it’s worth paying for more than some off-brand company of unknown quality. If you are looking to enjoy your video game experience or your music