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Marmot Montreaux Review Facts

Imagine being comfy and content in temperatures of 15° F. When temperatures begin to drop, having a Marmot Montreaux makes people happy. It is insulated with high-quality 700 fill-power down. Standing in one place at a little league football game or taking the dog for a walk is not an issue. The knee-length coat with the hood on and fully zipped keeps the person inside seriously cozy. The out is durable water resistant (DWR) but not waterproof. Armed with a Marmot Montreaux keeps one protected in frigid weather, comfortable, and warm due to Down Defender 700 fill-power down.

The coat weighs 2.2 pounds. There is an even distribution of down, so the coat does not feel constricting or overly bulky. When tested against other jackets, the Marmot Montreaux scored ten out of ten. Ratings on a ten-point scale for the Marmot Montreaux include Warmth (10), Weather resistance (6), Comfort (8), Style (9), and Durability (7). The Down Defender 700 fill-power down is water resistant. An extended time outside when the weather is stormy is possible while wearing the super warm coat. There is plush down filling the hood which makes a noticeable difference in securing heat. Some hooded jackets have no insulation in the hood.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Available in eight solid colors
  • Detachable hood and synthetic fur ruff
  • Double-sided full zipper
  • DWR finish for longevity and durability
  • Form-fitting
  • Insanely warm
  • Internal cuffs
  • Knee-length
  • Microfleece-lined pockets
  • Removable faux fur ruff
  • Thick down
  • Very warm
  • Not waterproof
  • Sizes run small


The torso of the Montreaux is fleece-lined. It is warmer on a cold day than interiors made of polyester and nylon. Microfleece lines the interior pockets along with the cuffs and collar. It is apparent extra consideration went into the comfort and warmth of the jacket.

Marmot did a great job controlling the down and maintaining a form-fitting, flattering look for a warm jacket. Added protectors the manufacturers used in the process means the consumer will enjoy many uses of use.


Wearing the Montreaux can be compared to donning a cute, stylish sleeping bag. The fortress of cozy insulation makes stepping outside on cold days seem like nothing. Marmot Montreaux received a rating of eight on the comfort category.

Reviewers said it handled super cold temperatures better than the other contenders. The knee-length cut offers more blustery weather protection. Adding the hood makes the jacket even warmer. The faux fur ruff performs well by blocking precipitation and cold winds and keeping the person inside toasty.

Some people are not crazy about knee-length jackets. The Montreaux is lightweight when the amount of down stuffed inside is taken into consideration. Both sides of the pockets on the outside are microfleece lined.

Other jackets line only one side with fleece. The cuffs, collar, and torso are also microfleece lined and offer a cozy soft touch in cold or stormy weather. The fleece around the chin guard and collar are plusher and softer than some of the competition.

Undeniable warmth is the main feature of the Marmot Montreaux. The Down Defender 700 fill-power insulation is water resistant and high-quality. It helps maximize the time spent in inclement weather by keeping a person’s core warm.

Both the hood and the faux fur are removable. Two media pockets are on the interior. One has a zipper; the other is a drop pocket without Velcro or a zipper to secure it shut. The theme of the jacket appears to be fleece.

It is found in the collar, cuffs, and exterior pockets. For better mobility and easy access, the jacket has a full double-sided zipper. The length is a little more restrictive than other models these reviewers evaluated, but a double-sided zipper helps gain additional mobility in certain situations.

Fingers, hands, and arms are quite warm and comfortable in the lovely down coat with microfleece-lined pockets and internal cuffs. The plush torso and interior are fleece lined. For a jacket that weighs so little, it is amazingly warm.

Even in freezing temperatures, the wearer is toasty and comfortable. A detachable hood with fur edging is part of the comfort. The hood can be removed in milder weather and zipped back on when conditions become extreme. The face and head will be comfortable and protected in the warm hood.


Reports of the jacket losing down features have been made. The reviewers tested the jacket over two years and did not notice the occurrence. The polyester fabric has a durable DWR coating. The Down Defender insulation lost no loft after being exposed to snowy weather.

Loss of loft is a potential problem with regular down insulation. The faux fur ruff doesn’t lose much loft in wet weather but is not as durable as coyote fur ruff. Reviewers rated the Marmot Montreaux as seven out of ten for durability.

Having the Down Defender treatment increases comfort, prevents clumping, and preserves the loft. If the down becomes damp or moist, the wearer does not feel it because of the added protection. The layers combine to provide excellent protection from precipitation and wind.


The incredible coat is available in several sizes. Online comments indicate the jacket does not accommodate women with large bottoms or hips. The coat is knee-length and has to be larger in the top to fit a torso with a larger bottom.

Normal sized women also said the jacket size runs small. Consumers had to return the coat for a larger size. Some said the sizing was on target. Due to the length of the jacket, it is essential to consider bottom and hip sizes. Some believe the sizing is Asian instead of American. It would explain the coat not being very large. Sizes order to fit a larger bottom torso may have shoulders and sleeves that are bulky and out of proportion.


The jacket is not intended for wet weather. It received a rating of six out of ten for weather resistance. This is the ideal jacket for those living in areas that get extremely cold such as New Your, Minneapolis, or Chicago.

The jacket does well in the snow, not so much for those living in super wet or mild climates. The warmth factor makes the jacket an incredible value. A group of reviewers has awarded it the Best Buy award.

When the wind chill drops below zero, the Montreaux keeps a body warm. Its length covers most of the body and retains the body heat. The only use it has is an outer covering over a sweater or light shirt or a few layers underneath. The protective DWR outer coating makes it suitable for the outermost part of outdoor clothing. There is a choice of wearing the detachable fur lined hood or not.


The detachable hood gives some flexibility for an everyday look. It has a soft, synthetic ruff around the edge and a zipper closure. The style can be customized by detaching it for a simple, sleek appearance; having it attached, draping on the back, or wearing the hood.

Depending on where the coat is worn and what is combined with, the Montreaux offers several, versatile fashion styles that make it seem there are several outer garments. It fits loose enough for layers to be worn underneath. Most people find a simple layer even in the coldest weather is sufficient.


Down jackets can suffer from stains and odors. They should be given consideration when washing and drying them. Wash in a washing machine in warm water at a gentle cycle. Use a low heat setting when placing in a drying. Adding two clean tennis balls helps regain its softness as it dries. It may take several hours to dry. Check after each hour. When it is thoroughly dry, remove promptly.


Flattering and super sleek, the knee-length cut in combination with a hood having a faux fur ruff gives the parka an elegant look. The jacket scored nine out of ten for style. Though the award-winning parka has thick plush down, it does not look overly puffy or too bulky.

The style may not be for everyone. Those who are not fans of faux fur will likely choose another option. Colors include black, dark purple, jet black, berry wine, midnight navy, arctic navy, portal royal, and urban army. The Montreaux is a puff down, full-length coat for everyday casual wear.

The durable outer shell and fur lined hood protect in snow flurry weather by keeping the snow away from the face. Those not used to a long coat may take a bit of time to become accustomed to it. They will be glad that the majority of the body is covered in extremely cold conditions.

What makes the jacket perfect for cold weather is the warm goose down fill and the protective outer layer. The fill is rated at 700, which translated to the coat displacing 700 cubic inches per ounce. A 700 rating indicates the loft is high at a low amount of weight.

The loft is the measurement of the quality and softness of the down. For a lightweight jacket, it is remarkably warm. It might be expected that such a thick, long outer garment would be bulky and heavy. That is not the case with Marmot Montreaux.

The Montreaux has a regular fit consisting of a loose hem, dropped shoulders, and a straight waist. It is not a fit that accommodates everyone. Fit and comfort level depends upon an individual’s body type. It is warm for being lightweight. Zippered exterior pockets help with warmth. There are also internal zippered pockets for holding accessories that are best placed in a closed area and drop pocket that provides extra storage.

A full-frontal zipper is used to put the coat on and off. A few online buyers had issues with the zippers. They got stuck often and were thought to require replacement by higher-quality zippers. The zippers are a flaw for such a well-featured and expensive jacket.

Water Resistance

A group of reviewers looks at 18 jackets. Ten of the jackets were given higher scores in weather resistance. The polyester fabric of the exterior is DWR coated. Water will initially bead up and roll off. After an extended period of rain, the jacket becomes saturated.

The ‘Defender Down’ is a treatment applied to the down insulation to prevent loft or clumping when wet which is typical for untreated down. The procedure enables a person to stay outside longer in stormy weather.

The durable polyester fabric of the outside shell or comfortable inside lining is not entirely waterproof. It is resistant to snow flurries and regular wind. The DWR aids in the fabric longevity, Goose down fill protects in weather that is wet or damp.

The protective coating still keeps the wearer warm when the jacket is wet. It would require quite a bit of rain or snow to penetrate the DWR layer, polyester shell, treated goose down layer, and polyester lining before the skin or clothing is reached. The weather resistant feature is very protective.

Wind Protection

The Marmot jacket withstands short-term exposure to sleet and rain. It ensures the wearer is kept warm in wet conditions. Online buyers remark about how surprisingly warm to coat is. One buyer tested the coat in snow blizzard weather. The jacket kept her warm. For more warmth, layers can be added underneath the coat if it is the right size.

Key Features

* 100 percent polyester sweater knit
* 700 fill-power down
* Ideal for everyday winter weather
* Internal zippered and drop pockets
* Machine washable
* Microfleece-lined pockets and internal cuffs
* Moisture resistant
* Plush fleece lined torso
* Removable hood and synthetic fur ruff

Bottom Line

Reviewers are impressed with the Marmot Montreaux. The jacket is exceptionally comfortable and warm while maintaining a flattering look. It is a classic winter parka lacking waterproofness. The coat can be worn at night while stargazing or shopping around town.

It is recommended to anyone who enjoys outdoors and wants to stay toasty warm. The Marmot Montreaux comes in eight solid colors. It is recommended for casual use. The goose down coat is fleeced lined, lightweight, and knee-length.

It keeps the user warm and dry in light snow flurries, sleet, and rain in short-term elements. Durable polyester fabric is used in the inner lining and outer shell. A DWR finish is applied to the exterior. Light goose down fills the garment.

It will keep someone wearing the jacket warm even if it is damp. Down Defender is a protective treatment used to keep the coat in prime conditions. A hood has a synthetic fur ruff. The hood connects and detaches with a zipper closure. It protects the face and head from precipitation. The pockets are fleece lined, and two have zipper closures. These terrific features ensure the wearer stays warm and comfortable when wearing outdoors.