Adidas Originals ZX Flux

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Adidas Originals ZX Flux Review Facts

If you are an athlete or you are someone who simply is a fan of running shoes, you know one thing for sure: the importance of finding high quality and durable running shoes. It is important for running shoes to be lightweight, flexible, breathable, supportive, and able to withstand natural wear. Otherwise, you could face problems both with the efficiency of your running, and you might even end up having foot problems as a result.

A brand that knows how to get it right when it comes to running shoes is Adidas. Many people worldwide trust Adidas for all their sports gear, including running shoes. And the Adidas ZX Flux running shoes attest to this fact. The shoes have many updates that made them more suitable and comfortable for wearers. People liked the fact that these shoes are flexible and hug the natural curvature of the foot better. The upper part of the shoe is made out of a mesh material, allowing the runner to have maximum breathability. The shoes are also available in different colors, and versatile enough for everyday wear, which makes them a great option for anyone in the market for a nice pair of running shoes- runner or not.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • People liked the fact that the Adidas ZX Flux is available in a variety of different colors, which is important in ensuring that the shoes will suit everyone’s tastes
  • The shoes are very lightweight, which adds to the overall comfort of the shoe
  • The shoes are very versatile, meaning that they can be worn in a multitude of situations
  • The shoes are great for people who suffer from foot or leg problems
  • The shoes have high durability
  • The price of these shoes is rather high
  • Some people said that the shoes should be purchased in at least a half size higher than usually worn because they run small


Some people believe that the outsole of the shoe is not that attractive. However, that does not at all indicate that the outsole is made out of poor materials. It is made out of a rubber material that allows the runner to have excellent traction. Not only that, but the rubber material is also highly durable; you could easily run for a very long time without ever needing to think about replacing your shoes. The sole of the shoe has pods on different parts of the foot, which will give your feet maximum grip on the ground. People have said that the grip these shoes provide is better than that of other shoes made by Adidas. So, while the outsole might not be the most attractive part of the shoe, it is definitely one that makes the performance of the shoe outstanding.


The midsole of the Adidas shoe is made out of a foam material that helps to provide enough energy for the wearer and deliver a nice bounce in their step. It is important that a pair of running shoes have a decent midsole so that way when the individual runs, it will absorb the shock of their step and deliver the energy back to their legs. The shoes help to give you arch support, making the shoes comfortable for anyone who wears them. And the midsole is flexible enough to help your feet move naturally.


Not only is the upper of the shoe very attractive, but it is made out of high-quality materials as well. The upper is made out of a mesh material that is not only flexible enough to not hinder your ability to run efficiently whatsoever, but that will also provide maximum airflow to your feet.

Another unique feature of the upper part of the shoe is that it is made out of a reflective material, which means that, if you are someone who prefers to do your activities at night, you will be able to see your path better thanks to the light that reflects off of these shoes.


These shoes are made out of a very lightweight material, which also aids in their overall comfort. The exact weight of the shoes isn’t given, but many people agree that they appreciated the lightweight (without being cheap) feel of the shoes.


One of the most important features of any pair of running shoes is their breathability. It is one of the key factors in ensuring comfort for the wearer. This is due to the fact that if someone does not have adequate airflow to their feet, it could cause them to over sweat, which would not only make the shoe uncomfortable but could also lead their feet to slip and slide in the shoe, which would cause a great distraction to their running abilities.

With that being said, this isn’t a problem for the Adidas running shoes. They are made of a mesh material that provides enough ventilation for the feet. People were pleased with the fact that the shoes did not have any coverings which would then cause there to be trapped sweat in the shoes, making the run even more uncomfortable. People were generally pleased with the amount of breathability that these Adidas shoes offered.


The Adidas ZX Flux shoes were very comfortable, which was something agreed upon by many consumers. The mesh upper is flexible and fits snugly along the natural contours of your feet. Not only that, but the material that the upper is made out of is very breathable, which helps to ensure that your feet will remain cool and comfortable throughout your run (or any other activity in which you will use these shoes to participate). The midsole of the shoe is fitted with enough padding to make the shoe soft enough that it’s comfortable, but not too soft that you feel as though you are running on a cloud. And the material in the midsole has a lot of responsiveness, allowing your run to even feel a lot better. The shoes overall allow for a much more natural movement of the feet, which is an important feature for many runners.


Another thing that many people agreed upon was the fact that the ZX Flux is a very attractive shoe, suitable enough to wear anywhere, not just to the gym or on the track. The style of the shoes conforms to what is in style now, and the shoes have enough versatility to be worn anywhere, whether it be for running errands or for some more casual events. This is not something that can be said of all running shoes. Besides that, the shoes are available in a multitude of different colors, including black and white, gray and white, mint, red, white, light gray, tie-dye light blue, beige, light blue, multicolored, black, black and purple, neon blue, and turquoise. As you can see, there are a lot of options for you to choose from, which means that these shoes will be suitable for people of all tastes and styles. You can easily pair these shoes with many of the clothes you already own, and most people will assume that they are a fashionable pair of sneakers, not a pair of regular running shoes.


Another great thing about these shoes is that they are very durable. Many people said that they were able to use the shoes for a very long time without even having to worry about the smallest signs of wear and tear. The shoes will withstand a lot of surfaces that you walk on, and you can wear the shoes comfortably without worrying about whether or not they will eventually lose their shape. The mesh material in the upper is also made out of a sturdy material, which is important since many running shoes have flimsy mesh uppers. And even though the shoes are highly durable, you don’t have to worry about this meaning that the shoes lack in comfort.


If you are someone who is looking for a pair of running shoes that will protect your feet against rough terrain, these shoes aren’t really it. The mesh material in the upper is not going to help much in being able to withstand some of the tougher aspects of the terrain on hiking trails or in rocky areas, for example. However, the sole of the shoe is made with a decent rubber material that will help to protect the bottoms of your feet from any debris that is on the road, and these Adidas shoes are made with reflective materials to help you see better should you be out and about in the dark.


Another wonderful feature of these shoes is the high level of responsiveness. The midsole of the shoes is made up of a foam material that will help to add a bounce in your step, while also allowing your feet to move much more naturally. And, the foam material will absorb the shock of your step and send the energy back into your legs, which is an important feature that many runners look for in a pair of shoes.


The support in these shoes is also not lacking. Many people who said that they have problems with their knees, feet, or legs said that these shoes were comfortable for them and even helped to ease some of their pain. The midsole has special technology to help provide support for the arches of your feet. The outsoles of the shoe are also made with firm material to help support your feet but to also help hug the natural curvature of your foot.


Given all the other great features of the shoes, it is important to mention that these shoes won’t hold up the best in wet environments because the upper of the shoe is made out of a mesh material that won’t really protect your feet against moisture. And, these probably aren’t the best shoes if you intend to go hiking or somewhere that has hazardous terrain. Otherwise, these shoes are very versatile, and they are made out of durable materials, so you will be able to comfortably use them in many situations without having to worry about discomfort, slippage, or any damage being done to your shoes.


Many people agree that these shoes are very inexpensive for a pair of well-made running shoes. The price, however, depends on which retailer you purchase from; even Amazon has different prices. You generally can find the shoes for between $50 to $90, which is, again, a great price for a good-quality pair of running shoes. And, you don’t have to worry about these shoes performing as cheaply as they are priced.


Yet another great feature of these shoes is the traction that it provides. You won’t have to worry at all about slipping and sliding while wearing these Adidas running shoes. There are rubber pods on the bottom of the shoes that will help you to have the grip you need. An interesting and unique feature of the midsole is that its foam material will also help you to have a great grip on the road.


The shoe helps your feet to move as naturally as possible without you having to worry about your feet being poorly protected. The shoes are designed to provide you with the most flexible movements possible. The mesh is also a material that will provide you with maximum flexibility.


The stability of these shoes is also not lacking. The outsole of the shoes is made with a firm material that will allow you to have the most reaction time possible. And since the sole of the shoes are made with a wide material, you as the runner have a lot of space to land on.

Key Features

-The shoes come in a large variety of colors for you to choose from
-The shoes are made in such a way that they are versatile enough to wear to many different events
-The mesh in the upper provides great breathability
-The shoes are made out of a highly durable material that will last you a very long time
-The rubber pods on the outsole of the shoe provide your feet with great grip

Bottom Line

In general, many people agreed that the Adidas ZX Flux is a well-made running shoe. Packed with many amazing features, people were impressed with the quality of these shoes. They are lightweight, breathable, durable, flexible, and all the important things that people look for in running shoes. Most people who wore these found that the shoes were comfortable enough to be worn everywhere. If you are looking for a great running shoe that won’t cause a dent in your wallet, these are a great option for you.