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Magic Bullet Review Facts

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Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Small and takes up less counter space
  • Strong considering its size
  • Not very messy
  • Base package offers numerous additional accessories
  • Not many blending optionsĀ 
  • Some leakage during the blending process


The Magic Bullet is a small, household blender intended on blending up individual sized servings of shakes and juices. The device is also strong enough to blend and grind down spice blends to assist with cooking. The Magic Bullet comes with numerous cups, a couple of blades and the unit itself.

Though it comes with numerous cups and blades, the device itself doesn't have much in regards to features. It offers no buttons or speed options. All the speeds and chopping is done entirely by starting and stopping the device. The simplicity and the price point match and those who buy this device should understand that this probably won't serve as a classic blender would, it is meant for individual servings.


The accessories are sort of what makes up the features of the device as this is ultimately what dictates the specified blending requirements. The blender base or the Power Base, as the Magic Blender site calls it, is the motor. It has no buttons or features. It just powers the blades. It comes with a couple of different blade options for different blending types.

It also arrives with a couple of different cups, some the same size and others smaller for smaller blends like spices. Finally, the blender also comes with an assortment of rings and lids for different purposes including a fully closed lid for transportation (great for those on the go) and one with little perforations for the purpose of pouring spices onto food.


The Magic Blender has a nice design, it's small and compact. It wouldn't take up much space due to its small size. It's not fancy like you see with some competitive blenders on the market, however, it's strong draw is definitely its space-efficient sizing.

The device leaves no room for customization because it only comes in one color (silver and black), however, the sipping rings offered by the company to come in different colors for those wanting something a little more personal to them. They also market the idea of using this blender in a party setting and using the rings to differentiate whose drink is who which may be appealing to some people.


As mentioned earlier, this really doesn't have much in regards to settings. The device has no buttons or functions that can be adjusted for a specific blend but rather the individual mixing the liquid has the ability to essentially pulse for a specific smoothness or hold for a period of time for a very smooth blend.

The motor is quite strong as well which means that if the individual blending holds the device long enough the ingredients inside the cup does become quite smooth, smooth enough to drink the blend with a straw, which is positive.


The Magic Bullet seems to offer decent durability according to the majority of users, though, some found that the electronics kind of go on it over time. Some found that they would attempt to blend, it would overheat, they'd let it cool down and it wouldn't do anything. They would then unplug the device, plug it back in and try again and it would start blending. While others found if they left the device running too long for an extra, extra smooth blend that they could almost smell burnt plastic which is a little concerning.

The primary thing that needs to be noted about this device is that the cups and the blades can be washed but the device itself should only be wiped out. The motor has a ventilation system at the base of the power unit and if that area takes in any water it can affect the motor and this is typically where people find that smoking happening. The company has a good customer service team, though, and this should help if any of these weird situations happen.


One complaint that some reviewers had is that the newer version of the Magic Bullet is quite a bit smaller than earlier versions. This was just a note by some but others were so dissatisfied that they returned the product. This blender is a personal blender. It is not a multi-serving blender.

The positive about this product is that there are additional accessories, including larger cups that can be bought for this blender. In addition to that, this product comes with numerous additional cups making it easy to separate the smoothy ingredients into numerous cups and blend them separately. This may require transferring the contents to a larger container for those looking for larger shakes but it's a relatively painless process especially because the clean up is so easy.


This is a blender, it is meant to blend all sorts of foods including foods for sauces and spice blends. It is a small blender and spice grinder multi-purpose product. The device, as mentioned earlier, comes with different sized cups including a very small one that is meant for much smaller mixes like spice mixes which reviewers appreciated. In addition to the additional accessories, this blender is quite strong. One reviewer, for reasons beyond our comprehension, ground up a game console cartridge to dust to prove the strength behind this little device. If you're google skills are good enough it might not hurt to search for the comment, it's quite humorous. That said, this device is quite strong but is, of course, meant for grinding up foods and not household goods.

The biggest flaw this appliance has is that there are zero fine-tune controls. You put the ingredients in the cup, cover the cup with the Cross Blade (twisting it shut), flipping the cup upside down and inserting it into the Power Base. Once the device is in the power base you twist the device to the right and it starts blending. To stop blending you release the pressure to the right and it stops. You can use rhythmic pulses which can chop the items inside to smaller pieces but outside of this, there really is no customized blending. This Magic Bullets, for the lack of a better word, schtick.


As mentioned earlier in the durability second, cleaning this device is quite easy. The cups are machine washable and though the blades technically are too, it's better to quickly rinse them underwater and attempt to clean around the blades with a cloth. The device is pretty simple in design so cleaning is quite easy. The power base is a little tricker. The power base doesn't really get messy unless the blade base was not properly tightened to the cups. As a result of this wiping the power base with a clean cloth should be sufficient in keeping this blender clean.

That said, if there are any mishaps and the liquid leaks out then it should be noted that the cleaning process is still the same. The device can't be run under water because water can get into the motor effectively harming the power base. If water does get into the motorized area do not use the device, rather allow the device to dry for 24-48 hours before attempting to use the device again.


This little guy is tough. It's got a strong motor and sharp blades. As mentioned many times in this article, it can't do specialized blend techniques the way classic blenders can and it doesn't hold enough liquids in each cup to serve more than one person but the device is strong, will blend everything smoothly and does it quickly. One note that reviewers mentioned is that the device is a little loud but this is kind of the same thing with all blenders so it's not really a surprise.

The performance is regularly praised online by reviewers. Reviewers regularly note how reliable this device is and how well it blends considering its size. Many reviewers also noted that this is their second one, confirming how much they loved the product as they went out and bought another one when theirs went out. Overall it has a strong performance if looking for a more narrow corridor of blending options.


- Very easy to use
- Multi-purpose blender for everything from smoothies to spice grinding
- Reasonably priced
- Small in size for saved counter space
- Comes with a variety of accessories
- Includes sipping rings which are great for parties
- 100% BPA free
- Strong motor for even the most frozen of fruits


This is a pretty great little buy. Though it really is quite minimal when it comes to the actual number of settings, it is a great blender for those smoothy lovers and for people with minimal space. Because it is multi-purpose to a point, it works great of all sorts of consistencies. The lids that it comes with only add to the convenience of this device. It has a pretty low capacity so for families and family sized portions, this might not quite be ideal, however, for picky eaters or individual flavor preferences, this blender is a great idea.

It seems to be quite durable which is positive but following cleaning guidelines is key. The device is also really reasonably priced for those on a budget. Overall, this device is a reliable product from a company with a strong customer service team and would make a great gift or personal blender due to its quality and price.