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Breville BJE200XL Review Facts

What is all this talk about juicing? How can drinking liquids for days on end be sustainable? With all the fad diets going on in the health community it's hard to really know which works. Let's get something out of the way right now. If you plan on losing weight with juicing alone or juice detoxes the results will only be temporary. Why is that? Well, for starters going back to old eating habits will cause that weight gain to come right back. Also, drinking exclusively juices for several days will allow the body to shed its water weight which, again, will come back as soon as the dieter introduces solid foods back into their diets.

Juicing also has potential health hazards including kidney issues like kidney stones. This is due to the high level of oxalate in some fruits which are part of the reasons that kidney stones form. Juices also act as a bit of a laxative which (as mentioned below) is great for the waistline and belly fat but can also cause too much movement which can cause too much nutrient loss. And the primary disadvantage and the most obvious reason they can be negative is that they don't offer a ton of calories which can be harmful to the body. But does juicing have its benefits? Yes! Juices are rich in anti-inflammatories. Anti-inflammatories help us feel more energies and acute! A lot of juices also have the ability to help push toxins out of the body which is the point of a detox. Some fruits also offer special enzymes that help with gut health (which has the side effect of helping the flow of things and subsequently also helps with the waistline).

Juicing requires special equipment in order to get the most out of the fruit that is being juiced. This is where a juicer comes in handy. This article is a product review on the Breville BJE200XL. We looked at consumer reviews and the reliability of this product to help you with your juicer buying process. We hope that this article helps you with that process and wish you a healthy and smart juicing experience!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Reviewers were happy with the fact that they could add full fruit without chopping first
  • Reviewers also appreciated how easy this device is to clean
  • Reviewers liked how easy the setup is for this juicer 
  • Reviewers also liked how decently priced this juicer is  
  • Reviewers noted that this juicer doesn't quite juice greens fully
  • Other reviewers took issue with the amount of foam that forms in the juice jug as well 


The Breville BJE200XL offers several interesting features for juicers. This includes a fast motor that can make an 8-ounce glass of apple juice in under 8 seconds. The extra-wide feeding tube allows juices to fit full fruit into the juicer which not only offers convenience but also allows for less food waste. This is accompanied by the Unique Cyclonic Juicing system which operates at 14,000 RPM. This allows those juicing to get the most out of their fruit with less food waste. Though this is listed on the manufacturer's website, reviewers had other things to say about the food waste left over with this system. This is discussed more below. The Breville BJE200XL also offers stainless steel micro mesh filter and dual knife blade assembly. This is important when buying blending and juicing equipment not only because this offers a better grind/blend/juice but also helps the juicer with any rusting or deterioration. This juicer also offers a custom cleaning brush to help clean the sharp blades of the blade assembly insert, as well as the rest of the juicer. It also includes a 27-ounce juicer pitcher with froth filter. The juice pitcher is also 100% machine washable which is convenient.


This device comes with a 27-ounce juice pitcher with froth filter which helps with an additional foam that forms as a result of the aggressive shredding process with fruit. For new juicers, after the juice settles foam forms at the top of the pitcher. The filter is a little piece attached to the lid of the pitcher that essentially skims the foam off the top of the juice when pouring the juice into a glass. Reviewers liked this feature as unfortunately with this device reviewers found that it produced a lot more foam than they were happy with. Unfortunately this is a part of juicing, however, the internal filter should help with this and it doesn't much. Other accessories include a fairly large waste bucket that catches all the additional fibers leftover after the juicing process. This waste bucket can hold about 1 1/2 quarts of leftover waste which is handy. Finally, this device comes with a handy little cleaning brush with ultra-rigid bristles. This brush can withstand the sharp blades associated with the blade assembly and will also help effectively clean the rest of the device. Reviewers really liked this brush.


Breville offers a wide range of juicers, all of which seem to progressively get more and more stylish. This device is in line with that pattern. Though the device is a little large (as all juicers are due to the requirement for the larger pulp waste bin) it is still quite minimal in design, offering nice stainless steel arms and a silver base. The juicing compartment is clear to show the juicer of what is being blended and how well. Reviewers appreciated the design of this device and noted that it looked nice on their countertop.


Though other models have a couple of different settings it appears that this version actually only has one. The device has a simple on-off switch which will grind, shred and juice fruit and veggies at a 14,000 RPM. It also offers a 700-watt motor which reviewers thought too small to really grind up fruit well. This does seem to be the case as per earlier comments about this device.


Though there seem to be some performance issues with this device even those with the lowest rating of this product found it to be quite durable. The important part of owning a juicer is cleaning it correctly. The stainless steel filter that is attached to the blade unit will clog if it is not cleaned right away. This is where the brush comes in handy. The brush offers such rigid bristles that it is able to get into those tiny little filter holes and keep them clear for future uses. Additionally, properly securing everything into place will help prolong the durability of juicers. This includes the blade unit which will pop into place on top of the motor unit (or base) and the metal bar that drops off the feeding tube piece when cleaning out and will securely click on top of it when in use. Those who bought this device noted that they used it for years without issue. They also noted that stopping the machine to clean it out from time to time when making larger juices is important even if it is annoying because this will help not burn out the battery which would happen if overfed.


This device holds quite a bit of fruit a session and this is, of course, because the fruit goes into the juicer and separate into two pieces. One is juice and the other being the leftover waste. As a result of this, the two parts of the fruit and veggie end up in different areas. The bulk should be in the jug if the device is efficient while the waste bin should have fairly dry remnants. Unfortunately, reviewers did find that this juicer only really produces 3/4 of the amount of juice it should and the remaining seems to be fairly wet even though it should be dry. One reviewer ran the remaining pulp in a more expensive and better quality juicer and still found quite a bit of juice that came out of the "waste", which of course does not give you the best bang for your buck due to all the wasted juice that would be otherwise thrown in the garbage. That said, the capacity is quite impressive even if it's not being used effectively.


This device has an obvious and primary use which is to juice fruits and veggies. Some found that it could be used for other things like processing veggies that are required to be strained of liquids for a recipe like cauliflower crust for instance where cauliflower needs to be squeezed in a cheesecloth in order to take away some of the moisture to keep the "dough" together when cooking. This device isn't advertised for this type of use but some reviewers noted that they bought it for this purpose which is interesting. Though it does process juice and it takes out a fair bit of liquid, this device is probably a little frustrating to use daily due to its build-up issues and may be better suited for intermittent users and for beginners.


This device is praised for how easy it is to clean which is a major highlight of this device. The feeding tube top, the blade holder, the blade/filter system, the jug and jug lid, and the waste bin all come apart in order to offer easier cleaning. The waste bin can be emptied into a garbage can. This is even easier cleanup if the waste bin is lined with a small liner or garbage bag. The rest of the device can be cleaned with soap and water with the brush included with the product. The juice jug itself can actually be washed in a dishwasher which is also nice. Overall, easy clean up when considering the cleanup typically associated with juicing which is positive.


There seem to be some issues with the performance of this juicer. There were several comments about the 'level' that this juicer would be appropriate for and the consensus is that it's better suited for beginners. This juicer does fairly well with bigger, wetter fruits like oranges and grapefruit. It doesn't work well for greens like kale and celery. Reviewers found that after a couple of pieces of kale they would have to open the blade/filter combo as it would get full and would stop cutting additional fruit. This proved to be a fairly large inconvenience for those reviewers. There were also notes that this device struggled even more with harder, larger veggies like carrots and would not grind anything soft like a banana, for instance. This is why many reviewers noted that this device would be better suited for beginner or novice juicers.


- Super quick juicing (8-ounce glass of apple juice in 8 seconds)
- Pulp bin can hold up to 1 1/2 quarts of pulp
- Includes a 700-watt motor
- 14,00 RPM cyclonic juicing system for less waste
- Stainless steel micro mesh filter and dual blade knife system for better longevity
- Includes custom cleaning brush for a better and more reliable clean
- 27-ounce juice jug
- One-year manufacturers warranty for peace of mind


Our final verdict, this device is a decent product. Breville is very well known for its kitchen appliances, juicers specifically. They offer a decent warranty and a reliable customer service team. The device itself is easy to use and easy to clean, albeit a little low when considering options and settings. The primary issues with this device are that it may provide too much foam afterward and the device itself also seems to accumulate debris between the blade holder unit and the feeding tube unit rendering the product useless until it is cleaned out and restarted. Though this is the case, the primary highlights of this device are that it's durable, long lasting and easy to clean especially due to the brush included in the box. Overall, great for beginners and great for those looking for a part-time juicer but probably not ideal for everyday use.