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Bialetti Moka Express Review Facts

Coffee has become in itself an art form. Rather than the traditional pre-ground beans scooped in a paper filter and hot water run through it drip-style, coffee has become a multi-faceted art form. Coffee can be ground at many different textures depending on what the individual's preferred brewing style is. For instance, a medium grind is just fine for those using a drip-style coffee maker but may not be ideal for those using a press or for those using an espresso maker. Additionally, there are many different coffee makers on the market. Whether it's a drip, slow drip, espresso, press or Aeropress, there are tons of different methods depending on the individual's palette and their time restrictions.

We provide comprehensive feedback on different products on the online market today. We look for items that are popular with reviewers for both their positive and negative features. We also look at how well the product is built, how long it will last the buyer and who its more appropriate for. We also observe others experiences with these devices in order to offer caution or enthusiasm for you the buyer. This is a review of the Bialetti Moka Express, a stovetop espresso maker made by the Italian brand Bialetti. We hope this article helps you with your next coffee maker purchase. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Attractive design

Quiet when brewing

Offers smooth coffee

Great for home and camping


Hinge can sound loud after some time

Some found some issues with the sealing


This features different sizes including 3, 6, 9 and 12 cup options. The primary version offers 3 2-ounce cups of espresso (espresso sized cups, not measuring cups, this should be noted). It has a stylish, aluminum design that is both durable and sleek. The body is unique to Bialetti which is an interesting octagonal shape. In addition to its shape and the quality materials used to construct it, it also comes in different color options including polished metal and a high-sheen red color.

It offers a flip-up top for inputting the filter, the beans, and the water. It also offers a side-pour spout in order to fill your cup. It is made in Italy for those interested in European quality. It offers a protective handle in order to avoid burns, as well as an internal filter to keep grinds out of the finished product. It also can run between 4 and 5 minutes for your morning coffee faster. It can easily be used at home, on the stove, or in the campsite on a portable heater.


The Bialetti Moka Express offers a specialized filter that sits in it in order to keep the grinds out of the coffee. It is removable for easier cleaning and can be stored within it when not in use in order to avoid taking up any additional room.


The highlight of the Bialetti Moka Express is its stylish design. It looks like it comes from Italy. The body offers a unique octagonal design with durable polished aluminum sides. It also provides color blocking through its flip-up top knob and black handle. It is Instagram-worthy sitting next to two white espresso cups. Not only does it look beautiful but it also feels nice. The material is high quality.

The items that reviewers mentioned is that though it's built well, some had found that the pour spout is a little off. The lid offers the top of the spout while the body provides the lower lip. Some found that they didn't line up and though this didn't affect the pouring ability of the device, they did find this to hurt its overall aesthetic. In addition to this, some found that fingerprints were easily seen on the metal finish option. Outside of these issues, reviewers appreciated it and found it to be quite visually stunning.


This device doesn't offer any settings. Grinds are poured into the filter within the device, water is then added and it is placed on top of the stove or cooktop. It is important to put it on the burner that closest fits the bottom of the device. If using a gas range it is important that the flame does not go around the device but rather sits under it to make a proper cup and to avoid damaging the coffee maker itself. After this, you wait. It should be done within 5 minutes and the upper chamber should be filled with coffee. It can then be poured into cups.

The simplicity of this device is another draw for people. Because it requires so few steps, it allows for a more simple coffee experience.. It is ideal for those who want something that can be easily used, cleaned and also traveled with. As long as there is a consistent heat source, this device can be utilized.


It is made of aluminum which is an extremely durable metal. Not only this but the walls of the device are quite thick which will protect it from wear and tear. There is a valve on the lower half of the device that offers some safety from pressure typically associated with espresso makers as well which not only protects the individual making coffee but also the device itself. The upper lid offers a hinge feature to keep the lid protected and in place.

Those who bought this did notice that the hinge starts to get loud over time. Though this is the case, it was more annoying that anything. They appreciated the design and durability of this device noting that they bought additional items later on with larger capacities. They also bought them for their friends due to its price point. Overall, it is made of quality materials and offers longevity that customers appreciated which is really positive.


As mentioned earlier, the capacity depends on which size is bought. It comes in a standard 3-cup option but also offers 1, 6, 9 and 12 cup options. It should be noted that this is an espresso maker, not a coffee maker. Espresso is a much stronger version of coffee. Coffee is usually a little more watered down where an Americano is an espresso with water added to it.

The Bialetti Moka Express is meant to pour very small cups of espresso due to the high caffeine content. Some reviewers said that it does not offer the capacity listed online but it does sound like they are referring to the potentially confusing size listing. Even though the size description says 'cups' the manufacturer didn't mean the cup measurement but rather the size of an espresso cup. This should be noted before deciding which size to buy.


Simplicity is the Bialetti Moka Express's middle name. It is a stovetop espresso maker. It runs very quickly (4-5 minutes) and offers a filter to ensure a clean, smooth drinking experience. When starting the process it is important to ensure the device is on a burner that is as close to the size of the bottom of the unit as possible. Then, fill the lower chamber with cold water and this should be just below the valve of the unit. After which the filter should be placed within the unit and espresso grounds should be placed into the filter. The grinds should be on the finer size for a perfect pour.

After the upper unit should be screwed on tightly, it should be put on the stove and the lid should be closed. Keep it on the heat for about 4 minutes or until the top of the device is filled with coffee. It can then be removed from the stove and poured into coffee cups.

This device is great for both home use and outdoor use. On top of this handy feature, it offers durability and a low price point, making it great for camping and outdoor adventures.


Another benefit is how easy it is to clean. Though it is not dishwasher safe, it does come apart easily and can be easily washed with soap and water. The filter may be the trickier part but a strong bristle scrub brush helps keep it free and clear of excess grinds. And because this device is only acceptable for coffee washing is much easier (no sticky or residue to clean off). The device should be left to dry completely before putting back together and storing.

Reviewers found the installation and dismantling to be quite easy as well as cleanup. The majority of users noted that with the exception to the grinds, the Bialetti Moka Express is extremely easy to clean (some simply rinsed it out).


Due to the lack of settings, this really does rely on its performance to satisfaction based on different palettes and preferences. The set up is quite easy and reviewers appreciated its simplicity. They also appreciate how smooth the espresso is considering. Espresso is usually based on pressure (this is how espresso machines are designed).

With this device, however, it is more of a flow-through design whereby the water moves from the lower chamber to the upper. Despite the difference in process, this product does seem to offer impressive quality and flavorful coffee. Not only is it flavorful but reviewers noted that it's quite strong despite the lower pressure system.

In addition to this, the runs very quickly which may not be expected for an on-stove device. There is a note about the sealing used for this product though. Some found that their unit leaked which caused some frustration. Though this is the case, after an exchange the issues didn't persist which sounds like more of a batch issue (due to the number of reviewers with the same issue). Though this was noted, most found that once exchanged the issue didn't happen again which is positive.


- Easy to use due to stovetop heating feature (great for home and camping)
- Beautifully polished aluminum design for both style and durability
- Unique octagon shape to add to any kitchen aesthetic
- Flip-up top for easier filling and assembly
- Side-pour spout for easier serving
- Different capacity option depending on preference
- Reputable manufacturer for peace of mind when buying


The Bialetti Moka Express is interesting in that it requires no electricity to run. This means that the only item required outside of the device itself is a heat source and ground coffee. Not only does it offer a method of caffeine supply no matter the location but interestingly it offers espresso which in itself is impressive due to the amount of pressure required to make proper espresso. It is attractive in design and seems to be made of quality materials. It offers different sizes depending on personal preference and family size. Because it comes in a couple of different color options, there's something to suit individual styles.

Those who had issues with it found that the sealing was a little faulty or became faulty after several uses. Some individual units had some manufacturer defects that mostly hurt its aesthetic (that being the lip not matching up). Another note is that the hinge can be a bit squeaky over time which some found frustrating and a little annoying.

Outside of these issues, though, the majority of reviews were positive. Many found that especially for its extremely low price tag, this espresso maker made exceptional smooth coffee, in a very short period of time and when used correctly can be used for an extended period of time which is positive. We recommend this for anyone on a budget, who like a manual way of cooking and who want something that can be used in more places than the kitchen. more places than the kitchen. We definitely recommend this product for all your coffee and espresso needs.