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Ascend H12 Review Facts

Fishing in a kayak requires different types of considerations than that of in a motorboat. For instance, balance is required to avoid falling over. This is because a kayak isn't as stable as a larger water motor vehicle. The boat is thinner by comparison and closer to the water.  Little things like ripples in the water can seriously affect the stability of a kayak whereas it affects a motor boat less. Kayaks, however, sometimes offer stability features that help stabilize the boat which allows the fisherman or woman to stand while in it. This can be done by offering a wider body, a longer body and more of a V-shaped hull shape.

We here at The Gear Hunt sort through different opinions of different online products in order to assist buyers with their next retail purchase. This review will take a close look at the Ascent H12. We looked at reviewers thoughts and considerations of this product in order to determine its stability, quality, and reliability. We also look at its build and construction in order to determine its durability and longevity. This is our review of the Ascent H12. We hope that it assists you with your next kayak purchase. Happy travels!

Editor's Pros & Cons

- Ultra stable

- Extra-large cockpit

- Adjustable seat and footrests

- Attractive design


- Some design issues in regards to placement of storage

- Some complaints about sizing of cup holder


The H12 comes with bow bungee hold-downs in order to keep the boat in place when loading and unloading it. This also helps tie it to the dock for longer periods of time. It also comes with an expandable mesh stern cargo cover in order to protect assets within it from water damage which can come from waves and splashes. It offers carrying handles in order to easily move it in, out of the water and to the vehicle.

It also comes with side saddlebags which sit right next to the thighs for the purpose of protecting the sides of the legs from any wear that may be caused by the sides of the boat. Finally, it comes with a floatable paddle which is extra lightweight and floats on the water if ever lost when boating. Because this product does not offer paddle holders, this feature is especially important as losing the paddle may be easier than the boater thinks. Those who bought it appreciated the attention to details that Ascend took when creating this kayak.


The body is painted to look like titanium (hence the color and pattern name being titanium) but don't stress, this is not made of titanium. The body is made of a polyurethane material.

Polyurethane is very commonly used in this type of product for two reasons. One is that it's quite durable and waterproof. It does not absorb water but instead promotes beading and rolling off. It is also lightweight and therefore, buoyant.

Another characteristic of polyurethane is that it's durable. Though denting takes a little less effort than something like metals, it doesn't break through easily. Holes happen far less often, which keeps the boat afloat.

Those who bought the H12 appreciated the look of it. They liked how high quality it looked as a result of how it was painted and the materials used. They felt that for the price, this seemed like a far more impressive product than the price represented.


The Ascend H12 is incredibly spacious which is its primary highlight. Those who bought it loved all its extra space both in human capacity and its storage space. The cockpit is extra wide which can accommodate all kinds of different body types and the adjustable seat plus the adjustable footrests offer some customization when it comes to height too. The weight capacity is about 450 pounds which is especially high especially when considering alternative products on the market today.

The dimensions run at 12 feet long by 32 inches wide and its weight is about 76 pounds which is a little on the heavier side (though this is the case, and even with a full load boaters didn't feel too close to the water which is really positive). The amount of storage space offered is also really impressive. Reviewers really appreciated the amount of gear they were able to take aboard this kayak. Not only are there several areas that can hold gear but there is also a hard front cover latch with a nylon cover that offers additional storage. Overall, all your gear can fit in this product without weighing it down much especially when considering its super high weight capacity.


As mentioned earlier, the benefit of polyurethane is the waterproof features of it. Water beads rather than absorb which can actually weigh down a boat. It is also quite durable, stopping punctures which would cause leaks and scarily, sinking. The bottom of it also offers a threaded and sealed drain plug in case water does get into the boat and needs to be drained out. Rather than having the wait and wade in the water, the water drains out in the water and allows for the floor to dry. This is a nice feature and some find, essential feature for this type of product which is positive.

It also provides proper sealing in order to keep water from entering the seams. Those who bought the H12 never found that water leaked in, outside of waves and some accidental splashes caused by the paddles. They also found that the drain is a nice feature that works well. They never found water entering the drain but did find water exit it which is really positive.


The H12 has a high-quality design. It is built quite ergonomically pleasing and looks expensive. This is probably because it is a little higher in cost when looking at comparable products. It comes in a couple of different color options in order to suit individual styles as well as to accommodate different problems (being bright enough to be seen or dark enough to move through the water a little more discretely). All the fixtures and features added to this boat are also really nicely incorporated into its design. The body offers a color and the tie downs, the storage bins, the seat, and the side saddlebags are all black which gives it a really sleek looking finish.

As far as the design goes, there were only two real notes. There were some minor complaints about the side bags which sit right under the rails. They sit a little further forward which some reviewers felt could be moved back slightly to accommodate the boater when they are sitting. The other note is that there seem to be some issues with the cup holder which sits a little too low in order to fit a variety of cups and bottles into it. Some felt that it was nearly pointless which, of course, defeats its purpose.

Outside of some minor design issues, those who bought this appreciated its design and style. They liked the color options and the expensive look of it which is really positive and helped our overall rating.


Polyurethane is quite durable but as mentioned earlier can dent easily. Some have found simply carrying polyurethane kayaks to the till can cause some denting which is an issue from an aesthetical standpoint. That said, it doesn't dent through very often which in turn keeps the boat afloat. This is the most important part.

Another benefit of the H12 is because the design of the boat gives the boat a more titanium appearance and because the paint is more matte than it is high sheen, dents are less noticeable which in turn keeps it looking better longer.

Reviewers appreciated its durability and didn't find it broke down to wear and tear easily.


The primary use of this kayak is for fishing. This means some sitting and rowing and standing and casting. The low hull design, as well as its integrated front and back v-design, helps with stability in the water. Though this is the case, because this is a hybrid product standing in this boat feels a little different. Rather than having more of that separation between yourself and the water, the water feels a lot closer and you'll be able to feel the water below the boat and against the sizes. This is normal for a hybrid but can feel a little weird for those who have never used a hybrid before.

It offers bow bungee tie downs in order to load and unload gear. It also allows those doing kayaking/camping trips to leave it in the water overnight for convenience. It offers a ton of additional storage for gear and equipment as well, and it offers protective saddlebags in order to keep the legs from getting uncomfortable when moving around in it. Secondary usage is definitely simply using it to lounge in on the water. The extra spacious cockpit and cup holder offers the ultimate in leisurely boating.


The deeper hull helps with its weather resistance in that it offers some stability in more aggressive waters. From a durability standpoint, the polyurethane helps protect against wind, water, and sun damage. The paint design is better for fading, especially when looking at the lighter color options. Overall it offers both weather and water resistance which is positive.


This is a little higher in price when considering others on the market. It is a hybrid product and its quite attractive in design which certainly helps the price point. The usage is also nice. Because of the oversized cockpit, it can be used for both fishing and lounging which helps it accommodate more than one use. This definitely helps the price of it. Though the price is a little high, those who bought it didn't mind the price point. Due to all its additional features and protective add-ons, it is definitely a good bang for your buck.


- Hull design provides better stability when on the water
- Seat backpack for more storage and better organization
- Extra-large cockpit to fit a variety of body types and to accommodate individual preferences
- Soft-storage saddlebags for easier mobility
- Accessory rails for even more storage space
- Foot braces are adjustable to accommodate different heights
- Bungee hold-down for security when packing and unpacking


Overall the Ascend H12 is a quite impressive option to consider for your next kayak purchase. It is highly rated by current users and has carved a reputation for itself in being reliable, attractive in design and durable. It is also stable and offers both weather and water protection. The biggest issues with it are mostly its design. This includes the side bags being a little far forward and the cup holder being a little low to accommodate different types of cups and bottles. The other issue is how deep the hull is which can cause some discomfort when rowing especially for those who are a little shorter.

Though this is the case, for the most part, reviewers raved about the Ascend H12 and really appreciated its cost value. The highlights is its spaciousness within the cockpit which ironically is some reviewers complaint. The cockpit is wide and spacious and offers an adjustable seat and footrests. This means that many different body types both tall and short, as well as wide and narrow, can fit in comfortably (for the most part).

It also provides some saddlebags in order to protect and offer comfort for those moving around a lot in it. The stability is also really impressive in that even with waves, it stayed stable and easy to stand in which is great. Finally, its weight capacity is ridiculously impressive.

If you're in the market for a reliable kayak for your fishing and other water adventures, look no further than the Ascend H12. This hybrid option, while not the most affordable on the market, surpassed our expectations and will do the same for yours, too.