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Keen Terradora Review Facts

When out on the trails it is important to wear proper protection and equipment in order to stay safe. This includes items like hiking backpacks that have proper hooks and seals in order to keep your gear intact even when in more rigorous movement. It is also wise to bring proper first aid in kits that are more specific to hiking which helps those in tight or sticky situations get out of them with proper preparation. This also includes a proper pair of footwear which is arguably one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need. This is because hiking shoes and boots typically offer proper lugs and grip to help with wet surfaces and sliding rocks. They also offer proper support throughout key areas like arch and heels in order to keep the hiker safe and also to help with leg and foot fatigue. They also offer protection and durability like toe bumpers and rock plates in order to help protect the hiker from debris they can face along the way including sharp rocks and fallen trees. It is important that one is properly equipped to face the outdoors because this will ultimately protect the hiker, as well as help, keep the hike what it is supposed to be: fun! Other areas to consider are hiking sticks as well as GPS when out on the trails or mountains.

This article focuses on the very popular hiking brand Keen. Keen is a company that started in shoes so the company has the experience to make a superior shoe. They started in Jamestown, Rhode Island and have been around for 14 years. The Terradora is a very popular shoe that is a little controversial with reviewers due to its narrow nature. We looked at consumer reviews in order to determine what consumers liked and disliked about this hiking shoe. We also wanted to know how reliable the shoe is both in longevity and sustainability. This is our comprehensive review of the Keen Terradora. We hope that this article helps you with your next hiking shoe purchase. Please enjoy.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Reviewers found that they required little to no break-in period
  • Reviewers found this shoe is lightweight and it didn't cause early onset leg/foot fatigue
  • Attractive in design which many consumers appreciated 
  • Reviewers found that their feet stayed cool and dry throughout their run
  • Reviewers found tearing across the outsole and forefoot after prolonged use
  • The toe box of this shoe is quite narrow and some wearers felt a little crunched throughout the ball and toes of the foot 


The sole of these shoes offers dual-density PU foam and a low-density midsole which is supposed to offer proper impact reduction, cushioning and support throughout the arch. Those who bought these shoes did find that they offered a decent amount of cushioning, however, it sounds like the shoe does not offer proper arch support. Those who bought these shoes found them comfortable right out of the box and offers great impact reduction, however, which is positive. The soles also seem to provide adequate protection and traction (both are discussed later in this article) which those who bought this shoe were happy with.


These shoes are meant to be worn on the trails. They offer superior traction via their lugs which helps with traction both on sliding surfaces like loose rocks and wet surfaces. It also uses a waterproof membrane which protects the foot from water and moisture throughout the shoe. The upper is regularly reviewed as being quite breathable by consumers which is positive. This means that not only does the traction hold up in wet areas but also the feet stay protected from moisture while also staying cool and dry when in motion. These shoes are ideal for hikes and trails but less so for urban streets and daily wear which should be considered before buying these shoes.


The upper of these shoes offer lightweight mesh which keeps feet well ventilated when in motion. They also offer Keen's waterproof membrane which keeps water out of the shoe as mention above. Those who bought these shoes were impressed by how well ventilated the shoe is as well as how well the waterproof membrane keeps water out even when in areas of high moisture. The upper is also quite lightweight which in turn does not weight the shoe down. This helps improve the hike in that it does not weight down the foot and leg too much which usually is the cause of early-onset foot and leg fatigue. Overall, those who wore these shoes were very happy with their upper which is positive.


These shoes are quite lightweight, which numerous reviewers echoed. One issue that reviewers did find, though, is that the shoes are a little more narrow. This does make the shoes more aesthetically pleasing but doesn't really help with the sizing of the shoe. Those who wore this shoe did find that they were a little more narrow and did require sizing up. Even after sizing up, though, many reivewers found that the toe box of these shoes were quite narrow which in turn made the toes feel a little scrunched up. This should be considered especially by those with wider set feet in particular.


As mentioned earlier in this article, these shoes do offer proper ventilation and airflow throughout as a result of their lightweight mesh uppers. The waterproofing is also provided via Keen's waterproof membrane which keeps water out of the shoe but doesn't quite prevent the airflow, two features that rarely go hand in hand (waterproofing usually prevents airflow while proper airflow usually prevents waterproofing). This is quite positive and helped with our overall positive rating of this shoe.


Those who wore this product did find that these shoes were comfortable right out of the box which is positive. They, from what reviewers noted, required little to no break-in period. They are also quite cushioned which made hikers happy as they felt that their knees and joints were protected with these runners. They also offer superior ventilation which left reviewers feet cool and dry during their treks. One issue that some found with these runners is that they don't offer the proper arch support that is required in order to protect the foot. Those who bought these shoes did find that they needed additional support and rather than returning them, they bought better insoles in order to properly support the bottom half of their foot. Though this is an issue, these shoes aren't terribly priced which does make up for the fact that additional support may be required (by purchase). There were also complaints that the toe box is a little narrow in these shoes and that there wasn't a lot of wiggle room which left toes feeling a little crunched. Outside of these issues, those who wore these shoes were impressed by the level of comfort and cushioning which is positive.


This product is regularly reviewed as being quite attractive in design which is great. They are quite nice, though narrow. The narrowness typically makes for a sleeker look but can sometimes affect the overall fit of the shoe (as was an issue with this particular design). Those who bought this shoe did find that they were quite aesthetically pleasing which included a more feminine look to the shoe in the ladies sizes. This is nice especially for hiking shoes which tend to be a little fatter and bulkier due to their additional protective features. Those who bought this shoe were impressed by the attractive design, as well as the color options available which is positive.


This shoe does seem to be made of quality materials, offering their Keen dry breathable membrane which is supposed to both keep the feet dry but also offer superior breathability to the shoe. The midsole is also made of an EVA material which is a lightweight rubber that is both lightweight and durable which is positive. One issue that reviewers did find is that there are some cracks forming throughout the forefoot of this shoe as well as some disconnection happening between the upper and the outsole. This can prove to be a real concern when considering the waterproofing abilities of this shoe. Without full coverage throughout the bottom of the shoe, the shoe will start to cause some leaking inside the shoe. This should be considered before buying this shoe as more rigorous terrain may not be well suited for this shoe.


These shoes offer protection via their waterproof membrane and toe bumper. The waterproofing keeps water out of the shoe which helps avoid slipping and sliding in the shoe. This also protects against unnecessary blistering throughout the shoe. The other aspect of this shoe that provides protection is the toe bumper. With the terrain that this shoe is being used in, there are more areas that can be bumped into which means that protecting the toes is necessary. These shoes provide toe bumpers in order to both protect the toes and the shoe which is positive.


These shoes provide cushioned panels throughout the collar of the shoe in order to provide support to the ankle and Achilles heel. It also offers a dual-density PU foam footbed which is supposed to provide arch support. Unfortunately, as mentioned later in this article, the arch support just doesn't seem to be there and reviewers said that they replaced the insole entirely for a more supportive option. This would be particularly an issue with those who have existing arch issues. Other features include the shoes lightweight ESS shank which reviewers did really like and did note that it provided adequate support which is positive.


This shoe is quite reasonably priced. The biggest issue with these shoes is that the durability doesn't really seem to be there quick does make us question the shoes actual quality. It also doesn't offer adequate arch support either which requires an additional purchase of a potential insole which, again, makes us a little uneasy about the product. Despite these issues, the shoe is quite reasonably priced especially considering its superior waterproofing and protective features. It's just hard to say whether the value is really there as a result of the long list of cons of this shoe.


-Lightweight and breathable mesh upper
-Keen's added waterproof membrane
-Cushioning throughout the collar
-Mesh lining for better breathability and ventilation
-Dual-density PU Foam footbed
-ESS Shanks for better support
-Heel lock for better stability
-Multi-directional lugs for better traction


Our final thoughts on this shoe are still a little on the fence. The shoe seems to provide a decent level of stability and balance. It also seems to somehow offer great ventilation while also providing incredible waterproofing. The outsole does offer really great traction on all surfaces, however, does seem to break down relatively easily. This affects the shoes incredible waterproofing as well which almost voids out that benefit. They are quite attractive in design as a result of how narrow they are but as a result, the toe box seems to be too small and does crunch the toes. This shoe might be better suited for beginners that are maybe not doing as vigorous of hikes on less aggressive terrains who want a nice starter shoe at a reasonable price. It is probably not the best for the more advanced hikers, those with wider set feet or those who really need superior arch support. That is where we will leave you.