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When it comes to swimwear, there are different styles to choose from. Some like the coverage that comes with the one-piece variety. While others enjoy the freedom to flaunt that the bikini provides.  In the 1990’s came another version of swimwear that often gets overlooked. This new line of swimwear was designed to offer you the best of both worlds. You still get the coverage that the one-piece design has to offer. While giving you a wider variety of style designs like the bikini has to offer. The tankini received its name from the overall look of the suit. It is of the two-piece variety, the top closely resembling the tank top. With this new design, you gain the sense of style that isn’t always offered from the full body variety.

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  • Dokotoo
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  • Flattering
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  • Fiyote
  • 4 out of 5
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  • Eye-Catching Geometric Print
  • Price: See Here
  • ALove
  • 4 out of 5
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  • Push-Up Underwired Cups
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Now that we have gone over what a tankini is, it is time to move on to the part where you choose one. There are many different varieties to choose from. You have several factors to consider when looking for the perfect fit. Your level of comfort while wearing this type of apparel is one of the most important aspects. This will be based on material options, the overall fit, and of course the color selection. But how does one figure out what selections are the best?

I’m glad you asked yourself that question, as I have just the right solution for you. Aside from spending what seems like an eternity trying on everything you look at in the store, there are articles such as this one to help you find your way. Here we have created a buying guide to help you narrow down the field a bit. Giving you a selection of products that we have put careful consideration into. With these selections, you will see that we have included a highlighted portion for each of their best characteristics. So let’s get started, shall we?

10 Best Tankinis


1. Dokotoo

1. Dokotoo
First up is an option that was cut to give you a flattering look and feel. This option can be used for many occasions as it pairs well with any ensemble.
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Not everyone has the confidence to sport a two-piece fashion. Here is a selection that offers you a similar look while providing you added coverage to the midsection. You essentially get to show off a little sense of style without exposing too much.

This option does come as a set but the possibilities for creativity are endless. As the top can be paired with any pants type of your choice. Try it out with some leggings for a day at the gym or jeans for a more relaxed style.

Cost and Value
This can be valuable as a wardrobe addition, as it can be used for just about any occasion. You get the coverage you need to feel comfortable in your own skin, while still having the ability to strut your stuff a little.

There are no underwires in the bra portion.

This can be used for many different occasions.

Offered in a large variety of both colors and patterns.

The straps are adjustable.


Some have stated that the sizes for this do run big.

There are complaints that there is no bust support.

2. Fiyote

2. Fiyote
Next one on the list is of the stylish variety. Added to the style are some amazing features that will provide support in the areas you need it the most. You will definitely have the potential to turn some heads with this selection.
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Each top has a uniquely cut neckline, allowing you to show a style as unique as yourself. The material for the top will also have a fashionable design printed on it. Putting some flare into your apparel choice.

Each top comes with a shelf style bra that will support you while your swimming at the pool or beach. The bra will have removable padding that you can choose to use or simply take it out. To control the level of support you can adjust the straps of the top to your liking.

Cost and Value
This is an option for those looking for a little more support from their swimwear without sacrificing in the fashion sense. You can choose from several colors and pattern designs all at an affordable cost.

The neckline is a unique design feature.

The top comes with built-in support for your bust.

The straps for the top are adjustable.

This will come with a matching bottom.


Some have stated that the top will flare out toward the bottom for a non-flattering look.

3. ALove

3. ALove
This one isn't just about the style or fashion sense. With this design, you get some quality attributes that are needed for a day spent in the water. You will look and feel amazing in this selection.
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The materials used to create this product will provide you with a suit that is functional. The material blend used for the top portion will allow the fabric to dry quickly when you get out of the water. Making you more comfortable for a day at the beach or poolside.

The top was designed to provide you with a comfort fit. The bra will feature an underwire for added support. While the straps can be adjusted to fit the top to your standards. One final feature that is quite popular, the top is designed to offer you support in the belly region.

Cost and Value
Here we have a functional and affordable selection for you to choose from. The materials will offer you a quick-drying option for those times you are in and out of the water. With a fit this comfortable you won't even realize you are wearing a suit.

The bra has a built-in underwire.

This top is constructed to control the mid-section.

The straps can be adjusted to control the comfort.

Materials provide a quick-drying option.


Customers have stated that this is not the best option for women with larger bust sizes.

4. Sociala

4. Sociala
A suitable selection for any trip to the beach or vacationing poolside. Here is a selection that will set you apart from the rest where fashion is concerned.
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Here we have an option that will come in several choices for both color and pattern. Pair that with the design of the top and you will be the center of attention while on your vacation.

There is nothing worse than constantly having to reposition the top of your swimwear. This option can minimize that issue for you as the straps can be adjusted to your liking. This will help to keep the top positioned where you need it.

Cost and Value
Falling in line with the earlier selection on the list as far as cost goes. This selection will have you looking and feeling great while enjoying some time in the sun.

The fit can be adjusted by the straps.

Plenty of color and pattern choices.

Made from fabric that will dry quickly.

Thin padding in the cups of the bra.


Some have stated that the material for the top seems to be thin.

5. Luvamia

5. Luvamia
Now comes an option that has several different characteristics that we have not yet explored. Offering you more coverage than ever before, this one will give you a real sense of security.
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Zip Closure
To control the amount of exposure that you're comfortable with, this top has a one of a kind feature. There is a zipper installed right at the neckline, which allows you to expose as little or as much skin as you are comfortable with.

The Bottoms
As a means of changing up the style a bit, this option comes with an entirely different designed bottom. Typically found in the shorts variety or even to resemble underwear. With these, you get a totally different look, as they come in the form of a skirt.

Cost and Value
With this choice, you can dare to be different than everyone else. For the more modest, this offers you a way to enjoy yourself without exposing more than you are comfortable with.

Has a zipper closure to adjust the fit.

The bottoms are a skirt.

This is offered in a range of sizes.

There is no underwire add to the bra portion.


Some customers have stated that the zipper is of poor quality.

The sizing for this product does seem to run a tad small.

6. Happy Sailed

6. Happy Sailed
Next comes a product that suits those who prefer a little more room in their apparel choices. This one will keep you covered no matter what activities you are participating in.
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The Fit
Often times we find that clothing that clings to us can be annoying. It leads us astray when seeking some beach or pool apparel choices. With a fit like this one provides, you no longer need to worry about the cling factor. As this one is designed to be slightly roomier than some of the other options.

Elastic Band
At the bottom of the top is an elastic band that will keep this from riding up. When at the pool or beach there is no need to stop to fix the top of your suit.

Cost and Value
When seeking an option that provides you with a little freedom, as far as adjustments go this is the selection for you. For those who like a more comfortable feel, this selection has your back.

Made to provide a loose fit.

There is an elastic band that prevents riding.

Plenty of colors and design patterns to choose from.

The bottom fits like a bikini bottom.


The size options for these do run small.

Some customers have stated that the bra area offers little support.

7. Sidefeel

7. Sidefeel
Here we get to take a look at a new style design for the top portion of this swimwear. With this option, you will definitely be the envy of the pool.
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Different Look
Made to be more of a flyaway design, this adds some depth and dimension to your suit option. The flyaway potion of the top is more of an open design or providing more of a flap to put a spin on things.

The Strap
With this selection, you get choices for the straps. One of which will be the around the neck fashion, eliminating the actual straps being on your back. For those seeking something more supportive in fashion, try the straps that criss-cross in the back.

Cost and Value
This one offers you a way to be different for the rest of the pack this summer. With plenty of color and design option to choose from. Here is an option that could become the next valuable possession in your summer attire.

The design of the top was made to be different.

The material blend used is to provide a quick drying time.

These come in several size options.

The strap choices offer a different style fit.


Some customers have stated that the design of the top was not very flattering for them.

8. Aleumdr

8. Aleumdr
Another great option when comfort is what you are seeking. Made to offer you the highest amount of coverage from the top to the bottom. The size ranges offered will ensure that there is one to fit almost everyone.
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Comfort Fit
Made to provide you with the most comfortable fit possible. The back is of the racerback design which cuts back on the annoyance of having straps. The materials used will provide for a looser feel. for some, that alone offers a large amount of comfort.

Size Options
For some, shopping for a summer suit will be the most frustrating experience ever. It can be hard to find just the right size to fit the shape of your body. With this option, there are plenty of sizes, from big to small they seem to have them all.

Cost and Value
When comfort is what you seek, this one has plenty to offer you. The strap design will minimize the irritation that can be caused by straps. There are plenty of sizes to choose from so finding the right fit should come easy.

The back design is racerback.

There are a wide variety of sizes to choose from.

The fit is made to be slightly looser.

The bra section is wireless with removable padding.


Customers have complained that the bottoms are relatively big in size.

9. Century Star

9. Century Star
Next on the list is one that promises to deliver in all the right areas. Here will take a look at a different style bottom to fit your comfort needs.
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The Delivery
As we briefly stated above this one was created to deliver in all the right areas. Here we will point a few of those areas out for you. Take for example the breathable material. This will allow the suit to dry rather quickly and reduce the amount of sweating. TO boost things up a bit, the bra is designed with padding to lift the bust line for a more flattering look.

The Bottoms
One of the biggest issues with the bottom portion of swimwear is the fact that they tend to ride up. It gets embarrassing when you are constantly digging them out of unwanted areas. These are designed to prevent this from happening to you. With this boy short design, you can feel free to run around with confidence.

Cost and Value
This selection can add a ton of value to your summertime fun. The best part is you won't break the bank making this purchase either. Offering you the right amount of support in the places you need it the most.

The materials used will allow for breathability.

The bra portion adds a little lift for a more flattering fit.

Boy short style bottoms prevent unwanted riding.

Plenty of colors and pattern styles to choose from.


Some who have purchased this have stated that the bottoms do run small.

10. Grace's Secret

10. Grace's Secret
The last product that we have come to offers you a little modesty when the situation calls for it. Available in many size selections there is definitely something for everyone.
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The materials used will provide you with a more form-fitting option to choose from. The design is cut to provide you with a modest amount of coverage for those occasions when it is needed.

This one comes in a large variety of size options to choose from. Making it easier for those who have trouble finding the right fit. The better the suit fits the more likely you are to be comfortable.

Cost and Value
This is the perfect selection when you need a more modest approach to your beachwear. These are offered in a wide variety of size selections. This makes it easier for those who have issues finding suits they can be comfortable in.

The cut of the design offers some modesty.

Comes in a couple of color choices.

The bottoms are boy style shorts.

The shoulder straps can be adjusted to change the fit of the suit.


Those who have purchased this have stated that they do run small in size.

The remainder of this guide will cover the research that we put into searching out these selections for you. We like to include this for you so that you can see for yourself what all of the options are. For some, this will provide clarity when making their decision. As some will find the material, fit, and color options to be quite overwhelming.  At the end of the guide, you will see a section that includes frequently asked questions about our topic at hand. These are included to clear up some of the more common reservations that a person may have. From there, all that is left for you to do is get out there and enjoy your free time.

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Tankinis

Material Options

When it comes to creating this type of summer gear often times you will notice that they are made from a blend of materials. This is done so that you receive a combination of potential benefits. The materials you choose will affect several aspects of your apparel choice. Some will change the way in which the suit will fit and feel. While others will provide breathability and quick drying capabilities. Here you will find what each material is along with the potential it has to offer.

Polyester: This is one of the more popular material choices for manufacturers to use when it comes to creating a competitive swim line. Polyester has a list of multiple benefits. It provides breathability which adds to the quick-drying potential. There is also a high amount of durability that comes with using polyester as one of the materials in the blend. You will notice that this material is also resistant to fading as well as exposure to harsh chemicals such as chlorine. Overall polyester gives you a softer more comfortable feel for your swimwear. One issue that does come with polyester is suits that made form this can be difficult to out on as polyester will have a lower stretch factor.

Spandex: Here is a material that has the ability to be stretched for a more contoured fit. You will notice that these will come as a blended material option. This is due to the fact that spandex can cause the skin to become itchy. Spandex blend suits are more readily available in the stores for purchase and will cost less than the polyester variety. Exposure to chlorine is not recommended with spandex, as the material doesn’t hold up quite as well against the chemical.

Nylon: When looking at the tags in the store you will notice that the most common material blend is nylon with spandex. The nylon offers a durable lightweight selection of material. While the spandex will add a sense of flexibility to the suit. The blend will be one of the fastest drying options out there reducing the chances of skin irritation. Many will choose this material option just for the fact that it is easy to care for.

Factoring in Your Body Type

This can be the most stressful part of the shopping experience for many. Finding the perfect fit to flatter your more positive areas while drawing attention away from your problem areas. The end result often times ends in you leaving without the suit you went shopping for. Below you will find some tips that will show you what or what not to look for according to your body shape.

Fuller Chest: Women who have a fuller chest should stick with a top that has underwire and wider straps to offer them the most support. When looking to attract a little attention, choose a top that offers you moderate coverage and has a lower or V-neck. This will provide you with a more naturally flattering look without exposing too much. Just keep in mind that you will want to stay away from tops with thin straps and pushup padding. Both of these things can cause you to pop out of the top which I’m sure you do not want this.

Smaller Chest: Not all of us are well endowed in the chest area so we have to learn to accentuate what we do have. Knowing the key features of a top can help us achieve this goal. When trying them on try to find one that has either lifting abilities or a little padding to boost the appearance factor. Often times the pattern or decorative features can help create a fuller looking chest. Lines that run horizontally and ruffles can make your bust seem bigger. You will want to stay away from tops that are one solid color as those will offer no flattering aspects at all.

Plus Sized Ideas: For women with a fuller figure choosing the right suit is a matter of finding which one can highlight your more flattering areas. Whilst drawing attention away from the areas you are concerned about. One way in which you can work to achieve this is the colors you choose to wear. Bright shades can highlight the areas of your body that you are pleased with. While darker shades will help draw attention away from the places you deem as less appealing. To present the image of having a longer thinner looking midsection, look for a suit that has a large pattern or print on it. You can definitely choose one that is intended to offer you figure control in the midsection as well. This will keep things in just the right place to give you a boost of confidence. It will be better suited for you to stray away from solid colored suits and those of the two-piece variety that tend to expose more skin.

For Those Without Curves: A top with patterns such as lines in the horizontal fashion or one that has some ruffles will give you a fuller looking appearance in the chest area. You can certainly pair those designs with a top that has a padded or pushup effect in the bra portion. As for the bottoms, choosing one that has a belt or that is in the form of a skirt can give you the appearance that your own bottom is fuller than it is.

Short Midsection: Select an option that has a design down the front like one that has different sizes and shapes. These are often found on the one-piece variety and can give your midsection a longer look. Another great feature to look for would be a higher neckline. It is best to try to avoid those suits that have no straps at all. These will tend to give you an unflattering look.

Longer Midsection: You can create a diversion with a suit that has brighter colors along with colors of multiple shades. That will give your midsection a shortened look to it. Pair that top with a bottom that is cut slightly higher in the leg area. One-piece designs are less flattering for those who have longer midsections so it is beneficial to stay away from those.

For Bodies Shaped Like Pear: There are strategies for the ladies out there who have what is known as the dreaded pear-shaped body. You can make selections that will help draw attention to the more flattering sections of your body. Start by choosing a top that is brightly colored and pair it with a bottom that is of a solid yet darker tone. This will draw the eyes to your midsection rather than to your waistline.

As some added food for thought, although there are a ton of recommendations for what you should choose for your body type, the only opinion that matters is your own. You are the one that needs to wear the suit so it is best to choose one that you are comfortable in. When choosing a suit for use in the sun it is also helpful to choose one that will offer a line of defense against the rays of the sun. Sunburn can happen rather quickly and can be a painful experience altogether.

What the Apparel Will Be Used For

It is a good idea to keep in mind what you will be doing while wearing this type of apparel. There are those selections intended for a more active person. This to me means those who partake in watersports. In that case, you will want to seek out an option for its potential to perform. One of the polyester variety will be a better-equipped option. As they tend to be more durable and can hold their shape rather well. For a day at the beach, you will most likely be looking for a selection that keeps you looking great. Choosing one with features that accentuate the finer aspects of your body type. Whatever your reason for this type of apparel the best option is the one that you are most comfortable in.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of a tankini?

A: The tankini is much like all the other apparel of its kind. It was created as another form of swimwear in a line meant for women. It offers the coverage that a one-piece design has to offer while giving the fashion sense of the two-piece variety. It is not uncommon to see people also using these as workout gear and not just for the water. There are options that come with the top that offer great support in the areas you need it the most. One of the more appealing aspects that can draw people toward these is the ability to make this a versatile option. Many will pair this type of top with different bottom styles to give their ensemble a whole new look and feel.

Q: How do you remove chlorine from swimwear?

A: Although it is always best to follow the manufacturers instructions for caring for your apparel you do have some options for removing chlorine safely from the clothing. Wash the suit in cold water temperatures with a detergent that does not contain harsh chemicals. Then allow it to air dry completely. If there are any lingering scents of chlorine you can purchase a chlorine remover. To use this, fill a sink with cold water and ad a drop or two of the remover to it. Allow the suit to soak in the solution for a couple of hours. It can be helpful to swish the suit around from time to time. Be sure to ring the suit free of moisture before hanging it up to dry.

Q: How do I know if my selection fits right?

A: Your choice in suits will need to be comfortable for you to wear without feeling awkward.  Essentially they are meant to be more of a snug fit but you shouldn’t feel as though you have stuffed yourself inside of the material. The top should support you in the chest area while still giving you a feel of comfort. You really don’t want to choose one that forces you to fell crammed in up top. This can lead to a serious disaster later down the road. The bottoms should stay put without riding up or falling off the waist.

Q: Do these come with different options for the bottom portion?

A: This will depend upon the manufacturer of the actual suit. There are some that will offer a choice as far as the type of bottom that comes with your purchase. While others will specify which bottoms go with certain tops. When shopping in store there is the possibility that you can mix-n-match your set as some are sold as separate articles of clothing. As far as different types there are several of those available to the consumer. There are the boy short style, a skirt or the traditional bikini style bottom. With the bikini style, there are often several cut styles to choose from as well.

Q: Which material option is better suited for performance?

A: Many will select the polyester variety for a number of good reasons. For those who swim competitively, it is for the resistance to chlorine. Not to mention the fact that polyester is one of the more durable material types used for swimwear. It will provide a feel that is both comfortable and softer. You will notice that these are slightly more difficult when it comes to putting them on and taking them off. That is due to the fact that polyester has a low stretch factor to it. These will come at a higher cost than some of the other fabric options.

Q: How do you keep the top from floating up?

A: With ever-changing materials and designs there are options to choose from that won’t float out of place while in the water. Now you can find them in the fly-away fashion this is where the top opens slightly so to speak. In that opening is a snugger fitting material that aids in coverage and keeping the top in place. There are those that have strings to keep them tightly secured at the bottom as well. Elastic bands at the bottom will also help prevent floating top issues. When all else fails you can tuck the top into the bottoms of the suit while in the water, trust me no one will even notice that you needed to do this.


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