Badlands Superday Pack

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Badlands Superday Pack Review Facts

If you are looking for the all-around backpack that stands the longevity test, the Badlands Superday Pack may be what you want. It is large enough to hold all the items necessary for a hunt, an excursion, or a hike.

Regardless of the tour or trip, it is an efficient and durable pack. No matter how good a pack is, insurance does not hurt. The highest quality materials are used, and excellent precision goes into intricate seams.

The chance of a tear or other damage is unlikely, but the warranty offered has no expiration date. Badlands will fix a problem whenever it occurs. The offer extends to bags purchased in second-hand shops. If the damage cannot be repaired, the bag will be replaced.

The bag retails for about $200. It is the most popular bag sold by Badlands. The owners of Badlands are hunters, so they know what is needed to get the job done. The Superday Pack is not just a backpack. It is fantastic, it will not fail, it will last a lifetime.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • 1950 cubic inches of capacity
  • Built-in hydration reservoir
  • Can carry weapons
  • Molded frame suspension
  • Scratch and water resistant
  • Hydration pack is not included
  • Not totally waterproof


The boot has adjustable straps to suit the length of the rifle or bow and hold the position correctly. It keeps dirt, mud, and sand out of the bottom of the gun or bow. One tester puts a face cloth in and around the boot to keep the weapon out of the water.

The adjustable straps allow them to be positioned around the scope of a rifle or around the sight, quiver, stabilizer, or whisker biscuit depending on how a bow is set up. When it is in place, it is cinched down quite firmly to eliminate all movement of the weapon when hiking to the hunting spot.

The hydration exit point is marked with an H₂O symbol, so the user knows where to feed the tube. The hydration pack is housed along the back wall of the main compartment. The hydration pack is a separate purchase.


Hunting takes place in the forest. The environment is rough. It is not a place for fragile materials or people. Sharp twigs and stones carpet the rough terrain. There are thorns, thickets, and branches that can slap the hunter in the face.

The quality of the Badlands Superday Pack has not been compromised. The pack is made from Badlands own KXO 32 camouflage. The story goes that the name came from the number of times it took for Badlands to get it right. It is resilient and blends well with the surroundings.

Badlands stands behind their material and state it is among the quietest and most durable fabric in the hunting world. No noise is produced when it is opened, or things are removed from the backpack.

The material features a Teflon mesh membrane that allows the fabric to stay soft and supple in the coldest of environment making it perfect for hunting in the snow. For those high-stress areas, they use Hypalon which is another high-strength, high-quality, quiet, and flexible material that gives added strength and durability for the life of the pack.

The Aramid thread is made of plastic. The thread is yellow because it is so dense it cannot be dyed. The thread appears all over the back, showing the user the kinds of reinforcement that have gone into the design.

There is also webbing that is custom woven and dyed to Badlands specifications, sing one of the highest quality nylons available. The color is matched to natural tones seen while hunting. They help keep the user hidden and out of sight.


Comfort eludes many hunting backpacks. The Badlands Superday Pack receives high scores in the comfort category. Sometimes, the bag has to be carried for the entire time it is being used. If the bag is not comfortable, the whole experience is challenging.

Someone hanging the pack over the shoulders will hardly feel the weight of the bag. The Badlands Superday Pack is an amazingly durable and ultra-comfortable day pack. The back padding is highly breathable which increases comfort.

The entire back is padded which is very comfortable, especially when carrying weight. The weight is distributed across the back instead of only on the shoulders. Weight distributes down to the hips which adds to the comfort.

The pack generally feels cool across the back in most situations. The back may get sweaty when running with the pack attached. The heavy buckle of the waistband is the perfect size for use while wearing gloves.

The clip for the waist is big. It is easy to get off and on, especially in low light. The two side straps are used to adjust the height. Pulling down on them lifts the pack. When it sits on the waist, it is most comfortable when taking a long walk in the woods.

When comfort is essential, even for short trips when weight is carried into and out of the woods, the Badlands Superday Pack is likely the most comfortable pack available. It is recommended to loosen the strap before putting on the backpack.

Put the weight on the hips, then close the chest strap. Pull the straps that bring the weight to the back. Side straps will bring the load in tighter. Two compression straps on the back are used to attach the rifle or bow.

It is also recommended to play around with the adjustment on the height of the boot, bedroll, or tent before going on a hunt to find the perfect combination so that the focus is on the hunt and not on the gear.


The Superday Pack is king of durability. It is well-constructed and strong. The KXO 32 camouflage fabric is super resilient and water resistant. Hypalon is a thread that is used to reinforce areas of high-stress. It is a strong, yet flexible material.

For further reinforcement, the backpack is bolstered with Aramid material. Aramid fibers are strong enough to lift 110 pounds in weight. The combination of KX0 32 camo, Hypalon, and Aramid places the Superday among the most durable.

The lining of the pockets secures supplies and protects them from damage as the user walks or run. The zippers are high-quality. Users that have had the bag for a couple of years have had no issues with them. The bag holds up in the harshest of conditions. The dense foam back is more rigid than other backpacks. It is sculpted well for the waist.


The Badlands Superday Pack is large enough to carry a substantial number of items. Its size is still convenient and comfortable to carry. The dimensions are 21” X 16” X 11”. The main compartment grants 1440 cubic inches.

The other pockets increase the total carrying capacity to 1950 cubic inches. The pack weighs three pounds and 15 ounces when it is empty. A backpack that accommodates comfortable carrying of a rifle is a hunter’s dream. A drop down boot provides a snug place for the weapon to sit. The boot is held on with two clips at the bottom. The straps prevent the pack from going anywhere.


Having hands free when climbing into a stand is an aspect of importance. When tracking a deer, the pack can be strapped on the back and taken throughout the tracking process. The amount of gear that fits into the pockets is impressive.

The side pockets have loop sections for hanging more gear. Behind the side pockets are more loop sections and two hidden pistol holders, one on the right and one on the left. They have Velcro security straps to ensure the pistol doesn’t move.

There are slots on the shoulder strap in the Hypalon material perfect for attaching a small knife. It is a feature often overlooked but can be invaluable in the field. One tester uses the main compartment to separate clean and muddy clothes. A lot of gear can be jammed in the pack without making it uncomfortable.


A lot of thought and work went into the design of the bag. Badlands is so thorough with making the bag there is a little sleeve that slides over the plastic clips to protect them. The stitching is solid and will not break.

It is essential to keep from knocking or slamming the weapon into the ground when taking it off or sitting. When a bedroll or tent is attached to the bottom of the pack, it protects contact with the ground.

The quick grip handle is great when getting on and off a plane and through customs and security. During the hunt, it is only used when taking it in and out of the vehicle. Most of the time the pack is on the back.


The back of the pack is a molded foam suspension. It is ergonomically designed to take the shape of the user’s back. The pack matches the contour of the person. As soon as the foam meets the back, it reshapes, so the back has a soft resting place.

The back rests on the pack, not the pack resting on the back. The suspension keeps the weight raised to maintain an upright posture. It eases the burden of the load. The straps across the chest are adjustable. There is a strap to control how tight the pistol sits between the outside and inside the hip. The waistband is padded.


A day spent hunting requires carrying some food. It is essential to have a pack with compartments in which food doesn’t go bad or get squashed. The pack has adequate space for necessary hunting equipment.

There are three main compartments and seven pockets. Packing is easy and orderly because everything has a place. Retrieving items from the bag is fast. Everything does not have to be disorganized to find one thing which makes carrying an assortment of tools possible.

The largest compartment has a mesh pocket in the back. There is an elastic divider in the main compartment that is great for organizing gear. There is also a divider in the secondary chamber to use for the same purpose.

Some side pockets are elongated. They are perfect for water bottles or some rifles. The pack does not necessarily have to be put down to access the pockets with ease. One tester disagrees with the side pockets being easy to access. He felt they were a bit awkward.

Because the pack is a hunting backpack, there has to be a place for a rifle or bow. It is the feature that makes it a hunting backpack. A special boot is allocated for guns or bows with the Badlands Superday Pack. The boot is adjustable to meet the unique needs for different types of weapons. The boot folds into a pocket of its own.

The pack has the ideal compartment for a bow and arrows, a gun, or whatever rifle is preferred. Pistols can be stored on the waist belt sides that are easily retrievable. The built-in weapon carry system is a pedigree revelation.

Without it, the pack is just another backpack. Lashing straps at the back of the pack secure a rifle or bow in place. Each side of the waist belt has a built-in holster to place a sidearm. Water is a critical component of any expedition.

The user has to carry enough water to ensure proper hydration. Badlands built in a two-liter hydration reservoir. A separate water bottle is not necessary. The base straps can be used for a bedroll or camouflage netting. There is a strap across the top that can be used to carry the backpack.

Key Features

* 100 percent nylon
* 1950 cubic inch capacity
* Camouflage pattern
* Carries weapons
* Convenient pocket placement
* Molded foam suspension
* Weights 3 pounds, 15 ounces

Bottom Line

The Badlands Superday Pack’s carrying capacity meets the needs of those looking for functionality. The molded foam suspension ensures as much comfort as possible. Fanatics about organization and making things easy love the Superday Pack.

The bag has the same importance as any other equipment. It has to work at the moment it’s needed. It is part of the equipment and hunt. The Badlands Superday Day Pack is definitely worth the money. Their legendary warranty is the best in the business. When a company stands behind the product, users are assured of quality.