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Asics Jolt Review Facts

The Asics Jolt reminds one of the earlier, popular models. It is not built around the newest technology. The shoe if for average runners who run at most, moderate miles each week. Runners rave about the comfort offered by the shoe.

A cushioned fit and feel is derived from a combination of an adaptive, springy insole, high abrasion rubber outsole, and breathable mesh uppers. There is a removable sock liner. It can be replaced with a variety of insoles that create a custom fit. The style leans more to the classic than the fashionable. Runners don’t seem to mind because of the affordable price tag.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Multiple color options
  • Sturdy shoes for runners
  • Supportive
  • Not meant for speed
  • Less fashionable


Jolt provides a stable, solid base. Asics patented High Abrasion Rubber is used in the construction of the outsole. The materials protect the other parts of the shoe when it absorbs the shock of each step.

That protection increases the lifespan of the shoes. They last longer than the traditional running shoe on the market today. A series of flex grooves and lugs aid in keeping runners upright when the terrain is slippery. The configuration provides runners with a natural gait cycle.


The midsole is the shoe’s foundation. The sock liner rests on the midsole in these running shoes. It is sometimes called the ‘last.’ The softer an insole is, the less torsional stability a shoe has. Firm insoles provide more stability shoe has.

Firm insoles provide more stability and structure. An EVA midsole is made of material similar to that used for orthotic top covers. It is firmer than an orthotic top cover. Soft midsoles wear faster.

Traditional EVA midsole foam is used in the midsole of the Asics Jolt. EVA stands for ethyl vinyl acetate. It is closed cell foam that creates cushion and stability. Those are the essential factors of quality midsoles.

The foam absorbs shock and provides runners with cushioning. An EVA midsole is often embedded with a secondary cushioning system such as encapsulated air or gel. The Asics Jolt has rear front gel technology applied.

Rear front gel technology is the key to shock absorption. When the cells are compressed, they provide shock absorption and cushioning. The advantage of an EVA midsole is its low density and lightweight. It is perfect for footwear in which weight is a factor.

Over time, the bubbles lose some air and compress. For that reason, the EVA midsole is recommended for low-mileage runners rather than those who run long distances. There is a removable sock liner. It can be replaced with orthopedic insoles to improve the arch support of runners.


A combination of natural and synthetic materials comprise the upper of the Asics Jolt. A key feature is a lightweight mesh that provides visible breathability to the runner. Along the sides and toe box, there are large ventilation holes inserted to ensure feet stay comfortable and cool.

The risk of blisters is reduced. A synthetic laminate mid-cage protects feet from unwanted movements. Overlays create the cage feature that provides added stability and support as runners go through their workout. The design of the cage laces over the shoe’s heel. It holds the foot in place. The cage helps eliminate unwanted irritation and friction during workouts.


Breathability is among the details that are most rated. The upper of the Asics Jolt is lightweight mesh covered in places by a synthetic cage overlay. It does a terrific job of providing runners with breathability.

The design lets air enter the shoes, circulate the feet, and aid in regulating the temperature inside the shoes. Walkers and runners have commented about how the shoes keep their feet comfortable and cool even in warm weather. Hot spots and blisters are kept at bay. The feet are cooled by Ortholite technology that wicks away moisture. It inhibits fungus and odor and provides long-lasting cushioning.


The athlete who prefers a heavy, cushioned sole finds comfort in the sturdier and heavier base of the Asics Jot sneaker that is padded with EVA midsole foam. People who spending a lot of time on their feet each day come to appreciate the recommendation of this shoe.

In addition to being breathable, the removable sock liner that is included lets runners customize the shoe to fit their medical and comfort needs. Runners who have side feet highly recommend this shoe.


Unique designs and bright colors are trademarks of Asics shoes. This shoe does not have the pizzazz of the patented integrated Asics insignia. It is found along the side of the shoe. This style has a more thrown back feel and appearance.

The colors are more muted than past Asics products. It is a boxier shoe than Asics’ newer models. The shoe has a round toe and a lace-up closure. Runners still have decent color options from which to choose such as black with onyx, black with carbon, glacier gray, and island blue.


The Asics Jolt can take a beating. Runners tell us the low price tag and extended lifespan of the shoes places them among the best values on the market. The High Abrasion Rubber of the outsole is firmer and more durable than other types of rubber used in running shoes.

It is the same material used on the tires of racing cars. The shoe looks newer longer due to the cage overlay on the shoe’s upper. The durable, lightweight Asics Jolt outlasts the competition. The shoes can be used for weightlifting walking on a treadmill, step aerobics, or cardio kickboxing.


The shoe has several protective details. A laminated mid cage overlay protects the foot from side to side movements. It wraps back through the heel. The overlay reduces risks of wanted movements by locking the foot in place.

Injury prone runners like the added support and cushioning provided by the shoe. It helps protect them from pain. The reflective overlay keeps runners visible and safe when running or walking during the evening.

The High Abrasion Rubber of the outsole protects the shoe from wear and tear. Rear front technology is responsible for shock absorptions with each footstep. It protects the runner from joint injuries.

You want a shoe to fit snugly. Heel slippage occurs, and blisters are caused if the shoe is too loose. You do not want the shoe to be too tight either. Tight shoes contribute to bunion pain and neuroma formation.

The rear gel tolerance is perfect for low-mileage running. The system alleviates shock impact and promotes consisted of smooth strides from beginning to end of a run. The process is called attenuating shock during impact. It allows a smooth transition to midstance.


Asics is a trusted name in running shoes for women and men. The midsole of the Asics Jolt is recommended for conditions such as hallux limitus/rigidus, posterior tibial tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. Running shoes have thick midsoles.

The design of the shoes is not highly responsive. They have an outsole and midsole that have more cushion and are thicker than more responsive shoes. Runners or walkers who move at a slower pace for fewer miles benefit most from the shoe. It is not designed to be an explosive athletic shoe used for fast dynamic workouts.


The lack of technology of the shoe is compensated by the support it offers. A cushioned base made of an EVA midsole molds to the foot’s shape which gives runners added arch support. The sock liner can be removed and replaced with a medical orthopedic to customize the shoe to specific needs.

The foot is locked in place by the upper portion of the shoes with the aid of the midfoot cage design. Details such as these make the Asics Jolt an excellent option for beginning runners and athletes who get most of their cardio exercise by walking.

The shoes have the support needed for side to side movement. With normal or little pronation, the outsole of the heel hits at an increased angle that causes shock transmission through the lower legs. The foot rolls inward to support the body weight and absorb shock.


The shoe is best suited for easy to moderate road running. Treadmill walking and running are well served also. The shoe does not have the aggressive supports and lug system that keep runners safe on off-road adventures.


The price of Asics Jolt is one of its best assets. It costs about half of the amount of most road running shoes on the market today. Runners who have just started running appreciate the lower price tag.

It is an excellent shoe for low mileage. The High Abrasion Rubber outsole lasts a long time. It is perfect for runners who do not want to spend a lot of money on a sport where participation is at the entry level. The shoes sell for prices that range from $25 to $95. Running shoes with EVA midsoles are less expensive than footwear that has polyurethane insoles.


Asics’ High Abrasion Rubber keeps runners secure when conditions are slippery. The underfoot of the shoe has a triangular design that aids in keeping runners upright. It is the ideal design for new or heavier runners who feel less than confident on their feet. The outsole gets high marks for the level of traction, but is not enough to be considered a quality trail running shoe.


Flexible is not an adjective used to describe the Asics Jolt. The runner looking for a minimalist, lightweight shoe needs to keep looking. This shoe has a reinforced midsole to add stability and support. While the mesh upper is lightweight, the shoe is covered by a synthetic overlay system.


Stability issues are addressed with a solid base and midsole cushioning. The design of the shoe helps keep feet in place. However, The shoe is not explicitly designed to improve the overall gait or prevent overpronation issues.

Pronation is the natural movement of the body. As to feet, it is the way feet roll inward to distribute the impact of landing. Understanding the pronation of the foot helps to find a comfortable running shoe. People with high arches push off on the smaller toes on the outside of the foot. Normal size arches push off in an even distribution from the front of the foot. People who purchased the shoes attest to its comfort and arch support.


The heel drop of this shoe is more traditional than some running shoes. A conventional heel drop is generally, what is offered in Asics shoes. They are not designed for the runner who want a minimal or zero heel drop. The runner makes full ground contact with the shoes.

Key Features

12-ounce weight
EVA midsole foam
High Abrasion Rubber outsole
Laminate midsole cage
Less expensive than the average running shoe
Rear front gel technology
Removable sock liner

Bottom Line

New runners benefit most from this shoe. The simple design lacks more modern technology found in some Asics shoes. It offers a sturdy base and added support for runners who need protection from joint injury and pain.

Details such as the rear front gel technology and mid cage overlays on the uppers do an excellent job of keeping the feet locked in place. They also help absorb shock with each step. It is a classic style that is reminiscent of other designs.

There is a broad variety of colors available. The lower price tag sets well with runners. The 12-ounce shoe is heavier than many running shoes. It is most helpful for people who spend the majority of their time on their feet or runners who need added support and cushioning. The Asics Jolt offers a removable sock liner. It can be replaced with medical orthopedics to customize the shoe to the needs of the runner.