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YI 4K+ Review Facts

It can be hard to filter through all the new technology available on the market. Manufacturers throughout the world are coming out with cheaper and cheaper methods of building electronics which are driving down the cost of these types of technologies. In such a diluted market, how does one find reliable equipment that will not only serve its purpose but also make us happy? No one wants to waste money on items that just don't serve them. And because there are many alternative knock-offs it's really tempting to dabble in that market in order to save a little.

Our website offers unbiased reviews on technology, home, outdoors and health products that are available on the market today. We don't just look for the most cost effective but also the highest quality and the highest rated products. We also research what consumers who bought these products didn't like about it and why. Not all issues with products are issues for everyone and this is why it's important to understand why one consumer might rate a product 3/5 stars while others rate it 5/5.

This review is on the YI 4K+. This is a camera offered by YI and is considered an action camera. We looked at what consumers liked and disliked about it, as well as tried to gauge its value based on how it was built, what features it offers and how reliable the camera is. This is our review of the YI 4K+, we hope that this article assists you with your next sports action camera purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Reputable video and photo quality 
  • Lightweight and compact size 
  • Attractive design 
  • Loaded with additional features
  • Poor mic quality 
  • No waterproofing features


This camera comes with a couple of different accessories including the unit itself, a charging/downloading cable, an internal battery, and an instruction manual. A couple of things to note about this device, unlike many of its competitors, this device is not waterproof or water resistant. They made up for this by designing a waterproof case to hold it when waterproofing is required but this does not mean that it should be completely submerged in water.

This case is also not included in the box, this is an additional purchase and should really be noted before buying this device for outdoor winter and summer sports. Another accessory that should be but isn't included is a lens cover. Reviewers strongly felt that this device needed that included in order to properly protect the lens of this camera.

Finally, one other item to note is, as discussed later in this article, there seem to be some concerns with the mic of this device. There are external mics available via the manufacturer's website that will help with the sound quality of this device, however, again, this is an additional purchase. When considering the price of this device it is important to note these additional requirements as this may end up costing the consumer too much depending on what they are using this device for.


This camera offers a couple of different interesting settings considering its size and purpose. Firstly it offers time-lapse video which is nice for artistic videos. It also offers slow-motion video which some reviewers liked in order to record mistakes or poor performance to help adjust their future attempts to better improve. It offers both photo and video which is a nice feature but one that is common with this type of technology. One unique feature is the ability to take a picture while recording a video which offers a level of duality that reviewers were happy with. It also offers loops for quick and repetitive replays.

As far as the settings available in photo mode, this device offers a timer for those looking to take a picture of themselves from further back. It also offers burst for more than one-shots of the same action at a time. It offers time-lapse photos as well which is a series of videos in timed intervals. Reviewers liked the artistic photos that they could take with this camera and appreciated the video and photo quality offered by this camera.


This camera really nicely designed. It is small and compact. It is also nicely shaped with its minimalist shape. The camera sits well in most spaces and can sit flat on its own which reviewers liked. It is also ultra-light making it really easy to travel with. The back of the camera offers a 2.2 inch LCD touch screen which makes the camera look a lot more technology forward. It offers a resolution of 330PPI and 250 cd/m2 brightness. The YI 4K+ measures in at 65 mm in length, 30 mm in depth and 42mm in height. It can easily fit in a pocket or can easily be mounted on smaller surfaces such as a helmet or the end of a snowboard. The body is sleek and offers a unique face with advanced aesthetic materials. Overall, it's a well-designed camera that reviewers found aesthetically pleasing which is really positive.


This camera, like others on the market, uses a Bluetooth connection in order to connect to other devices. The Bluetooth version used with this camera is 4.0 which is one of the highest available on the market today. This device also uses WI-FI which is something a little less common with similar products.

One really interesting feature of this camera is the ability to live stream with this device. With the app downloaded on an external cellular device like a cell phone, the phone can connect via Bluetooth to the device and using the cellular of the device, this product can live stream while recording. Reviewers really liked this feature noting how it's a unique feature that others don't offer. It should be noted that this does use cellular which can cause additional fees on your cell phone plan if the plan's data is exceeded.

As far as the reliability of the connection goes, the device connects via a cord to your computer and downloads videos and images easily. It also connects easily to a phone or tablet and stays connected when using this device through the app which is positive.


This camera offers a recording rate of 60 frames per second. Typically anything lower than 40 frames per second will get noticed right away when replaying as there will be a noticeable drag. This camera offers 60 frames per second which help the overall video quality and the playback of videos recorded with this camera. This is especially impressive because competitive brands don't compete with the FPS of this camera but rather offer 30 FPS which really hurts the video quality of their recordings. Now, this is an ideal light condition. As far as the video and image quality in low and high light, the device actually seems to perform quite well as well.

Reviewers were really happy that even in low light conditions, this camera was able to detect, focus and offer quality playback. This is something that these smallish, lower priced products seem to lack and this camera does surprisingly well with it which is really positive. One issue that reviewers had with this camera is the mic offered by it. This is a common issue with sports cameras. Those who bought this camera really disliked the camera. Reviewers found that all of their records had a terrible static sound, especially when filming outdoors making it hard to use this camera for videos that require sound.


The 4K+ also offers numerous features including the Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) feature. This is a feature that is crucial when it comes to action cameras as vigorous activities like biking, snowboarding and boating can be quite choppy. This means that the camera will move up and down quite rapidly while recording and this will distort the recording taken by a camera. This is why it's so important to have an action camera with image stabilization. This does relatively well when it comes to this feature, however, there is still room for improvement.

The YI 4K+ does well with relatively stable recordings like snowboarding and skiing. It would not do as well with jumps, biking or running. The EIS feature in this camera just won't cut it. Another feature offered by this camera is a touch screen. This allows the user to touch the screen to access setting and focus features. Reviewers really appreciated this feature and said that it made their lives quite a bit easier when using this camera.

Another feature offered by this camera is its ability to connect to the YI Action App. The action app allows the user to adjust lighting speed, edit pictures, and videos and share them instantly through the users preferred social media app (like Facebook and YouTube). This is also where they can live stream and share real-time content while performing their favorite sports and activities.


This camera is pretty interesting in design, offering a very small and lightweight counter to alternatives on the market. It's a selling feature, among others, is its touch screen which allows the user to adjust settings and focus with the touch of a finger. This is nice for those looking to use this camera without gloves on, less appealing for those out in the snow not wanting to expose their fingers to the elements.

The camera is also quite small in design which may end up being less appealing for those with, particularly wide fingers. The benefit of this, however, is that rather than having a ton of buttons on the body which can accidentally get pressed when looking to do something else, all the features are available through different screens on its touch screen. So this is a positive and a negative for those with larger fingers. The one button it has on the top is easy to press and can take pictures when in camera mode. One reviewer noted that they often found that when recording a video they would find the camera randomly taking burst photos. This could potentially be due to the sensitivity of the top button. Other than this issue, this product is small, compact and easy to use. Its body and functionality are impressive. Overall, a positive experience when it comes to the ergonomics of the camera which, of course, is positive.


- 60 frames per second for less lag during replay
- Shoots 4K video for impressive video quality
- Live streaming option for social networking
- USB connection for convenience
- Internal mic availability with an external mic add-on option
- RAW format pictures for better quality
- Waterproof housing available for use in the water
- Attractive and compact design


The bottom line is that this camera is pretty impressive. Outside of some issues like the poor mic quality (which is honestly pretty common in this type of camera) and its lack of waterproofing, this camera is pretty well liked by reviewers. The highlights of this camera are its design which is quite small, light and aesthetically pleasing. The advanced features like its frames per second and its live streaming. The camera is also pretty durable which reviewers appreciated especially when taking it out on rougher terrains. One note about this camera is, of course, it's poor image stabilization on especially rough terrains which may end up being an issue for those looking for a camera for that purpose but the camera will work well for those looking for a snowboarding recording device. That said, it's important to purchase the additional waterproof case.

Finally, this camera really does come with some interesting and unique features that competitive cameras don't really have. This camera is ideal for those looking to utilize those features but may not be worth the price for those looking for a simple point and shoot action camera. Overall, a good camera, liked by reviewers with some interesting features. It should definitely be on the list when considering your next action camera purchase.