X Rocker Pedestal Gaming Chair

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X Rocker Pedestal Gaming Chair Review Facts

When a person sits down for a gaming session, there are certain needs that have to be met. First things first, your body has to be comfortable. Second, you have to be able to hear what’s going on in the game. Finally, you have to be able to remain unfettered by worries about wires and cords. These three things are very important to be able to play for any length of time, and X Rocker has brought all three of these options in one awesome package, the X Rocker series, with the Pedestal, 2.1. This particular option may just be the greatest gaming chair ever made, though there is always room to improve any product. X Rocker really knew what they were doing when they created the 2.1 Pro Series, as they covered all three needs for a good gaming session.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Amazing Sound
  • Controllable Vibration System
  • Wireless
  • Wireless System is battery operated


When you get the X Rocker series of gaming chair, you get the main chair, the wires to hook up the chair (In case you want to have your chair wired to the TV, computer, or game console), the pedestal and mounting gear you’ll need to put the chair together, which is fairly easy to do, the power adapter, and ultimately the wireless box. If you hook up the wireless box to your TV or game console and then set the mounted controls on the chair to receive the wireless sound you are ready to get started with a new kind of gaming or movie experience the likes of which you probably haven’t had before.

There are two speakers mounted in the headrest of the chair, one at either side of the head, and there is a subwoofer mounted in the back of the chair giving you a true surround sound experience from your seat. Add on to this, the vibration system that the chair has will have you feeling the action as well, which is definitely more than most theaters can do and makes gaming a unique experience for sure. The subwoofer and vibration system truly adds to the experience and creates an unforgettable atmosphere you just won’t get from your normal set-ups.


The X Rocker Pro Series has this particular chair made of leather and it has a quality build that means your seams won’t fall apart, something that you might worry about with a vibration system in place. The leather is soft and comfortable, especially with the extra padded headrest and leg rest, so you can enjoy feeling like you are in the scene without causing major muscle aches or soreness.

Add in the shape and padding of the chair, and you have one of the best gaming and movie accessories you can get. This takes entertainment to a new level by combining quality materials with an innovative design. Unlike most similar products, you also have a pedestal, so you aren’t left crunched onto the floor either, which means not even your desktop is off limits!


Weight is always a large concern when a person seeks out a gaming chair. The standard pedestal chair has a weight limit of 275 pounds, and we have not found anything to contradict that the high-end well received Pro Series chair has that same limitation. The chair itself arrives in a box and is about 50 pounds. After some assembly, the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series is ready to go. If you need something able to support more, you may have to look for the floor seats. Unfortunately, if this chair breaks by misuse, like overloading its weight capacity, chances are any warranty will not cover it, and you’ll end up losing what you spent.


This particular brand of gaming chair is not waterproof, from all that we have found, but that is to be expected when looking at anything with electronics built in. Of course, there are ways to semi-proof the leather components, but you’ll have to be careful not to hit the electronics, such as the speakers and plugins, if you go that route.


We can't say enough about how this is a comfortable chair for anyone who wants to have his or her body cradled and padded nicely. The leather means you will have trapped heat, but it isn’t enough to make you uncomfortable- as long as you keep your shirt on! Again, the placement of the speakers and the subwoofer add to the comfort of the chair by not being where your arms, head or back would be resting, which a lot of the beanbag versions of this type of chair do. The pads in the headrest and leg rest allow a person to comfortably sit for hours and enjoy a game, movies, or music with very little to worry about. As long as the chair is taken care of properly, this will last for years, and not lose an inch of comfort.


The X Rocker is obviously a gaming chair based on the way it is set up. The pedestal adds a small amount of mobility in the fact that this enjoyable piece of gaming equipment becomes a swivel chair. This is a good thing when one considers all the things that you may need to do that would require you to turn. Unlike other gaming and entertainment chairs, the pedestal also makes it into a gaming chair that isn’t just able to connect to your TV. Most gaming chairs we have seen are floor based, which makes using it on a desktop uncomfortable, but the way this one is made, you can game however you like in comfort and style.


The durability of any pro-style chair is going to be great when it has this kind of reputation. It will last through many gaming sessions without any signs of use. That’s the great thing about leather chairs, they tend to stay in amazing condition as long as the owner takes proper care of it. Keeping up with leather protection cleaners and even some waterproofing options will prolong the lifespan as well. Making sure that the chair isn’t abused through tocking too far back, or, if you have kids, becoming a merry-go-round will also lead to a longer use.

One thing man won’t consider, though, is making sure you don’t abuse the sound system. This means keeping the volume at a decent level rather than trying to make your eardrums rupture just because you can. This is an important part of taking care of your gaming equipment. We also suggest following the assembly directions and taking a good look at care instructions. Doing all of this will not only make it last longer but keep any warranty intact.


Protection, this is an important thing that is sometimes overlooked by manufacturers. While we wouldn’t want a knife or something equally sharp near this lovely leather chair, there shouldn’t be too much worry when it comes to the X Rocker gaming chair series. Being made of leather, minor spills are easily taken care of. As long as a person makes sure that the controls for the chair remain dry, this chair should be just fine. These controls are located on the right side of the chair just below the seat of the chair. Other than that, this chair is really protected by the materials it is made out of.

Another part of protection is in the aspect of ‘what if something goes wrong’ which is not if the chair resists damage, but whether you are protected if it is when it arrives, or if you can have it replaced or fixed if something goes wrong afterward. It has a limited 90 warranty, which is alright, but you have to report any damages that you find within the first 14 days after purchase, which is a bit strict. If you take care of the chair you aren’t likely to need to worry, but you may want to check with the manufacturer if you have concerns right away.


This product is all about performance. When designing something like this, the gaming industry wanted to give a product that covered all bases, from sound, to vibration, and to the fine art of comfort while keeping to what was intended. This is not an easy task for a company to take in, games and movies are about keeping the person engaged and feeling like they are caught up in a different world. Most of the time this means keeping them at the edge of their seats, but in this case, the company wanted to keep the occupant in their chair while still lost in what they were experiencing. This is done not only by making a chair that is comfortable to sit in, but one that surrounds them in the sounds of what's going on, whether that is gunfire, natural sound effects of the world, or just being able to make out every spoken word.

The bonus of actually feeling like that las explosion rocked you when it went off makes this chair a great way of keeping glued to it rather than on the edge.


What would a person expect for a chair like this? $200.00, perhaps? It would seem rational, seeing with all its perks and abilities. At the time that this article was being written, Amazon was selling this product brand new for $179.19! A chair that adds to the immersion in the game and does so comfortably and easily is something that is worth every penny, should you ask us, after all, most gaming chairs of this quality can range much higher.

In order to get the same sound, you would need to put a lot into a system, and hooking it up would be a pain. Chances are, most surround sound systems won’t be easily moved from computer to game machine or to the TV from either of those. Once installed, there is also the fact that moving the system from one room to another would have a resounding ‘no’ so unless you have it all hooked up in one room, you’d put even more into a second system. You take away the need for all of that with just one price tag- and it is not expensive in comparison by far!

Key Features

-Sturdy Armrests
-Great Quality
-Easy to use
-Amazing Audio
-Extra Cushioning
-Soft Leather Chair
-Vibration Kit

Bottom Line

So, here we are, at the final thoughts on the 2.1 Video Gaming Chair. Honestly, we could continue to harp on how great the padding is on the chair, or how good the audio is, or even the wireless functionality of the chair makes the placement of the chair limitless. We could continue to tell you about the vibration kit that is built into the seat of the chair and how it is fully adjustable. Or maybe mention how the sound system is transmitted equally through the chair as around it. We could mention to you how this can more fully immerse you into whatever it is you are doing.

Instead, we’d like to point out the simple and effective shape of the chair. The curve of the back and seat on this product allows for maximum comfort and support for longer sessions. We also would like to mention the stitched leather appearance of this chair. This means small spills are easily taken care of with little to no signs of it happening. Leather is great about that, the only real stain risk is the silver stitching on the leather. The amount of control that you have over the sound kit on this product is just amazing in general.

There is, of course, volume control for the chair, and there are also controls for the vibration kit and for the bass. These are on the control panel located on the right side of the seat. In closing, is this chair worth the $179.19 you’ll probably pay for one of these brand new? We would have to say yes to that without any hesitation.