Penn Fierce 2 Spinning Reel Review

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Penn Fierce 2 Spinning Reel Review Review Facts

When trying to pair your next fishing rod with a spinner that makes the cut and does so with great flourish, you may want to take a good look at the Penn Fierce 2.

This spinning reel has so many talking, and it isn’t just about how well it works, but also about how it looks while it does its job. We have to admit, one look and we were nodding and agreeing with them with gusto!

This reel has a flare that is apparent right from the start, demanding attention as if it owns the entire range of competition from the get-go. The red and black colors immediately gave us pause and made us have to dig deeper to see if it was all flash and no bang. We weren’t disappointed by what we found, either, and we brought it all back in this article with us for you to get just as good of a look.

Get ready for a great fishing experience and see if this design hits the mark for you as it did for us!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Several models

Maximum drag high

Changing gears

High line capacity

Great balance

Easy to adjust



Full metal

Corrosion resistance



Not fully sealed

High drag lock

Basic Features

To put it best, this particular design is right up to par with quality expectations and ease of use, even for intermediate fishermen. The basic features come in the form of having a full metal body with corrosion resistance and the fact that it works smoothly with setting up.

While it does weigh a bit, it balances well, which is surprising considering its build. It can also handle a full spook of line, which, looking at its size, doesn’t seem possible.

Overall, the whole feel of it has satisfied those who have decided on purchasing this reel over some of the more expensive ones.

Advanced Features

Here is where we can honestly begin to piece together some of the more notable things that make this reel stand out, though some we will look into more in other sections. This utilizes a techno-balanced rotor which is why, despite the weight, it still doesn’t cause a lot of drag to occur right off hand. The 4+1 stainless steel bearings keep everything running smoothly as well and allow for the turn and cast not to be overcome.

It comes with the quality wire already in place for fishing, and we feel it should be mentioned that the company didn’t forgo on this just because of the cost. It has next to no real drag on the line which is wonderful and even has settings so that you can decide just how much you want it to pull, and how much you want to let it fly. The only downside comes from the fact that the lock seems to be set rather high for most who have tested it.

Thankfully the protective coating on this model also means it does have one more fantastic quality feature: it can be used for both fresh and saltwater fishing. You won’t have to switch reels in order to keep this one from getting hit with water that it can’t handle.

The only downside is that it isn’t fully sealed, which has a few concerned that it could still become damaged if tested too far in saltwater use


The main body is made of steel, as are the bearings within it, however, the spool and handle are built of heavy anodized aluminum which holds up well under a lot of use. The wire is also made of aluminum which has proven to be one of the better created in tests of durability. The wire has less chance of snapping and doesn’t snag or cause issues the way most plastic wire does over a much shorter range of time.

As mentioned earlier, the amount this spool can hold is also amazing given its size and build, allowing for you to have an entire full reel worth in what seems to be something much too compact for it. Each one holds over 100 yards worth and there are additional variants of the same reel which can hold even more, which has eyes turning and brows lifting when it comes to just what this one can handle.

Most fishermen will never truly need as much as this particular model holds, which puts it at the top of the fishing game, especially when the next best reel is $30 more.

Of course, we can’t forget to point back out that this reel definitely has a look to fulfill its promises too! Nothing says you have power like the gorgeous red and black finish this reel has, and it’s a great display of what it means to be worth the dollar both in detail and in appearance. Designed to be used mainly for use with spinner rods, we can say that it certainly seems to be a catch-all on its own.


This model of the reel has everyone that has used it, mentioning that its retrieving ratio is something to be taken in. With about a 6 to 1, we have to agree that it is pretty impressive all things considered top to bottom. This is where the choice for the ball bearings comes into play and gives everything a smooth feel and doesn’t leave that catch that other models in its class may have.

There are bigger variants, and those have a slightly harsher pull, but not enough to really cause this game-changer to have to worry about losing face. It would be expected, after all, that if you have more to pull, it’s going to take a little more elbow grease to assure you get it all back in. The drop, however, is only by tenths, and in the end, none of them pull at under a five to one ratio, which, again, is a great selling point.


Like the rest of this particular model of the reel, the handle is made of stainless steel. While in some cases this might make one think that the handle could become or might already be had to turn and use, in truth, the action is as smooth if not smoother than most plastic handled reels. The company has its products entirely built to quality, even going so far as to assure the action is smooth straight out of the box by oiling the parts as well as assuring that the insides themselves are smooth and do not catch on one another.

With the proper bearings and locking system in place, as this one has, you can be assured that you won’t get the pull from using it or trying to drawback that you might with a slightly rougher handle. The other plus side when comparing a metal handle and spinner to a plastic-covered one is the durability. Since this particular model is treated against corrosion you are protected on two different fronts against the reel cracking and breaking while in use.

Those who have purchased this reel feel the only way you could get smoother or more durable action when it comes to your reel is to be willing to spend that extra money to jump up in the level of equipment. While doable for some, knowing that you have one that compares to higher-level equipment without paying that extra $30-50 can be well worth the knowledge on its own.


Designed to work like the big boys, so to speak, this gorgeous reel actually has as much power as many of the other more expensive brands and models out there. The ball bearing design allows it to haul bigger fish just as easily as it would some of the smaller ones without adding extra strain on you or the line so there is less concern of your line snapping or letting go of your catch. Add in the fact that you have an all-metal body and plating and you know nothing is going to suddenly crack or let go which leaves you with a sense of dependability that even more expensive models might not offer.

The only issue in the drag lock part of the design it has a high-end area where it seems to snap into locking which has the problem of snapping the line. Yes, we mentioned that this is not as common with this reel, but then when you understand just how much pressure ends up having to be placed before this happens, you’ll get a better picture. Most fish, small and medium-sized, won’t cause the jerking on the lock, but fish weighing close to 25 pounds and up tend to have a much larger chance of causing the lock up and therefore breaking your line.

In the end, it seems to be a problem that isn’t just with this reel in particular, but it is something we felt was necessary to point out. There is also a drag adjustment knob that can help with some of the issues, and that’s a design in the model that has kept many sticking to this one as their reel of choice. Others who have anything remotely similar are simply more difficult to use and adjust.


Thanks to the ease of the actual reel itself and releasing the line without allowing it to tangle up, this spooled area seems to have much less catch on it and nowhere near the same amount of friction found in other reels. This is due to how the casing is, that it's mostly enclosed beneath a metal lip, and because of the rather impressive set-up for balancing it out on your rod. Most who have chosen this product over others have outright stated they get greater distance and are more than a little pleased by just how easy it is to cast.

The inside of the spool actually compresses on the line, keeping it flat, without applying enough pressure to stop your cast from going the needed distance. It also means there is less friction on the pole due to the quick reaction time for the release.


This is one of the major selling points, and why wouldn’t it be? You get a high-quality style, all-metal reel for nearly $30 less than most others of the same quality build and ease of use. This particular reel costs around $60 no matter which size you decide to go with on Amazon.

The warranty is limited to manufacturer's defect and doesn’t cover anything beyond that in the end. If the damage is accidental or due to normal wear and tear the only real offer made to get it seen to is by going to a local dealer and seeing if they can repair it for you, and of course that costs out of pocket. That’s the only downside we found in the end, and it is one that made us tilt out head a bit since we would have preferred seeing what other companies offer in regard to their products.

Key Features

Less drag
Easy to use
Full metal body
Well balanced
Good casting
Good line strength

Bottom Line

This reel isn’t what we would call ‘best on the market,’ but it is one we can say is worth looking into especially as an intermediate fisherman if you are looking to upgrade from a less quality reel. It does hold up under most tests and even comes up with a decent display for itself. As appealing as it is in appearance, it doesn’t seem to fall too far behind the pro models even in how well it works and what it can do.

Some buyers have mentioned that they feel if you are willing to pat the $60, then just hold off a paycheck or two and pay the extra for a pro-grade to bypass even the small gap between the two. The choice really comes down to if you feel that it is truly worth it to wait over the one or two areas that could be slightly better or not. In all truth, what we saw in the reason why they said to wait didn’t seem to be worth it in the end.