Tissot Seastar 1000

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Tissot Seastar 1000 Review Facts

When a person considers buying a watch, there are far too many companies to consider, and that only gets worse when the various models that these companies produce. Of course, when people consider the best watches on the market, Swiss-made watches have to be at the top of the list. Tissot falls into this category.

Having been founded in 1853, this Swiss watch brand has a rich lineage that can leave a person absolutely awed by what they can offer and for the grand prices that they offer them at. What lover of watches wouldn’t want to show that they know their watches? That being said, here is what we have found about this watch.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Swiss made

Water-resistant up to 1000 feet

80 hours of power reserve

Beautiful design



Hard to get an extension for the metal band after purchase


While this is a diving watch, it can just as easily be used pretty much anywhere. It has the beauty and classiness that can be found at a fancy dinner or in a boardroom. No matter what a person has to do with their day, this can easily fit in without getting in the way.

With its appearance, you are likely to pull attention, and its durability makes it worth showing around. Since it is built to be usable in water, of course, you don’t have the same concern as you would with other watches. No need to remove it to wash your hands, and no concerns if you forget to take it off before showering.

Basic Features

Some of the most basic things to note are the fact that this watch is an analog watch, the fact that it is made of stainless steel and has a bezel that is made of sapphire. This means that the watch is corrosion resistant and the bezel is made of one of the strongest materials possible.
The watch is not designed in your typical fashion to the diver’s watches that are commonplace either. Like all their watches, however, it is designed to hold true to the brand’s sea-like appearance. Add to that for a starting watch, the airtight seal actually holds to 1000 feet which is better than most offered today.

Advanced Features

The Tissot Seastar 1000 is designed to be able to handle water and to give you the beauty of a sea-based look. Beyond that though, they changed a basic design to most divers watches, to give it a sportier look. Rather than your typical divers’ helium and depth gauge, the sporty look comes from the rubber and steel give it that same enjoyable appearance for the love of water sports.

The steel is a 316L steel which is a highly modern appearance for the watches today. With the brushed steel and the sapphire face, you can assume you have a watch that will both look good and last much longer than others. The bezel is also a ceramic and pearl mix which gives it a gorgeous finish and spins an anti-clockwise turning feature.

The most advanced feature actually falls under the movement part of this watch and its power source. This is the crystal power source that holds up to 80 hours of the reserve, a definite advancement to the usual 30-40 hours of a crystal-based watch.


As has been stated before, the Tissot Seastar 1000 is constructed of stainless steel with a bezel that is made of sapphire crystal and brushed ceramic with a pearl mix. The bezel is engraved with large numbers that count in tens, from ten to fifty. Truth be told, there is little to be concerned with when it comes to the materials of this watch, as they are strong and do exactly what it is designed for.

With the fact that this has such a heavy construction, many are concerned it will cause a lack of comfort, this is apparently not the case. The thick steel actually allows for it to be sturdier without losing in its gorgeous appearance, a definite plus. The bands can also come in either steel or rubber which definitely makes this watch a great purchase when you want something both durable in materials and great looking.

Its build also assures the waterproofing and scratchproof materials continue to work together to assure its longevity. The inner workings that make this watch go are jewel fueled rather than ceramic or crystal, which is another reason that material components are important to mention. Using jewels rather than the stereotypical crystal or ceramics means it will keep working long after others have stopped.


This particular watch uses a Japanese quartz crystal for its movement, and thus needs a battery to run properly. The battery in question is one LR44 battery and it is included in the purchase which means you don’t have to go hunting for one after you already have it on hand.

The reserve power created by the inside jewels also gives you more to fall back on when your battery needs to be changed. With a full 80 hours to work with, you won’t be let down and have plenty of time to get everything back into place.

Another thing to note is it doesn’t work with the silicon spring of other watch versions.


The comfort of this watch is rather easy to see, really. If the band is properly fitted to the wearer’s wrist size, one would have to find that it is quite comfortable and easy to read. On top of that, with the diver’s extension aspect of the band, even taking it into the depths should not pose any real discomfort in the end.

Comfort is a definite focus when it comes to this watch because no matter what band you go with this watch can be set to fit you properly. The rubber watchband actually has layers to keep the rubber from causing discomfort as well. Despite the watches face size, reviewers stated they don’t really notice anything other than it feels great to have on and doesn’t cause you to feel completely weighed down.


The Tissot Seastar 1000 is an analog watch. On top of that, it is primarily made of polished stainless steel with a sapphire crystal bezel. The highly polished steel and sapphire blue makes for a great eye-catching combination. Put everything together and it is a beautiful watch that matches any choice of activity.

Since this is a diver’s watch, they offer the extension for it, and according to those who decided on the extension, they suggest the rubber wrist band as it is easier to apply for the extension on after the fact. A steel band is a bit harder to add to later on and can be quite a hassle if you have to go through other means to connect it with.

With six different variants on the color, you will undoubtedly find one you like.


Tissot has been around for over one hundred years, making watches straight out of Sweden. Add in the fact that Tissot is also a part of the Swatch group and there is no doubt that this watch is durable. One last fact to take into account, and that is the fact that primarily this watch is made to be a diver’s watch that is water-resistant to up to 1,000 feet (300 meters) and it has little that can make a person doubt its durability.

When talking durability, we also have to take into consideration the sapphire face. We can’t ignore the fact that this alone adds to how long the last will be there for you since sapphire facing is scratch resistant naturally. Added to the steel, you have a watch that can hold up to some of the more rugged areas of life.

There is also the longevity of the battery and how it works. Most watches we have seen offer between 30 and 40 hours of back up, and this one gives you double that to assure you can change up the battery long before it comes to a stop.


What can we say about this watch’s face other than the fact that it was designed to flow with the rest of the piece? Done in the analog-style, the face’s color matches the bezel by also carrying a blue face. The necessary parts to the face also glow in the dark and give off a pleasing teal blue/green color that is not hard on the eyes.

All-in-all, the face is easy to read in bright light or the dark, as long as the watch has had enough time to charge enough to luminesce. Tissot definitely did a great job with these features, and that only means they are well worth every penny to own. This isn’t a surprise of course, given their great reputation for watches, especially divers watches.


The first choice in a band is made of segmented stainless steel, allowing for easy movement when fitting to one’s wrist. The clasp is a fairly standard scissor clasp, but also has a diver’s adjuster to it to lengthen the band by about an inch or so. This makes it easier for a diver to fit the watch over their gear while they are diving into the depths of whatever body of water they plan to attempt to tackle.

Many have stated, though, that the rubber version of the band may be better for those who do not want to purchase the extension right away or are unsure of whether they want the extension. The reason for this is because it is much harder to get a fitted extension for the metal band after you own the watch than it is to buy for the rubber one.

Ease of Use

The watch is a pull and set style, which is unusual for diver’s watches and leaves quite a few people wary of just how much water it can really handle. The watch is intended to go up to 1000 feet in depth, so your likely not to have to be too concerned. The company does have a great reputation for holding true to their designs as well, which means if they say it is meant to handle something, it usually does.

The anti-clockwise rotation of the bezel is a bit different, but no harder to utilize than one that turns clockwise. From everything we have found on those who own one, the Tissot Seastar 1000 does everything it is designed for and does it well. No complaints on use, and definitely worth the buy.


As was earlier stated, the Tissot Seastar 1000 runs on a Japanese quartz movement and thus needs a battery. It comes with the needed LR44 battery, making it easier on the consumer. What else can one truly ask for, really? In this day and age, there is always gadgets that need certain battery types and the package ends up reading “Batteries not included”. Not with this wonderful watch.

With an 80 hour back-up storage in the jewels, you won’t have to worry about the battery running out and not having time to replace it.


So, what would a watch like this cost, really? Easily four or five hundred dollars would be considered worth it, right? Well, if someone figures that this watch is what they are looking for, they can head over to Amazon.com and pay a mere $355.21 and they will get free shipping for the purchase. Not a bad deal, if anyone was to ask us.

Of course, it all depends on what you choose for the appearance and the band. The metal band is obviously going to cost a little more than the rubber one, but if you are looking for ease of use after the purchase (such as adding the extension) you will find the price drops even more. It is all about the look here, of course, and what exactly you are aiming for with stability.

This watch boasts of a 2-year warranty as well, which means your covered against defaults that occur because of the watches manufacturing and can easily get replaced or refunded for it. This is always an important part of buying something this expensive.

Key Features

- Steel casing
- Sapphire face
- Choice in rubber or metal band
- Choice for extender
- Easy to use
- Durable
- Reliable company

Bottom Line

If you want a great starter diving watch, you have found it here with the Tissot Seastar 1000. While a little on the pricier side for a starting watch, it holds true to its design and won’t let you down.