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Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Review Facts

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when you're in the market for a new backpack. Aspects that make consumers happy are areas like comfort, capacity, organizational pockets and security features (like sternum straps).

The comfort usually comes from the shoulder padding and the breathability throughout the back of the carrier.

The capacity is just as it sounds - the size and how much it can carry comfortably. This is especially important to consider for folks who lug a lot of stuff around with them all day. You want your backpack to be able to handle carrying all that you're used to.

Organizational pockets are any pockets including the additional pockets meant for specific purposes. The organizational pockets sometimes have padding along their sides in order to protect the items the wearer is carrying.

The security features are usually along the chest and waist in order to offer protection as well as the ability to distribute the weight of the backpack.

When looking at new backpacks, these are the areas that should be observed in order to get the most satisfaction out of your purpose. Our website offer product reviews in order to find what consumers thought about particular products- both negative and positive. This review is on the Victorinox Altmont 3.0, a backpack that prides itself in offering back gear that is more minimal and professional for businessmen and ladies. This is our comprehensive review of that product.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Attractive design

Really comfortable

Handy compression straps


Not a ton of organizational components

Not available in many color options


The Victorinox Altmont 3.0 offers interesting features like abrasion-resistant fabric that doesn't snag as much as alternative products. This is particularly useful when considering its durability. It also offers a ballistic nylon base which helps with both durability and weight.

It offers different organizational pockets including a laptop holder which can hold up to a 17-inch laptop. The front offers a compression-molded back panel which helps with its comfort and design.

Those who left comments mentioned that they liked its straps which are cushioned and quite comfortable. They also liked its sternum straps which offer both support and weight distribution. They mentioned that the straps also helped with the overall comfort of it.

Though this is a compressed list of features offered by the Victorinox Altmont 3.0, reviewers appreciated their impressive features and felt that it was quite well thought out when designed which is great.


The body is made of a combination of fabrics including VersaTek which is abrasion-resistant as mentioned. The material is quite durable and shouldn't wear down as fast when rubbed against more rugged surfaces. The bottom offers Isynetic ballistic nylon. This helps with the overall durability and also the weight. The zippers are made with lightweight metal material and the zippers are also protected in order to keep water out as well as to protect the backpack from rust.

Reviewers appreciated the materials used. They liked that the Altmont 3.0 is lightweight and they appreciate the abrasion resistance offered. They also appreciated how nicely the zippers zip and how the zippers are protected by material in order to protect the items within.

They also felt that because the material used is so nice and well-designed that they felt comfortable wearing it to work without feeling like they were underdressed when wearing a suit which is ideal.


Another highlight offered is comfort. This is because the shoulder straps are padded which makes lifting a load easier (whether its light or heavy). It also offers the sternum straps which helps distribute the weight of any load. The sternum straps are adjustable in order to suit different sized wearers.

The weight is another highlight as its quite a light device. Despite being well-built and durable it's impressively lightweight, especially when comparing it to other quality backpacks offered on today's market.

Reviewers found it to be quite comfortable in design and they really appreciated the additional features added. This includes the sternum strap as well as the materials used, many finding them to be quite nice and smooth to the touch. They also appreciated the padded shoulder straps, noting that it is comfortable to wear long term and also found it to breathable enough to not encourage overheating.


As mentioned earlier, the Victorinox Altmont 3.0 offers abrasion-resistant material that is supposed to essentially not breakdown as easily when rubbing against more rugged surfaces (like unfinished or cement walls). This helps with the general and long-term aesthetic, but it also helps with the overall longevity.

The zippers are protected with a waterproof material which not only stops water from entering to the zipper but also it stops water from penetrating the material. This helps protect the items within the backpack, and also helps to protect the zipper from rust which can be caused when wet.

Reviewers noted that even after extended periods of time and long-term wear the backpack stays intact well and remains aesthetically pleasing. They also felt that it was made of quality materials which made it even more durable.

Overall it seems to be made of quality materials, also seems to be quite durable and should last the buyer a while which helps with the cost value of this backpack.


The capacity is quite generous, the backpack measuring in at about 1843 cubic inches which equates to about 30 liters. The laptop pocket can hold up to a 17-inch laptop and the entire thing weighs about 2.6 pounds. Though the bag is a little more narrow in design it expands a little to offer more room and the body is made of a moderately stretchable fabric making it easier to fit more in as well.

Reviewers felt that though there aren't much in regards to organizational pockets they did feel like the little pockets there are, are really well designed and offer a fair bit of room for their items. They also really appreciated the size of each pocket noting that they could fit a fair bit of their items in this backpack and with the sternum straps the weight is better distributed making it easier to travel around with.


Victorinox prides itself on creating active accessories that don't look sporty but more business-like. Many downtown individuals walk to work but it's not easy carrying everything in a briefcase often times when work is blocks away. This is where backpacks and special footwear that looks dressed up but offer functions and options that are more comfortable are valuable.

This backpack is specially designed to offer capacity, protection, and style so that it doesn't dress down a suit or dress coat.

The Victorinox website lists the Altmont 3.0 as a 4-in-one style bag. They say it's ideal for an everyday necessities bag, an everyday office essentials bag, an rugged outdoor adventure bag, and a coffee break bag.

In addition to its style, it offers some durability features like its abrasion-resistant fabric. This means that not only can this be used for daily wear but should be able to resist the elements on climbs and on the trails.

The benefit of this bag is that its versatile which really helps the price point which is a little on the higher side. Many reviewers specifically noted that they were able to purchase it on sale but would have willingly, now after owning it for a while, bought it at full price.


As mentioned above, the Victorinox Altmont 3.0 was designed to offer style and sport in one. The end result is a fairly stylish bag. In addition to this, it offers some durability which keeps it looking better longer. It is great for those wanting to use this as a daily bag on the way to work or something used for something more active.

It's both comfortable and breathable so it will be great for hot days as well as long treks. It offers a nice, simple design with covered seams in order to keep a suit looking stylish, as well as to look great on the trails.

Reviewers really appreciated the appearance of this bag. They felt that it offered a nice shape and was ergonomically pleasing to the eye. One note that reviewers did mention is that it does only come in one color for the most part. They would have liked a bigger assortment of colors but this was only a light suggestion, less so a complaint. Overall reviewers really liked to look of the Altmont 3.0 and didn't feel bad spending money on it.


The Victorinox Altmont 3.0 offers a couple different support options meant to both support the carrier, support the bag to help with durability and to help distribute the weight of the load in order to make the trip more enjoyable. This includes the ballistic nylon base which doesn't collapse when loaded with gear.

It also includes the compression-molded back panel which is strong and also will maintain its structure even when on or moved around. It also offers adjustable sternum and waist straps for the purpose of closing the structural gap which happens around the front when wearing a particularly heavy bag.

Reviewers really appreciated its structure and how easy it was to lug around their load throughout the day. This is mostly due to the structure created between the base, back, and straps. They found it very easy to wear for extended periods of time due to its support system which is something you'd hope to expect in something within this price range.

They also mentioned that they liked that when the sternum and the chest straps are not in use that they appreciated that they can easily be tucked away behind the back panel which helped keep them out of the way and kept the bag looking stylish.


There are a couple of different pockets offered with this backpack including the main compartment, a laptop compartment (large enough to hold a 17-inch laptop) and a padded tablet pocket meant to offer a soft and plush area to store more scratch-prone and breakable electronics. It also has a small size pocket for smaller accessories.

Reviewers did note that though space is managed very well capacity-wise, they did find that the lack of additional pockets hurt the organizational feature a little. They felt that some more pockets would have been nice but due to its capacity and how the pockets are shaped they noted it is only a light note, not something make or break which is positive.


- Durable VersaTek main compartment for all larger items
- 17" laptop component for larger electronics
- Smaller padded 10" pocket for more fragile and scratchable electronics
- Compression-molded back panel for both comfort and structure
- Padded shoulder straps for comfort and weight distribution
- Sternum and waist straps for even more weight distribution
- Attractive design with abrasion-resistant material for durability and longevity
- Isynetic ballistic nylon base for strength and structural integrity even with heavier loads


There is very little negative to say about the Victorinox Altmont 3.0. It was designed to offer some more minimalist style for those looking for an everyday bag that won't look too sporty walking into the office. It is made of high-quality materials that are both attractive in design and abrasion-resistant.

It offers a nice capacity but lacks the organizational components that some reviewers would have appreciated. It offers proper support through its base, the shoulder straps and, the waist and sternum straps for easier carrying.

Reviewers really liked its design, noting that it's ergonomically pleasing to look at but did mention that they would have liked the bag to be offered in more color options. The covered seams are also a nice selling feature- keeping both the assets in the bag dry in wet weather and also protecting the zipper itself from rust over time.

Overall, the Victorinox Altmont 3.0 is highly rated by reviewers and, though is offered at a high price tag, it seems to be worth it considering its versatility, durability, and style. It's a highly regarded backpack and certainly worth considering for your next purchase.