Dalbello Panterra 100

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Dalbello Panterra 100 Review Facts

Are you or someone you love an avid skier looking for a pair of comfortable and effective ski boots? The answer you are looking for is the Dalbello Panterra 100. These  have been created for the skier who is at the intermediate to advanced level. A skier at this level is seeking ski equipment that has the best features as well as a good degree of comfort.

This review of the Dalbello Panterra 100 is going to give you the opportunity to take a look at all it has to offer. The following buyer’s guide will allow you to see for yourself what a fantastic deal these provide. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Allows for consistent shock and flex absorption

Has lateral power and rearward support

Contour-4-Fit Technology

Great performance and fit

Allows skiers to adjust to closure width of all leg shapes/sizes


Boots are for intermediate/advanced users only

Bindings are compatible with adults only


The Dalbello Panterra 100 ski boot offers all the comfort you need if you are an intermediate or advanced skier. The unique shell design trims off any excess weight to deliver a more svelte appearance.

You get a flexibly consistent fit with the Cabrio 3-piece design. This design soaks up any shock that your feet may feel. Additionally, this design provides adequate support to your feet when you have been skiing the slopes all day long.

You will also get the technology of Contour 4 Fit doubled up with the Dalbello VFF Fit System. This system allows you to modify the forefoot girth by way of the toe buckle. It also permits you to have that much-needed roominess even when experiencing those occasional “hot spots.”

To make things even better, these are equipped with the Instant Fit Performance. This is a liner that is sized to fit directly from the box. It can be temperature formed to give you that immediate “break-in” for instant comfort.

Finally, as an added feature of comfort, they have outsoles that are equipped with GripWalk. This feature permits a much simpler means for walking as they adhere better to any plane you may be on.


These ski boots are designed to accommodate a medium width foot that has a medium-sized leg shaft. These Dalbello boots feature a special My Fit System. This system equips both the liner and shell with ThermoFit. This can be modified to the personal needs of each consumer.

The Cabrio design is made of 3-pieces—the shell, cuff, and tongue. This is a design that provides a securely comfortable fit that optimizes the foot and lower leg for a smooth and advanced suppleness.

Another feature these ski boots have is called the “Contour 4 Shell”. This feature ensures a fit that has pre-punched sections especially created to accommodate the ankle, metatarsal, and navicular bones, give added support and fit.


The performance is based on another special feature called Instant Fit. What establishes this feature as being great is the thermoformable liner that creates the ultimate “break-in." Another great feature giving this excellent performance quality is the Grip/Walk soles and Grip/Walk retro-fit.

They are designed for intermediate to advanced skiers seeking a huge variety of comfort and adjustment features.

The My Fit feature makes them easy to modify with a Thermo Contour 4 shell. This liner and shell can be easily formed to fit any skier’s foot and lower leg.


This is designed with the Cabrio 3-piece construction for the ultimate in flexibility. This shell/cuff/tongue assembly that Dalbello has created gives a secure and comfortable fit to the lower leg and foot. It has been crafted with the intermediate to advanced level skier’s essential flexibility and performance needs in mind.

This flexibility can easily be adjusted to match the skier’s weight, level of expertise and conditions of the snow. There are pivot points at the ankle which gives greater ankle support and flexibility.

The GripWalk outsoles, which are sold separately, provide a safer natural roll. This is due to the higher-profile and slip-resistant curved rubber sole.

They are made from a flex material called Flex 100. This material is an ideal choice for intermediate to advanced skiers that like to ski on a variety of mountains and terrains.


The liner is made from a thermo-type of material. This snow boot has an IF Performance adjustable liner which makes for an ideal, customized fit. “IF” is an acronym for “Immediate Fit.” This “Immediate Fit” performance starts as the first step and allows for a 60% chance of fitting within four minutes.

The liners in these are pre-shaped and ready to wear for skiing directly out of the box. They're made from a foam material called Ulteva foam. This foam is pressure sensitive so it can mold to the wearer’s foot as they wear them. These liners are not unlike memory foam in that they provide maximum support and resilience.

Shell Materials

Dalbello has an architecturally designed 3-piece Cabrio shell. This 3-piece design has been the primary foundation for its performance for over ten years in both mountain and freestyle brands of snow boots. The three pieces in this design include the shell, cuff, and the tongue of the boot.

Additionally, this Cabrio design affords the wearer comfortable security in the lower leg and foot. This security provides ultimate flexibility and smoothness.

An authorized Dalbello dealer can do this very simply. First, the shell is heated up, then you place your foot inside the boot fitter, as it cools the shell molds to the form of your foot. This gives the wearer a complete fit that is comfortable and feels broken in and ready for use.

The shell is designed to have an overall advanced, buoyant performance. The Cabrio design uses a more stiff and rigid plastic to construct the lower part of the shell. This allows the skier more control with an adequate amount of response.

The shell pattern is made to deter any bulging and/or distortion in the lower area of the shell as it flexes. This design gives these boots smooth stability while skiing on difficult terrain at high speeds.

The shells are also made from Irfan Polymer. This is a superior Polyolefin material with a percentage of rubber, allowing for an excellent presentation. The high and low-temperature variable of this material is thirty percent more buoyant than typical polyurethane, giving it a better rebound action.


The Dalbello Panterra 100 is made to be extremely durable. The replaceable toes and heels are made of a Dura-Grip polyurethane compound which allows for longer wearing soles. The heels are crafted with a Dynalink system for maintenance. This Dynalink system allows for autonomous heel performance. This system also permits an instep system of closure. This system decreases the instance of the foot sliding while inside the boot.

Another feature that adds to the overall durability is the adjustable rear-cuff spoiler. This modular rear cuff spoiler allows for modification of the boot cuff to fit a variety of leg shapes and sizes. This rear cuff spoiler also allows the skier the additional support required for an added height, as well as support when leaning forward.

These also have a patented toe/heel replacement feature. This feature provides an added durability with toe/heel inserts to make these much lighter. Additionally, they have a superior concrete formula. This formula makes them extremely durable with any amount of usage.


The Cabrio 3-piece design is what gives them extreme warmth and comfort. Your feet will have the right amount of warmth without the chance of overheating even during strenuous activity.

This 3 piece design is the cornerstone of all-mountain and freestyle performance, and it has been for several years. The way this boot is designed to hug the lower leg and foot also gives it additional warmth.

The IF Performance Liner is Microsell Insulated. This insulation process ensures to keep your feet nice and warm while you are on the icy slopes.

Shell is also constructed of Irfan Polymer giving it a decreased stiffness so it adjusts between higher and lower degrees. This also gives additional comfort and security to the leg and foot for added performance and warmth.

The Panterra 100 has the technology of Contour 4 Fit to give an ultimate snugness to the wearer. This Contour 4 Fit is anatomically close, yet it still allows for enough roominess in all the key areas.


There are many levels of ability and use these carry with them. Grip/Walk gives these convex ribbed threading on the tread for the ultimate in comfortable walking ability with extra powerful gripping force.

These get their legendary fit from the feature known as My Fit. This feature gives these boots a 60% upgrade in range.

The VVF --Variable Volume Fit-- was developed as a means for skiers to regulate the overall width of the boot. The width range is between 102 and 100 mm. When the VVF range is set on a Dalbello Panterra 100 model, it stays set. You can go skiing---turning it on and off--by using the remaining three buckles.

This brand has a cuff assembly that has high leverage hinge points that are 10 centimeters less than other boot designs similarly constructed.

These soles have an extra life due to the durability of a polyurethane compound durometer called Dura-Grip Replacement Toes/Heels.

Key Features

3- piece Cabrio Design shell
My Fit performance
VVF—Variable Volume Fit
A Low Cuff Hinge Point
Dura-Grip Toe/Heel Replacement
The Grip/Walk option
Rear-Cuff adjustable spoiler
Toe/heel replacement protector
A mechanism for both skiing and hiking
Flex control
Buckles made of aluminum
Micro buckles
Extendable Macro Rack features
Immediate Fit “IF” Performance
A Canting shaft alignment
Forefoot buckle is inverted

Bottom Line

In wrapping up this review of the Dalbello Panterra 100 buyer’s guide; we would like to share what makes these a valuable deal for your money. With so many special features providing extreme value, you cannot go wrong.

They have extreme adjustability in the cuff alignment. This cuff alignment permits the wearer the lateral inclination that is required to give adequate support to the legs. One can adjust this cuff by using a tool called a 5 mm Hex to rotate it either counter or clockwise. This rotation gets the boots in a correctly aligned position.

Another excellent feature is the inverted buckle. These ensure that the foot is secured inside the boot, as well as on the ski. The inverted shape of these buckles does not allow for any breaking or bending when experiencing falls, rolls, transitions, or grinds. The aluminum buckles are easy to use; just a simple twist of this micrometer buckle and you are on your way to modifying the fit to your preference.

There is also a mode called the “ski/walk mode.” This mode allows the boots to easily transfer into a mode in which the wearer can walk and/or hike. This 2-position flex control gives them a super-enhanced ability for additional control and sensitivity.

There is also a “power-strap" that is made from a 33 mm velcro strap. This strap enables additional security and is just another feature for heel/instep closure.

The DynaLink Rearfoot Retention system acts as a solo performing closure band for the heel/instep. It secures the heel and instep of your foot to the mid and rear sections of the ski boot. This feature will not allow the foot to slide forward, nor the heel to lift when inside the shell.

All of these fine features of the Dalbello Panterra 100 give this boot an excellent quality and value for your money. After all, when you are out on the slopes, the last thing you want is a boot that is not going to last the duration of the ski trip. You do not want a flimsy boot that will not secure your ankle and foot to the inside of the shell. This could result in an unfortunate accident, and worse yet, an injury would keep you off the slopes for a very long time.