Teva Omnium Hiking Shoes Reviewed

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Teva Omnium Hiking Shoes Reviewed Review Facts

If you are a hiker, you know how problematic finding the right footwear can be. The terms “hiking shoes” and “fashionable” are seldom used in the same sentence; in fact, some might consider “stylish hiking shoes” to be an oxymoron, and with good reason. Typically, we picture hiking shoes as being heavy, clunky, bulky, uncomfortable, and expensive. They often require a break-in period prior to actually going hiking in order to avoid blisters and twisted ankles due to extreme stiffness. However, hiking shoes have evolved as hiking has increased in popularity in recent years. Enter the game-changing Teva Omnium, offering style, comfort, safety, practicality, and versatility.

The Teva Omnium are stylish hiking shoes (which are technically closed-toe sandals) made for both men and women. There are the original, highly-reviewed Teva Omniums as well as the Omnium IIs. They are noted for their durability and “rugged comfort”. The hiking sandals are a practical choice for outdoorsmen and women who are looking for hiking shoes that are not clunky and do not require a long break-in period.

What follows is an overall review of the sandals, including a general overview, some key factors to consider, pros and cons and general remarks to keep in mind.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Highly durable; designed to take abuse

Comfortable; breathable mesh material

Advanced ventilation; your feet will not become too hot

Adequate warmth in cool temperatures and wet environments

Short break-in period

Bungee lacing system

Rapid release buckles

Fashionable, unobtrusive and sleek

Loaded with safety features

Water-resistant with a drainage system

Available in wide, medium and narrow width

Adjustable and customizable; will fit your feet properly

Men’s and women’s options

Strong arch support


Some friction at heel area reported by customers with wide feet

Blisters occasionally reported during the break-in period

A few complaints of heels coming apart after heavy use

Some reports of issues with adjustability

Sole Composition

The soles are made of a synthetic rubber material and include a layer of shock-absorbing polyester. This shock absorption feature is helpful on uneven surfaces and can prevent the development of pain during a long hike. The soles also include a layer of breathable mesh for ventilation and breathability throughout the shoe. Like the rest of the sandals, the soles are water-resistant and lightweight.


They are suitable for virtually all rugged terrains that a hiker might encounter. From trails to cliffs, the outside of the shoe is made with a patented Spider Rubber material, gripping and clinging to even the slickest or rockiest of surfaces. Additionally, shock absorption is key if you are hiking on an uneven surface, which can be dangerous, especially with improper footwear. If you are hiking on a new trail that you are unfamiliar with, you can rest assured that regardless of the terrain, you will be equipped to handle it with a pair of these.


The Spider Rubber outsole offers a high amount of traction, gripping to the surface of the ground and providing above-average stability, thus reducing the risk of sprained ankles and accidental falls. The footwear is designed with safety in mind, allowing you to hike at the speed you are most comfortable with without worrying about slipping and falling. You can safely hike on a steep incline (or decline, for that matter) in rainy weather without having to worry about staying upright.

Upper Build

The upper portion of the shoe, located above the heel, is well-cushioned with extra comfort in mind. It is made with synthetic rubber and polyester mesh so the upper is lightweight and durable. The mesh portion also increases the airflow of the Tevas, preventing your feet from becoming too hot.

Size & Weight

The sandals are available in men’s and women’s whole and half sizes, as well as in wide, medium and narrow widths. Conveniently, they come true to size, as opposed to other hiking sandals which might run small or large. This eliminates one of the most common problems associated with online shopping - the inability to try shoes on prior to purchase and winding up with the wrong size.

Compared to similar hiking shoes, these sandals are extremely lightweight, which can be advantageous when hiking in terms of speed, comfort, and agility.

Airflow & Waterproofing

The Tevas offer high airflow and breathability, including air-vents in the sandals which offer excellent ventilation. The outer shell is water-resistant and dries rapidly. The sandals do not become weighed down if saturated. Even if you get caught in a downpour or accidentally walk through a puddle, the Omniums will dry off shortly. They also feature a built-in drainage mechanism, immediately removing water from them.

It is important to note that the Teva Omnium will prevent your feet from overheating, due to their mesh construction and ventilation. That said, they also provide excellent warmth if worn in cool temperatures or in wet environments. Your feet will be kept at a constant, comfortable temperature regardless of the weather and/or environment in which they are worn.

They are deceptively sturdy, rugged and tough, able to stand up to even the most challenging terrains. Your feet will be kept comfortable and dry at all times.

Comfort & Cushioning

The Teva Omnium provides a high level of comfort to the wearer, due to their excellent arch support, breathable construction and water-resistant material composition. The shoes include more than adequate cushioning, offering great shock absorption. Your feet are well-protected for the duration of your hike, leaving pain and blisters behind.

Hiking is obviously physically taxing, and it is of the utmost importance that you are equipped with sturdy footwear. Each pair is as durable and rugged as the heavy, utilitarian hiking boots of yesterday which dominated the market for years, yet they are a fraction of the weight. They are a true example of thoughtful design and engineering.


The Teva Omnium has overall high aesthetic appeal. Unlike the hiking boots of yesterday, they are not clunky or bulky looking and could certainly be worn on a trip out to a pub following a long hike. They look great with yoga pants, jeans, khakis, and, of course, activewear. They are suitable for both men and women and are available in multiple colors and trims.

They are unobtrusive and sleek. This allows the wearer to not feel goofy or self-conscious while wearing them. There’s no need to throw a change of shoes in your backpack. You will absolutely feel comfortable wearing them while running errands or relaxing at home. The Omniums are attractive, comfortable and practical, as well as easy to take care of. Finally, hiking shoes that don’t look like hiking shoes.

Longevity & Overall Quality

As previously mentioned, some problems with the soles after a few months of serious use have occurred. However, the longevity and overall quality of the sandals are far above average. Overall, they are well-constructed and carefully designed to withstand heavy abuse on the hiking trails.

In terms of quality, Teva is an extremely reputable, trusted brand. They are arguably one of the best manufacturers of hiking shoes in the industry, and the Omniums are an excellent example of Teva’s high-end design, engineering, and craftsmanship.

Teva is also known for selling comfortable, durable sandals. It is no surprise that they are the best of both worlds; hiking shoes and sandals. They have earned a reputation for offering some of the best hiking footwear available on the market.

Additionally, the sandals are an example of not having to spend an arm and a leg in order to buy a high-value product. They are designed with customer satisfaction in mind, including in terms of the price tag.

Safety Features

The footwear includes integrated toe-protection. The heels are constructed with patented Shoc Pads, reducing the risk of injury to your feet and ankles. The sandals also include drawcords and cord locks, ensuring that they will stay put securely while in use. The Spider Rubber, as previously mentioned, allows you to safely stay upright, even if you are on a slippery, wet or rocky surface.


The outer portion of the sandals is made with synthetic rubber material, offering excellent flexibility. They are just malleable enough to avoid blistering in the heel and ankle area, while still being rigid enough to provide adequate strength and safety. They conform to the overall shape of your feet, making them comfortable, flexible and a pleasure to wear.

Support & Balance

The Teva Omnium offers superior arch support, which is important for all hikers, especially those with flat feet or low arches. This allows the wearer to have the freedom to hike comfortably for hours at a time without experiencing any arch-related pain. The construction of the Omniums also offers a strong balance. This prevents the foot from rubbing against the sandals.

Lacing System

The Teva Omnium features a bungee lacing system. There are quick-release buckle straps that allow you to put the sandals on or take them off in seconds. The laces stay in place securely, and you will not have to worry about the laces coming undone mid-hike. The laces are also easy to adjust and can be loosened or tightened and secured instantly.

Cost & Value

The sandals are an excellent overall value, sold at a reasonable price. They are stylish, practical, durable, rugged, comfortable, safe and attractive.

The Teva Omniums are a good choice for casual and serious hikers alike. Also, it is important to note that they can be worn out while doing errands or meeting friends. They are fashionable and functional in a wide variety of settings. The shoes offer the benefits of traditional hiking boots and then some, without the hefty price tag.

They are truly a good find and an excellent value, all available at a low cost.

Key Features

Water-resistant construction; built-in drainage system
Breathable mesh and polyester material
Ventilated design
Lightweight and extremely comfortable
Cushioned, strong soles
Spider Rubber traction; grips all surfaces
Excellent arch support
Superior shock absorption system; patented design
The quick-release bungee lacing system
Good airflow and ventilation
Rapid adjustment
Synthetic leather construction
Work well on all terrains
Can be worn in a wide array of environments
Unobtrusive and sleek
Available in men’s and women’s sizes and styles
Whole and half sizes
Narrow, medium and wide sizing available
Minimal price tag

Bottom Line

The Omniums are a smart selection for any hiker. They offer the best of both fashion and function. You do not have to choose between hiking shoes that are aesthetically pleasing and shoes that are practical. They are versatile and work on virtually all terrains.

The sandals include advanced safety features, from toe protection to cord locks that keep the laces securely in place. The superior arch support reduces the risk of twisted ankles and sprains, especially when paired with the excellent gripping ability of the sandals.

The footwear is comparatively affordable relative to similar hiking shoes and is a popular choice for both their stylishness and practicality. In terms of use, the Tevas can absolutely be worn out in social settings or during errands and are not limited to the hiking trail. Instead, they look good paired with yoga pants, cargo shorts, jeans, khakis, or whatever you happen to have on. Nothing about them screams “hiking shoes,” instead, they are unobtrusive and far from clunky. In other words, you will look and feel good wearing sandals, whether you’re hiking or relaxing afterward.

Do not be misled by the fact that these shoes are considered sandals. They offer excellent safety features, support, and toe-protection. You will feel confident even on slick, slippery or rocky terrains thanks to the Tevas’ exceptional gripping ability and traction. They also boast a fantastic built-in drainage system, allowing them to dry quickly if accidentally submerged in water.

Additionally, the sandals are stylish enough that you can wear them out after you are done hiking without needing to change your footwear. They are unobtrusive and lightweight and will keep your feet comfortable and cushioned all day long. Sold at an extremely reasonable price, it is no surprise that the Teva Omniums are so well-received by customers and experts alike.