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Teva Mush Review Facts

Here is a real-life riddle for you, the reader. What are the three most important consumer goods that a consumer should invest a decent amount of money? Any ideas? Those three items are an office chair, your bed, and shoes. Why is this though? Well, these are all surfaces you spend the most time on. These are the surfaces which will form our shape, our posture and will ultimately dictate where our body wears the most. This is why when looking to buy one of these three items (or all of these three items) it's important to consider the quality of them. Quality does, however, come with a cost and this is why these items need to be looked at as an investment.

Now shoes are tough because unlike your bed and your office chair, your shoes travel around on different, abrasive surfaces for the most part. And as a result of this, they wear a lot faster than both a chair and a bed would. So in addition to looking for quality shoes, it's also important to look at the materials used to construct the shoe, their durability features, as well as their reliability. The reliability is often associated with the brand of the shoe that is being bought. Reading reviews about the manufacturer itself will help dictate how well the shoe will hold up over the long run and how well the shoe does on those rougher terrains.

This is a product review on the Teva Mush, a sports sandal offered by the brand Teva. We looked at consumer reviews in order to determine what consumers thought of this sandal. We also looked at how it was built and what materials were used in order to gauge the cost value comparison. We hope that this review helps you with your next sandal purchase. Happy trails!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Form-fitting to the foot 
  • Instantly comfortable 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Easy for long-term wear
  • Soul compressive considerably over time 
  • Toe a little long for some 


These sandals are meant for more casual wear and not meant for rougher terrains. That said it does appear that the form-fitting nature discussed more throughout this article does offer nice stability that keeps the foot from slipping and sliding while also causing a pressure that helps the outsole of the shoe grips the ground a little better. The outsole of this shoe is made of lightweight EVA-foam material. EVA is an evolution of that heavy rubber material often associated with older shoes.

EVA was designed to offer both a lightweight material as well as a strong material for shoes. The outsole of these shoes are praised by reviewers but do have some minor concerns. The primary concern is that the outsole does seem to compress relatively quickly causing the shoe to lose a good deal of its thickness through the outsole relatively early. This did leave some reviewers feeling some of the rougher terrain below the shoes. Though this is the case, reviewers didn't really find this uncomfortable but just felt the need to note it for all future buyers. Outside of this minor issue, reviewers appreciated the durability, comfort and lightweight nature of these shoes which is positive.


The upper of these shoes is a thong-style sandal connection. The upper uses a water-ready, waterproof polyester material which is both waterproof and quick drying if water does eventually penetrate the material. The upper is webbing style to avoid any additional weight added to the shoe. The webbing is also beneficial when it comes to drying times. The website also notes that the webbing adds durability and longevity to the shoe was well which reviewers echoed.

Those who bought these shoes appreciated the straps of these sandals, saying that they were quite comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time. There were also a number of reviewers that were impressed by the lack of blisters they encountered when wearing these shoes for long periods of time both in wet and dry conditions which is really positive. Overall, the upper of these sandals are comfortable, durable and from what we read, quite reliable which is really great.


These shoes are regularly listed as being quite lightweight in nature. As mentioned earlier, these sandals offer an EVA outsole and a woven upper making these shoes quite lightweight in design. Reviewers were happy with the weight of these shoes both wet and dry. Often times even the lightest shoes and sandals can become really weighed down when wet. This is typically because the materials used to construct the shoe are highly water absorbent and will collect water when wet. This usually also means longer dry times which means more weight, longer.

The advantage to these sandals is their water-resistant features that stop the shoes from collecting water and whatever water is collected dries quickly. Overall, reviewers were very pleased with the lightweight nature of these shoes often times noting that they can wear these for an extended period of time without issue which is really positive.


Sandals are a tough product to make as well as to buy. The reason for this is that sandals are typically made so flimsy. They offer minimal materials with a lot of airflow throughout the footwear. This is why the materials used and the fit of the shoe are so important. With these sandals, the straps are quite thick which is a massive plus as this is what will keep the foot in the shoe better while also offering a more comfortable fit. This also means less pressure on smaller areas of the top of the foot but rather more even pressure throughout the top of the foot.

The upper of this shoe is made of that woven material which is soft and feels nice on the top of the foot, according to reviewers. The outsole and "topsole" (as Teva refers to it as which is essentially the insole) break in easily and form to fit the foot custom right out of the box. Reviewers did note that the outsole gets a little compact quickly but this is also a good thing as this is the area that conforms to the foot making it much easier, more comfortable and more stable to wear.


These sandals do have a level of style associated with them. They are designed well, with thicker straps and a thinner outsole. They are also a little more ergonomically designed. They come in numerous colors and styles in order to suit individual styles which is positive. What is impressive is the number of different color choices available to the consumer. Unlike many other brands, these sandals come in 6+ color styles which is a nice option for consumers. Overall, these sandals can easily be worn out without looking too casual but can also be banged up a little due to their highly regarded durability.


As mentioned earlier in the outsole section, these shoes are regularly reviewed as being quite durable and long lasting. Many reviewers bought numerous pairs because they felt that these shoes were so comfortable and reliable. They make great camping companions as a result.

Another primary disadvantage to sandals is that they are so flimsy and offer fewer materials, connections and abrasion protection. This is why when sandals are durable it is impressive. Reviewers only had an issue with the compressed heel but as discussed also earlier, this offers the contour that is required for support and stability so it's not all bad. Overall, reviewers were happy with the sandals reliability and durability which is a huge plus when it comes to this type of product.


Sandals, in general, offer next to no support. They are not meant to "sport" in. They are meant to be a casual and cooler alternative to runners and boots. As a result, they don't tend to offer a ton of support or stability. The benefit of these sandals is the contoured design that forms around the foot. They almost mold the way ski boots do after being heat treated but it happens a lot more naturally.

Now, these sandals do not offer some sort of miraculous support, however, for sandals they offer a decent level. Reviewers were happy with how well the shoes fit after a short period of time even for those with two different sized feet. The upper also clings tight to the top of the foot even after being broken in which helps with the overall support of the shoe.


These sandals are definitely intended for lighter terrains. They are great for city dwellers and campers but probably not the best product for hiking or areas with sharp rocks. One reviewer did note that they wore these sandals when out on a job for about 4 hours of straight walking and they didn't get any blisters or shin splits which is really positive. This indicates that the y-connection that starts between the big toe and the second toe is padded well and it also indicates that the outsole offers some impact reduction, both of which are really important when wearing shoes for an extended period of time.


These sandals have very little traction and really should be used for more menial tasks. Again, these are sandals and are not meant for intense hikes or runs. Though this is the case, due to the waterproofing features, they can be worn in and out of the water which may be appealing to some consumers. They would make as a great alternative to water shoes in a pinch.


These sandals are maybe on the higher end for sandals but definitely not super expensive. They are properly made, offer quality materials and seem to offer great comfort. For these reasons, the price is definitely worth the cost. Reviewers were very happy with the price of these sandals, buying multiple of them due to their comfort and durability.


As mentioned earlier, they offer a little bit of stability throughout the shoe due to the solid connection between the upper straps and the outsole. That said, these are sandals which means they offer no ankle or heel support. They are definitely meant for less strenuous activity. Note, as well, when they get wet they become even less stable due to the water causing some slippage. Remember this when wearing them in water as this could result in injury if not careful.


- Form-fitting design for a more comfortable and supportive fit
- Kaleidoscope strap and color options for individual styles
- Waterproof polyester straps for a lightweight and water-resistant fit
- Webbed upper for quicker drying times as well as comfort
- Mush topsole cushion for a better, more comfortable fit
- Lightweight EVA outsole for better durability
- Priced well for those on a budget or for those looking for additional pairs
- Reliable manufacturer for peace of mind


Overall, these sandals are pretty impressive for sandals. There were very few negative comments about these sandals. The primary concerns for reviewers were that the outsole does become thin and compact relatively early which results in some sensation of rocks beneath the shoe. Though this is the case, those who felt this sensation didn't feel uncomfortable as a result. This is also beneficial, though, because this is how the shoe contours to the foot. The other issue some found is that the toe area of the shoe is a little long which was less of a nuisance as it was a little noticeable in design. The positive feedback about these sandals is that they are quite comfortable, that they are lightweight and that they dry really quickly.

Other notes were that they were quite durable, can be worn for extended periods of time without blistering and that they are reasonably priced considering. Overall, these shoes are great for those looking for a quick slip-on camping shoe and for those looking for something that can be worn in the water. They are definitely worth consideration!