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Mizuno Wave Sky 2 Review Facts

The Mizuno lineup of running shoes has changed over the last few years. Its second version is the Mizuno Wave Sky 2. It is a premium neutral running shoe. For most runners, it equates to the most cushioned long run option. There are other higher end Mizuno models, but the Wave Sky 2 is the best compared to other high mileage trainer brands.

There are few updates to the first Wave Sky trainer. The most significant difference is incorporated Mizuno AeroHug upper technology which uses a layer of fabric to wrap the midfoot to provide the arch and midfoot with a secure, cushioned feeling. The exaggerated Wave Plate is a winner. This shoe offers an option of runners looking for maximum cushion with a responsive feel.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • AeroHug technology in the midsole gives a secure feeling
  • Durable
  • Enhanced WavePlate gives extra spring
  • Stable
  • Superb forefoot cushioning
  • Upper layering too warm for some
  • Narrow in terms of use
  • Expensive
  • Sockliner is heavy


The outsole has a separated wedge that promotes cushioning for the heel strikes. There is a lot f hard rubber to make the shoe durable. The outsole has an alligator teeth configuration with two types of foam interlocking. Segmented chunks provide a smooth ride. There is a thin rubber layer underneath for durability and grip.

It is the same outsole as the previous version. Carbon rubber is durable. It is designed in combination with the Wave Sky 2 midsole. The highly decoupled groves in the crash pad cause the lateral edge of the outsole to collapse as the heel strikes, which enhances the cushioning.


The outsole has a separated wedge that promotes cushioning for the heel strikes. There is a lot f hard rubber to make the shoe durable. The outsole has an alligator teeth configuration with two types of foam interlocking. Segmented chunks provide a smooth ride. There is a thin rubber layer underneath for durability and grip.

It is the same outsole as the previous version. Carbon rubber is durable. It is designed in combination with the Wave Sky 2 midsole. The highly decoupled groves in the crash pad cause the lateral edge of the outsole to collapse as the heel strikes, which enhances the cushioning.


Multiple engineered mesh layers are used in the upper. Mesh is applied from the AeoroHug on the interior to the outside. The AeroHug wrap is disconnected from the outer mesh in the midfoot. The tongue is comfortable and does not slide. Heels of the Wave Sky 2 are built with additional cushioning that promotes comfort over long runs.

Few people disagree about the comfort of the shoes but cannot to an agreement on the fit. The toe box is medium to wide. Some feel the height is a bit short to the point the big toe hits against the toe cap. It's the area that meets the mesh fabric. Others were able to wear a size smaller than usual.


With all the cushion, one might expect a heavy shoe. Such is not the case with the Wave Sky 2. The shoes are not ultra-light, but they do not add fatigue on long days. The women's style has an average weight of 255g. Mean' Minuzo Wave Sky 2 have an average weight of 312g. Those weights are equivalent to 8.8 ounces for women and 11.4 for men.


Ventilated fabric and breathable mesh wrap around the midsole. Though the upper of the Wave Sky 2 has a focus on breathability with the engineered mesh and AeroHug, it feels built up and is not as breathable as some runners would like.

The fabric soaks in sweat which makes the uppers warmer as a runner progresses. A reviewer said the shoe was comfortable at first, but after a while, it felt a bit much. The longer the shoe was on, the more obvious he was wearing the shoe became. It was a weird sensation where the front of the shoe was very breathable while the back of the heels felt as though he was wearing a shoe sweater.


For those who want a shoe to keep feet comfortable cushioned on long training runs, look no further. On a scale of comfort, the shoes rival a grandparent's orthopedic sneaker. The Wave Sky 2 is a durable, comfortable shoe for long runs.

Testers, running over 25 miles each week, gave the shoe high praise in the comfort department. They reported their legs did not feel tired after hard runs. The shoe requires little or no break-in. It has been taken out of the box and used for double-digit runs by testers. There is a slight emphasis on firm energy return over softness.


The Wave Sky 2 incorporates cushioned responsiveness of the previous model in a snazzier design. While the shoes are as comfortable as orthopedic sneakers, they do not look like them. Some people feel there is too much bulk or padding around the collar. Others think the satin-like lining is a bonus.

Some testers lauded the attractive design and colors available. The style hasn't changed much from the original version. There is a low soft cuff at the back which seems like it should be slippy, but it holds well. The bright Wave Plate draws attention to Minuzo's signature technology. A change from the first Wave is the AeroHug upper which gives a more secure fit that eliminates space between the foot and the shoe.


The upper and the outsole were built for durability. For heavy runners, the firm ride and wave durability is an excellent alternative to shoes available on the market that are more unstable and softer. The solid X10 carbon rubber used in Wave Sky shoes provides durability in areas of high-wear.

The design of the upper is meant for strength. The is a workhorse for fans of Mizuno shoes. The layer of rubber underneath the shoe and the Carbon Rubber heel are partially responsible for the durability. They provide the amount of underfoot protection needed for long and short-distance runs.


The cushioning of the Wave Sky 2 absorbs shock on the road. These shoes are not the softest when compared to other high-cushion shoes, but they do provide a right amount of impact protection. The ride of the shoe is luxurious.

These shoes are made for the long run with lots of U4X rubber in the midsole that reduces the strength of repeated pounding, especially for the majority of runners who heel strike when they run. Serious runners want a serious shoe that helps protect their feet through the distances they run. The shoes hug and squeeze the feet and provide a protective feel.


The flagship cushion shoe is separate from the crowd of cushioned shoes. There is an emphasis to deliver a highly responsive sensation rather than maximum softness. Transitions from heel to toe is excellent. The cushioned heel is firm but forgiving.

The forefoot feels plentiful for long runs, but responsiveness is the winner in the competition. This is a top end cushion shoe that is a snappy, responsive alternative to the currently fashionable pillowy soft shoes. The tradeoff for shoes that are soft is a lot of rebound offered by Minuzo.


Though the shoe is technically neutral, testers who were overpronators felt the shoe provided support. The shoe feels a bit stiff, which gives it a supportive feel but not necessarily natural. AeroHug technology surrounds the midfoot and provides support.

The cushioned stability distributes force as the runner progresses from heel to toe. Users perceived the shoe offers a great deal of support. Many reviews from people who bought the shoe commented about the enormous amount of support provided.


Runners can run on cinders, road, or stone. In many ways, the Wave Sky 2 is a long run specialist. With lots of cushion and support, it gives the kind of un that makes the miles flow relatively effortlessly. The outsole can handle non-technical trails, but it is on the road that the shoes perform best.

It is a road shoe, stability shoe, and a cushioned long distance shoe well-suited for those who want to get into marathons, half-marathons, and road-ultras. The grip provided by the durable Carbon Rubber outsole is critical in the handling of different pavement surfaces.


The shoes are expensive. People who like them, feel they are worth the price. There are both more expensive and cheaper runners available. Marathon runners, who wear the Sky Wave 2, do so because investing in quality shoes is essential. The shoes are available on Amazon for $150, which is the MSRP price, for men and $104 for women. Nearly all other venues that offer the Wave Sky 2 sell it for the going price of $150.


Whether a midfoot or heel striker, the Wave Sky 2 has a smooth rode. The Wave Plate permits the foot to roll off the ground gently. Users gave the shoes high ratings on the ability to adapt to various surfaces. The Smoothride rubber of the forefoot is grippy and quiet even on wet surfaces.

The rubber that provides durability also offers a good amount of traction when running on the road for most people. Some testers would like the lugs to be deeper, and there have been critics who felt there were not enough lugs to provide the traction needed on a variety of surfaces. Over, the shoes work fine.


All Mizuno shoes have heels that cause the shoes to flex on impact. The area fills with mud if runners go off-road. Runners have commented positively about the flexibility of the Wave Sky 2. It provides the ideal combination of flexibility and support runners need in both short and extended running and walking.

The support of the shoe causes the flexibility to be described as stiff by some reviewers. Maximum Cloudwave technology offers a flexible, plush ride with each step. The U4icX midsole provides excellent shock absorption, long-lasting durability, and a superior ride. All of it sits on top of the blown rubber outsole for reliable stability, traction, and flex.


Running in the Wave Sky 2 feels secure around the midfoot. The AeroHug midfoot wrap creates a feeling of lockdown without constriction. A Wave Plate adds stability when form breaks down on a long run. The Mizuno Wave technology is responsible for cushioned stability that aids in the distribution of force as runners progress from heel to toe.

The ventilated fabric and breathable mesh of the midsole keep the foot stable and secure. The decent stability of the shoe is a safe bet for those looking for a good training shoe. It is packed with technology that delivers performance, stability, and comfort.


The ten-mm heel to toe drop is pretty standard and keeps with forwarding transition. The toe height is 21mm at the forefoot and 31mm in the heel. The difference of those two heights determines drop. The ten-mm drop is an average. There are men's shoes advertised as having a drop of 11mm and women's with a 10.7mm drop.

Key Features

100 percent synthetic
AeroHug permits shoe to move with the foot when running
Anatomically correct sockliner creates an improved fit and more comfortable feel
Blown rubber outsole provides reliable traction and stability
Centralized lace-up closure for adjustable, secure fit
Color combinations include blue mirage/purple plumeria, Hawaiian ocean/birds of paradise, and teaberry/blue depths
Full-length U4ciX midsole offers a superior ride, long-lasting durability, and excellent shock absorption
Independent heel coupling provides a smoother, softer landing
Lasting boards of soft U4icX Strobel deliver underfoot comfort
Padded color and tongue offer comfortable against the foot
PEBAX Wave Plate adds stability when in motion
Proven Plush Cloudwave Platform provides a responsive and smooth ride

Bottom Line

The Mizuno Wave Sky 2 is intended to be a neutral trainer that provides maximum cushioning for long distance runs. The shoes are firm and perform well for the specific use of long runs. They have added stability for high-mileage training.

The shoes are made for long runs and are not a great speed option. A heel-striking runner in search of a long run option that lasts for miles and has a firm ride will be incredibly happy with the shoes. Because the Wave Sky 2 is a specific type of shoe, rating it is difficult. It is not a shoe for beginners. Those who know what they need and want will find it useful.