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Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX Review Facts

Hiking is an entirely different type of activity that requires specialized equipment (for the most part) in order to do so correctly and safely. When hiking a proper pair of hiking boots makes all the difference as this will allow the hiker the ability to grip better onto rocks and slippery surfaces, to have the proper support around the ankle and arch to protect the foot, and if done with a pair of quality boots- the ability to protect the foot from moisture and water with proper waterproofing. Hiking can often time expose hikers to different obstacles that aren’t typically found on city streets like rocks, water, debris, and fallen trees. Rocks can be slippery both on the surface and if they aren’t dug into the ground deep enough and therefore having proper grip will allow the hiker to move faster and with more grace than shoes that don’t have great grip. The grip also protects hikers from slips and drops which can lead to major injuries like broken bones. Water in the boot can cause discomfort but can also cause slipping as well but within the boot. This can also cause issues like slips and trips which can lead to serious injury. Moisture in the shoe also increases the likelihood that the hiker will get blisters as well which can be quite painful. Blisters will alter the movements the hiker makes with their foot which could potentially cause some alignment issues and cause even greater issues like sprung ankles. Debris can also lead to slips which, again can lead to big injuries during the hike or down the road. Finally, fallen trees are a tripping hazard and can also lead to hurt toes. This is why rock plates and toe bumpers are so important and usually stronger in hiking boots.

This article focuses on the Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX. Saloman is a popular brand in hiking apparel and is known for its quality hiking boots. We looked at this particular boot due to its popularity. We looked at consumer reviews in order to determine what consumers who bought the boot thought of its quality, durability, and reliability. We wanted to know the likes and dislikes of the boot as well as it’s breathability and waterproofing. Finally, we looked at the boots construction and the materials used to construct the boot to do a cost and value comparison. This is our comprehensive review of the Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX boot. We hope that this article serves you in the purchase of your next hiking boot.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • This boot offers a pretty decent grip
  • This boot is regularly reviewed as being very comfortable
  • It offers a decent amount of support throughout the arch and ankle
  • This boot offers a decent level of water protection
  • This boot is a little narrow and might require sizing up
  • This boot is on the higher end in priceĀ 


This product offers an EVA shaped footbed which contours the foot in order to offer support, protection, and support. EVA is a very strong rubber material that is also supportive without causing pain to the arch of the foot. The EVA is dual density which assists with better control over the foot and step to the hiker. Despite the protective qualities of EVA, those who bought this boot were impressed by the lightweight nature of the boot. They also found that they had quite a bit of control over their steps when out on the trails.


This product is meant for hiking. The tread of this product is made of Salomon's High Traction ContaGrip which sticks better to smooth and wet surfaces. The membrane offered through this product is made with GORE-TEX which is a highly waterproof material. This product can be used on trails, on mountains or for work.


The traction offered by this product, as mentioned above, is a high traction ContraGrip. In this model, as well, Salomon upgraded the lug design in order to offer better grip on all surfaces. Those who purchased this product found that the Quest 4D 3 GTX offered great grip over a variety of surfaces including wet ones which is ideal for this type of product.


The upper of this product is made of a highly breathable material that also offers waterproofing protection. The upper is also lightweight and offers high abrasion resistance in order to keep the product looking newer longer. Though this is what is listed on the manufacturer's website, those who wore this product did find that their feet didn't stay very cool when in warmer conditions, unfortunately. This can lead to moisture buildup, blisters, and potential slipping. They did, however, appreciate the lightweight nature of these boots. They found the boot to offer superior waterproofing as well. GORE-TEX has mixed reviews in regards to its breathability. A common complaint about products made with GORE-TEX is the lack of breathability through the shoe. So that this product isn't breathable isn't surprising. GORE-TEX, however, is really well known for providing superior waterproofing so that is a plus. Even though the breathability isn't quite there, the waterproofing is. This should be taken into consideration before buying this product.


This product, as mentioned above, is quite lightweight despite its protective qualities. EVA is a lightweight rubber so this isn't a big surprise. EVA is a common use in footwear for its support, durability and yet lightweight nature. The upper of this product is made with a Nubuck leather material which is also quite lightweight and fast-drying. Those who bought this product were quite happy with its lightweight nature. As far as the sizing goes, it seems that this product is a little narrow and not quite true-to-size. Many reviewers found that they had to size up with this boot. So though the boot is lightweight, it is a bit narrow. This should be considered when looking at sizing.


This product, as mentioned above, doesn't offer the airflow and breathability that many prefer with footwear, however, the GORE-TEX does offer superior waterproofing abilities which is positive. In addition to the GORE-TEX lining this product also offers OrthaLite which is common with Salomon boots. The OrthLite lining is supposed to provide cushioning, support and a cooler/dryer environment for the foot. Though hikers did find that their feet stayed dry, they didn't stay cool when in hotter climates unfortunately. The upper is also made of Nubuck leather which offers a quick dry when wet which is positive. Overall, the airflow isn't quite there but the waterproofing is which is positive.


This product offers a dual-density EVA midsole which provides cushioning and support. EVA, as mentioned earlier in the article, is typically contoured to the foot in order to provide support and comfort to the bottom of the foot. In addition to a cooler and dryer environment (which was slightly disproved with hikers, unfortunately), the OrthoLite is also supposed to provide more cushion as well to the bottom of the foot. Those who purchased this shoe found that they were impressed by the level of comfort they experienced with this boot. They said that both the cushioning and support were impressive in this boot. The only issue they found, which was mentioned earlier, is the narrowness of the middle area of this boot. Once sized up, though, the boot provides good levels of cushioning, support and impact reduction which is positive.


This boot offers a Nubuck leather upper which is an attractive leather material made of cowhide. It is also high abrasion which keeps the boot looking newer longer. The narrow nature of the boot isn't as comfortable as some may like but it does give the boot a sleeker look. Overall, these boots are attractive boots, made of quality materials and seem to offer a decent level of durability which also keeps them looking newer longer. This is positive.


As mentioned earlier in this article, Nubuck leather is high abrasion which means more durability and strength. The toe cap of this product is also made of a highly durable material that protects the hiker's toes from rocks and debris on the trails but also protects the boot itself with some impact reduction. The heel cap of this product is also made of rubber which provides protection to the rear of the foot and boot as well. This boot also offers a mudguard which surrounds the bottom of the foot. The EVA midsole is also highly durable which means that it will protect the hiker's boot and feet from sharp rocks and debris. Overall, it does seem that this product offers several protective measures in order to protect the foot, as well as add some longevity to the boot itself which is positive.


As mentioned above, this product offers several safety features in order to protect the foot from sharp rocks and debris like a rubber toe cap, heel cap, and a mudguard. Reviewers regularly praised the protection offered around the toes of this product as well which is positive.


Another benefit of EVA is that it is quite flexible. This allows the hiker to step more naturally. Those who bought this product did find that they were able to move quite quickly and easily in these boots.


EVA contours the foot in order to hug the heel, arch, and toe more naturally. The upper and lacing system hugs the top of the foot as well which keeps the foot secure in the boot. This product is a boot rather than a shoe which means that there is more support around the ankle of the foot. The tongue of this boot is a gusseted tongue as well which is cushioned and supportive to the front of the foot. Those who bought this product found that the ankle support is quite impressive and that they felt secure and supported when they wore this product on the trails.


The lacing system of this boot offers locking eyelets which lock the laces in place once tied. This along with the gusseted tongue of this product offers customized support to the ankle and front of the foot. This assists with a more natural step as well and doesn't leave the hiker considered about what might happen if needing to react quickly. This works well with the traction system of this boot which will also support and stabilize the foot.


This boot is a little higher in price which was a point of contention with some reviewers. This boot is lightweight in nature, attractive in design and seems to be made of quality materials. This, to us, seems like they are worth the cost associated with them. They have a long shelf life and offer the right amount of cushioning and stability as well which is hard to compete with.


Dual-density EVA midsole which offers support and stability
GORE-TEX membrane inside the boot keep water from getting in the boot
Protective rubber toe cap, heel cap and, mudguard to protect the foot and the shoe from damage
OrthoLite sock liner to offers cushioning
Locking eyelets to provide support and stability
High-cut profile to add additional support to the ankle and top of the foot
Heel foam construction to add support and impact reduction
Gusseted tongue to offer comfort, support and to keep debris from entering the boot


Our final thoughts on this boot are that it's a quality one. The highlights of the boot are that they offer superior support through the ankle and the midsole of the boot. They are quite comfortable and offer great waterproofing abilities. They are lightweight and flexible which offers peace of mind to those who are doing more intensive hikes and require higher reactionary products. They offer a high level of waterproofing which means feet stay dry even when in wetter environments. And they offer a decent level of protection to the toe, heel, and bottom of the foot. The disappointments of this boot are that they are a little narrow and require some sizing up potentially. They are also a little expensive for some reviewers. They also don't provide a high level of breathability, more than likely due to the GORE-TEX lining. Overall, though, this product is another hit from Salomon and definitely worth consideration.