Salomon Quest 4d 3 GTX

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Editor’s Conclusion
The  Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX  is an impressive comparable option for hiking footwear on technical trails with soft surfaces.

This is as close to being a military standard boot as it can be. Retaining running shoe technology, blended with features usually found in a heavy-duty hiking boot.  Designed to be used in challenging weathers and environments. If you're willing to pay a higher price, this is the type of footwear that should perform as being among the best.

Designed for those who aim to carry heavy-duty loads while hiking in environments where a good boot makes the difference for performance, protection, stability, comfort, and traction.
Editor's Pros & Cons







Heavy if used on basic trails

Key Features

Sizing & Fit

The lacing system gives secure support and works in conjunction with the heel box to keep feet secure. The toe-box gives good space without causing any downsides for stability. During long, high mile hikes, your feet tend to swell; the boot design has factored in enough foot space to allow for this while retaining a comfortable fit.

The overall fit is pretty standard, not for extra wide feet or extra narrow.


100% synthetic tough, durable uppers that can deal with knocks and scuffs without yielding unwanted damage.

The Outsole is heavy-duty rubber that is formulated to resist wear and tear on tough surfaces. The Speedcross lug pattern gives a good grip while retaining lug depth and structural patterning/integrity.

The Quicklace system has laces which hold up well, and the eyelets stay in place to give continued durable, supportive FIT.

The Ortholite insoles are removable and can be replaced if they show eventual wear and tear. The materials used for constructing this boot are all selected for durability when used in tough environments.

Protection Ankle & Toes

This boot excels for protection, and this reflects the purpose of the design. The cuff is padded and cuts to sit above the ankle for targeted support and protection. The rubber toe cap provides solid protection fully for the toes and will fend off hard impacts. The synthetic uppers play a dual role; they contribute towards fit and stability while also giving protection against scuffs and knocks.

User feedback is generally positive for protection when off-trail or on technical trails.

Breathability and water-proofing

The waterproof membrane gives a double result in cold weather, keeping the feet warm and protected from water.

Breathability is as expected when Gore-Tex is designed into footwear. Ventilation is present and performs well enough in cool weather. During hot weather hiking, the feet will feel warmer.

During heavy rain and intermittent wading, the level of waterproofing is good. If you wade in water that is deep enough to be above the boot collar, water can enter the boot. User feedback suggests that the boots will dry out reasonably quickly.

Support & stability

The construction design and combined synthetic materials result in a slight stiffness, which contributes to supporting without the feeling of being a heavy-duty mountain boot.

The collar gives good ankle support to an efficient level of performance which is generally more supportive than the average mid-height ankle boot. This boot performs very well for those hauling a heavy pack over technical terrains.

The lacing system has double hooks to ensure a nice supportive lace lock for the ankles.


For this version, the outsole has been redesigned.

The lug layout has been better spaced to prevent picking up mud. The Contagrip rubber has been formulated with mixed compounds to allow enough pliability on soft slopes and varied technical surfaces. The purpose of design has factored in that users are likely to be hauling a heavy pack.


Taking on tougher technical terrain does mean that the combination of durable protective materials and features will result in a heavier boot. The weight for size nines is 2 pounds 13.8 ounces a pair, not overly heavy but heavier than some comparative options. For a little more weight, you get higher cut ankle support, good all-around function, and support.


Comfort is evident; the tongue and ankle collar have well-cushioned padding.

An Ortholite insole gives a nice degree of comfort, and it can be removed and replaced. The forefeet area offers a balanced level of comfortable flex. The outsole appears to hit the mark for a nice amount of giving on various surfaces. Though several users felt it was initially stiff.

The lace-up system works together with a supportive heel area for a combination of secure fit, stability, support, and comfort.

User feedback is clear; this is not a boot that is not ready right off the shelf for a long, challenging hike over technical terrains. Users have a variety of differencing methods for effectively and quickly breaking in a boot for use. The most popular option is to use the boot for a few short hikes to break it in.

The design, construction, and features are all purpose-designed for comfort during tough technical hiking.


The name of the Salomon Forces Quest 4D GTX speaks volumes, and it is designed and constructed to perform in challenging terrains while hauling heavy gear. User feedback positively supports that this boot gives high performance, comfort, and protection.

If you are looking for a high-quality shoe or boot which only slightly performs less and not for very tough technical off-trail and technical trail use. The Salomon Predict Hike Mid GTX is a good comparative choice.

You get less weight, but at a mid-height cut, the protection is nice; the use of Gore-tex means good waterproofing. Protection, stability, traction, and support are good when factoring in the purpose of design.


With a higher price tag than several options, you can expect more performance, features, good protection, durability, and comfort.

It is not a military-grade boot in the full sense of comfort, durability, and performance, but it is as close as possible.

Suppose you are looking for a boot that retains similar performance to a running shoe and blends in a heavy-duty boot's performance for technical terrain. The Quest 4D GTX is an option worthy of trying out.