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Puma Fierce Core Review Facts

Puma is among the best brands that produce high-quality CrossFit shoes for women. The Puma Fierce Core is best suited for a variety of training activities. The durability and style of the shoes are fantastic.

When training is a priority, the shoes are highly recommended. Excellent material is used to produce these shoes. Ariaprene bootie or mesh construction is used for breathability and support.

The entire inner shoe has a mesh layer to boost blood circulation and air crossing to the maximum to avoid a humid environment inside the shoe. The mesh infusion allows maximum training hours without inflexibility.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Ariaprene technology
  • Balance
  • Breathable
  • Catchy design
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Inner mesh
  • Lace-free
  • Long-lasting wear
  • Shock absorption
  • Support
  • Traction
  • Narrow tip
  • Takes time to break in


The exaggerated heel thickness has a uniquely stylish aesthetic. The medial sides heal with stability maintenance. Full-length flex grooves on the bottom of the rubber outsole offer fast and dynamic multidirectional movement that make the shoes flex with the flexing of the feet.

The goal is to gain maximum effectiveness and feel the most comfortable making multidirectional movements easy. Pivot Point technology is used at the outsole and toe areas to allow users to produce free multi-directional changes and rotation that makes the shoes comfortable for cross-training and dance classes.


Full-length foam materials make up the midsole. EVA sets up a design system that delivers pressure and absorbs impact effectively. The ride is made exceptionally smooth regardless of the exercise.

The Puma Fierce Core has an injection molded EVA midsole that provides impressive shock absorption and energy return to create great comfort. The flex features add to the comfort of the shoe.


Seamless nanoweave is used to make the upper. It provides support and breathability. The innovative no-lace design means a breathable and stretched structure made of nylon mesh is supported by a lightweight thermoplastic cage that aims to create control of the feet.

Other shoes have a pull tab on the heel, but the Fierce Core also has one on the front to make for easy put on and take off. The tongue is not the traditional tongue. One tester said the shoes reminded her of space shoes. Most of the upper is mesh with an area of soft leather and the Puma logo. A snug and comfortable fit are ensured by the innovative Ariaprene upper that is flexible in shape retention, breathable, and lightweight.

The Fierce Core trainer is on the cutting edge of fashion and performance. The upper of the shoe is very attractive. It extends from the tongue to the leg. The front loop is on the tongue to make off and on more rapid and convenient. The loops are matching to make the handy elements complete. The Jumping Cat and Formstrip logo provide a distinct and riveting design. Because it is designed for the active lifestyle, the shoe has exceptional hold and support.

The shoes can be worn while training. The EVA heel pod has a role in the improvement of shock absorption and extra cushioning system of the heel. Users enjoy an optimized fit and increased comfort thanks to a midfoot saddle.


The shoes are super lightweight. They weigh 12 ounces. Lightweight is often not the case with cross-training shoes. The typical heaviness makes them difficult to wear when running. Users can run in the Fierce Core trainers.


Airaprene is a breathable material. The laceless upper and textile lining offer quality ventilation. Sweating is not a problem while wearing the Puma Fierce Core Trainer. The modern design resembles Rihanna’s Fenty trainers. They both have an upper made of Ariaprene and bootie construction. Ariaprene delivers enhanced comfort and breathability.

Nearly all users like the comfort and breathable upper. The high-top, lace-less cross-trainer is covered with breathable mesh insets and goring across the top that ensure fitness that provides stability. On the inside, there is a breathable textile lining for a great next to skin feeling and a footbed that provides comfort.


The shoes are comfortable and soft to wear. The shoes have internal flatlock stitching that reduces friction. Designed for ‘fierce’ moving, the Puma Fierce Core offers impressive technical details, breathability, and comfort along with modern style.

The shoe is a comfortable fit for users with medium to a bit wide feet. Men’s sizes are available from seven to 13. Women’s sizes range from 5½ to nine. The upper is amazingly eye-catching. The soft tongue extends up towards the leg.

It is fitted with a loop for convenient and quick on and off pulls. There is a matching loop in the heel that completes the handy aspect of the shoe. Having a pull tab in front and back makes putting on and taking off the shoes easier.


There are pull tabs on the padded collar and tongue. The padded tongue and collar with pull tabs are a favorite of users because they create a fashionable and unique look. The shoes are not only training shoes but fashion shoes as well. They can be worn for workouts or as shoes for casual apparel. The shoe has a double strap in front.

The front part of the shoe sticks out a bit higher than the back. It gives the shoe a high-top look. The mesh has a polka dot pattern throughout the shoe. The polka dots are not drawn on the mesh. They are indented.

The shoe has the Puma logo. There is a band that is part of the design that does not move or stretch. No movement occurs on that portion of the shoe. Netting on the side seams is made of hard plastic.

Plastic detailing that is surrounded by stitching also adorns the shoes. The outsole feels like plastic or hard rubber. It is thicker in the back than the front. The sole also has the Puma logo. Onlookers are impressed by the heel, pull tabs tongue, and slip-on bootie construction.

The ‘Fierce’ modern fashion in Fierce Core is brought out when paired with denim skirts, shorts, and skinny jeans. The sophisticated style is tailored for chick or urbane occasions as well as a stylish look during training. It turns heads for those always on the go. They are available in a variety of colors. Among the colors available are all black, red and white, gray and white, red, and citrus yellow.


Puma considers the training shoes to be a game-changer because they permit users to do extreme sports. The Puma Fierce Core is designed for aggressive training that is inspired by dance movements.

It bridges the gap between athletics and style. The Puma Fierce Core was designed to attain fitness with a runway look that features all that is expected of a training shoe. The shoes were designed for a variety of training needs.

The shoes are not waterproof. Water will seep through the mesh upper. The bottom has a durable rubber outsole. It offers full-length flex grooves to provide dynamic multi-directional movement.


Puma considers the training shoes to be a game-changer because they permit users to do extreme sports. The Puma Fierce Core is designed for aggressive training that is inspired by dance movements.

It bridges the gap between athletics and style. The Puma Fierce Core was designed to attain fitness with a runway look that features all that is expected of a training shoe. The shoes were designed for a variety of training needs.

The shoes are not waterproof. Water will seep through the mesh upper. The bottom has a durable rubber outsole. It offers full-length flex grooves to provide dynamic multi-directional movement.

CrossFit is a fitness program rather than a specific exercise. Several sports and exercises are involved. They include such things as gymnastics, high-intensity training, weightlifting, and running. Having the right shoe ensures exercises are done with comfort to avoid becoming tired easily. The need for shock absorption depends on the kind of workouts the user does. Weightlifters don’t need a shoe that absorbs too much shock. It reduces the amount of weight that can be lifted on a regular basis.

Workouts involving running require shoes that absorb shock to avoid hurting the feet when running. The Puma Fierce Core is shock absorbent. CrossFit shoes should support the arch and heel comfortably to prevent pain in the foot. The EVA foam of the midsole offers reliable and comfortable protection for underfoot support. The EVA heel poid improves shock absorption and provides cushioning to the heel. The shoes are soft on the inside while they support the arch of the foot. The midsole saddle increases comfort.

A breathable shoe reduces the chance of over sweating or overheating which makes the development of blisters less likely. Well-fitting shoes minimize the possibility of blisters and injuries and enhance comfort during workout sessions.


Shortly after the shoe was released, it became a solid option in the CrossFit arsenal. The metallic detailing and slip-on bootie design take training shoes to a higher rung on the design ladder.

Technology and materials are strategically combined to allow users to move aggressively. The shoes are designed for both versatility and function. The Rihanna inspired collection includes the fierce mix of details and trend-right silhouettes and performance ready technology. The upper is the optimum of support and comfort. There is lateral and medial support for 360° movement.


A lace-free aspect is another handy advantage of the shoes. It provides support during a run as it prevents the runner from falling when running a long distance. The exceptional support and hold of the shoes are suitable for an active lifestyle that includes training.

The Jumping Cat log is on the lateral side of the shoes. The stylishly detailed overlays combine to form somewhat of a midfoot cage that is performance-inducing and aesthetically pleasing. The shaft length from the arch is almost mid-top.


Advertised as CrossFit shoes, the Puma Fierce Core terrain will often be in the gym. Because they are shock absorbent, they can be used for running. The outsole of the shoes provides traction but does not have a lug design for rough terrain. Running should be done on relatively smooth surfaces. The shoes are also fashion-friendly and can be worn almost anywhere.


Although the shoes have sports-capable features and appealing looks, they are very affordable. The cost of the shoes falls in the range of $70 to $100. The MSRP is $90.


Fantastic grip and traction are provided by the outsole pods that are made of solid rubber. Full ground contact is made without putting down the user. The pivot that points toward the outsole heel and toe areas allows free movement.

Goring crosses around the top of the shoes to provide a secure fit and excellent grip. The outsole traction is a feature of importance that cannot be overlooked. The outsole offers brilliant grip and ensures absolute friction needed for running long distances. The optimal lockdown is an essential feature. The rubber outsole ensures excellent grip and traction. It provides a firm grip and assures perfect confrontation for long distance running.


A well-padded collar and tongue of the shoe provide comfort. Inside the shoe is flatlock stitching to reduce friction. There are conflicting reports about breaking in the shoes. Some say it is comfortable out of the box. Others say break-in time is required.

The outsoles of the shoes are 100 percent rubber that provides high-flexibility when performing tough and hard CrossFit activities such as weightlifting, skipping, and running. Rubber soles allow handstand-against-the-wall pushups with no fear of falling.


The added thickness on both sides and medial offer support with every movement. The mesh overlays and caging of the slip-on bootie structure provide the optimal lockdown stability and support needed for solid training programs. There is an exaggerated thickness at the heel, medial, and lateral sides for excellent stability.

Key Features

* 100 percent Ariaprene
* Breathable mesh insets
* Goring across the top
* Gripping traction outsole
* Laceless high-top
* Padded collar and tongue
* Pivots points for 360-degree toe and heel movement

Bottom Line

The training sneaker has been available since 2016. Kylie Jenner, an American reality TV personality, endorsed the women’s version. Serious runners took offense at the endorsement because Kylie is no a professional field and track star.

A riveting and thoroughly distinct design is created by the use of the famous Puma logo with the Jumping Cat and Formstrip. It is featured on the midfoot overlays covering the upper. The ingenious design gives users an appealing look that is a useful part of the shoes worn by those living an active lifestyle. The extra high tongue gives the shoes added unique style.

Puma is well-known globally for successfully fusing fashion, lifestyle, and sport. It delivers unexpected in accessories, apparel, and sport-lifestyle footwear through revolutionary design and technical innovation.