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Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Review Facts

The Air Vapormax Flyknit differs design-wise from a lot of Nike’s other, more classic products. We are used to the highly simplistic styles with flat outsoles; this model turns that norm on its head with its futuristic, transparent air pods on the bottom of the shoe. It also has a very sleek colorway which has lots of solid options for both men and women alike. Though it is a lot pricier than most running shoes from the vast majority of brands, it seems to be worth this cost for a lot of customers because of its flexibility, durability, and luxurious comfort. The construction of the shoes is really something to get excited about because it ensures that these shoes will last for thousands of wears.

Additionally, this model was created for those who don’t need additional arch support who typically run in indoor conditions or not in harsh conditions. As such, a lot of potential customers might not opt for this shoe because of the level of support, and it probably isn’t the best in transitioning from the indoors to tough terrain. Despite these minor setbacks, let’s get into why the Air Vapormax Flyknit an amazing pick for people of all walks of life.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Unique looking and appealing upper
  • Good balance of lightweight yet sturdy
  • Curvature of the shoe follows natural curve of the foot for a comfortable fit
  • Full-length, responsive cushioning
  • Expensive; some would even say overpriced
  • Makes annoying squeaky noises every now and then


The composition of the upper is mainly characterized by its full coverage Flyknit technology, which binds to the feet to create a snug and sock-like feeling. It is of course very soft to the touch and is extremely breathable in that it helps with the circulation of air inside of the shoes. Like the overwhelming majority of running shoes, the Air Vapormax Flyknit uses a traditional lace-up system in combination with Flywire cabling, which is exclusive to Nike. This cabling helps to better secure your feet in the shoe, preventing slippage or any other kind of discomfort. People seem to love how the upper looks and have described it as “cool” and “fashion forward”. Finally, there is a series of fabric overlays on it which also aid in preventing slippage while simultaneously adding a little bit of structural support to the otherwise soft and thin outer portion of the upper.


The midsole is somewhat of an area where this product struggles to achieve greatness for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, there is a lack of a sock liner included in this shoe which detracts a little bit from the overall comfort level of the shoes. Moreover, the midsole is composed of individual compressed air units that are strategically placed throughout the shoe rather than a full length foam cushion that is seen in so many other models. It is still well cushioned and relatively unproblematic. Frankly, there just isn’t a lot to rave about with the midsole because it doesn’t implement many innovative materials or construction techniques and isn’t the star of the shoe.


The most notable and obvious characteristic of the outsole on this product is by far the rubber pods which encapsulate and protect the compressed air cushioning units. They are definitely a part of what makes the shoes so polarizing in terms of aesthetics, as they are a bit bulky and clunky looking and deviate from Nike’s typical creations stylistically. They mainly assist in shielding the sole of the shoes which contribute to the flexibility and coveted natural movement that is so sought after by shoe designers. Unfortunately, a number of customers have reported that the air pods are susceptible to bursting which sort of directly contradicts their protective purpose. This seems to be a rarity though, because Nike has plenty of shoes with air pods which have not succumbed to this problem.


Style is sometimes a little tough to review objectively because everyone has different opinions on what they want a shoe to look like. However, this model is particularly polarizing because of those unfamiliar clear air pods on the bottom of the shoes. Some tend to gravitate more towards more refined and simplistic shoes such as the Nike Free Run or Free RN 2017/2018, but others seem to like the edgy look of the Air Vapormax Flyknit. A few examples of the default colors include navy, black, gray, and khaki (a seemingly neutral color scheme). In addition to those, you can also choose almost any colors you can think of thanks to Nike’s online customization feature. Using this function, you can choose from hundreds of hues ranging from vivid to neutral, and can even add an insignia on the shoe. Stylistically, these shoes are very cool and futuristic, but may not appeal to the masses in the way that other product might do.


Price can ultimately be the most vital factor for a lot of consumers when deciding between running shoes. After all, shoes upwards of $100 certainly aren’t affordable for thousands of people all over the world. They are really expensive because they of course hail from a well-received and beloved brand and are therefore built with materials of the utmost quality. In addition to that, they are a brand new release so they will undoubtedly be on the pricier side for a little while. Currently, they are on sale at various mainstream outlets between $100 and $200 which is quite a broad range, and this price is reflected in more obscure retailers as well. If you feel that these shoes are out of your budget range at the moment, look for their price to fall in the near future as this is a typical pattern with almost every clothing product.


There is a very important balance to strike between sturdiness and lightness when it comes to the weight of a running shoe. It appears that the men’s version of the shoe weighs in at roughly 9 ounces and the women’s at roughly 7.5 ounces. This is actually pretty light which is surprising considering the rather dense and thick appearance of the Air Vapormax Flyknit. Many verified purchasers have claimed that running on these shoes feels like running on clouds (which may be in part because of the air pods), but this can also be attributed to the low weight. In terms of size, the outsole is of course very thick but the top is quite thin. This thinness helps balance out and complement the outsole which helps with overall weight distribution.


Handling many different kinds of terrain is really important because Nike has millions of customers from all over the world living in varying climates. Therefore, the goal is to appeal to all of those demographics and their respective living areas. Because this shoe was built best for terrain like road, track, and light gravel, it is probably not the best shoe to wear in harsh climates or on rough surfaces. Those bubbly air pods on the outsole are susceptible to bursting even indoors, so going out into the wilderness or areas with a lot of different debris would be even riskier in that regard. Unfortunately, this is a little bit of an obvious weakness, and it calls into question why the high price tag if you can’t even wear the shoes in any kind of condition that you want.


The level of support in a pair of running shoes is critical to how one’s feet will feel when running in them on a day-to-day basis. The Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit is considered a neutral support shoe in that they are not designed with additional arch support at all. This is great for the majority of people who don’t need this feature, however it is undoubtedly a minor setback for those with flatter feet. Because this is the case, it does not mean that those other runners should be deterred from buying this product because there is still some support provided by the pressurized air pockets in the shoe as well as the air pods covering the bottom of the shoes.


Unfortunately, the Air Vapormax Flyknit doesn’t hold up very well in harsh conditions as the air pods on the outsole are susceptible to breakage and bursting which renders the shoe useless. However, they are a solid option for indoor usage because of how thick and deluxe they are. They don’t scuff or tear easily which is awesome because dirty or damaged running shoes are both ugly to look at and weaken the lifespan of the shoes. The many positive customer reviews are a real testament to the durability of these shoes. Nike’s shoes are typically long-lasting, and this model is no exception to that pattern.


Breathability is an extremely important thing to have in a running shoe because without it, the wearer is susceptible to blistering, rashes, slippage, and other forms of pain and discomfort. Luckily, the Air Vapormax Flyknit doesn’t have any issues in this regard because of the expertly integrated features implemented by Nike. For instance, the upper is particularly breathable because of the mesh material which helps accommodate airflow throughout the toe chamber. The Flyknit itself is also really breathable because of the way that it is intricately woven and also how delicate and thin the material is. This product has the word ‘Air’ in it for a reason- it circulates air with awesome efficiency, ensuring comfort and safety all in one.


Nike, along with hundreds of other athletic wear brands, seek to first and foremost provide their customers with maximum comfort. This attribute is apparent in the Air Vapormax Flyknit because of its combination of dynamic Flyknit materials, compressed air units, and a few other minor things. Rubber pods fashioned against the outsole protect the shoe from wear and tear and are also responsible for that walking on air feeling that so many customers have praised. The inner lining is soft, and the materials used throughout the inner and outer portions of the shoe are also very smooth and feel expensive. Furthermore, the cushioning is both soft and responsive; it absorbs shock and prevents your feet from becoming sore. Flex grooves are expertly placed on the outsole which contribute to more natural flexibility and totally natural movement in each step you take. On a larger and broader scale, customers have just had nothing but good things to say about the comfort level in this product.

Key Features

• Toe and heel overlays designed for increased stability
• Modern aesthetics accompanied by classic comfort
• Compressed air units throughout the shoes
• External air pods on the outsole
• Flywire cabling for enhanced stability
• Carved out sole for increased flexibility

Bottom Line

Despite some of its shortcomings, The Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit is still worthy of your hard earned cash. They’re expensive but worth the price because they are really well made and won’t fall apart under everyday conditions like the gym or on the track in dry weather. Stylistically, this product really stands out from the crowd because of its somewhat atypical design; also they just appear really luxurious and authentic. In terms of comfort and breathability, there is nothing left to be desired because of the expertly laid cushioning, Flyknit overlays, and comfortable materials.

Rest assured, your feet will never blister or feel any kind of pain in this pair of kicks. It seems like customers are really responding well to these shoes across the board and don’t have any real qualms with them. While they may not hold up as well in harsh climates and rough terrain, if used with care indoors or on smoother surfaces, the Air Vapormax Flyknit will last a great deal of time. This shoe would most likely work best for indoor athletes or those who like to work out in the gym and do not need additional arch support.