Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX

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Updated and released in 2015, the Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX now makes backpacking that much more enjoyable. Lightweight and supportive, this boot provides comfort and stability while still keeping the weight to a minimum. To achieve this, Salomon adopted running shoe technology and implemented it into this hiking boot design. Because of its high-top cut and its waterproof design, you are protected from the elements no matter the season. Gore-Tex performance material provides not only waterproof protection but also flexibility and cushioning without adding weight. The upper consists of split suede leather. After the upper full grain portion of the hide has been detached, the split side is what you have left. These fibers have a softer feel and are slightly looser when compared to full grain leather.  It can be buffed, waxed, or oiled in order to improve water resistance or appearance. It is also the more affordable option.

This lace-up hiking boot, with its stylish diagonal logo on the side, is designed for hiking longer distances over shorter amounts of time and with less fatigue. Although intended for backpacking boots, these are also great for working construction or in the mine. They are breathable and offer a precise fit and a secure grip. The non-marking Contagrip outsole technology offers maximum traction over a wide variety of terrain. And, the 4D chassis helps to facilitate the stability and support. Like in a car, the chassis is the base frame or outer structural framework of this boot. It also contributes to the all-mountain traction. Now, come play for days in  Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX boots. 

Editor's Pros & Cons

Great for backpacking trips with a heavy load. 

Protective toe and heel caps

Thick lugs for maximum traction


Ankle protection with high-top cut


The tread may be slightly too shallow for muddy conditions. 

You may require a double knot, as these laces tend to come untied. 

Sole Composition

The Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX features a molded, dual-density EVA midsole, which provides stability and lightweight cushioning. With dual-density, hikers are able to enjoy both long-lasting comfort as well as maximum support. We no longer have to choose between the two options. I was reading about what makes a midsole “dual-density”. And, it’s all very technical with the first and second densities, with the molding and the fusing. But, the important thing is this: EVA foam has thousands of micro bubbles that are joined together and hold air. With each step, these bubbles absorb shock and provide cushion, making this boot a great choice for your journey. There are other shock absorbing materials out there that can be used for a midsole, but what sets EVA apart is the fact that it is the most lightweight. Now, to mention the outsole, Salomon chose a high-traction Contagrip rubber blend, which allows you to move easily across both wet and dry surfaces.

Terrain and Traction

This beast of a boot, with its meaty tread, excels in the area of grip and traction. Hikers report a noticeable reduction in the amount of slippage on roots and rocks. It doesn’t matter if you are hiking straight up on a climb or coming down the steepest hill, the Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX is likely not to slip at all. You’ll feel like Iron Man walking on up mountain faces, on uneven terrain, and across wet slippery rocks. This boot features a 4D Chassis which guides your foot while, at the same time, reducing fatigue. This feature allows you to hike further and for longer, even through the roughest terrain. One of my favorite features, though, is the Contagrip rubber outsole, developed and branded by Salomon. It is the perfect combination of sport-specific geometry, compounds and density, giving this boot its all-mountain traction capabilities. I also want to mention here that these boots are compatible with strap-on crampons.

Upper Build

The upper of the Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX is engineered with GoreTex (hence the 'GTX'). This GoreTex is seam-sealed in order to offer maximum waterproofing protection, while still allowing air to escape. The escaping air is essential for keeping feet cool and dry. Not only is this GoreTex breathable and waterproof, but it provides excellent cushioning while adding the least amount of weight. This is achieved through use of nylon mesh for the upper and long-lasting split suede leather. These features also allow for greater flexibility and durability. Salomon updated the rubber rands, tongue, and laces for this model, in order to maximize durability, comfort and fit. In addition, the gusseted tongue is padded and helps to prevent sand, rocks, as well as other trail debris from entering the boot. The tongue also lies smooth and flat, helping to eliminate pressure felt from the laces across the top of your foot.

Size and Weight

Use of GoreTex, rather than another material to facilitate waterproofing, is the reason this beefy boot is a lot more light weight than you’d think. Salomon utilized technology found in running shoes in order to design a hiking boot that is lightweight but still provides stability and comfort. An average women’s size 7 weighs 560 grams or 19.8 ounces, while an average men’s size 10 comes in at 640 grams or 22.6 ounces. The women’s Quest 4D 2 GTX features a shaft that measures approximately 6.5”. The shaft is the height from the middle of the arch, up the outsole of the boot, to the top of the boot. The shaft of the men’s version measures approximately 6”, half an inch shorter than the women’s. In both both men and women’s boots, the heel measures 1”, while the platform measures approximately .75”. The platform is the height between the sole and footbed.

Airflow and Waterproofing

Not only are these boots perfect for backpacking with heavy loads, but they are also great for mining, working construction, or any profession where the temperatures can change dramatically. Excess moisture is dispersed and absorbed by wicking polyester linings. These linings allow air to circulate and keep feet cool when it’s hot and humid outside. They also keep your feet warm and insulated while hiking or working in cold weather. Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX boots feature a high-top cuff and GoreTex waterproofing to protect you from the elements all year long. You can submerge the boot up to the collar, while you are taking a step, and you will stay dry. (Don’t submerge your foot for more than 3-5 seconds at a time or water may find its way in). These boots are the best choice for maximum protection for long treks and for on or off trail excursions, especially in snowy winter conditions.

Comfort and Cushioning

Maximum cushioning is accomplished with use of the EVA midsole, as well as with the removable OrthoLite footbeds that absorb shock. Flexibility is achieved through engineering of the durably waterproof GoreTex. Rubber rands help protect your toes from bumbs and bruises. The gusseted padded tongue protects you from in-shoe debris and gives you a contoured instep fit. The tongue also lies flush against the upper part of your foot, helping to relieve pressure from the laces. Speaking of laces, the ones used on the Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX feature sheath materials that facilitate secure grip and soft flex that keeps knots secure during your hike (more so than the original Quest). A 4D chassis provides foot control and active comfort with dynamic cushioning. And, as mentioned above, Salomon borrowed technology from running shoe designs in order to develop this boot that would be lightweight while, at the same time, provide stability and comfort.


Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTXs are stylish lace-up boots with nubuck leather and the diagonal Salomon logo on the side. Nubuck leather gives the boots a velvet-like surface and makes them abrasion resistant, helping to keep them looking like new. They come in a variety of color combinations to please any backpacker or outdoor worker. Women can choose from Shrew/Camel Gold Leather/Teal Blue Fabric, Deep Blue/Stone Blue/Light Onyx, and Crocus Purple/Grey Denim/Artist Grey. While these selections are great, men have twice as many color schemes to choose from. I like to believe this is because men are more likely to purchase this boot than women. Men's choices are: Fossil/Rain Drum/Humus, Iguana Green/Asphalt/Dark Titanium, Detroit/Black/Navajo, Maize/Burro/Light Grey, Bistro Green, Bistro Gray/Scarab, and Tonic Green. Just like every trail, every hiker is unique. Choose the perfect pair of Quest 4D 2s for you.

Safety Features

If you are in need of some serious hiking boots with support that will allow you to log high milage with heavy gear on a multi-day trip, you need this boot. The toe caps guard your foot from the front, while the heel slings protect from the back. The 4D chassis offers foot control and protection, helping to carry your foot over rocks and roots. The thick Contagrip tread protects you from slips and falls, as well as from sharp trail debris. You’d have to step on a pretty darn sharp rock in order to feel anything through that outsole. These boots give you ankle support with its high-top cut and two-tiered lacing system. You must consider this boot if you are prone to rolling your ankles or to ankle strain. Antimicrobial treatment helps to prevent odors and protect against bacterial growth. While these boots are suitable for hiking in the winter, for maximum protection against the elements, I recommend combining these boots with appropriate socks.

Lacing System

The Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX is a high cut lace-up hiking boot. When laced properly, this boot can provide great ankle support. The rugged hardware is durable and easy to manage. With its unique lacing system, you have the ability to loosen or tighten each of the three levels independently. A drawback is that these laces may sometimes require a double knot, as they may have difficulty staying tied. However, the improved laces and gusseted tongue on tis model allow laces to remain tied better than the previous model.

Value and Cost

Use of EVA is a must when developing footwear that is both comfortable and lightweight. However, the tiny bubbles in the EVA midsoles that give that cushioned feeling may become compressed and lose of of the air over time. If this happens, you may feel reduced support. Although a brilliant product for many reasons, this is a common problem with use of EVA. That is why you hear it recommended that runners replace their shoes every 3 to 6 months ( depending on the impact placed on the shoes). But, there is good news. Salomon believes in their products and they believe in the Quest 4D 2 GTX. Salomon guarantees these boots for up to 2 years. In addition, many hikers report having used these boots over 500 miles with use on high-impact excursions.

Comparison and Similarities

With development of the second model of Quest 4D 2 GTX in 2015 (6 years after the first model) Salomon updated the laces and improved the rubber rand. For me, the biggest and most crucial change was to the gusseted tongue. It is gusseted, meaning that most of it is actually connected to the upper, giving your a better seal and therefore better protection against the elements. This tongue also allows for a better fit when laced up, relieving the pressure from the laces across the upper portion of the foot. Other than these few changes, Salomon knew they had a great boot and didn't change much else.

Key Features

• Sensifit desing for precision fitting.
• Contagrip sole for maximum traction.
• Removable OrthoLite insoles for comfort and cushioning.
• Protective toe and heel caps to guard against bumps and bruises.
• GoreTex waterproof protection.
• 4D Chassis for stability and support.
• Gusseted tongue that protects agains the elements relieves pressure from the laces.

Final Thoughts

Developed through running shoe technology, the Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX offers a snug fit for every foot shape with Sensifit. It wraps around your midfoot to ensure a comfortable and precise fit. The reversed chevron patterned non-marking lugs on the Contagrip outsoles provide a firm grip on dry tough ground as well as on loose wet rocks. The tread is so good, you may even forget to lift your feet high enough off the ground. The nubuck leather makes these boots resistant to wear, meaning they will look newer for longer. A GoreTex performance membrane offers advanced waterproof protection as well as flexibility and breathability. And, don't forget, this boot also features that 4D chassis to facilitate guided foot control and protection for active comfort. If ankle support is what you need, this boot may be perfect for you due to its high top and unique lacing system. This is a very comfortable boot that seems to run true to size. The antimicrobial treatment helps to eliminate odors and reduce bacterial growth in your shoe. These boots are great for winter hiking but are versatile enough for any season. Salomon’s logo is “Time to Play”. So, for fast adventures on any rugged terrain, choose Salomon’s Quest 4D 2 GTX hiking boots.