NEMO Dagger 2 Ultralight Backpacking Tent

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Nemo Dagger 2 tent is an impressive lightweight tent that is compact and carries comfortably in a backpack.
The tent features a range of performance which is well within the needs of backpackers.

A moderate weight combined with weatherproof and durable fabric. The vestibules are extended to allow a lot of storage space. The interior floor space covers 31.3 square feet and is good for one person wanting a lot of space or can easily house two. This is super easy to set up and offers protective shelter when out on hikes in the wilds.

A great pick for both beginners and experienced hikers and backpackers, this is a quality tent with a nice range of features. Setting this tent up is easy and quick, pre-styled poles easily fit into place to create a dome shape that maximizes space.
Already a favorite among the hiking community, there are many positive reasons for adding this model to your gear.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Roomy inside

Two large vestibules

Three seasons tent

Good level of waterproofing

Durable material


Two entrances

Very easy to set-up

Comes with a rain-fly


The doors could be larger

Key Features

Main Specs

The tent wall is made from 15-denier ripstop nylon which is known as very durable.
The rain fly is made of 5-denier-silicone (polyurethane) coated nylon ripstop, for good durability and decent waterproofing properties.

- Two vestibules
- Packed Weight: 3 lbs. 14 oz
- Packed Dimensions: 6.5 x 19.5 inches.
- Center Height: 42"
- Pre-shaped/bent poles light and durable
- Two zippered doors
- Multiple ventilation points
- Interior mesh pockets

Easy Set-up

The Dagger 2 uses a hub pole design for the main support structure and this makes set-up pretty easy. Assembly is also a little easier since the poles do not have a designated foot or head end.

The corner webbings are color-coded for quick matching and the poles are topped with a ball that locks into a socket at each corner of the tent. The rain fly has four hooks that clip in to hold the fly in place.

Also, the tent cords are reflective so they can be seen during darkness and easier to avoid tripping. The four corners of the tent are also brightly colored and easier to notice, which helps to avoid being tripped over.

Weather Resistance

In windy or rough weather, the tent holds up pretty well. The rain-fly is made from a 5-denier-silicone (polyurethane) coated nylon ripstop. This combined tight weave of durable material provides a decent amount of waterproofing. However, as with most tents, it is good to periodically spray it down with a waterproofing treatment. The same regular maintenance is good for the tent's walls as well.

The rain-fly is dome-styled and is aerodynamically contoured by design to help reduce wind damage and better direct the rain to run down instead of pooling. Another thing we like is the bathtub design of the floor, which helps prevent splashback and keeps any outside pooling water from getting into the tent.

Both entrances have a robust zipper and taped seams running alongside to beef up the defense against rain. This is effective but is something that you'll need to regularly check to keep the seams waterproof.

As far as weather resistance goes, we're pretty impressed. The floor is 30D ripstop-nylon, which is a highly durable material. The corners of the tent also have reinforced panels for added protection and durability. Looking closely, pretty much all high wear areas in this tent are reinforced to make it more functional and last longer.

For camping out in the backcountry, this is a good three-season tent. It does fine in hot and cool weather while giving good levels of protection in tougher weather conditions.

Easy to carry

At a packable weight of 3 lbs and 14 oz, this makes the Dagger 2 among the lightest two-person tents. When hiking with a friend, there doesn't have to be a coin flip to decide who has to lug the tent around. The dual-stage stuff bags also help split the load.

Despite having good features, the designers also kept the weight down. This is one of several reasons why this tent has a good following of satisfied users.

Comfort and convenience

The features are all about enhancing comfort and performance. The length of the Dagger 2 is 90", giving adequate space and comfort even for tall people. When the rain-fly is not in use the privacy panels give good protection., the lower panels are white for privacy. The top panels are black and nice for those who like star-gazing.

The vestibule's design is a trapezoidal shape, which creates a larger storage area while also deflecting gusty winds. At each end there are interior mesh pockets for safely storing phones, wallets, these pockets are even large enough to hold clothing.

Lift diffuser pockets are built-in overhead and make a good place to hang a night light.

The pre-bent pole structure does a lot to create more space, and the gradual dome incline makes it a little easier to comfortably sitting up while inside. At each end, the two doors open in opposite directions, this feature suggests that two people sharing the tent sleep head to toe. Each zipper system also has strut vents to help improve ventilation a bit more.

The vestibule allows bulkier gear to be stored outside of the sleeping area, yet out of the weather, so you aren't crammed in your tent with all of your gear you need to keep safe.


This is a light tent, but there are lighter on the market, such as the Dragon-Fly and the Nemo’s ultralight Hornet. Although those are lighter, they are both a tapered design and do not offer the same space as the Dagger 2.

The tent materials are very durable and yet the materials, as mentioned, are lightweight when compared to many other 2 person tents. The base is high-quality 30-denier nylon which has a polyurethane coating. A similar 2 person tent, but with a much less durable floor base, is the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV. The tent floor compares equally with the MSR Hubba Hubba NX for durability.

The Dagger 2 offers decent protection from foul weather, better than a lot of lightweight options, If you are looking for seriously high wet weather protection, take a look at the MSR Hubba Hubba NX.

Overall this one compares favorably when put up against many similar sized tents for 3 season use, and there are some options with more features though they tend to gain in weight.


The Dagger 2 offers a lot, great weather protection, more internal space than most other 2 people tents. It is lightweight and can easily be carried by one person and even lighter if carried between two.

Hikers like tents which allow features for storing bulky gear outside of the tent and the Dagger 2 has two large vestibules. The tent has Decent ventilation for hot nights and comes with a good rain-fly for windy and rainy weather.

The durability level of this tent does mean it's good not only in three seasons but for many trips. For those looking for an easy to pack and carry option with an impressive range of practical and functional features, this tent is a very good option.

Try it out, you won't be disappointed.