Kelty Grand Mesa 4

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Editor’s Conclusion
Choosing the right tent can be a tricky business and the ‘make or break’ of your camping experience. There are a ton of tents out there that will tick many of your boxes. The right tent for your trip will be dependent on a few factors; The length of time you will be there for, the time of year you are going and the purpose of your trip, and these are only the first few that pop into my mind.

If your trip is going to consist of spending more time out of your tent than in it, the Kelty Grand Mesa 4 might just be the tent for you. This lightweight, simple set up, sleek tent is the perfect easy sleeper for adventure campers looking for somewhere they can get their heads down after a mountain trek or waterside activities. The fact that it weighs less than many newborn babies is a real thumbs up if you're wanting to pack light, with 2 aluminum press fit, folding poles there's no-nonsense when assembling or packing away.
Kelty Grand Mesa 4 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons



Superbly fast to set up

Shark Mouth carry bag for easy pack-up


Mesh tent top doesn’t keep heat in

Price is not as appealing as other competitors

Vestibule blocks entrance to tent rather than acting as an actual passage


So, this is the main feature that sells this tent to me, its weight. As I mentioned earlier, it weighs the same as a newborn baby, which when you've got all your other camping accessories, is a godsend. I would most definitely advise anyone thinking of going camping to look at the weight of the tent they are purchasing, after all, YOU are carrying it.

This is the difference between you being able to go further or not. This tent, I would say, is for those free-roaming campers who want to spend their days backpacking rather than stuck in one specific place. Possible roaming in the day then settling at night to snooze after a few beers around the campfire, sound like your thing, mine too, so it's one of its most endearing features.
Throwing this lightweight tent on your back when you set off isn't going to be a burden, you can travel light and still enjoy being able to set up wherever you wish, especially if you are into your wild camping.

Kelty Grand Mesa

I'm sure by now you will be aware from the above that this tent is a 3-season tent, but I would personally say to stick to summer/spring in this tent. Whether you are going off-trail and wanting to wild camp or you are going to a designated campsite, this tent does offer an easy carry and a fast set up, so performance-wise this will suit you down to the ground if you're not looking to spend a huge amount of time in it.
The lightweight design also makes it an ideal tent to pack up and take to your next destination with no hassle.

Probably the best feature of this tent is the design, it boasts a Shark Mouth carry bag which means an easy pack-up, lightweight aluminum poles for quick erection and Kelty Quick-Corner Technology makes this tent a real winner on the design front. It’s a no-timewaster which is ideal for anyone who wants to get the tent up and get going. The dome shape also adds to the sleek design, it’s compact and it’s easy on the eye.

Kelty Grand Mesa 4

Tents can be pricey, depending on what you’re looking for and brand, if you’re looking for a cheap tent then this isn’t the one for you. The Grand Mesa is slightly higher than some of the other tents that fall into the same category, however, it is from a reputable brand and most definitely fit for purpose. As a backpacker’s main accessory you could be paying a lot more, so although not the cheapest, the Kelty Brand does have a great reputation for durability and their tents lasting.

Grand Mesa 4 person tent

Comparisons to previous versions
The Kelty Brand has a variety of different tents to suit all needs, the Wireless 4 by Kelty is a similar tent that is slightly cheaper but weighs a lot more and has an extra pole. Likewise to the Grand Mesa, the Late Start 4 is another option that might take your fancy but it boasts a higher price due to the larger space.


Would I buy the Kelty Grand Mesa 4? Honestly, yes, I would, purely for a spontaneous adventure that was off-trail or wild camping. One of the biggest nightmares anyone going camping faces is setting up the tent, I don't want to spend hours erecting my tent, I want it up, quick and easy, so I can enjoy all mother nature has to offer and that is why this tent appeals to me.

If camping is all about tent life and spending time around the campsite then this particular tent isn’t for you. Look towards something that is bigger and has more room.

The design is great and offers a great place to lay your head after a day of wandering on different terrain, but I do think there are many great tents on the market so do your research. This tent is available online at major retailers, so you shouldn’t have a problem picking it up.