Ozark Trail Backpacking Tent

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Ozark Trail 1 person tent is so affordable you might think it can't be a quality product, but, yes it is.

Ozark is known for quality and performance, this is designed for solo use and for beginners. This tent offers a great combination of features, durability, quality, and performance at a medium weight of 3.4 lbs. Not super light but not super heavy either, the weight is due to the use of durable materials.

New campers will find this tent to be very user-friendly, quick and easy to set up, and with ample space for one person. Designed as a three-season tent, with ease of use, durability, and protection from the weather, This one is also very affordable.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Impressive ventilation


Easy to Set-Up

Gear loft

Mesh walls


Two mesh pockets

Bathtub floor


A window

One side door

Floor 7.5 ft. x 3 ft.

Weather protection


Some don't like the weight

Ozark Trail 1-Person Backpacking Tent

Key Features

Two poles for support, well designed upper air vent, taped seams and also double stitched, a protective bathtub type floor, one window, a wall pocket, and a lot of interior space.

For a budget tent, we see more features than many similar models which cost more.


The two-pole dome style is familiar to backpackers, beginners will find set-up fairly quick and easy. Both poles are fiberglass. A shorter pole for the tent width crosses over the main pole and attaches via two loops. One attachment above the side door and the other on the far side. The tent is ready to stand, you just need to secure the ends of the poles and peg down the base of the tent.


This is a three-season tent, hot summer night mean just use the single wall and keep the rain-fly packed, but ready. In hot and moderate weather this works fine as a single wall tent, with good ventilation.

The dome tent design with the rain-fly in place means the tent can withstand strong blustery consistent wind.

The main fabric is Poly Taffeta, 185T-600mm, this has a very tight weave which is the first defense against light drizzling rain. Users report that this fabric can look wet but it does not allow water through unless you touch the fabric.

The second defense, for heavier rain, the fly will keep the rainfall out, within its limits of course. For those wondering how this tent holds up in heavy constant rain - As with all tents, you must do a little upkeep, periodically treat with waterproofing spray, keep everything clean and free of wear and tear, etc. User feedback points out that this tent does very well through a downpour and constant rainfall, with the leaks forming less than expected.

The bathtub base/floor certainly has good weatherproofing, due to the Poly Taffeta 185T- 800mm material. This means water won't soak through the bottom, giving to a nice little pool to wake up in. The tub design is great if you have to set up camp in a damp area.

Turning to the vestibule, There's a bunch of usable storage space for bulky gear. The only downside here is the lack of a groundsheet. If you want to tuck your gear in, and don't want it directly on the ground overnight, it's a simple matter of bringing along a small tarp or groundsheet.

Ventilation is designed in via mesh openings at the to-end of the tent, and a mini vestibule design shelters the mesh vents to keep any rain out. Given the price of this tent, the amount of protection from wet weather, it is not only functional, but it is also impressive.

Functional features

- It's easy to get yourself in and out of this tent, thanks to the large zippered closure. The zipper is robust and smooth, with taped and stitched seams that also help keep the weather outside where it belongs.

- The interior was thought out with a decently sized mesh pocket for the gear you want to keep within reach, and also a lantern loop for an easy connection point for a night light

- The poles are made from fiberglass and durability is at a standard level for this type of material. the tent comes with 8 stakes and these are strong and reliable, they don't easily bend.

Assembled this model gives a floor area of 7.5 ft. x 3 ft, a center height at 40 inches, and a Vestibule Square Foot area of 5.62 sq. ft. The Trail-1 packs down into a carry bag to be just 22.5 in. x 4.5 in. x 4.5 inches.


When comparing the Ozark Trail to other one-person tents, this one earns a few points when it comes to the price tag and what you get.

The nearest comparable tent at this time is the Mountain Hardwear Drifter 2. In terms of protection from the weather, it performs equally and the same can be said for durability, materials, space, and features. It is also a great tent but the price tags are not similar. You will pay less for the Ozark Trail. The Drifter 2 does compare favorably but it is heavier at 5 lb 5 oz, has more floor space, 2 vestibules, and two doors.

For comparison, in terms of features and performance, we feel that if you want to outperform the Trail-1, it means looking at larger tents where more features are present. This of course means paying more.

The Ozark Trail 1-Person Backpacking Tent has gained a huge fan base in the single person, 3 season tent market and compares favorably against other 1 person models. It is a very good tent, a long-term investment due to durability and an exceptionally fair price tag.


The Ozark Trail Backpacking Tent is designed and built with high performance, durability, and quality while having a very budget-friendly price.

The protection and performance are exceptional, the materials are top quality for the tent size. Simply put, this model includes features that are not available in similar models at the same price point.

Looking at what you get in return for your money, this tent is definitely worth checking out