LEKI Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Pole Pair

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Editor’s Conclusion
Leki's Micro Vario Carbon is what we would certainly call a performance trekking pole that has a nice light-enough feel at 16.4 ounces while being sturdy and supportive. When not in use this will collapse down to a little over 15 inches and can be tied to a backpack. Designed with an easy-to-adjust wrist strap, which can even be adjusted while your wrist is in place.

With a carbon construction, the durability level is good. The favored trekking poles for durability tend to be aluminum but they tend to weigh more. To gain a good level of durability this pole is thicker and the shaft ends are reinforced with metal.

This trekking pole is ideal for snow-shoe trekking, climbers, hikers, backpackers, trekkers, and general travel. If you're looking for a pole to use for your next outdoor adventure, enjoy our review. This is a carbon pole that tends to have more weight than other carbon models and it is tough.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Hollow core construction

Extended foam grips for climbing and traversing

Section ends have aluminum sleeves for durability

Easy and secure to extend or collapse


A little heavier than other carbon poles.

Costs more than most other carbon poles

Key Features


This trekking pole is certainly a worthwhile option for use by backpackers, trekkers, hikers, and several other outdoor activities such as climbing and snow sports. In comparison to durable aluminum, carbon poles are proving to be a good light versatile, and durable alternative.

These poles have foam grips which are good in cold weather and in warm sweaty weather they wick moisture to ensure a good grip. The grip handles are smooth and the top of the pole is designed to allow you to lay your hands on top for more support while descending tricky slopes or skinning uphill on a pair of skis. This versatile pole design crosses over into being useful for many outdoor activities.

Versatile use is good with a slight draw-back for weight. It is a heavy carbon and metal construction that accepts being heavier in return for versatility and durability.


The Micro Vario is a carbon-built pole with metal reinforcements at the end of each pole section. The design is thicker to ensure tough durability and the metal reinforcing tops of to a good level of durability. It is built to take pressure and weight while having just the right degree of flexibility.

The chat among users is about if carbon poles are more durable than aluminum poles using the popular telescoping design. The LEKI Micro is a combination of carbon pole and metal and feedback is suggesting this pole is very durable.

Carbon poles are known to chip and crack at the ends of the shafts and LEKI has countered this problem through metal reinforcing at the ends. This is a design feature that is working for longer better durability.

Size when packed

The break-apart design makes this a very easy to pack-away pole. This will fold down to 15.7 inches which is smaller than most telescopic aluminum poles and a standard size among carbon poles.

A pair of LEKI Micro poles will easily stow away in a backpack or strap to the outside of a pack. This makes the poles easy to carry for international travel and to carry to any location for outdoor activities.

Adjustability and locking

With a segment/shaft combination design, this pole will fold down and an innovative design adds in a telescopic feature. Below the grip handle, one segment has telescopic adjustability for length. This means users can set the pole length to be very exact individual use.

To extend the pole, the segments/shafts snap securely into place and an ergonomic, spring-loaded lever lets you quickly fold down the pole.

Adjusting the wrist-strap is really user-friendly and easy, with your wrist in the strap, pull up, this engages a lever to let you adjust the fit. When wrist adjustment is on target, use your thumb to disengage the adjustment lever.

The ease of use and efficiency for adjusting is a feature that is absent on many other pole options.


No fanfare about being super-light because at 16.4 ounces this carbon pole-set packs some weight.

The weight is not a result of the wrist adjustment system or the carbon construction, it is about durability through building in metal reinforcements for the segments/shafts.

Carbon is naturally light but long durability can be called into question for the individual carbon shaft-ends. The weight is due to metal reinforcements which promote very good durability in exchange for heavier poles. The trade-off makes sense.


For comfort, the foam grips are contoured for handgrip though some users have feedback that some hand sizes can ache after a day-long use. This may actually be due to exerting a strong grip all day, rather than a design draw-back.

A comfortable feature is the extension of foam below the grips which lets you choke down when climbing steep gradients or crossing along hillsides. The straps are a smooth silky textile that does feel comfortable around the wrists.

The thick carbon shafts are really good for absorbing shock when hitting hard surfaces or chunks of stone.

For comfortable use, these poles are well designed and constructed, though a little heavier than other carbon poles, they have good ease of use and performance.


Comparison for the LEKI Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Pole against other carbon poles or aluminum poles is about weight and durability with versatile user-friendly comfort.

Though a little heavy this pole is close to the standard weight for carbon poles but for those looking for a lighter carbon model they can check out the Alpine Carbon Cork. This option also offers more durability, easy of use comfort but performs lower for versatility.

We looked far and wide for a comparative option that may well appeal to users and the Black Diamond Distance FLZ fits the choice. A very lightweight pole with lots of durability with very user-friendly adjustment and really easy to collapse in-between use to a small size.

A final comparative choice at a buyer-friendly price is the MSR DynaLock Ascent Carbon which is a straightforward design with versatile capability.


Carbon poles do have questions regarding durability and LEKI have addressed this for the LEKI Micro Vario Carbon Trekking Pole.

It is durable, has very good versatility, ease of use, comfort, but also weighs a little more than other carbon poles, it is still light.

The price is higher than other carbon models and that is due to the stronger construction and innovative designing for good performance. For those happy to pay a higher price for a good long-term investment, this pole deserves trying out.