Black Diamond Alpine FLZ Trekking pole

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Alpine FLZ has all the features which make Black Diamond a popular brand for trekking poles. The Alpine FLZ pole does appear to be the more popular choice from the Black Diamond range.

To justify this, we can point out that this pole does collapse down smaller than other poles out there. More strength and durability are there due to the strong aluminum construction, which means more longevity than the carbon fiber options. A new design feature is the FlickLock Pro lever lock mechanism which ensures stability for the pole.

More versatility and durability are the clear outcomes from the Alpine FLZ. Though the use of aluminum does mean more weight in exchange for better performance. These come with snow baskets and are designed to perform in really tough environments. If you are looking for a high-performing trekking pole, your search might end here.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Aluminum construction

Cork handles

Three shafts

FlickLock Pro lever lock system

Snow baskets

Good support

Packs down to 15 inches



Slightly heavier than standard

Price tag-pay more for durability

Key Features


These poles do pack down to a small size. The handles give a very solid and comfortable grip, exactly what is needed when traversing tricky terrain. The pole is constructed from aluminum with a powder basket. This means that versatile use includes in mountains, forests, trails, light-hiking, challenging trekking, backpacking, and even split-boarding or x-country skiing.

These poles offer great support while tackling very tricky environments and when not needed, they fold down small enough to slip into a backpack.


Aluminum-constructed poles can handle abusive terrains, Using a light durable metal for the three shafts means that these are purpose-designed to hold your weight during tricky trekking moments. Though not as strong as telescopic designs, the three shafts do firmly click together and stand up to being tested.

The cork handles are durable but do take care to not subject them to abrasive surfaces such as rough boulders or loose stone-scree.

Size when packed

The three-shaft design shows an intention to create a pole that can pack down to a small 15-inch size. The alpine FLZ will pack down smaller than the aluminum telescopic pole options.

The trekking baskets are designed with cut-outs so they can be snapped into position to hold the broken-down shafts securely packed together. This makes carrying very easy and this type of design feature is why these poles offer more versatile use than other options.


Assembling the shafts is quick and easy due to a spring-loaded locking mechanism. This is a new feature that replaces the previous push-button locking mechanism. When the three shafts are secured the FlickLock Pro lever lock mechanism can be used to adjust the length of the pole, adjustability goes up to 8 inches.


Together, both poles weigh 18 ounces, the extra weight is due to a combination of cork grips and aluminum. This will mean more weight in exchange for a level of durability which allows good performance in tough terrains.

The extra weight does work well for long-distance hiking/trekking and x-country trekking.


Black Diamond's poles are fitted with standard cork grips because of the high level of durability. A bonus is that the cork-grips will naturally mold to the shape/grip of your hand over a short time.

A foam pad is designed and fitted below the cork handles for steep climbs and rough terrain to ensure a flexible choke-down grip.


Taking into account the pole's wide flexibility and versatile use the higher price tag makes sense. The new style of secure locking mechanism is a good upgrade and very well received by users.

Black Diamond has good enough confidence in these poles to provide an extensive service warranty.


The Black Diamond Alpine FLZ Trekking pole is certainly not a budget price, for more versatility and durability, you have to pay more.

There are other alternatives, available at higher and lower prices.

The Trekology Trek-Z is clearly a budget price comparative option. It's heavier and has less versatile use. This pole does pack small, has nice grips, and a good level of durability. It's a surprising product with a lot of features, but you do lose out on versatility.

Staying with lower-priced good options the Black Diamond Distance Z is lightweight with high durability. It is very good value for such a light durable pole but you lose out on length adjustability, Like the Alpine FLZ, this has an aluminum construction and reasonable versatility.


The Alpine FLZ is a good performing trekking pole, the higher price reflects the well-designed features, durability and comfortable use.

For those who intend to head for tough trekking locations, this pole is worth taking along with you.