Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo 1 Person Ultralight Tent

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Editor’s Conclusion
The Six Moon Designs Lunar is a budget tent for solo hikers, built to be ultra-light, comfortable, and with good protection.

The single-wall design has been upgraded; the tent material is now Polyester material with a 100% Silicone coating. This upgrading aims to improve weather protection, durability and prevents fabric stretch.

With a peak height of 49 inches, a floor area of 25 sq ft, a vestibule area of 8.5 sq ft, and a sloping hexagonal design for standing up to the strong wind. The vestibule area runs along the side of the tent on the same side as a spacious, easy entry/exit door. Closing both the vestibule and the door completely screens off the tent from wet weather.

The floor area is a 6-inch deep bathtub design topped-off with a 6-inch band of mesh. The mesh system is designed to ensure consistent airflow and prevent the build-up of condensation. You have two options for tent poles, buy either the carbon or aluminum poles from the brand maker or use two adjustable trekking poles.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Quick to set-up

Very light

Good floor space for one person

Good level of water proofing

100% Silicone coated Polyester tent material


Could do with more interior tent wall storage pockets

Key Features

Materials and Features

Generally, a tent is as good as the materials used in the making of it.

Six Moons upgraded their solo tent through the use of durable polyester coated with 100% Silicone. The upgrade targeted durability, weather protection, and the reduction of fabric stretch so that the tent retains stability. The tent is excellent for warm weather, fall, rainy weather, and quickly needed shelter from the snow.

The floating floor is designed to reduce the potential for puncturing while reducing pull and tension. The floating canopy is a nice feature and lets you set the tent to your height preference. This tent has a designed-in high vent that prevents condensation in the upper part of the tent.

The vestibule gives 8.5 sq ft; this easily accommodates a backpack and other solo hiking gear in terms of ground space. While open, the entrance allows a broad outside of the tent, and if the weather turns bad, it can be quickly closed and secured.

It is crucial to keep the tent taut, and easy adjustment tension lines allow this to be done quickly. This tent is not sold with any poles. These can be purchased as extra from Six Moon, and poles are available in carbon or aluminum. This may seem unusual, but the tent is designed to use an adjustable trekking pole.

The primary guideline is reflective and comes already attached to the tent. You will need six solid tent pegs; if you stake down the two extra side pull-outs, you're going to need eight pegs/stakes. It would be best to consider purchasing the extra groundsheet; this will give more protection while prolonging the tent's durability.

Considering the price, this tent is constructed from a range of suitable materials and has good features to ensure good performance.

Seam Maintenance

This tent has seams, and they have not been treated with waterproofing or seam tape. When purchasing the tent, you can ask the company to treat the seams for you; this will incur a small additional cost on the buying price.

Realistically, You may prefer to purchase your seam tape and spray because you will be carrying out seam maintenance in the future. Tent maintenance is a must-do regardless of which model you own and use.


When you empty the stuff sack, you will have the tent, eight stakes/pegs, and a reflective primary guide rope already fitted to the tent—using either a tent pole or an adjustable trekking pole to pull up the tent to the height setting of your choice. Stake down the primary guide rope, which has a cord lock adjuster. Move around the tent and pull it taught, and peg it down. Then you can return to the primary guide rope and use the cord lock adjuster to stabilize the tent.

You will have five adjustable straps for each corner of the tent, and these help you set the tautness of the tent as you move around it to set up.

Though this might sound easy, user feedback suggests that the more you practice, the more straightforward setting up the tent becomes.

Comfort and weather protection

This is a budget-price tent, and the designers have factored in comfort. The ventilation system is a good feature. The mesh panel runs along the top of the tent's bathtub seams. This allows for a constant flow of air which will damp down condensation.

The tent has another vent in the roof, and this will provide airflow and cut-down condensation on cold nights. The airflow venting is protected from rain by the exterior design of the tent wall.

On warm weather nights, you can easily open the large entry/exit door onto the vestibule, so campers can relax and enjoy the relaxation that sleeping out in a tent offers to people.

If wet weather hits, you can quickly zip up the door, and the vestibule can be closed; this offers excellent protection against rain. Regular waterproof spraying and seam treatment will ensure longevity for keeping out the rain.

The solo tent offers good protection in all weathers, and its design means it can deflect heavy wind and gusting rain. User feedback gives many examples of this tent offering good protection and comfort during overnight snowfalls.

Weight and carrying

The Lunar Solo is sold as packed in a stuff sack. The weight is light at 26 ounces. The weight goes up if you include the pole (around 1.8 ounces) and eight aluminum, steel, or plastic stakes. A fair estimate for total weight is realistically approximately 32 ounces. This is light and easy to store in a backpack with a height of 11 inches and a diameter of 4.5 inches.


The lunar solo is a budget tent that is very light, comfortable, and protective.

If you're looking for more features and performance, there are comparative options you can consider. You may have to pay out more as some comparative options come with a high price tag.

A popular option to look at is the GEERTOP Backpacking 1 Person Tent. This is an impressive Tent fly & Inner Tent in One and can be set up using trekking poles. This model is popular among backpackers and trekkers. The price is strikingly very close to a budget price tag.

If you are happy to pay higher, the Naturehike VIK 1 Person Ultralight 4 Season Backpacking Tent has impressive features. The Set-Up uses free-standing poles, and the tent is good for all seasons. Weight may be a drawback for hikers focused on weight. The tent comes in a carry bag and weighs 2.34lbs.

Both these tents are good comparative options and reflect that you get a good product at a range of different prices.

The Lunar Solo is a better option than many other tent options because it is ultra-light while giving protection and comfort.


The Lunar Solo is one of the lightest solo tents on the market. Despite the budget style price tag, the makers have used the right materials and put together a comfortable and protective user-friendly tent.

The only slight drawback mentioned by users is that it would be nice to have more internal storage pockets. However, the tent does offer a good amount of storage space in the vestibule area.

This is a good-sized tent for multi-day hiking, providing good tent maintenance is carried out regularly.

An excellent piece of hiking/camping gear and a nice price investment.