Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking pole

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Editor’s Conclusion
The appeal of the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork is that it is a good all rounder with a tough strong design.

The carbon structure is thicker yet still lighter than a lot of other options.  These poles have good adjustment, easy to collapse and for a medium weight pole they are impressively durable. The handles are made from quality cork and give very good grip while user-friendly adjustability gives a nice choice for pole lengths. These are very good features for attracting trekkers and hikers to use this pole.

This is a pole which is specifically only for trekking and hiking. It's not designed to include use for snow sports. The locking mechanism is uniquely secure and for extra versatility it works with other baskets and different tips.
Editor's Pros & Cons

Carbon shaft cuts down on weight

Locking Mechanism stays in place

Collapses down 24 inches

Works with other tips

Works with other baskets


Some users suggest this can be lighter

Expect to pay more for these sticks

Key Features


The versatility is targeted to specific trekking use, in a wide variety of terrains. User feedback suggest the pole can perform for snow-boarding and cross country skiing skiing but other options for better versatile use are available

For technical use and for climbing, a lighter pole is preferable. This pole is great for long-distance trekking on various terrains and it's very nice for day hiking. With a design that allows use with many rubber tip options and various snow baskets.

For those seeking a pole that is very specific for trekking/hiking and has a little more robust weight, this is a great option.


For a carbon pole, durability is certainly impressive. A thick carbon pole that includes, metal lever locks to ensure a solid structure while in use and adding to durability. The grip is high-quality cork that will shape to your hand during use and the cork is certainly durable.

It is the high durability level of these that makes them reliable high performing poles even during long distance trekking in very tough environments.

Size when packed

When folded down this results in three shafts which total together for 24 inches is close to standard for most carbon-built poles. This pole is shorter than the standard telescopic poles on the market. The size is not an issue for hikers or climbers but if you are hauling a backpack, consider tying the poles to the outside of the pack.

Adjustability and locking

The FlickLock mechanism designed by Black Diamond is built from metal and has to be one of the most secure designs around. Snapping shut very securely and locking the shafts into place. As to how tight the locks are, this can be adjusted with a small Allen key which comes with the poles at the time of purchasing.

There is a downside, if adjustments are needed while out trekking, you need to carry the small adjustment tool securely as its size means it can be easily be lost.


Each pair of Carbon Cork poles weigh in at 17.0 ounces making this a heavy carbon design.
The slight extra weight is due to Metal level locks and the robust cork handle. User feedback is in the majority that the extra weight in exchange for durability is not an issue.

Comfort and real durability tend to mean more weight but the general user feedback suggests these poles perform better than most lighter options.


Comfort starts with the cork-handle grips, during use, they mold to the shape of your hand and this means a more secure and comfortable grip. Cork is also very good for wicking away sweat.

The thick carbon construction works really well for absorbing shock impact if you hit rocks or you are trekking on hard surfaces. Below the cork-grips is an extended foam grip which gives room for grip-maneuver on tricky slopes and steep hills.

The wrist bands are lettered for the left and right wrists. The bands are wide, they do feel comfortable and provide a secure performance.

The value

You will pay more for these and this is due to strength, durability, and trekking versatility for use in tough tricky environments. Black Diamond does provide a decent warranty to support your long-term investment.


You will need to pay out more for the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork Trekking pole. The extra cost factors in better durability, a robust weight, comfort for use and performance.

Finding a comparative deal which covers cost, durability and performance is possible though the price tag will dictate where you gain and lose for a product.

The MSR DynaLock Ascent Carbon is available at a lower price and at 17.0 ounces the same weight. The Dynalock is built from carbon fiber and collapse's down to a shorter 14.25 inches. Scoring higher for versatility but slightly lower for durability.

Another nice option is available from Black Diamond and a lower price. The Black Diamond Distance FLZ Trekking Pole for ladies. A light pole with impressive durability, it's highly-packable, very easy to adjust and collapsibility is quick and easy. The downsides are it rates less for comfort and durability.

A third nice option is the Leki Micro Vario Carbon which performs well comparatively for locking/adjustability and versatile use. The slight drawbacks are for comfort, durability and weight. It is high-performance, easy to pack, a light build with good features. The price tag is comparatively higher.


For those wanting assured durability the Carbon Cork hits the mark nicely.

It's a tough built pole with a very good locking system but ensure you keep the Allen key safely stowed if you need to carry out adjustments. For comfort, users like the cork grip because it will mold to shape for your hand-grip. Just a little more weight than other carbon poles in exchange for more durability.

Built to last, this is an investment with long term use in mind and you will get good performance.