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Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX Review Facts

The majority of people who purchased the Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX liked the shoe. The capacity to function well outdoors is appreciated. The generally appealing looks, waterproof upper, and traction-ready outsole are the most notable features.

The choppy cushioning and easy to wear off outsole were features the consumers disliked. The trail running Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX is designed to provide neutral pronators a surface steadiness, especially for tackling tricky terrains.

The facade is reminiscent of the Terrex off-road footwear line but has a smooth look free of cumbersome layers. A full-length unit of ethylene vinyl acetate provides underfoot cushioning. A layer of Continental rubber protects the cushioning.

Standard measurements were used in the design of the Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX. Runners should order their usual sizing preference. The shoe is available in D-Medium widths for men and B-Medium for women. The semi-curved shape of the shoes mimics the natural curve of the human foot.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Affordable
  • Dry in-shoe experience
  • Lightweight
  • Popular design and color scheme
  • Protective upper
  • Reliable traction
  • A bit narrow
  • Insufficient cushioning
  • Outsole wears easily


CMTK refers to the outsole which is designed after bike tires by Continental Mountain King. Continental rubber is used for the Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX outsole unit. It is extraordinarily durable, sheds mud, and grips well. Continental rubber has an extraordinary grip even when conditions are wet.

The entire platform is covered with the material to shield it from wear and tear. Surface traction is also provided. The external pad is pockmarked with prominent gripping lugs. The multidirectional nodes heighten the surface grip. Continental Mountain King designed the outsole lug profile for a mountain bike tire. They ensure sound off-traversal and movement control.


EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) composes the midsole unit of the Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX. It runs the length of the shoes. The job of the midsole is to carry the feet through the gait cycle, mitigate impact forces, and energize the toe-off.

Stabilizing the back of the feet is a thermoplastic polyurethane heel that keeps it secure. On uneven topography, the heel prevents positional deviation. Above the EVA foam is a molded insole. The add-on contours the foot-pad shape. It gives support to sections that typically receive no attention.


The Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX upper unit uses a multilayer mesh. The fabric is meant to hug and keep the feet secure within the interior. Multiple layers prevent debris infiltration. A layer of GORE-TEX membrane protects against water permeation. It adds weight to the shoe but does not affect breathability. Printed onto the facade are synthetic overlays. The strategically placed layers protect against trail debris while providing a secure foot wrap.

A fabric sleeve permits a smooth skin coverage feel on the interior. It prevents blisters and hot spots in the process. A lightly padded collar is supposed to hold the feet in place and keep them safe from shoes being accidentally removed. The trail companion is graced with a traditional lacing system. The laces are semi-flat. They snake through discrete eyelets. The laces are anchored on the tongue unit. All the upper elements help ensure security. On the back of the shoe, attached to the collar, is a pull tab. The fabric strip is an addition that helps assist in putting on and removing the shoes.


Each shoe weighs approximately 13 ounces. Runners spend plenty of time in the selection and maintenance of shoes. They are the primary tool for training and competition. There is an emphasis placed on the weight of running shoes.

It is an assumption that lighter shoes are better. Lighter shoes make moving freely easier. They provide less resistance, and runners should enjoy a speed boost. Research shows that every 3.5 ounces of weight requires a one percent increase in energy expenditure. At some point, however, the shoes are too light and provide insufficient support. Keep those factors in mind when selecting running shoes.


The Continental Mountain Bike Division co-developed the shoes made for fast-paced hiking and trail runs. They feature a breathable and waterproof GORE-TEX lining suitable for all weather conditions. Statistics show how important breathability is to runners.

In a worldwide survey, 40 percent of those surveyed felt running shoe breathability is very important. A group of testers said breathability is the first feature they consider. Breathability ensures feet stay dry and cool, prevents chafing from occurring and blisters from forming. It increases the level of comfort and makes running more enjoyable.


Added comfort is provided by the padded collar and tongue. The fabric lining offers a great step-in feel. Lightweight EVA midsoles are meant for long-term cushioning. Down inside, the insole is comfortable and adds support.

Fit and comfort are essential aspects of footwear purchase. Clinicians use comfort as part of the criteria used to rate appropriate orthotic intervention. Comfort is inherently subjective. It is a combination of the heel support and cushioning, and forefoot and arch cushioning that makes up 69 percent of overall comfort ratings for jogging shoes.


The perfect running shoe is more about the shape of the foot and the running form than the logo on the shoe. A pair of running shoes typically lasts between 400 and 500 miles. Regular runners cover that distance in three or four months.

Compressed or worn midsoles and outsoles indicate a new pair of shoes are needed. Trail-running shoes are made for off-road routes that have obstacles such as roots, mud, and rocks. The aggressive tread like that found on the Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX is needed for fortification that offers underfoot protection, support, and stability; and reliable traction.


Durability is based on the use of materials. The category also dictates how tough a shoe should be. Road shoes don’t regularly tackle debris. Trail shoes, such as the Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX, have superior durability due to a beating they take from nature.

Cushioned shoes sometimes break down faster than those with less cushion. EVA cushioning like that used in this Adidas model is responsive and soft, resilient yet protection, and highly durable.

A TPU heel clip and toe cap provide stability and protection. TPU technology consists of thousands of small pellets made of foam. A German chemical corporation was the first to develop it. It led to a change in the manner running shoe companies conceptualized EVA foam capabilities. The GORE-TEX membrane provides waterproof protection from the outside elements. The mesh upper is abrasion resistant. The shoes prioritize protection against debris. It has a protective toe cap.


Responsiveness means the shoe has little slip and feels as though it is molded to the action of the feet. The fantastic grip of the Continental rubber used in the Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX keeps the shoes from slipping.

The foot-pad shape contours the foot and feels as though it is molded to the feet when in motion. Shoemakers say responsiveness is the shoe’s energy. A device is used to compress soles of shoes and measures the energy that is returned. A score of 100 perfect would mean all the energy returned. EVA foam tends to recover 50 to 60 percent of the energy.


TORSION lightweight arch support permits independent forefoot and rearfoot movement for better stability and surface adaptation. The bottom has the Continental rubber outsole that keeps the shoes flexible and supportive.

Support also includes having adequate toe box room. The toe box is a weakness in the Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX. Multiple complaints about the shoes being narrow have been voiced, which can cause unnecessary blisters and foot pain. The shoes do have increased underfoot protection that adds support and makes the shoes versatile for a variety of terrains.


Trail shoes like the Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX are built explicitly for running beyond the pavement. Trail runners are different than road runners. The rugged soles of these shoes improve traction so that the runner can move surefootedly over rock slabs, roots, gravel, mud and dirt.

External and internal features shield the feet from root and rock impact. The durable uppers are abrasion resistant. Pronation is not a big concern because trails involve shorter more variable strides required to adjust to the land.


The list price for these shoes on Amazon ranges from $75 to $300. When testers evaluate running shoes, the price is a factor. A high list price earns a low rating. The most expensive have an average price of $181 and receive a lower score than the cheapest shoes that have an average price of $61.

Specialists brands rate 2.8 percent better than broad sports brands. Adidas is among the three brands receiving the worst ratings for the price. The MSRP for the Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX is $100. At that price, testers rated the shoe as affordable. Perhaps, due to low expectations, runners are less satisfied with premium priced shoes than cheaper ones.


Diverse lug patterns provide stopping and grip power at any angle. The aggressive lugs of the Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX give impressive traction. Multi-Directional lugs offer traction on mud and soft soil. The wide spacing between the lugs permits soft soil and mud to drop off freely.

Continental rubber is grippy and resists slipping on wet wood or rock surfaces. Excellent traction limits falls and slips which inspires confidence over soft and slippery terrains. Durability and stickiness in various temperatures over a variety of terrains are taken into consideration by testers. The Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX has superior durability.


Trail running shoes are not the most flexible shoes available. There is a reason for the inflexibility. Trail running shoes have stiff uppers made of durable materials that don’t tear when runners leap over downed trees or travel through the underbrush.

The stiffness helps with foot stabilization on slanted surfaces and protects against turned ankles. The Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX is waterproof. Waterproof uppers are a bit stiff, but dry feet make a difference between blister city and an enjoyable run. This shoe does have a bit of flexibility.


The stiffness of trail running shoes keeps the runner more stable on challenging trails. Stiff uppers are designed for protection and stability not speed. A stiff build and supportive uppers stabilize the feet on unstable surfaces and switchbacks.

A stable fit is snug and secure. The contoured foot-pad of the Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX keeps the feet in place and does not allow lateral movement. Stability and flexibility are somewhat related. Flexible shoes work with the foot shape to reinforce natural running gait that helps in providing a stable platform for an experience that is slip-free and protects against rolled ankles.


The drop of the Terrex CMTK GTX surprised many experienced trail runners. Trail running shoes typically have a lower difference in the midsole elevation difference between the forefoot and the heel. The 12mm heel drop of Adidas shoes is in line with traditional running shoes.

The heel drop can confuse trail runners when running uphill. The EVA midsole provides long-term cushioning that runners used to conventional running shoes appreciate. A should feel like an extension of the foot. Comfort should guide the choice of shoes. Those who suffer from posterior tibial or Achilles tendonitis or plantar fasciitis may find a 12mm heel drop comfortable.

Key Features

* Breathable mesh upper
* Continental rubber outsole
* Fabric lining
* GORE-TEX membrane
* Heel pull loop
* Imported
* Molded insole
* Plush collar and tongue
* Protective toe cap
* TORSION arch support
* Weights approximately 13 ounces per shoe

Bottom Line

The Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX is a trail running shoe that has the right balance of reliable grip, waterproof protection, and lightweight construction. Runners can hit the trail in confidence and style. The excellent trail running shoe is made from a lightweight and breathable mesh upper and has durable synthetic overlays to give durability and added support.

There is a GORE-TEX membrane that runs throughout the shoe to provide waterproof protection. A gusseted tongue and tons of collar protection keep runners safe on the trail. The TORSION lightweight arch support allows the forefoot and rearfoot to move independently. Conquer hard trails with the Adidas Terrex CMTK GTX.