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AKG Y50BT Review Facts

When considering audio equipment, specifically wearable technology, it is important to consider what is important to the buyer. There are several features available for those looking for wearable audio equipment but each feature comes at a cost. Specifically, wireless vs wired. Completely wireless technology is coming available but at a fairly high price tag. Of course, there are knock-offs and cheaper alternatives but they can often be defective or not quite as good especially when comparing them to highly researched and highly effective products on the market. Typically wireless options connect via a familiar technology called Bluetooth. There are different versions of Bluetooth which offers different ranges and therefore sound quality and reliability. When looking at sound quality is quite hard to get good quality sound via a Bluetooth connection alone but there are options available that offer both pristine sound quality while simultaneously offering the benefit of a Bluetooth connection. Though even with these higher quality products reviewers will often opt for the wired versions purely based on the fact that it currently has the best sound. But technology truly is evolving and sooner than later wired technology will become the thing of the past.

Our website offers numerous reviews on different products and we highly encourage you to read through some of them. We offer Buying Guides which go through a range of different products, as well as single product reviews that focus on one product in particular. This article is a review on the AKG Y50BT. We searched through consumer reviewers and professional guides in order to build a comprehensive breakdown of this specific product in order to help you, the consumer, find a great product based on your quality requirement, budget, and personal style. We pulled out what buyers thought of this product, both negatively and positively, and we broke it down into specific categories in order to really dig into the product and its cost/value. This is our single product review of the AKG Y5B0T. We hope that this article helps you find your next headphone purchase.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • For headphones with a Bluetooth connection, these offer a surprisingly impressive sound quality 
  • These headphones offer superior sound at half the price of comparable models 
  • These headphones also offer a decent bass 
  • They are also quite attractive in design
  • The clamping force of these headphone is pretty minimal making them less than ideal of viggorous movement
  • They do not offer a digitally contructed noise cancellation but rather rely entirely on the clamping of the earcups to the ears which reviewers didn't like


These headphones offer decent sound quality and bass, however, they do not offer very strong noise cancellation and it does sound like the sound travels outside of the headphones. This, in particular, is frustrating to reviewers that found that the people sitting directly beside them could easily hear the conversation they are having through the headphones. Though this is the case, they are still ideal for those looking for a traveling companion. They are also a little big and the clamping of these headphones isn't strong enough to handle vigorous movements, therefore making these headphones less than ideal for those looking for a gym buddy. Mind you, using them for simply weight lifting might be ok but they aren't great for running or playing sports. Ideally, these headphones are great for those walking around town or taking public transit that is okay with an over the head version. They do offer great sound as well as a built-in mic for answering calls throughout touching your phone which makes them a great commuter purchase.


These headphones offer a wide range of features including superior sound quality and bass. They are great for those look are looking for a more dynamic sound, even offering a breakdown of the base alone. They, as with many others, offer a built-in mic in order to allow the user to answer calls without having to take them off or even pull out their phone for that matter. They are also offered in different colors in order to suit individual styles. They are attractive in design, though they do completely go over the head which could wreck certain hairstyles. They have the option of also connecting directly to the device being listened to by a cord which sometimes enhances the listening experience.


These headphones also come with some advanced features including award-winning acoustics. The price tag on these headphones is mid-range but considering how great the sound is and when comparing other, equal products on the market, these headphones are actually surprisingly inexpensive. Those who bought these headphones were quite impressed with their sound quality when looking at the price tag alone. They also offer a decent battery life, running up almost 20 hours of active listening. Even if the battery runs out, as mentioned above, they offer a by-pass cable which allows the user to continue to listen to music even on a dead battery which is positive. The Bluetooth connection offered is an advanced version and those who bought these headphones were impressed when listening to the headphones via the Bluetooth connection, noting that despite the wireless connection the sound quality is still excellent which is really positive considering alternative product reviews that are using the same technology.


The sound quality has been mentioned a fair amount in this article already because it does seem to be the shining star of this product. Those who bought this product were very impressed with how dynamic the sound is when listening to these headphones. When considering sound quality first and foremost the buyer has to understand that it is very hard to find a product that offers very good sound while listening wirelessly. The technology is getting there but from on the retail market, it is hard to find anything that will offer superior sound without wiring directly into the device being listened to. Luckily, these headphones seem to really impress reviewers in that the sound quality and bass are both very dynamic. Different aspects of each are really well defined and easy to breakdown. The device offers 40 mm drivers for a really well-balanced sound and a powerful bass. Some actually noted that the bass may even be a little too distinct, sometimes taking away from the other aspects of the audio. Overall, there were very few complaints and several comments that the price is pleasantly surprising considering the sound quality.


These headphones connect by both Bluetooth as well as a wired connection. Bluetooth seems to connect relatively easily. You will see with other wireless alternatives on the market that the Bluetooth will either connect well, stay connected and will easily reconnect when needed. While other brands, more inexpensive alternatives, will offer shorter range, will disconnect easily and will struggle to reconnect upon being back range. This doesn't seem to be an issue with these headphones but rather the connection seems to stay connected quite well without any real frustration from consumers. Oddly, the website does not list the range offered by these headphones and consumer reviewers don't say much either, which means that the range is fair. They usually have reviews noting how surprisingly short or how surprisingly long the range is with this type of product, however, reviewers seem to be fairly neutral in regards to their range. One issue some reviewers found is that they cannot connect to more than one device. On top of this, when using multiple devices the earphones aren't incredibly intuitive which means they often switch between devices seemingly randomly which reviewers were a little put off with.


These earphones offer the large leather earcups that fit over the ears. Though they aren't super snug to the head, they seem to offer a very comfortable fit. The band is adjustable in order to fit individual heads easier and the adjustable strap seems to be fairly easy to adjust. Those who bought these headphones found them one of the most comfortable available on the market today. It should be noted, though, that because the clamping force of the earphones is fairly weak these headphones would be uncomfortable to wear in environments where movements are more intensive or where movements cause sweat build up. Some reviewers found that if they wore these when they were quite hot that the earcups themselves also got a little hot which can cause some discomfort. Outside of this issue though they are regularly reviewed a being very comfortable and easy to wear for an extended period of time.


These headphones are attractive in design and could definitely be considered stylish. As mentioned earlier, they are offered in different color options in order to suit individual styles. They are a little larger which is currently in style, however, may fall out of style later on. They also go over the head which means they could mess up some hair types especially when using these headphones as a commuter buddy to and from public places. They offer an adjustable bad to fit closer to the head if required, however, they might look a little bulky on the head. They are, however, regularly reviewed as looking as though they are made of quality materials and also offering an attractive design which, of course, reviewers liked.


The durability is a little questionable when considering these headphones. The primary issue with these headphones is that the earcups seem to be a little weak. The earcups themselves tilt and swivel for the purpose of easy storing. Because of this feature, it does sound like the earcups are more susceptible to breaking down easier than options that don't have this option. A reviewer noted that despite the fact that these headphones seem to be made of quality materials this area seems to be a bit of a manufacturer defect. They noted that after only a year of use one of the ear cups has completely fallen off. They found that earlier versions of this headphone did not have the same issue and they were really surprised that this version did this. They now have to replace the entire unit as the wire inside has also snapped making these headphones unusable.


This product is regularly reviewed as being fairly easy to use. Most reviewers found find issues with the connection first and foremost when considering ease of use of this type of product, however, this was not an issue with this particular product. Those who bought this product are happy with the Bluetooth connection offered by this product and found it very easy to connect these headphones to their phone, tablets or laptops. Unfortunately, it cannot easily switch between devices and seems to error out a bit when attempting to connect them too quickly between devices. They offer controls directly on the headphones themselves which helps the user switch between songs, change the volume, answer calls as well as access Siri through. They make commuting easier with these controls and reviewers did find them quite easy to use without having to physically take the headphones off their head which is great.


These headphones are powered by a battery that is rechargeable. The battery lasts about 20 hours depending on the audio being listened to as well as the volume of the audio. They are easily rechargeable with a cord provided with the package. Those who bought these headphones were happy with the battery life and did note that the quoted battery life seems to be on par with what the unit actually provides. This is really positive as this is an ongoing issue with other comparable devices.


These headphones are surprisingly inexpensive considering the sound quality and the bass. The primary issue with these headphones is the lack of privacy (the sound transfer between the earcups and the external environment) and potentially the durability of these headphones. The earcup breaking off is a common issue with this type of product (where the earcups swivel in order to offer easier storing) and these have the same issue, unfortunately. As a result of the shortened longevity, the cost value comparison does seem to be accurate and could definitely be considered for those on a budget that isn't willing to compromise on sound quality.


-Long battery life, offering up to 20 hours of listening
-Quick charge battery for those on the go
-Easy storage via swiveling ear cups
-Adjustable band for a closer fit
-Stylish design, offered in numerous colors for individual styles
-Bluetooth enabled for a wire-free experience
-Decently priced considering the superior sound quality
-Excellent bass for a club-like sound


The bottom line is that these headphones are pretty in line with the price assigned to them. They offer excellent sound quality with great bass. They are dynamic and yet balanced despite their Bluetooth connection. The battery life of these headphones is decent and they don't take long to charge. There seem to be some issues with the longevity and durability of these headphones, though, many noting that the swivel function of these headphones seem to breakdown the connection faster and causing the earcups to fall off relatively easily. They are definitely worth consideration for those on a budget that isn't willing to compromise on sound quality.