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Instapot Smart WiFi Review Facts

When you just have to have soup, and the canned kind is no longer cutting it, you need the right way to create that flavorful and filling dinner. Most of us may turn to slow cooking on the stove, but then you have to worry about burning things, boiling over and are stuck in a hot and humid kitchen for hours. If we look back at how our parents and grandparents did this though, we are likely to find a slow cooker stuffed away in a cabinet that is years old.

With technology advancements and growing understanding of how things can work, why rely on the cookers of old? You would still need to be at home to turn it on. And if you are missing an ingredient, you may need to run to the store and leaving it going while your out is dangerous. Here is our solution, the Instapot with wifi technology- but does it really work? Let’s find out!

Editor's Pros & Cons

App for timer

No distance limit

Programmed cooking times

Temperature gauge

Notifications on phone

Cooks a variety of foods


Temperature gauge inaccurate

Can’t adjust cooking via WIFI


The biggest feature this convenient device truly has going for it is its ability to be set, started, or turned off from anywhere. This is a neat feature if you are on the go a lot and need to make sure everything gets started when it should, though a good thing pointed out was that you actually have to put the food in it first anyway. The reason why this is a major point of reasoning is that many of the things you’d make in a cooker like this have very limited table life.

This can, however, be a neat tool for those who like to have constant reminders of what they have going on in the kitchen. Having this little product in your kitchen to cook with means you can prepare dinner, set it to start exactly when you need it to, and then go and see to other chores. When the timer clicks on you will get an alert, and it alerts you accordingly throughout the process and finally when it is done.


Like most cookers, you do have options for things you can add to use with your product to create all sorts of goodies you likely would not think of with this particular type of kitchen tool. Most of us would actually look for a new air fryer when thinking fried foods, but you can actually get that along with a good stew, soup or even yogurt with a pressure cooker. This particular model actually has a fry basket as one of its accessories.

The original inner pot is stainless steel, and one of the big complaints here came from making rice in this original set up. However, if you have the extra cash to toss at it, one accessory you make consider is the nonstick silicon inner pot to take the place of the stainless steel. This would prevent things that would stick to the steel from doing so.

There is also a silicone cake pan and loaf pan for making baked goods in the pan. If you really want to go all out though with extra’s there is a steamer set which gives you everything you’d need for making anything steam cooked, and yogurt maker cups as well. To finish off your collection of extra’s why not make sure you have extra sealer rings- just in case- and the oven mitts so you are ready to go?


To say this kitchen accessory has a style all of its own is a bit of an understatement. It has a sleek appearance and fits into any and all modernized kitchens of today. With all that, it can do for making meals interesting and fun and at the same time aide you in keeping up around the house with its alerts, it is definitely worth considering for the busy housewife or even the working one!

Get away from the old-fashioned cookers and find yourself actually enjoying the look of a pressure cooker that is moving on with the times. While it may not be able to take out all of the work for using something that we usually think of being in older kitchens, it can definitely lower the stress and keep some of us from burning or forgetting about dinner. This is a cooking style both in look and action for the younger generation to appreciate.


This is where this particular product excels most, in our humble opinion. This tool is great in that there is a lot you can do with it, and you can set it for so many different dishes that you barely have to worry on looking up extra recipes or making your own guesses. The pot comes with a lot of already programmed main and side dishes in its app from the start.

The great part about a cooking tool that has an app like this is that the app doesn’t just let you set the timer, but it also has a checklist for what you need and how to put it together. This means you can assure you have everything from the moment you go shopping and can follow along with the recipe from start to finish. The temperature and timing are already put in for you to just tell it to start and walk away.

This little device can be used for slow cooking, yogurt, fried foods, and several other items. The settings and recipes for each can be found in the app that comes with it to begin working with the presetting’s anyway.


As one would expect out of any product of this type, the pot is actually very durable. If it wasn’t, we would assuredly be quick to point this out. In fact, they even offer extra seals for purchase just in case you feel you may use it enough to need to replace the original.

The interior pot it comes with is stainless steel of course, which is great for cooking most of the things you would want to make in a pressure cooker. However, as with any stainless-steel item, you will have some things that naturally stick to it and make it near to if not impossible to clean. In this case, you can cook rice in the pot, but it is a lot harder to clean the rice out and can almost feel impossible.

If you want to avoid this kind of work, though, you can always buy the additional available non-stick silicone inner pot. This is better for cooking things that have a tendency to stick, and most customers found it preferable to have around. If you like your rice, and your sticky Chinese food, like orange chicken, you might want to go with this as well.
You also have a one-year limited warranty to cover anything that goes wrong with the product. Of course, this means it has to be a malfunction not caused by misuse or an accident. With limited warranty’s it has to be a manufacturing defect before most companies will work with you.


A lot of products downsize what they can handle as a meal size the more ‘advanced’ their technology gets. Thankfully this is not true about this company’s model. This item still holds the average 6 quartz worth of food, which is perfect for a family.

If you want to have enough room to cook your meal and not have to worry about having too much or too little, this is probably what you are going to want to look for. Not to mention it has all the extra’s available or with it that you would need to make sure you can make everything you could want. It even comes with a proper measuring cup so that you can make sure you get all the recipe amounts exactly as intended.

While you may have the ability to measure things out without the offered accessory, it is still usually a good idea to work with the company’s tools that gave you the item and/or the recipe itself. The reason for this is because the measurements may still be slightly different between what you get from one or get from another. However slight, it only takes an extra teaspoon of something to throw an entire flavor off.


As we mentioned earlier, this pot has a lot it can make for you. Everything you recall your family making in a crockpot is possible to make and enjoy with this pot, and it even has recipes to follow for all of it on the app. So, if you are looking to get a good stew or roast, this can have you covered no problem.

The app also offers a lot of new recipes to explore, and with it, you may find that there is a surprising amount of options you may not have even considered. For instance, until we began writing this, we didn’t even think yogurt was something you could put together in a crockpot at home. You can even purchase the accessories to make some fried goodies as well!


Cleaning is actually quite easy according to those who have had the opportunity to enjoy this product in their home. A bit of hot water and a soft scrub can get most things out that you can cook in this pot. Unfortunately, there are things that stick to stainless steel, but they do offer accessories to make this a non-issue as well.

If you want to avoid having the sticky substances make scrubbing this pot clean a challenge, the company offers a nonstick silicone pot as well. With both, you can be sure that no matter what you are making your product will easily come clean. Even if your family loves sticky rice, you don’t have to feel like it’ll be a hassle to take care of this way.


If your thing is how well your cooker performs, this is definitely something you can expect it to do well. With the WIFI settings, you can pick your recipe and choose when it starts cooking, put it on a delay, watch where it is in the recipe cook time and when it switches from cooking to keeping dinner warm. While you still have to be present to put food in the cooker, you can get other activities done without worrying you will burn your meal or not get it started on time.
It even has a preheat function which allows you to make sure it is ready before you start without having to hover and check it every few minutes to see if it is time to add all your ingredients in.

The pot has so many different recipes programmed in through the app that it takes most of the guesswork out of how long to cook and at what temperature. This is great for the fast-paced mom as well as the stay at home mom who wants to be able to do other chores or just to be able to relax while dinner is cooking.

Many of those who have had the chance to try this one out, or who owns it as part of their regular kitchen equipment have found that the device works wonderfully. The only recipe there seemed to be much downside to was brisket and that was because the meat didn’t seem to get as tender as some would have liked. Of course, even those who had an issue said that it may have worked better with only just a little tweaking to the cooking time.

Key Features

-Wifi app
-Easy to use
-Easy to clean
-Cooks great
-A lot of recipes

Bottom Line

Although this cooker is WiFi, when it comes to food, you really can’t just walk away and have your kitchen do everything via your phone. If you don’t need something to keep reminding you how your dinner is doing while you are at home, this may not be something worth putting the extra money too. Some of us may want to have the extra reminders and easy access to check on dinner without going out to the kitchen. If you like having the extra technology, this is worth it, but if all you really need is a good cooker, you can probably find something of equal quality for less.